A New Lover

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“I know it’s hard for you sometimes, believe me. I know. This would be hard for anyone. But you have to remember that this was your idea and it’s a fantasy that you had me turn into a reality. And I like this reality very much, baby. Not to mention it makes that little dick of your hard almost constantly.”

She sits, stares at me. She moves to the edge of her chair and leans forward toward me. I am kneeling in front of her. I am naked at her feet. She reaches down and flicks the end of my small semi-erect penis with her finger. I wince at the slightly stinging pain. I already had tears in my eyes, confessing my jealousy, telling her how I feel when she is out with her boyfriend.

“I never thought I could do this, baby. When you kept bothering me with it, talking dirty about me being with another man, I told you that I had to think about that, remember? I didn’t know if I could do it and still be your wife. Do you remember that, remember me stroking you and listening to you tell me all of your dirty thoughts about me, me and other men? I remember that well, all your dirty, dirty thoughts about your wife being a very bad girl. Do you remember, honey? I do. You got me so wet.”

She smiles as she sees my penis stir. I always get semi erect when she talks to me like this, purrs to me. Her tight blouse pushes her breasts up under it, cleavage and the lace top of her bra inches from my face.

“I knew then it would be hard for you to actually live it for real. That’s why I have to treat my little man special like this. That’s why we have these counseling sessions. They’re to help you. They’re for you, sweetie. I love you. I couldn’t love you more. And it’s part of why I counsel you. Any other woman would have left you by now, probably have left you for another man. Not me. I love my little husband.”

She stands and puts her hand to back of my head. She presses my face to her crotch, presses me up against the front of the short skirt she is wearing. I feel my penis go to full erection. I can see the vision of her as she let me help her dress, see the black lace panties I helped her step into before she had me help her on with her tight little skirt. I can feel her femininity, smell her scent. I can smell the perfume she applied to the front of her panties just before she zipped her skirt. She holds my face to front of her pussy. She presses me up tight to it through her skirt and panties.

“I saw that little thing of yours, honey, I saw it moving. You love me being with him. You fucking love it. We both know that. You love your wife being a whore for that man. And I love it to. I need him, baby. I do. We both know you can’t fuck me like he does. Don’t we? He fucks me the way I need a man to fuck me, the way every woman wants to be fucked.”

She laughs, runs her hand down the side of my cheek. She bends to the side as she looks down at my boy-like erect penis. I am tiny compared to her lover, a fact that she reminds me of regularly.

“Yes, Ma’am…”

I stammer through my crushed lips, held tight up to her crotch, the front of her skirt. She releases my head, wiggles her skirt up over her hips and pushes my face back up directly to her sheer panties. I feel her soft pussy rub up against my lips, my chin. She is wet.

“I’m going to let you cum today, baby. But not yet. We need to talk.”

She rubs herself over my face, moans slightly. She closes her eyes. She is making herself super wet. I feel it through her panties.

“Ooooo, very good boy. Keep your lips just like that, don’t you move.”

She pumps against my mouth, rides my face. She holds the sides of my head tightly in place. After several minutes she begins to shudder. She cums on my face, soaks her panties. I see her start to drip down one leg as she quickly pushes my face away from her. My chin and lower face glisten with her wetness. She looks down at me, my small erection bobbing, wet on the end.

“I need you to tell me that you love me.”

She steps away from me, sits. She smiles that girlish smile at me as she sees me melt in front of her. Nothing turns me on more, has me more sexually addicted than the way she is treating me now. And she knows it.

“I love you. I do. I love you more than you’ll ever know. I love everything about you. I love you…”

I go on for a good five minutes like this. I look up at her, feel the tears in my eyes. It’s my confession to her. She sits and watches as I work myself almost to the point of almost hysteria. She stares coldly at me, smiles, watches.

“I love that you are with him. I love that he fucks you. I love that you get what you need from him, what you can’t get from me. I love that you are his girlfriend. I love you. I love you. I love you, Ma’am. I do.”

She smiles down at me. The wet spot on the front of her panties turns to dripping, dripping onto the seat of the leather chair she sits in. It glistens.


She leans forward, her legs spread. Her high heel shoes make her current pose more than erotic. My penis is standing straight up, dripping wet on the end. I am dripping pre cum.

“Now that’s the husband I love and adore. I really do. See. You give me things he can’t. He could never be the submissive little boy that you are.”

She stands pushes her skirt back down over her hips and unzips it at the side. She lets it fall to the floor and steps out of it. She walks past me to the kitchen. She snaps her fingers and points to her side as she slowly walks. I know to instantly follow her on my hands and knees.

“Up. You know where I want you, little man.”

She opens the fridge and takes out a can of coke. She opens it and sips as she watches me hurry up onto the stone kitchen island counter top and go to my hands and knees. I push my rear out and arch my back, lower my face and chest to the cold counter. My penis, balls and rear end are completely exposed to her, at her chest level. She sips again, stares at the picture of me presented before her. I feel her hand trail up softly over the back of my balls. I wince, whimper softly. I know this position. I have been trained to assume it quickly. She uses it for reward and punishment. I feel naked, exposed and totally on display. She loves that. She fondles my tiny balls.

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to slap them. I’m not in that kind of mood today, baby.”

She puts her coke can on the counter next to me.

“You know, when you have your little jealous moments, after I’ve been with my boyfriend for what you think is too long a time, like when I spent last weekend with him, I put up with that. Your prying questions, I don’t find any of it helpful or amusing, baby. When you complain as soon as I walk in the door, start with your little antics, I don’t like that. Not at all. You know we’ve been at this far too long for you to even think you have a say in what he and I do. He’s my boyfriend, my lover. And what he and I do is not your business. Right, baby?”

She quickly grips my balls in a tight circle with her thumb and index finger. She pulls them up and back firmly, pushing my butt out farther, up higher.

“Yes…yes…uhhh, yes, Ma’am…yesss…”

“In fact, that irritates me, makes me mad to hear your whining as soon as I come home after being with him. I’m a very good wife to you. I tell you about what he and I do, don’t I? Like when I tell you that he likes to finish in my butt? Or like when I tell you how he likes to cum in my face sometimes, don’t I tell you, get you all hot and bothered like you like? Don’t I? Or how he likes to show me off to his friends? Don’t I tell you all of it? Don’t I??!!?”

She laughs loud, squeezes my balls in her hand.

“Yessssssssss, Ma’am….yesssss…please…yes…”

She releases my balls, takes them and my penis back into the tight little ring of her thumb and index finger, pulling it all down and back. She starts to rub her other hand softly over the head of my erect and wet penis, in tiny slow moving circular motion. She runs her fingers over the hole. I go instantly fully erect and hard in her hand.

“I love doing this for you. It’s the most intimate thing I do. My lover couldn’t come close to touching me the way you do when I have you like this. He fucks me senseless, but this is precious, baby. And I do this because I love you. You should be grateful.”

She starts to stroke just the head of my penis as she holds it all in place tightly with her other hand.

“Now don’t you dare cum, little man! Don’t you dare. Not yet. Don’t you cum!”

She strokes me slowly. I start to moan and whimper, press my face to the counter.

“I love you…love you…”

I am stammering. I feel tears grow in my eyes as she works me with her hand.

“I met a boy. We had lunch the other day.”

She feels me slightly lose my erection, ever so slightly. She laughs.

“Now, now, let’s keep this little thing erect. Mama wants erect. Erect, baby. Nothing less.”

She starts to stroke me harder.

“That’s it. That’s what I want from you. That’s my little man.”

I am rock hard in her hand.

“He’s one of the boys from my office. He’s flirted with me ever since I met him three weeks ago. I finally said yes and had lunch with him. My boyfriend has no idea. I can be such a bad girl.”

She works in a career counseling department of a local college and she is in contact with an endless stream of 20 and 30 something graduate students. She has never taken ‘advantage’ of that before but has teased me about it, about all the men she has to chose from.

“He’s beyond cute. And so sexy. He’s aggressive too. We talked all about you, baby. It was funny how you came up in our lunch conversation. He asked why I went out with him, being married and all. I told him, and he loved it when I said it, that my husband doesn’t get in the way of me dating attractive men, that I have a boyfriend and that I do what I want when I want. That’s true, isn’t it, baby? Isn’t it?”

She laughed, took her hand off my penis and slapped my butt.

“Yessss…yesss. Please…pleasssse, don’t stop, please…yes, Ma’am…pleasssssee…”

She took a sip of her coke, put it down and put her hand back on me.

“I like this boy. I could tell he wanted me. He started talking very kinky at lunch, very, very, kinky, talked about spanking me for being a bad girl. I told him I was a bad girl, that made him laugh so loud others in the restaurant looked over at us. He told me he was hard in his pants thinking about fucking another man’s wife. That’s a real turn on for him, I could tell. He told me that my wedding ring was a turn on for him too. He said he wants to cum on it. That made me laugh, I told him I could see that happening. He told me that a wife that truly wants to control her husband around the house, while she might be entertaining another man, should have a ‘humbler’. I didn’t know what he was talking about. He showed me on his phone, on a website. I was floored. I loved it.”

She squeezed the ring of her fingers she was holding my balls in penis in, almost cutting off circulation.

“It’s a restraint that clamps right around here, fits back against your legs, and locks. It pulls all of this back tight, makes it so that you can’t get away, can’t stand up straight. It restrains you, baby. I was wet instantly, him discussing you like that, the two of us discussing my submissive husband and what we might do with him. I was so hot. My boyfriend never talks with me like that. I was dripping, could barely control myself. I wanted to fuck him right there. And he knew it.”

She ran her finger up the hole of my penis, pushed it in slightly, felt me shudder and start to quiver. She went back to pumping me slow and methodically.

“He flirted with me shamelessly. He had me so wet at the table. He knew that. He kept his hand on mine as we talked, he kept playing with my wedding ring. I like that, others in the restaurant seeing us together. He is so naughty, so kinky. After lunch he walked me to my car and got in with me. He started kissing me. I didn’t stop him. I have to admit, I wanted him. When he put his hand up under my dress I pushed him away. He wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. We were parked back away from the restaurant but it was broad daylight. I told him I’d fuck him but not there. He took his cock out, just pulled it out of his pants. I was impressed, baby. He’s bigger than my boyfriend. I told him I would see him but not like this, not in my car in the parking lot. He wouldn’t stop, such an aggressive young man. I liked that. He pushed me down on him. He’s very forceful, baby. I couldn’t say ‘no’, not at that point. I wanted it.”

She strokes me as she talks. Her voice showing her excitement thinking about this boy, what she did with him, she is dripping wet. She is lost to her thoughts of him.

“I sucked him for almost half an hour. He loved that. He came in my mouth, baby. On the first date, he came in my mouth. He held my head down on him and came down my throat. I didn’t try to pull away. I wanted him.”

She starts to run her hand over me like she does when she wants me to cum.

“When he finished, he kept it my mouth, held me tight. He told me I was going to be his. I have to admit, I want to know what that means. I was so hot for him. Then he pulled me up so he could put it back into his pants. He told me to kiss it on the end one more time before he did that. I did. I kissed the end of it. I wanted to suck him again. He knew that. He called me ‘good girl’. I almost came hearing him say that. He kissed my cheek before getting out of my car, told me I was going to be his ‘special girl’. I was dripping, my dress soaked through my panties. He made me crazy. I almost came right there just from that. He said he wants to see me in my house, wants my husband to know he’s seeing me like that, wants my husband to know I’m being fucked in his house. He said he wants to fuck me in our bed. He ran his hand up under my skirt, said he could tell I wanted that too. He put his finger in me. He pulled it out and ran it across my lips. He kissed my cheek again. Then he left. Wow. Just like that. I just sat there, amazed, dizzy. I want that man bad, baby. I want him. He’s so fucking hot! And cute too.”

She released me and took a sip of her coke.

“Now I want you to cum. Cum for Mama. Do it, honey. Come on, do it. Think about me in our bed with that boy. Think about it, baby. Cum for Mama. Come on, sweetie. Do it. Think about licking his cum off of my wedding ring.”

She giggled, girlishly. She talked so sweetly as she milked me into her hand.

“Uhhhhh, oooooooo….”

I was crazy with each spurt. She milked me thoroughly, to the last drop of my cum, milking me into her palm.

She said nothing, took another sip of her coke as she watched me hurry from the counter and kneel before her, my head bowed to her feet. It’s the position she trained me to go to as soon as she is done with my penis, as soon as I cum. She has trained me well.

“I know it turns you on to hear your dirty little wife talk dirty like this. I’m good at it, am I not? But this is not just talk. It’s real. I’m going to see that boy.”

She laughed loud.

“I know you, baby. I know right now that hurts you, makes my husband feel all possessive and jealous. Especially after I milk you, I know you. And you know me. I’m going to see him again. Tell me you want that. Tell me!”

I feel shame, guilt. I always do after I cum and she rubs it in, tells me what I am for her. I know that my addiction to her and that what she is will over power me too. I am helplessly addicted to her and all she does.

“I want you to see this boy. I want that. Please, please, I want you to see him. Please. Please have sex with him in our house. Please. Please make love to him in our bed. Please…I’ll do anything for you, anything. Please see him…”

She stares down at me.

“I can’t hear you!!”

I feel her slap my face hard, her other hand patiently holding my cum in it. I cry out. She slaps me again.


I go on as she listens. And then I see her hand with my cum in it, presented to my mouth. I don’t need to be told. I suck and lick it clean.

“I’m going to see him in our house. I’m glad you asked me to, glad you approve, little man. I’m going to see that boy again.”

She laughs.

“This is going to be so hot, baby. This will be a first for you. And you’d better not disappoint me. I’m going to see him this Friday. I already made that date with him. And I like the fact that he’s looking forward to fucking a married woman in her own house. He got so turned on hearing that I dominate you, that he could fuck me in your bed. He really did. Not that he wants anything to do with you, honey. Don’t worry about that. You’ll be safely locked away in the basement. I think his first time with me should be special, don’t you? He should have me anyway he wants me, just me and him. And he will be my first black lover. I loved looking at that huge black cock while I sucked him in my car, seeing my white hand holding it up, seeing my wedding ring against it. He’ll love seeing that in our bed, me looking up at him.”

She pulls her hand from my mouth, pets the side of my face with it.

“We’ve come a long way, baby. Look.”

She points to the front of her panties. She is soaking wet. She is dripping down her thighs.

“I’ve never been more sexually turned on in my life, ever. And I owe it all to my loving husband. Now I’m going upstairs. So are you. I want to be licked from behind while I think about what I’m going to do for my new lover. I want that tongue of yours all over my ass. I’m going to think about that ‘Humbler’ device he showed me. I think we need one. You can think about how I’m going let him put ‘Humbler’ on my cuckold husband, let him lock it in place if he wants that. I have to please my lovers, don’t I, baby? I have two of them now, have to please all of my men.”

She giggled, girlishly

She snaps her fingers and points to the floor as her heels start to click. She walks toward the stairs. I follow on my hands and knees. I crawl to the stairs, the taste of my cum all over my mouth.

“I love our life, baby. I love being married to you. And to think, we look so ‘normal’ to our friends and the outside world. If they only knew just how special we are.”

She laughs to herself. She is lost in her thoughts as she walks to our bedroom.

I follow her on my hands and knees. I love her. I couldn’t lover her more.

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Behavior Modification Institute Ch. 12

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I was back in my room after an exhausting day of training. The prostate stimulating butt plug had been removed. I longed for the sensations it had provided me, and I had asked Madam Christina to leave it in. She had only smiled and said, “So easy, so easy; but no I will not leave it in. You will have to earn the pleasure you have learned that your ass can provide.”

Before we had finished for the day, I had been required to again put on the penis extender and service Dolly. Madam Christina had me practice my aim until I no longer fumbled entry. And I had been given a preliminary ass worship lesson. I had performed to the best of my ability, but had not been allowed another orgasm.

Now, back in my room, I was still very aroused and I wanted to masturbate. If it weren’t for the arousal monitor around my cock I would have piled up a mound of panties from the dresser drawer and humped them like a dog. But, fearing repercussions, I knew that restraint was in my best interest.

Madam Christina had supervised my showering, had reinstalled my arousal monitor, and then she had escorted me bare-naked from the shower, back to my room.

Before she left she had teased me unmercifully and I knew this is why my cock ached to be stroked and I wanted to spurt. “Select some panties, Tom. I don’t want to have to see your little equipment. It does nothing for me,” Madam Christina had commanded as she sat on the edge of the bed seductively crossing her legs.

I had gone to the bureau and selected a modest peach-colored hipster and slipped them on.

“Now find the matching bra, Tom, and select some sleep forms that you can wear to bed.”

Soon I was dressed in a matching bra and panty set and kneeling in front of Madam Christina. My erect cock was outlined by the tight nylon and Madam Christina made note of this by rubbing the front of my panties up and down with the toe of her boot.

I had trembled with excitement as she told me, “You did a good job today, sissy. I will be providing a report to Kelli. I think she will be pleased. Just think how you now will be able to fuck her with a full eight inches, no more worry about premature ejaculation and no more selfish fucking. Fucking will now be for her pleasure. What do you think, Tom?”

I had stumbled to answer, “I want to please her, Madam Christina, and I, I, I…” I had been too embarrassed to continue.

“What is it, sissy boy? There should be no secrets, especially given what I have witnessed you do,” Madam Christina had responded.

“I, I had an incredible orgasm today. It was far more intense than anything I’ve ever experienced,” I had managed to say.

“Yes, I know that you did, sweetie. I planned it that way. We all did,” and she had smiled and reached out and patted my head. “When we first heard Kelli’s story about you, we knew what you needed in order to get your masturbation under control. I want you to understand one thing, Tom, and you have a choice to make.”

“Yes, Madam Christine, what is it?” I had answered.

“Here’s the thing. You can either continue your nasty masturbation habit. Of course that will cost you your marriage to Kelli. Or you can promise to never again masturbate outside of the supervision and permission of a woman. If you choose the latter, there will be many more orgasms for you like the one you experienced yesterday. But Kelli will choose when and where, or whether she chooses to delegate that authority to another woman.”

“But I’ve been jerking off for so many years, I am afraid that I can’t stop,” I had weakly argued.

“Yes, you can, Tom. Kelli will help you. You will have to decide whether you want pleasure like you experienced earlier today or whether you just want a quick wank into a pair of panties.” She had paused for effect. “You will have to go to Kelli and tell her that you are fighting an urge to jerk off. She will know what to do. We have taught her.”

“I want to make that promise. I do, and I will.”

“Okay, then, I am going to go summon Ms. Panington and have her come up here. And we will get Kelli on FaceTime. While you are waiting, Tom, I suggest that you carefully consider what it is that you will be saying to your wife.”

So that is the situation that you find me in now. I am trying to compose myself. I am trying to resist the urge to masturbate. I am trying to think. What do I want to say to Kelli? What have I learned so far at the Institute? What is it that Kelli wants from me? Can I make a promise to never again sneak a wank?

I was sitting on the bed lost in these thoughts when I heard Madam Christina and Ms. Pannington at the door. I immediately got on my knees and faced the door. My cock, with an occasional soft stroke over my panties, had remained engorged.

As the women walked in and stood before me I kept my eyes to the floor in deference to their authority and beauty.

“Does he have a hard-on?” Ms. Panington asked, “I can’t really tell,” and she palyfully pulled open the front of my panties and made a display of looking inside, then snapped the waistband back. “Oh yes, I had forgotten for a moment how small he was,” and both women laughed.

“I told Ms. Panington what a good job you’ve been doing, Tom, and she agrees that it would be a good time to call Kelli,” Madam Christina said. “Let’s hear what you plan to tell her, Tom.”

“Well, I, uh, I uhh…” I hesitated, then continued, “I want to tell her that I have accepted that I am a sissy, that I want her to use me for her own pleasure, and that I am prepared to do anything and everything she asks.”

“Very good, Tom. I think that she would like that,” Ms. Panington responded, “And about your nasty masturbation habit?”

“I want to tell her about the orgasm I experienced today. I want to ask her if she will allow me to have such, well, girly-ish orgasms, if she will use the prostate massaging butt plug on me. And, um, I, I umm, I want to ask her if she will allow me to continue to wear sissy clothing.”

“So, you’ve decided then, Tom. No more unsupervised masturbation. From now on, Kelli owns your cock, and she owns your sissy ass?” Madam Christina asked.

“Yes. That is what I’ve decided, and that is what I want.”

“Okay. I will get her on FaceTime then. Remain on your knees. I believe she will like that,” Ms. Panington said.

“Hello Kelli, so nice to see you. I have our trainer, Madam Christina here with me, and Tom as well. Here he is. He is asking to talk to you,” and she turned the phone towards me so that Kelli could see me, in my peach bra, breast forms, and matching panties, kneeling with an obvious erection outlined through the thin nylon in the front of my panties.

“Hi Tom, don’t you look cute.” Kelli said, “Do you have a stiffie, Tom? It’s hard to tell,” and all three women laughed. “Why don’t you show me how excited you are to talk to me.”

I pulled my panties down below my balls and exposed my twitching cock.

“It’s so cute, Tommy. All it is missing is a pretty pink bow. What do you think, ladies?” Kelli was playing this for all it was worth.

Madam Christina stepped to one of the dresser drawers and returned with a pink silk ribbon and tied a large bow around my penis as they giggled with satisfaction.

“Tom has been very compliant, Kelli. He has been practicing fucking with the 8-inch penis extension, and he’s done a wonderful job practicing pussy and ass worship. We think you’ll be quite pleased,” Ms Panington told her as the phone remained focused on my now pink-ribboned dick.

“Oh my. I am so happy to hear that. I so look forward to Tom’s having a more manly size. Maybe I’ll have to retire my Hitachi,” Kelli joked.

“He has something he wants to tell you about the orgasm we allowed him to have today, Kelli,” Ms. Panington continued. “Go ahead, Tom.”

Ms. Panington tipped the phone so that it focused away from my cock and instead on my face. “Kelli, I love you so much,” I started, “And I understand why you sent me here. I have been selfish. I was more interested in getting off sexually than in pleasing you. That hasn’t been fair, and I apologize for my inadequacy as a lover.”

“Well thank you, Tom, so nice of you to say that. Yes, you have been inadequate. I will accept your apology, but things must be different going forward, Tom. Do you understand that?” Kelli was now speaking quite sternly.

“Yes, Ma’am. I do. I want to serve you Kelli. I want to be the best lover you could ever imagine.”

Ms. Panington interrupted, “Tell her about the orgasm you were given today, Tom.”

“Oh, yes. Sorry. I, uhh, well, they, umm, put a vibrating butt plug in my ass,” I could feel my face turning red.

“Yes, Tom, go on. I know about that. I picked up one of those devices when I was there, complete with a remote control,” Kelli said, encouragingly.

“Well, it was absolutely mind-blowing. The best I’ve ever had. I want to be allowed more of those. It would be such a privilege for you to give me such pleasure, Kelli, and I want to do my best to give you mind-blowing orgasms as well.”

“You seem to think this is some sort of negotiation, Tom; that if you learn to get me off that I will get you off in return. That won’t at all be the deal, Tom. Here’s how it will be: Your job will be to serve me, to worship me, to obey me. If you please me I will keep you and allow you to wear the frilly feminine things you so crave as the sissy you are.”

“Yes, Ma’am. I just…”

“Don’t interrupt me, sissyboy. I wasn’t finished. About your desire to be allowed orgasms of any kind, the way it will be Tom is that orgasms will be doled out as rewards, Tom. I think that you find that I will be quite fair, but not over-indulgent. What kind of orgasm, how, when, how often, that will all be up to me as you have clearly demonstrated that you have no self-control. Now you may speak, Tom.”

“Thank you, Kelli. That is what I want. I love you so much and I want to make you happy. I have admitted that I am a sissy. I love wearing these feminine things. I admit that I have no control over my penis and that it is best that you take firm control. I will dedicate myself to serving you to make up for the years that you went without,” and tears began streaming down my face.

They were tears of joy. They were tears of relief. Most of all they were tears of submission. My body began to shake with deep sobbing, and I hid my face in my hands.

“Take you hands away from your face, Tom,” Kelli finally began, “Do you promise to submit to my authority?”

“Yes, Kelli, yes I do.”

“Do you promise to never again masturbate, and that I will choose when and if you may have an orgasm?”

“Yes, Kelli, yes I do.”

“And do you agree that, as a symbol of your submission you will only dress in female clothing in my presence?”

“Oh yes, Kelli, yes, yes, yes!”

“Well then from now on I will only address you by your feminine name, and I ask that the staff at the Institute do the same. And your name shall be…Nancy.”

I was at first stunned by this development, but in no position to protest.

“Say it for me, sissy. Tell me your name,” Kelli said, now seductively.

“My name is Nancy. I am Nancy and I wish to serve you and please you. Thank you, Kelli.”

“No Nancy, you may no longer address me as Kelli. The ladies at the Institute have told me that would be far too informal for our new relationship, Nancy. From now on for you it will be Mistress Kelli.”

“Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress.”

“Good night, Nancy.”

“Good night, Mistress Kelli.”

With that Ms. Panington disconnected the call, set the phone down and she and Madam Christina began to applaud. “Very good, Nancy. Very good. Now off to bed with you. Tomorrow will be a big day.”

As the lights were shut off and the door to the bedroom was closed, I had little option but to go to bed. I lay awake for the longest time. My mind flipped through the events of the day and my entire stay at the Institute. I thought of the times that I had disappointed Kelli as her lover; how I had been unable to bring her to an orgasm, or had spurted within seconds of entering her. I thought of how I had taken to masturbating just to get myself off, and how my sexual fantasies had turned more and more to exactly what I was experiencing now; being feminized and dominated by women.

I felt happy and excited, and my mind began to turn to what my new life would be like when I returned home. I wondered if I perhaps would not have to continue to look for a job, whether I could satisfy Mistress Kelli by taking care of her and all of the household responsibilities. I shuddered with excitement as I pictured taking care of the house dressed as a sissy maid or maybe as a 1950’s housewife.

My hand drifted down to my cock and I indulged a few strokes. I wanted to jerk off so much. It was difficult to pull my hand away. For a moment I humped the mattress. But I knew that Ms. Panington would check the printout of my arousal during this alone time. I was making progress and maybe close to being allowed to return home. I didn’t want to take any steps backwards, and I certainly didn’t want to return to the nursery. So I tried to distract myself until sleep enveloped me.


As Nancy was trying to get to sleep, Ms. Panington, Madam Christina, and Ms. Jensen were in Ms. Panington’s office and had Kelli back on the phone on a video conference call. “Perfect, Kelli. Just Perfect,” Ms. Panington was telling her.

“Thank you so much. Do you think he takes me seriously?” Kelli asked.

“Without a doubt, Kelli. He will be like putty in your hands. Not only does he love you very much, and not only is he deathly afraid of losing you; but Kelli, he likes you being firm with him. He likes submitting to women. He likes being allowed to wear feminine things. Rarely do we see men who are so innately submissive. It is a fantasy for some, but for your husband, this seems to be who he is,” Ms. Panington explained.

“And you should have seen his face as he had his first prostate orgasm. And he’s been begging for another one,” Madam Christina added.

“What we find is that wives often have to experiment with how frequently to allow their submissive to have an orgasm,” Ms. Jensen chimed in, “There seems to be a magic number between overindulgence and too infrequent to maintain motivation. We find that it is best to keep him on the edge.”

“And one thing that will make it easier about your little Nancy is that he has such a strong fetish for women’s panties—he seems to desire all feminine things, mind you—but panties are really his thing. We think that he’d do just about anything to be allowed a panty-sniffing session or to be allowed to wear the ‘mommy panties.’ That was a brilliant idea for us to get all those panties made up that replicate those pairs of his mother’s that he first wore and masturbated in as a boy,” Ms. Panington said.

All four women were silent for a moment, and then Kelli began, “I’m thinking about coming out there to give him a test run. I actually just looked at flights and looks like I could get a reward ticket and be there by tomorrow afternoon. What do you think?”

“It’s your husband, Kelli, and your money. If you test him out and he’s ready to take home we can easily fill his spot with someone from the waiting list. Remember how long you had to wait?” Ms. Panington answered, “Sure. We’d love to have you. We will prepare the Mistress Suite for you, and we will have Nancy primed, prim, and feminized for you when you get here. We’ll keep it a surprise. We will want you to walk in on him when he is in a most humiliating state. Just send your itinerary and I will have Ms. Jensen pick you up at the airport.”

“Great. See you ladies sometime tomorrow then.”

“Oh, Kelli, before you go, just one question, are you sure about the makeup and hair? I know that you want him to be a sissified male at home, but consider how humiliating it would be for him for you to surprise him when he is fully made up and dressed as a complete hussy?” Ms. Panington asked.

“Mmmm. Let me sleep on that. I will send you an email in the morning. I’m going to get some outfits together, then get some sleep. Goodnight.”

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Summer’s Struggle

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Summer was excited.

Today was the big day. The one she had been looking forward to for over a month now. She was finally meeting a man.

Of course, this wasn’t a regular arranged date, and Summer was no regular woman.

The sultry Redhead had arranged a little play date with an eager man she had been speaking to on the internet. It had been so long since she had done something as exciting as this. Danni, as usual, had accepted the situation with enthusiasm, eager to please her mistress.

Summer was surprised at how fond she had become of Danni. The day they had spent together had led to more and more meetings, before she knew it, she invited Danni to live with her as a full-time slave. Being the submissive she was, of course she accepted.

The next few months had been a whirlwind of sex and excitement. Every twisted thought that entered Summer’s head had been fulfilled, Danni denied her nothing. Danni didn’t dare deny her anything. Each morning began with her slave’s tongue deep in her pussy and each night ended with Summer collapsing exhausted on Danni’s face after riding it hard.

It had been amazing.

This little get together she had planned was a treat for both of them. A new challenge for Summer, and a man for Danni to pleasure. The girl enjoyed being fucked with toys so hopefully she’d enjoy a real cock. Especially a cock as thick as the one belonging to the man meeting them today.

The messages had been bandied back and forth regularly. At first it was tentative flirting every couple of days. It quickly progressed to photographs being exchanged. J, as his screen name displayed, sent a photo of a thick, uncut cock standing proudly out from a strong looking body. Summer replied with a tasteful shot of her red hair hanging down in front of her exposed breasts whilst a single hand covered her mound, another pulling at her nipple.

Mutually satisfied with how attracted they were to each other, their communication progressed to the next stage, their personalities in the bedroom. Summer had explained how she liked a challenge and was accustomed to getting her own way whilst J claimed he was quite dominant and could bend any woman to his will.

Summer remembered reading that message from J. She disagreed but it made her so wet she called Danni into the room and demanded she get under the desk and lick her pussy. She did not hesitate and was on her knees with her face between her mistresses thighs in seconds. Summer continued to imagine breaking J as she ground her clit into her slave’s face. It wasn’t long before she gushed pussy juice into Danni’s face as she came.

And so a bet had been made.

If J won, he got both her and Danni for a full week to do with as he pleased with no objections, but if Summer won, she was going to assert her dominance and be the first one to peg his ass.

The stakes were high and the day was here.

The blindfolded man cried out as he felt his nipple being twisted. The delicious pain had taken him by surprise.

He could hear the heavy breathing of at least two other people in the room. He was on his knees, arms tied behind his back with his manhood jutting out in front of him. He was scared, but he was aroused.

Summer liked what she saw. She could see his muscles rippling underneath his skin. He looked strong. Maybe he would be a challenge for her. This was exciting.

Hot breath on the tip of his member made him squirm, trying to push the bulbous head of his member towards whatever lips were just out of reach. This wasn’t fair. This was teasing.

A warm laugh rang out across the room. He had an idea that it may belong to the toned redhead who had invited him to the hotel room.

The internet was full of surprises. He never thought he would get to fuck two beautiful women in the same night. Well, he knew at least one of them was beautiful, as for the second, he trusted Red and believed that whilst she was twisted, she wasn’t dangerous. He liked that the redhead was bossy, although the other girl never said much and seemed to take her cues from the red. Maybe they had a master/slave thing going on. To him, that was one of the women taken care of already. Now all he had to do was make Summer submit.

Although, so far he wasn’t doing too well in gaining the upper hand. He had been ambushed.

He agreed to meet her at this hotel. He called the room from the reception and she had invited him up.

Summer had other plans once she put the phone down. Commanding Danni to hide behind the door and follow her lead, she stripped naked and waited patiently.

When J knocked on the door, Summer paused a moment, gathering herself. She needed to be cold and confident, that is how she would win. Checking a final time to make sure Danni was where she needed to be, she opened the door.

Smiling sexily, the redheaded siren leant against the door and asked innocently if he was here to fix the pipes.

They both laughed. Summer invited J in and told him to get comfortable.

As soon as the door was closed, Danni kicked the back of his legs and forced him to his knees. Wasting no time, she slipped the rope over his wrists and pulled tightly. Summer laughed in J’s face as she stood close enough that he could smell the arousal from her pussy.

His world then went dark as she placed the blindfold over his eyes and sat back on the bed.

She was wicked.

Back to the present and a stern voice broke the tense silence.

“Danni, my pet, don’t tease the man. Pull your tongue away from his cock. He’ll get his dues soon enough. He has such a pretty cock, all veins and muscle. You want it inside you don’t you, Danielle? Soon enough, slut. For now, get over here and please me.”

Summer felt good. She was doing what she was born to do. Control.

The Redheaded mistress had decided that she and Danni needed to spice things up a bit. It wasn’t that she wasn’t satisfied with her slave. The feeling of waking up every morning with a tongue buried deep in her pussy was delicious. To be serviced in every twisted way she could imagine was heavenly.

Sex wasn’t the issue, it was dominance.

Simply put, Danni was lovely but she had been broken. Summer had seen to that very quickly.

No, she needed somebody new to play with. Danni was here to weaken her newest plaything. After all, her mouth and tongue could do wonderful things. Her wet pussy wrapped around his thick cock would go a long way towards him submitting to Summer.

J was a handsome man. He stood about 5″10 with a stocky frame and broad shoulders. The type of shoulders that a woman could run her hands along sensually, feeling corded muscle under her fingertips. Summer would find out how they felt soon enough. His face was covered with a light stubble with deep brown eyes and a sharp jaw line. Danni had gotten quite excited when she had seen his photo on Summer’s laptop. She wanted to play with him badly. She hoped her mistress would let her.

J had also agreed to stay the night with Summer and Danni.

The poor bastard, she thought with a smile.

“You should have let her suck me, Summer. I don’t know what Danni looks like, but I know that I want her lips wrapped around my cock. If I wasn’t tied up I could just take her. You’ve only got me in rope because you’re afraid of someone else taking charge. Admit it, Red.”

J’s voice was deep and rough, yet somewhat playful and teasing. Summer liked him already. She would break him, but first they would play.

Summer cleared her throat. She needed to sound authoritative for this to work. Any sign of weakness and she would lose.

“Danni,” Summer said sternly, “make our guest feel comfortable. Suck his cock, my pet. Don’t be gentle with him. I’m sure J can take it.”

The young slave was only too happy to oblige.

Leaning down, she opened her lips wide and took him in her mouth. Her eyes lit up with happiness as she felt him slide along her tongue. She loved pleasing Summer, but it had been too long since she last had a cock.

J grunted heavily. Danni was good at this. He tensed involuntarily as he felt a stir somewhere deep in his groin. If he wasn’t careful, he would lose control of himself.

The blonde worshipped the cock in front of her. Nobody really thought to wonder how Danni felt about this situation. Summer had simply informed her she was going to be pleasing two people instead of one, and J hadn’t even seen her yet.

She loved it though.

The day she met Summer six months ago had been the start of her new life. Submitting was now second nature. Not many people knew that true freedom came from relieving all control of herself to another. She was a slave. There was no guilt, no sadness, no shame. There was only happiness, fulfilment and her mistress.

Grasping J’s cock firmly by the base, Danni began to jack him slowly as she slid her tongue around the head. J grunted and bucked his hips as he tried to free his hands, but the rope held. Summer looked on silently. Her sub was good at what she did, perhaps too good. Danni had been instructed that under no circumstance was she to make J come. Drive him to the edge, yes. Make him crazy, yes. Make him beg, yes, but to make him come would not do at all.

This is exciting, Summer thought. Her plan was to tease her competitor to such a point that he would do anything in order to come. Then, when she denied him, she would win.

That’s all that mattered really.

Summer hated the stories and movies that were so abundant. A woman falls in love with the man and makes a fool of herself trying to get him to like her. It was pathetic.

Seeing J tied up on his knees, being brought to the brink of orgasm, and then denied, by her command, was one of the biggest thrills Summer had ever experienced. He was hers, but he didn’t know it yet.

“That’s it my pet, use your tongue, get his cock nice and wet. Do you want to come, J? Just say the word and you’ll be allowed to come. You know the price you have to pay after, but that’s just small potatoes, isn’t it? You like having Danni’s mouth sucking so hard at your cock, don’t you? She wants to swallow your come. Just tell me I’ve won and you can give it to her, I promise.”

Her voice sounded so tempting. The Redhead was good at what she did. J could barely hold on. His thoughts were beginning to race as he tried to hold back his orgasm. Even worse, he was trying to stop himself admitting to Summer that she was close to winning. A deep, twisted part of J wanted Summer to fuck him in the ass. It couldn’t be so bad, after all, he’d done it to plenty of girls and they seemed to enjoy it. Maybe it was worth giving in. Maybe. The blonde sub currently worshipping his cock definitely helped persuade him. He cleared his thoughts as much as was possible and began to speak;

“You know, Red, for a second you almost had me. I bet by now you thought that I would have began to weaken. Maybe you thought I would have started to moan and groan before I eventually gave in and told me you could fuck me in my ass as long as I could come. Well, sorry to disappoint you, but it’s not happening. This little blonde slut can keep sucking me, though. It’s obvious that she enjoys it. Let her have a treat, but you won’t break me so easily.”

Summer was almost angry. Never before had somebody resisted for so long.

This was frustrating.

She wasn’t used to not getting her own way.

Pausing to think, the dominant redhead thought of ways to goad her captive into giving up. Well, there was one way. It had worked before, when she fucked that guy from the gym.

Padding softly towards J, Summer knelt behind him and began to caress his ass cheeks with both hands. The only sounds in the room at that point was J’s heavy breathing and Danni’s enthusiastic slurping. The Blonde sub was such a willing partner. Summer almost loved her for it.

As soon as her palms made contact with the muscular backside of the handsome man, he tensed involuntarily.

He piped up quickly, “Whoa, Red. What’re you doing? I’m not really into tha- oh!”

Summer giggled softly in J’s ear as her middle finger caressed his rosebud. It was surprising the amount of men that liked this. Why shouldn’t they? Summer would never tell anybody, but she enjoyed playing with a man’s asshole, by the sounds of it, J liked it as well. There was something so taboo about this. Feeling him squirm as she probed deep into his asshole sent a throb through her pussy. She was fucking him with her finger.

And he was loving it.

Curling her finger slightly, Summer began to stroke the top of his asshole, causing a deep, guttural moan to emit from J’s throat.

At the same time, Danni felt the cock in her mouth expand slightly. She was struggling to accommodate the steel-like shaft and could sense he was about to come soon. This caused her to panic. She wasn’t sure if she should let him come, mistress may be angry. The thought of that alone brought tears to Danni’s eyes, she did not want to make mistress Summer angry, or even to disappoint her.

Sensing a conflict within her slave, Summer glanced down at the blonde submissive and found her eyes full of tears looking back up at her.

Summer kept her voice low and husky as she spoke, she was going to make J come. There was no way she wanted Danni to be upset either.

“Don’t fret, Danielle. Let him come. Keep going, sweet. I’ve got my finger deep in his asshole and he’s loving it. He wants to come, don’t you, J? You want to come into her tight little mouth. She’ll swallow the lot, if I instruct her to. Come for me. Come for us. We want you to come, and you want me to fuck you in the ass, don’t you? Just give in, J. Danni wants to eat your come. She craves the taste. Don’t you, Danni? Tell J you want his come.”

Danni withdrew her mouth from the end of J’s cock with a wet slurping sound. Her hand grasped his member and jerked frantically as she moaned;

“Please, J. Please come. I want to taste it. I love the taste of come and mistress said I could have it. If mistress said I could, then it must be true. I want to feel it filling up my mouth.”

Three things happened simultaneously; Danni’s mouth latched back onto J’s throbbing cock and sucked the head as hard as she could whilst jacking the bottom half of his cock, Summer shoved her finger hard into J’s asshole and pressed her breasts up against his back. She nibbled and licked his ear as he bucked hard against her hand. He was fucking her finger. Finally, J half roared-half screamed with relief as his asshole contracted on Summer’s finger and his thick cock began to shoot spurt after spurt of hot thick come into the blonde submissive’s mouth. He tensed so hard as the orgasm continued, it was one of the strongest he had ever felt.

Danni moaned around him, the vibrations causing J’s hips to buck wildly. Her mouth was so full, it felt amazing. So thick and creamy. The blonde had forgotten how much she loved the taste of come.

The Redheaded Mistress slowly withdrew her finger from her defeated plaything. He was hers now and she had plans. clearing her throat, she snapped at Danni;

“Pet, don’t swallow that come. J is going have a taste. After all. He’s going to be fucked by my cock so to make it more authentic, he should know what come tastes like. Give him a kiss, my sweet. A sloppy, wet kiss with lots of tongue. Open up, J.”

Her captive groaned. It was half lust, half reluctance. Nevertheless, he opened his mouth meekly and stuck his tongue out. The Redhead looked down and saw that his cock was already starting to get hard again.

Summer giggled gleefully.

She had him.

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Chance Encounter Ch. 22

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Jean was always eager to have Miguel’s mouth on her breasts, but she hadn’t removed her bra at her parents’ house and she didn’t remove it at the school parking lot.

He didn’t ask until after he ate her.

She was caressing the top of his head feeling completely drained. It had been a long day, but a very good one.



“May I suck your breasts?”

“Not tonight. They’re really very sore.”

“I’ll be gentle.”

“Let me think about it. I don’t want you to get upset when you see them.”

“I won’t.”

“You really like my breasts don’t you?”

“I love them, Jean.”

“Let me sit up. You can stay on your knees.”

She sat up, leaned forward, reached around, and undid her bra. In one motion she took it off.

He knelt between her legs. He was nearly level with her breasts.

She cupped them for him.

He looked at them. They were covered with hickies and bite marks.

Each nipple was erect. He wondered how long they got. He carefully took a nipple into his mouth. He knew he was being gentle because she told him so. She assured him he wasn’t hurting her but making her feel better.

She teased him calling him her baby.

She took the opportunity to open up a dialogue.

“Miguel, did you really mean all those things you said at my house?”

He nodded his head.

“Good, because I meant them. You like me controlling you don’t you?”

Another nod yes.

“You aren’t going to stop me from having sex with other men are you?”

He shook his head no.

“You want me to have Leo’s baby don’t you?”

Another nod up and down.

You’ll do whatever I say won’t you?”

She took his mouth off her breast.

“Yes,” he answered.

“You’ll do the housework, the cooking, and you’ll stay home while I go out.”

“Yes, Jean, I will.”

“You’ll help me get ready when I go out won’t you?”

“I will.”

“You’ll be ready when I return won’t you?”

“I will.”

“I’ll want you to eat me like you did today.”

“I will.”

“We’ll only have intercourse when I say we will.”


“Not okay Miguel. Repeat what I said.”

“We’ll only have sex when you say we will.”

“Very good, Miguel.”

“You’ll only cum when I give you permission.”

He hadn’t seen this coming and he didn’t think about the ramifications. He just answered yes.

She leaned forward cradled his head in her hands and lovingly kissed him. When their kiss ended she told him, “Now eat me again.”

He did fighting off the urge to let his throbbing penis release its contents.

A few minutes after her orgasm she said, “It’s time to go home.”

It was the first time she consciously controlled his climax. His penis was screaming for relief, a relief she denied.

His initial reaction was anger but it rapidly turned into frustration. Her denial stung because he knew she had placed no restrictions on Leo. It was obvious from the way she behaved Leo could treat her the way she was now treating Miguel.

The sting faded. Anger turned to rationalization. He decided she was doing this to make Sunday’s climaxes better. He thought she might be doing this as a test. He would get over it and show her he had willpower.

She dressed and got in the front seat. He joined her. She asked him after starting the car to describe how he felt.

“Weird. Frustrated. Not as close to you. Resentful.”

She smiled, “Your reaction is normal. It’s a little weird for me too. I feel more connected when we both orgasm. I can understand your resentment. That’s how I felt before Leo. I had plenty of orgasms from you but the one kind I wanted most I couldn’t have.”

He felt she was giving him a taste of his own medicine. She wanted him to feel the resentment she once felt.

“I think once we get over the initial awkwardness we’ll find it brings us closer. Tell me you’ll obey.”

“I promise I’ll obey.”

“Good.” She put the car in drive and started toward her house.


“Yes, Jean.”

“Thanks for eating me. Those were really two very nice orgasms you gave me.”

It was nice to hear but also a reminder of the unfairness of it all. She had two orgasms to his none.

“You’re welcome,” he answered.

Her parents were home when they got to her house. They were watching t.v. in the living room so Jean suggested Miguel should watch t.v. in her room.

They did laying on their stomachs on the floor side by side. He yawned. Then she yawned. Their days were catching up with them. Climaxing was still very much on his mind. He thought about jacking off once he got in bed, but didn’t want to disappoint her.

She yawned again then suggested it was time for them to go to sleep.

She didn’t follow him to her brother’s room as he knew where it was. She gave him a quick peck on the lips and closed her bedroom door.

He felt awkward going to his car to get his suitcase then coming back inside. Her parents were still awake. Her dad was sitting on the couch and her mom was using his lap as a pillow. They were immersed in the show barely acknowledging him when he said good night.

He changed into pajamas then went down the hall and to the bathroom. He brushed his teeth and returned to the bedroom. He got under the covers but instead of falling asleep he tossed and turned. His insomnia was because he hadn’t climaxed.

He closed his eyes. An hour later he left the bedroom and entered the kitchen. He got a drink. The door to Jean’s bedroom was still closed. He went back to the bedroom but made a detour to the bathroom.

Standing at the commode aiming his penis at the water in the bowl he heard noises. He looked up. The noises were coming from an overhead vent.

It was the sound of two people fucking, Jean’s parents to be exact. Miguel could hear them as if he were a foot away, not down the hall in another room. Her parents might be middle aged but they were fucking like a couple of young newlyweds. From the crude words they shared it was obvious his rule extended to the bedroom. He made her beg for his cock and she begged for it, whimpering as he resumed his thrusts. Her dad was a tireless machine drilling her pink hole again and again. Her mom referenced God and how much she adored her husband’s big polla.

The tempo of his thrusts increased. Miguel heard the distinct sound of flesh on flesh contact. Her mom was even more animated pleading with her husband to fuck her harder, telling him yes again and again, and moaning. Her orgasm didn’t coincide with a scream, but a sixty second moan. Her husband grunted as he filled her with his cum.

It was he thought hotter than any porn he had ever watched. He looked down at his penis sticking out through the fly in his pajamas. A few strokes and it would explode. He stood there torn between his desire to climax and his promise to Jean.

He knew indirect stimulation could trigger his orgasm. It was a gift and a curse. He believed it was the reason he came too quickly during intercourse which he found upsetting. On the upside Jean called those orgasms set off by what he was doing, seeing, or imagining complements of the highest order. They made her feel more sexy, more desired, and more lusted after than the orgasms induced by direct physical contact.

He watched his penis. It hadn’t gotten any softer. Every few seconds it would twitch. His testicles were tight armed and ready to release their contents. He wondered and hoped her parents would initiate a second round. He also wanted to see if they engaged in oral sex.

There was no second round, but there was plenty of pillow talk.

After praising her husband for his skills as a lover she asked if she could discuss Jean.

“Don’t you think she’s dated Leo long enough? It’s obvious she’s not going to break up with Miguel.”

He sighed, “Querida, that was never my intent. Miguel is a good fit for Jean, but until Leo he’s the only man she ever dated.”

“If he’s a good fit then why do you want to her date others?”

He sounded patient as he explained his logic, “Look, we both know Jean isn’t a little bossy, but very bossy. We also know her bossiness doesn’t seem to bother Miguel. What we don’t know is if her bossiness is just immaturity. What if she met a man, like Leo, who won’t let her boss him around? What if he forces her to outgrow being bossy?”

“So far it hasn’t worked, but now she has two boyfriends.”

“What’s wrong with that? Miguel and Leo aren’t complaining and neither is Jean. As far as I’m concerned she can have fifty boyfriends. What I don’t want is for her to get too serious with any one man. Not until she has her degree.”

“You’re in charge carino but I don’t think it will work. She is crazy about Miguel. You’re just making him miserable and giving our daughter a free pass.”

“He’s not miserable. I’m just making him prove his dedication to Jean.”

“What if he gets a girlfriend?”

“Then he wasn’t very dedicated.”

“What if she ends up falling for Leo? He’s a pleasant young man, but we both know he’s a womanizer.”

“He could change.”

“A tiger doesn’t change his stripes.”

“I changed.”

“You were never a skirt chaser. If anyone changed it was me.”

He laughed then he yawned, “I know we were exclusive once we started dating, but young people today have more choices. Don’t take this wrong, but we didn’t have a choice. And I don’t regret only dating you, but I want more for our children, not just Jean. I gave the same speech to our oldest and look what happened. He broke up with that girl I couldn’t stand and ended up in medical school. And now he’s seeing someone we both like.”

“So you think this will keep Jean focused on a career?”

“I do.”

“I’m not convinced. I think Leo is too worldly for her. He’s been around. We sheltered her and now you’re throwing her to the wolves. I’m not saying Leo isn’t a gentleman, but I bet no woman has told him no.”

“Jean’s strong. She’ll tell him no. She’s a good girl.”

“She is a good girl, but Leo is muy guapo. I just hope your plan doesn’t backfire and she ends up pregnant.”

“You’re talking nonsense. Three weeks of dating Leo and you’re worried. What about the year she’s been with Miguel?”

“Miguel’s not Leo.”

He chuckled, “That’s an understatement.”

She scolded him, “That’s not what I meant. He’s respectful. Leo is so casual.”

“That means they aren’t serious.”

“Or he knows he’s in charge.”

“Let’s discuss this some other time. Now I have a headache.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you. I just think you should see it from a woman’s point of view. I know what will make your headache go away.”

“Dios mio woman your mouth could bring the dead back to life.”

“That’s it. Suck it.”

Miguel listened as Jean’s mom gave her husband head. From the groans her husband made she obviously knew how to please her man. Even more impressive she was able to coax the cum out of his cock in less than ten minutes. He also learned she swallowed.

As impressive as her blowjob was even more amazing was Miguel holding off his own climax. He looked down at his swollen penis. Like some sort of divining rod it was jerking in several directions. He slowly counted to sixty before even attempting to touch it. He carefully placed it back inside his pajamas and quietly made his way back to the bedroom.

Back in bed he forced himself to focus on her parents’ conversation and ignore their lovemaking. If only they knew what he knew but even he only knew what Jean shared. Even though it strained credulity he believed what Jean told him was one hundred percent truth as she saw it. He wondered if Leo was seeing the same picture as Jean.

He was physically and emotionally drained, but the throbbing in his pajamas made sleep impossible. The temptation to masturbate was strong. He emptied his mind of all thoughts and started to drift off.

He had no idea how long he had been asleep but he was having the most wonderful dream. He awoke to discover it wasn’t a dream but real. Jean’s head was under the blanket and her mouth was wrapped around his penis. He instinctively held her head as he unloaded his cum into her mouth. She continued sucking him until he was soft. He let go of her head. She came out from under the blanket and pressed her mouth to his.

He opened his to be greeted by Jean’s tongue as she returned to him his cum. He gladly accepted and swallowed thinking their french kiss was the hottest ever.

When they stopped kissing his paranoia hit.

In a hushed voice he asked her what she was doing.

She smiled and whispered back, “Giving you a blowjob.”

“Not that. Isn’t it risky?”

“I couldn’t sleep.”

“Me either. I had just fallen asleep.”

Her voice that of a coconspirator, “You heard them too.”

Ashamed he answered, “Yes.”

“That was so erotic.”

“It was.”

“First time I ever heard them.”

“Me too.”


“Sort of.”

“Have you ever heard yours?”



“A few times, but nothing like what I heard tonight. We don’t have vents.”



“Thanks for being my friend. I love you.”

“I love you too Jean. And thanks.”

She smiled, gave him a quick kiss and left the room.

He drifted back to sleep wondering if it had been a dream.

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Share, and Share Alike

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Janice responded to her mobile phone despite what she was doing.

“Cant it wait?” asked Jason in desperation.

“No problem, Jase – I shan’t stop if needs must,” Janice replied.

“Bren, I said not to disturb me until this afternoon!”

“Why what are you doing?”

“Do you really need to know?”

“I just wondered that’s all, I can hear this moaning in the background, Janice”

“God give me sanity, look; if you must know I am wanking Jason alright! Will that shut you up?”

“Hmm! Nice, thought the moaning seemed shall we say, arduous!”

“Is that your word for the day? Anyway you can tell I am busy so what do you want?”

“Well whatever it was Janice, I have forgotten but if you are really asking,. I’d like to enjoy hearing you wanking Jase!”

“You are a right wanker you are” groused Janice.

“No you’re the wanker” laughed Bren.

“Well okay then, if Jase doesn’t mind, but I think he is too far gone in his fantasies to worry about you hearing.

“Just shut up a minute and let me hear huh?”

Holding the mobile with one hand and wanking with the other she continued jerking her handful of throbbing cock with gusto, with an ache in her wrist she wanted to finish it quickly. Bren sounded like she was in raptures and Janice guessed what she was doing at the other end of the phone. The sounds were ominous.

“Wish I was you right now” Bren whispered, her voice sounding very lusty, “It sounds beautiful.”

“It is and it is all mine, I just adore the foreplay and soon I know Jase will be licking me to keep his end of the bargain.”

“Mmm. That is a real turn on Janice. I would so love to hear you sucking.”

“Hold on then.” All at once she was feeling adventurous, Bren was a close friend so why not!

Squeezing the girth of Jason’s wily cock she leant down, first sucking in the head and then slowly the rest of his stiff erection. She felt something more just imagining her friend doing things to herself the other end of the phone, so she made what she was doing very obvious; attending to Jason with lots of deep succulent sucks, squelching his pre-cum between her tongue and the roof of her mouth.

Enjoying the taste and smell of him she felt him tense up and knew that was the sign he was almost there.

She came away a little and gently licked Jason’s p-hole and took great delight also in sucking his balls as he felt and heard his cum spurt out like a raging volcano.

“That was beautiful, it really was, Janice.”

There was heavy breathing followed by silence.

Still clasping the phone in one hand and Jason’s limping penis in the other she heard her friend cum.

And then another silence perused and eventually Bren asked if Janice was alright.

“Well it sounded like you were” Janice said, “I am fine, just wiped some cum off my cheek and now enjoying Jason’s turn.”

“Is he sucking you now?

“That’s the general idea.”

“Can I hear, I can imagine then you see.”

This time Janice, thighs spread wide with Jason working his face into her crotch, Janice placed the phone down nearby, leaned back and enjoyed Jason’s prominent licks and the beautiful way he tongued her in the motions of the alphabet, which was always so beautiful for them both..

Meanwhile, the other end, Bren, hand up skirt, imagined and listened to those so lovely sounds of sex giving her accompaniment as she gave herself a good seeing too.

Then soon, realizing her fiend was committed and Jason too she heard them fuck, so loud and wanting, she could not bear not being there and maybe enjoying Jason’s fuck too, so she rushed to her bedside locker and pulled out her favorite vibrator – turning on the switch and already very wet, she indulged in a deep wonderful self fucking, still hearing the sounds and grunts and growls which beautifully initiated the most wonderful vibrator massage ever.

After the waterloo, another silence ensued and it was as though the three who took part were in their own heaven.

It was a dream and when Bren saw her friend again for coffee and biscuit’s the scene was wonderfully set for the two of them, sharing experiences and it was then that quite naturally they saw to each other in only a way two women could do, the kissing, the touching and the thrilling use of Ann Summers vibrators soon brought them both to a complete and gratifying orgasm..

“You were naughty asking to listen on the phone when Jase and I were fucking, I never knew you were like that Bren!”

“I didn’t know myself, but you are my best friend right? And I just wanted to share somehow your time with Jason.”

“Well I guess that is how it should be with good friends, share and share alike huh?”

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Joshua Learns His Lesson

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Disclaimer: This story contains elements of CFNM (clothed female naked male), humiliation and femdom. It is not intended to portray real life or real people – the situations are too over the top for that. The setting is the fictional King Arthur Comprehensive School in 1920s England. King George V is on the throne and the British Empire is at its peak. The students depicted herein are all 18 years of age. The teachers do things which would (rightly) get them labelled as sexual predators. So please treat this as a fun read, and not something to emulate. Your feedback, good and bad, is always welcome as this is my first CFNM story. I know I haven’t gotten some of the period lingo right but I’m always happy to learn, so if you have criticisms about that, do voice them.


Chapter 1: Setting the Stage

Miss Scruggs scanned the room like a hawk, looking for the slightest sign of guilt. Her sixth-form students, eight boys and twelve girls in all, desperately tried to avoid her furious gaze. Their giggling had completely subsided. They knew that one of them was in very serious trouble indeed. Miss Scruggs did not take lightly to pranks in general, and the hidden firecracker that had seen her land on her ample behind in shock was undoubtedly an infraction that she would punish most severely.

Lucy-Ann Crawford, a petite beauty with red hair and alabaster skin, stared down at her books. Beside her, the blonde Amazon-like lacrosse player, Celia Dearborn, met Miss Scruggs’ gaze coolly. Lavinia Scruggs suspected that both knew who the culprit was, but only Celia would turn him over. Yes, she was sure it was a boy, because really, what educated young lady would come up with such a boorish prank?

Her gaze shifted to Rose Haddon. The brunette was blushing – but that meant nothing. The stupid girl blushed at everything! Harriet Wakefield was another one staring at her books as though the topic of plant respiration was of great interest to her. If only she was actually reading it – she might actually get something more than a Pass for her Biology paper! Julia Emerson looked ever so innocent … perhaps too innocent? No, it wouldn’t have been Julia – she wasn’t a boy. It was a boy, Lavinia was sure of it.

She turned her stare to the members of that less fortunate gender. William Philpott – no, a lovely boy, against all odds. Bruce Meredith – possibly; it wouldn’t be the first time he was responsible for a prank. These rugby lads got up to all sorts of mischief. And Scottish too – Miss Scruggs didn’t trust the Scots any further than she could throw them! But wait – there was Joshua Levensworth. Flaxen-haired and green-eyed, there was little doubt he was the Adonis of the sixth form. Why, she’d even overheard Rose say so (blushingly, of course).

Rugby had given him an impressive physique, Miss Scruggs had to admit – in a purely clinical observation, of course. Miss Scruggs was after all the Biology mistress at King Arthur Comprehensive. She certainly didn’t approve of the boy – one should never use one’s God-given gifts for something as base as seducing the young ladies of King Arthur Comprehensive. Joshua Levensworth had gotten quite the reputation as a “ladies’ man”. Miss Scruggs snorted inwardly – ladies’ man indeed! He was only a boy – 18 years of age perhaps, but still a boy. She scrutinised him carefully – was that guilt in his eyes? No, boys like Joshua had little resembling a conscience. It was more like fear. Having met the elder Mr Levensworth once before, she had a good idea why. The man was a force to be reckoned with. It was the only time she’d seen Joshua behave with anything approaching humility. Unfortunately, Reginald Levensworth was based in far-off Malaya, serving as His Majesty’s High Commissioner, so he was rarely in England to keep his only son in check. Mrs Levensworth – Lady Iris, to be precise, for she was an earl’s daughter – had accompanied him to that wretched land, and left Joshua in the care of one of the nation’s best schools. King Arthur Comprehensive would teach him gentlemanly habits and discipline, the High Commissioner had said before taking his leave. Unfortunately, Joshua had been shown little interest in either, preferring to spend his time on pranks and girls (not necessarily in that order).

Well, that would come to an end today, decided Miss Scruggs, if the boy was guilty (and she was very certain he was). However, the likelihood that he would confess to his crime of his own free will was slight, so she would need his peers to turn him in. And for that, she had the perfect hook.

“You have until the end of the day to turn over the perpetrator of this crime,” Miss Scruggs announced. “Otherwise you shall all be forbidden from joining the Brighton trip.” There was a collective groan from her class – they had been so looking forward to the seaside. Miss Scruggs left the classroom, satisfied that her ploy would yield results.

By the end of the day there were 18 slips of paper in Miss Scruggs’ pigeonhole outside the staffroom. All of them held the same name: Joshua Levensworth. The confessors had not signed their notes, but Miss Scruggs recognized their handwriting. The only ones who’d failed to reveal the miscreant’s identity were Joshua himself and Lucy-Ann Crawford. Miss Scruggs was not surprised by the latter’s silence; she had gleaned that Lucy-Ann was being courted by Joshua. Being a teenaged girl on the cusp of womanhood, she had fallen for the handsome lad’s charms.


Joshua was quaking in his shoes as he was led to the Headmistress’s office by a prissy prefect. The usually cocky boy was worried that Miss Haversham would write to his parents. The High Commissioner would not be pleased, to say the least. Why had he let Bruce talk him into the prank? And those traitors in his class, selling him out like that!

“Come in,” called the Head, interrupting the boy’s train of thought. Joshua entered the dark wood-panelled room with trepidation. Behind the heavy oak desk sat Adelaide Haversham, her youthful looks belying her 51 years. Standing beside her, posed like an avenging angel, was Miss Scruggs.

“Mr Levensworth, I believe you know why are here,” said Miss Haversham gravely. “King Arthur Comprehensive takes pranks of this nature very seriously. Not only is it a violation of the gentlemen’s code that we expect all our boys to follow, but you could have injured Miss Scruggs through this callous act.”

“But she wasn’t injured, Miss! It was just a harmless prank and it’ll never happen again, I swear!” said Joshua quickly, putting on his most angelic expression. His flaxen curls and limpid green eyes certainly lent themselves beautifully to this act.

Neither Miss Haversham nor Miss Scruggs were fooled. “It certainly will not happen again,” said Miss Haversham severely, “because you will not be at King Arthur to create any more mischief.”

Joshua stared at the headmistress. Surely she could not be saying what he thought she was saying. “What do you mean?” he croaked; his throat was dry.

“I think I have been quite clear, Mr Levensworth.” Miss Haversham held up the letter she’d been writing; Joshua’s heart sank when he saw it was addressed to his father in Malaya. “You are being expelled from King Arthur,” stated Miss Haversham.

“No, you can’t!” burst out Joshua. “It was just a stupid little prank! A joke! You can’t expel me for that!”

“I don’t think Miss Scruggs was amused, and I know I am not. It is certainly within my powers as Headmistress of this school to expel students found guilty of causing mischief, especially when it appears they are uninterested in contributing to the school. Let us not beat around the bush, Mr Levensworth – this is not your first violation of the school’s code. Moreover, you have shown little academic flair and, while your athletic record does merit some praise, your behaviour has undone that.”

Joshua felt his pulse quicken. This was really happening! They were going to expel him and send him back to Malaya to face his father! He was going to have to beg. He hated that, pleading for mercy from these nasty old biddies who couldn’t take a joke, but he couldn’t see any other choice.

“Oh please, Miss Haversham, Miss Scrugg. I’m sorry, I really am. I’ll try harder at my studies. I’ll take whatever punishment you feel is right. Just please don’t expel me or write to my father.”

Miss Scruggs smiled in satisfaction. She had the boy where she wanted him. This was how the male species should be – at the tender mercy of their female superiors.

Miss Haversham pretended to ponder Joshua’s plea. “Very well, Mr Levensworth. If Miss Scruggs is agreeable, then I shall consider giving you another to prove your worth to me and to this school. You will submit to an alternate punishment of community service as Miss Scruggs deems fit. Is that agreeable to you, Miss Scruggs?”

“As long as he accepts his punishment without protest and sees it through,” replied Miss Scruggs.

Joshua almost laughed in relief. Community service? That was the alternative to expulsion? These old hags must be losing their grip. Bruce Meredith had been given a community service before: raking the dead leaves and other rubbish from the Long Field.

“Of course, Miss Scruggs, Miss Haversham. I accept the punishment for the wrong I have committed,” Joshua said with all the fake remorse he could muster.

“Hmph,” said Miss Haversham, not taken in by him. “Very well, I shall leave it to Miss Scruggs to carry out your punishment. I will hold on to this letter, however; if I hear from her that you have failed to perform as required, then it will go in the post the very next day. Is that understood, Mr Levensworth?”

Joshua wrinkled his forehead in confusion. What a strange choice of words: ‘perform as required’. One didn’t ‘perform’ a punishment. If the English master had been there Miss Haversham would have gotten a right telling-off. But all he said was, “Yes, Miss Haversham.”

“You are dismissed,” she said with a wave of her hand. Joshua couldn’t wait to scurry out of there.

Alone in the office, Miss Haversham turned to Miss Scruggs. “You were right about the boy, Lavinia dear. Beauty without brains. He did not even ask for the details of his punishment before agreeing to it.”

“Boys are all the same,” said Miss Scruggs sneeringly. “There really is only one thing they are good for, and young Joshua is going to find out exactly what sooner than he thinks.”

The two women laughed in delight.


“Come in,” said Miss Scruggs.

Joshua entered the Biology classroom, feeling rather confused. Why did Miss Scruggs want to see him here? There wasn’t enough time for him to do whatever community service she intended for him before the sixth-form Biology class began. Unless she intended to let him skip her class to do it? He almost smiled at the impossibility of such a notion, but remembered in time to rearrange his face in a suitably subdued expression.

“Yes, Miss Scruggs, you wanted to see me?”

Miss Scruggs put down her pen and turned to face the boy. He must have just finished rugby practice; his face was still flushed from the exertion and his tousled hair was damp from the showers.

“Indeed, Mr Levensworth. I have decided to execute your punishment as agreed yesterday. You are, of course, still amenable to this alternative to expulsion?”

What sort of question was that? “Yes, Miss Scruggs.”

“I’m very glad to hear it, for I have decided how you can best provide a community service to your classmates. As you know – or at least would if you had paid any attention to our last class together before you set off that ghastly firecracker – today we shall be learning more about the male anatomy.”

Joshua had not paid attention; otherwise he would have known that the curriculum did not cover the male anatomy in more detail than they already had the previous year. He was wondering how he could possibly assist Miss Scruggs in her class.

Miss Scruggs managed to restrain herself from rolling her eyes at the boy’s stupidity. She went on. “You may not know this, but professors of anatomy at Oxford, Cambridge, and other great institutions have said that the best method to learn the subject is by observing a live specimen.”

Joshua was still staring at her uncomprehendingly. She was going to have to spell it out for him.

“You will be the live model for the class. And since the class begins in ten minutes, you had better get started. Disrobe, please.”

Joshua couldn’t believe his ears. Had Miss Scruggs really asked him to undress? And then bare his body to his classmates?

“Miss?!” he squeaked.

“Yes, Joshua, you heard me correctly. Now are you going to do as you’re told or not?”

“B-b-b-but, Miss!” stammered the gobsmacked boy. “I can’t possibly – not in front of – it’s crazy!”

Miss Scruggs could see that she would have to take a firm hand with the boy. She slammed her book down on the table, making Joshua jump.

“I think you remember the penalty of not obeying my orders. Your choice is simple: you either do as I say, or you can go upstairs and start packing your bags for Malaya.”

Joshua opened and closed his mouth repeatedly – not unlike a goldfish, thought Miss Scruggs. Really, the boy had such pink, pouty lips – she hadn’t really noticed them before.

“I’m waiting, Mr Levensworth. If you are not undressed by the time my students arrive, I will go straight to Miss Haversham.”

Joshua was in turmoil. Shedding his clothes and baring his body in front of this ghastly woman – and all his classmates – was like a nightmare come to life. But the alternative – expulsion and facing his furious father – seemed far worse. Maybe Scruggs was just playing a prank on him, like he had on her. Yes, that had to be it. There was no way a schoolmistress would ask her student to do something like this.

“This is a joke, isn’t it, Miss?” asked Joshua with a wavering smile.

Miss Scruggs smiled back at him, and for a moment Joshua was reassured. Then her smile widened into a wolfish grin and she said, “Practical jokes are more your domain than mine, Mr Levensworth. Disrobe or go home. The clock is ticking.”

“This can’t be what Miss Haversham had in mind when she gave me a community service punishment!” protested Joshua. “You’re acting outside your authority just to humiliate me.”

“On the contrary, Mr Levensworth,” came a voice from the door, making Joshua jump for the second time that morning. He had not heard Miss Haversham enter the room.

The headmistress moved to the front of the room, facing Joshua. “I have signed off on your punishment, as one that befits the crime. You sought to humiliate Miss Scruggs, and in turn she gets to humiliate you. An eye for an eye, as it states in the good Book.”

Joshua started to stammer another protest, but Miss Haversham cut him off. “Miss Scruggs did warn me that you would be resistant to the concept of justice, which is why I decided to come down here myself to ensure that you have carried out your punishment as we agreed.”

“This is not what we agreed!” accused Joshua heatedly.

“Enlightening your fellow students about the male form constitutes a community service as far as I am concerned, Mr Levensworth. Now are you going to do as you’re told, or accept the expulsion that was originally meted out to you? I have my letter to your father here in my hand.”

Joshua looked from one woman to the other helplessly. He could scarcely believe this was happening to him.

“Time is of the essence, Mr Levensworth!” snapped Miss Scruggs. “Begin undressing.”

“D-do I have to do it here?” asked Joshua, in a final attempt to preserve his modesty.

“For goodness’ sakes, Joshua!”

Joshua’s hands went to his burgundy tie and loosened it before pulling it over his head. The next to go was the navy blazer. He hesitated on the buttons of his crisp white shirt, until Miss Haversham started noisily folding up the letter in her hand. He got the message.

The two ladies were watching him closely. As he pulled off the shirt, they were treated to his muscular arms flexing beautifully. The sharp-eyed Miss Scruggs spotted a few wisps of dark blond hair escaping from the collar of his undershirt. That was rather unexpected, she thought to herself; she hadn’t expected him to have much hair on his body. But now that his arms were out of those pesky blazers and long-sleeved rugby jerseys he usually wore, she could see the fine dusting of golden hair on them. She wondered how hairy he was in his nether regions – that would be an interesting topic to discuss with the class!

Miss Haversham, who had a side view of the boy, wasn’t able to see his chest hair, but she did observe his very round rump protrude attractively as he bent down to take off his shoes. The next garment to be shed (again with great reluctance, until Miss Scruggs clucked impatiently) was his trousers.

The embarrassed boy was acutely aware of their women’s lecherous gazes on him. He was now down to his undershirt and underpants. They both fit him quite loosely (as was the norm of their era) but there was a hole in his underpants just above his crotch, and a tuft of wiry golden curls poked out. He hastily covered his crotch with his hands, but the women had noticed.

“This is why we teach our young men darning – yet another class in which you clearly were not paying attention,” said Miss Haversham severely. “But no matter, you won’t have them on for much longer.”

“Please, Miss, don’t make me take these off too!”

“Don’t be silly, boy!” It was Miss Scruggs who replied. “How on earth will your classmates be able to study the male body when a good percentage of it remains covered? Discard your undergarments please – you are really wasting the Headmistress’s time!”

Blushing almost profusely as Rose Haddon (which was quite a feat since rugby had made him quite tanned), Joshua turned away from the ladies to take off his undershirt. The mistresses were not disappointed – Joshua had a very muscular back and, besides, he would have to turn around to face them eventually and they’d have the front view then.

Joshua hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his underpants and paused. Looking over his shoulder with one last pleading look, he received only the impatient stares of the two women. Sniffing, he pulled down the last of his clothing to stand, totally nude, in front of his two schoolmistresses.

Misses Scruggs and Haversham were speechless. It was true that the headmistress had had some inkling of young Joshua’s fine posterior when he was bending down earlier, but to see it in the flesh was a wondrous thing! Covered with the finest blond down (glinting like gold in the sunlight from the windows), Joshua’s arse might have been carved from marble by Michelangelo. Miss Haversham had been to Florence and seen his David but, truly, he would have been better off using Joshua as his model. (Miss Haversham’s mind began to work on methods to get the boy to pose for a recreation of the famous statue.)

As glorious as Joshua’s arse was, the two ladies were still waiting for the main event: the unveiling of Joshua’s most private parts. Only that anticipation managed to tear their attention away from those perfectly rounded globes of gold-dusted flesh.

“Turn around, Mr Levensworth,” ordered Miss Haversham, a little breathlessly.

Slowly, reluctantly, unhappily – Joshua did just that. He had both hands clasped firmly over his groin, which was where the women’s eyes went to first. But this was also their first full glimpse of his front, and they ogled his rugger’s thighs and his well-developed chest. Miss Scruggs had never seen such pronounced abdominal muscles on any man before. Like his arse and thighs, these were covered with those exquisite, downy blond hairs. There was also a little dusting in the cleft between his pectoral muscles. No wonder the boy was so popular with the young ladies!

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Our Holiday with the Pornstars

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Bill sat in the garden and took in his surroundings. He was in the back yard of a large house in Los Angeles. The whole thing was decked out in a fashion that he didn’t really like but there was something to be admired in the pure ostentatiousness of it all. There was a large pool, extensive landscaped grounds and even an outdoor Jacuzzi and mini golf course. From the moment he arrived with his wife an hour ago, the whole experience had been a bit surreal.

Having being driven up the elongated driveway and dropped off next to a multitude of trucks and vans, Bill and his wife Anne approached the huge double – fronted door, rang the bell and waited. Bill could tell his wife was excited from the way chattered continually on the drive over and how she squeezed his hand as they waited side by side. The door was opened some time later by a small woman, who looked like a cross between a librarian and a rock chick. She was short and sort of on the plump side of normal, with highly unfashionable hair which was crumpled by the combination microphone and headphone headset she was sporting. In her arms she cradled a large clip board. Her look was completed by an oversized black Led Zeppelin T shirt and Black Doc Martin boots. Bill thought she looked quite odd, out of place and had glanced down at his current location on his mobile phone’s navigation application to confirm they had arrived at the correct address.

“Yes,” the woman blurted, looking Bill in the eye. “Can I help you?”

Bill stood silently, thrown by the Woman’s appearance, not knowing what to say. The impatience of the small woman further tied his tongue as she stared at him almost accusingly. Luckily his wife Anne piped up at this point, sensing her husband’s befuddlement.

“Hi, it’s Anne — Anne Tims aka Anna La-Monte and this is my husband Bill. I am here for filming today, “said Anne, extending her hand to the woman. A smile of recognition dawned on the Woman’s face as she looked down at her clipboard, flicking through several sheets before noting something down on her chosen sheet. She then warmly shook hands with both of them and enthusiastically chirped

“Welcome, you are right on time, I’m Cheryl,” she said to Anne. “We will be setting up for your scene in a few hours I hope. In the meantime, follow me and I will find you somewhere to get changed, get your make-up done and all those things.” Looking at Bill she continued “We don’t get many husbands Bill but we will find you somewhere nice to sit in the shade while Anne gets ready to record her scene. The house is lovely and the studio has gone to town with the catering so you should be in for a very pleasant afternoon — Both of you!” she said glancing back at Anne and smirking.

The pair of them followed Cheryl as she beckoned them through the door. They were in a large entrance hall with a very grand staircase and extremely high ceiling. Bill thought to himself that this room would be a tricky job to decorate, but then decided that if someone could afford the house, then hiring in help would not be an issue most likely.

The house was a hive of activity. People were moving furniture about from the lower floor to the upper floor, while others in a side room were checking and assembling camera equipment and others were hanging about talking loudly and purposefully on mobile phones. They passed through the hall and into an adjoining room. It was, Bill thought, a dining room normally, but it had been transformed into some sort of video editing suite with blacked out windows and a bank of monitors and computers. Two men were sat in front of the menagerie of equipment eating take-out sandwiches. They nodded in recognition to Cheryl and sat up and said a warm hello to Anne as she followed. Bill heard them chatting excitedly as they walked away from them.

They walked through this room and out one of the doors on its far side into a long hallway with several doors branching off on one side and a large double patio door on the other. At the end of the corridor, Cheryl stopped at the door and called out loudly “Simon… SIMON!” A moment later, a flustered young man appeared from through the doorway. Cheryl introduced Bill and Anne to Simon and asked Simon to take Anne to wardrobe and make-up. Anne followed Simon through the door as he babbled excitedly at her — telling her how fabulous she looked. Bill, remained with Cheryl, while Anne and Simon walked off into another part of the house, Anne flashing a slightly nervous smile at Bill as they parted.

Cheryl made another note on her clip board and then spoke into her headset. “Miss La-Monte in make-up.” After listening to a brief reply on her headset, she turned to Bill and grinned. “Follow me Bill,” she said. Bill nodded, not thinking to correct Cheryl on her incorrect use of his wife’s title then pondering to himself if Miss was really correct after all. It was definitely Mrs Tims, but Mrs La-Monte? – He wasn’t so sure about that. Soon they were marching back the way they came, through the house once more. From the middle of the previous hallway, Cheryl opened one side of the set of patio doors and then they stepped outside into the hot Californian sun.

As they walked through the door and onto an outdoor paved area, Cheryl spoke again. “Quite a place isn’t it Bill?”

“Not half,” agreed Bill. “Who can afford this sort of house? It’s palatial”

Cheryl explained that the house was actually owned by a banker from Minnesota who was only ever in town one or two months of the year. The rest of the time he rented it out to anyone who had the cash.

“Studio has the place for the week for a few thousand bucks,” she added. Bill nodded to himself and followed on. At the other side of the paved area was a hedge made of tall, dense, green trees. Walking around them they came to a swimming pool. Bill was about to make another comment on the extravagance house when he saw her – lying naked at the side of the pool was a simply mesmerising young blonde, sunbathing. Her golden hair, her full red lips, her large, tastefully enhanced breasts, long legs with red toenails and her pussy, shaved down to a neat little wisp of blonde. She was like some sort of goddess in flesh. Skin tanned and glistening in the midday sun. Bill sighed deeply and tried to take in as much of her body as possible as he walked slowly in a trance, at a tangent to where she lay. As he and Cheryl passed, the divine creature exchanged brief greetings with Cheryl.

“Nice isn’t she?” Cheryl asked Bill knowingly as they passed out of earshot of the sunbathing woman. “That’s Jessica Jole, one of our contract starlets. I can see from your staring that you like what you see. Can’t say I blame you. She is very much an up and coming thing for the studio. A really beautiful girl and a great performer- we have got plans for her to make several features with us over the coming months. Her scenes are so hot that even the camera guys get hard filming her and they watch pretty girls having sex all day long. I think the plan is for her to feature at some point in this movie but I am not sure if the details have been finalised yet.

Bill was a little perturbed by how little notice Cheryl seemed to take of the naked sunbather and how the girl was not bothered in the slightest by him — a strange man, ogling her naked body. He gave another sigh and continued following. They left the pool area and descended a short series of steps to find themselves in a quiet, secluded area of the garden, screened by walls on three sides and open in the direction of the pool in the other. The back wall had an archway through it but this was currently obstructed by a gate. The area contained a number of small round tables and a few sun loungers. There was also a small table which had been laid out with a rather delicious selection of food which, in Bills opinion was exactly the right variety for a hot summer’s day. He also noted to his satisfaction an ice bucket containing a respectable selection of continental beers and two large pitchers containing iced cocktails. He could no longer see the stunning creature lazing by the poolside since they descended from the pool area but the mere thought of her was enough to maintain the erection Bill had been sporting since he rang the doorbell.

“This is you,” announced Cheryl. “This is what I like to call the sunken garden. I see you have noticed the food already. Help yourself to whatever you want and just chill out. There are magazines underneath the buffet table if you get bored waiting. I’ll send Anne down to you after she is finished getting ready. No one should bother you here so if you want to relax, it is ideal. If you are feeling more sociable then feel free to wander about, just remember to be quiet at all times and watch where you are going. The director won’t appreciate people wandering into shot unannounced or ruining his scene by talking over the action. See you later.” With that, Cheryl said a few words into her headset, made a note in her clipboard then about-faced and marched off, leaving Bill alone.

Bill went over to the table immediately to check out the spread. He was delighted to find one of his favourite imported Czech lagers amongst the selection of beers, nestling in a bucket of ice. He took a bottle, opened it and took a random selection of other goodies back to a table at the edge of the sunken garden. He sat down and took a sip of the lager as he looked about himself. Apart from the table groaning with food and drink, there was not really much to see, the walls and steps up to the pool meant that the view was far from panoramic but Bill was quite happy to sit, have a few beers and wait.

As Bill sat and sipped on the delicious lager, he could not help but smile to himself. A year ago, as far as he was concerned, he was half of a perfectly normal married couple. Now, he was sitting in the plush gardens of a mansion, sipping on ice cold beer, waiting on his wife returning from getting what amounted to a makeover. The only other pertinent detail was that later on in the afternoon, his wife would be starring her first hardcore sex scene. She would be making love on camera with Steve Silverwood, a man both Anne and he had seen plenty of times, often naked and sometimes in extreme close-up, but never actually met.

He thought to himself, just how did this bizarre scenario come about? Casting his mind back, he relived in his mind the events of the previous few months as he sipped slowly at his beer. The swinging website, the e-mail with the pictures and then the phone call — the conclusion of which set in motion the events that led Anne and himself to where they were now. One beer became three and when eventually he became bored of reminiscing, he busied himself by retrieving a magazine from beneath the buffet table. It was a generic young man’s magazine, full of adverts, how to guides and picture-laden features on young female pop music stars, giving vaguely titillating insight into their sex lives while all too obviously trying to plug their latest audio dirge. Bill found this sort of thing in particular rather boring, but as long as he just looked at the pictures it wasn’t too bad a way to pass the time. His wife had been gone for well over an hour by this point but Bill was a patient man and knew better than to try to rush Anne so he sat back in a chair and made the most of the surroundings and the freebies.

As he was reading through a too-ridiculous-to-be-serious guide on how to disarm a terrorist bomb armed with a ballpoint pen and a hearing aid, he became aware of a sound in the distance, coming from the direction of the house. The sound was intermittent and faint but it sounded like a groan, it sounded like a female groaning with pleasure. Whether it was the light breeze or the low level of his current location, he was only able to hear the odd few moans and cries of the woman’s rapture. He tilted his head this way and that, trying to enhance the sounds of sex, drifting down from the house. The sound abruptly halted making Bill wonder if someone had closed a door or something similar. While this was a frustrating for him, it reminded him of the purpose of the afternoon and his peripheral role in the proceedings. He returned to his article and once more took a slug of beer.

Sometime later, while he was scrutinising a particularly suggestive picture of one of the members of a female R&B group, he heard the familiar sound of his wife’s laughter. From the voices, Bill guessed she was chatting with the assistant Simon who she went with as Bill and she parted in the house earlier.

“Down in there hon,” said Simon in his distinctive, excited cadence. Bill heard his wife laugh and then, glancing up, saw her come into view as she appeared at the top of the stairs. As she began her careful descent, Bill drank in her beauty. She was wearing a tight, knee length grey and black mini dress, complimented by sparkling red heels. The dress was decorated with a red belt which drew it in at the waist. It served to accentuate Anne’s delicious curves to wonderful effect — indeed her breasts and ass were barely contained in the fabric of the garment. Now she had reached the foot of the stairs, they swayed as she walked confidently over to Bill, her heels announcing her arrival on the tiled floor of the sunken garden. As she approached Bill, with her face beaming, Bill thought to himself that her time with Simon had certainly not been wasted; her rich brown hair was styled in loose curls which flowed down to her shoulders and her make-up had been applied with a precision and style which spoke volumes about the skill of the artist. Her lips were painted a rich, deep red to match her shoes and her large eyes gazed out sensuously from behind long, mascara-coated eyelashes.

She stopped a few feet in front of Bill and gave him a twirl. Bill’s eyes dropped to her curvaceous ass as she spun in front of him. It was all he could do not do dive face-first into its beautiful voluptuous depths there and then.

“Hi. What do you think honey? I feel sexy” she purred. Bill stood, his erection protruding at right angles from his body, clearly visible through his thin slacks and hastily moved towards Anne. He roughly took her in his arms, intending to kiss her, bend her over a table and fuck her senseless, using the privacy of the sunken garden to enjoy a little afternoon delight with his smokingly hot wife. To his torture however, she twisted from his grasp and held up her hands in front of his face as to ward him off.

“Sorry baby, you know the deal today. This,” she teased while running her hands down the sides of her body “is not for you. You don’t get to have me today.” She sat down at the table where Steve had been sitting and spoke again. “My scene will be getting underway in about an hour or so. We have plenty of time so why don’t you fetch me a drink in the meantime and tell me what you have been up to while I was getting ready?

Bill sulkily poured her a glass of rather exotic-looking cocktail from one of the pitchers and selected some strawberries from a fresh fruit platter as Anne explained to him what she had been told about her scene.

“The movie is called ‘Stud for sale.’ It is about the adventures of a male escort. I am playing a bored married woman who calls up the escort agency to obtain his services. Sounds hot huh?”

Bill agreed, still a little sore about being blown off by his wife and returned to the table at which his wife sat cross legged, her dress just short enough to allow Bill to gaze upon her shapely thighs. Anne thanked him for the drink and sipped on her cocktail while Bill described what he had been up to, with the beer and the magazines. He deliberately neglected to mention the lady at the pool-side in case Anne got the wrong idea – after all, despite the fact that this afternoon was a fulfilling fantasy for them both, it was her treat, not his.

Bill soon forgot his wife’s snub of his advances, enjoying just being in her company, especially when she was looking as she was — sexier than at any time he could recall. He sat, trying his best to make her laugh, and letting her know how beautiful he thought she was, gently stroking her forearm with his fingers, consciously aware of how hard he was. She was unbelievably beautiful and was reacting as she always did, alternating between delight and amused disbelief as he chatted to her of this and that.

Sometime later, as he was relaying to her one of the more believable articles he had read that afternoon, he noticed that she was repeatedly glancing in the direction of the steps and was checking –out the time on Bill’s wristwatch.

“Are you expecting someone?” asked Bill.

Anne flushed red and through a broad, embarrassed smile said “Maybe.”

“Come on” implored Bill grinning back “What’s the deal?”

Anne awkwardly shifted in her seat, she picked up a strawberry from the fruit platter and passed back and forth between her fingers. She started to speak and then paused, as if searching for the words.

“Erm….. well……. you see, Steve Silverwood introduced himself to me while I was in make-up. He is so hot. Way better in the flesh that on TV. He is so strong looking and yet so cute.”

Realising that she was babbling, Anne stopped, composed herself, eating the strawberry and smiling at the sweetness of the ripe fruit before continuing, a coy look replacing the smile on her face.

“Steve says that when he is working with a girl for the first time, he likes to spend some time with them before the cameras roll just playing. He says it takes away any awkwardness and makes the sex way better for both parties. So he is going to come and get me shortly so we can get to know each other a little bit before we – you know, fuck. I can’t wait.” Anne picked up another strawberry and gaining in confidence, winked at Bill before popping it in her mouth and giving an appreciative “mmmmm” as she tasted its juice. As Bill’s erection throbbed in his trousers, Anne teasingly placed her shoe covered foot his lap, resting it on top of his erect penis and revelling in the ‘aroused to the point of shell-shock’ look on Bill’s face. Bill tried to recall what they had been talking about to get the conversation going again but an immovable image of his wife on her knees begging for Steve’s cum had lodged itself in his mind and was not going away quietly and allow normal thought to resume. The two of them sat in silence for some minutes with Bill shifting restlessly in his seat trying to find a position that allowed his cock to sit in his trousers with comfort given the mental and visual images laying siege to his mind. Anne demurely sipped at her drink while occasionally pressing and rubbing at Bill’s trousered crotch.

Movement at the top of the stairs caught Bill’s eye. Anne picked up on the direction of Bill’s gaze and turned in her chair to see what he was looking at. Right, on cue, Steve Silverwood trotted down the steps and sauntered over to the table looking every inch the porn stud – In excess of six feet tall and a good two hundred pounds at least with young-looking yet strong facial features. Anne was caught between bashfulness and lust, peeking shyly out from behind her glass at him as he approached yet rubbing her foot over Bill’s crotch.

As Steve reached the table he extended his hand and introduced himself to Bill. Bill stood up, brushing Anne’s foot off himself and accepted the handshake, offering a quiet “Nice to meet you.” He was about to say something witty like “so you’re the guy who will be screwing my wife today?” but the awkward grin that appeared on Steve’s face as he noticed Bill’s raging hard-on put pay to any thoughts Bill had about making any conversation.

Steve released his hand and turned to face Anne, who was now just blatantly looking him up and down dreamily. He held out his hand and Anne took it, gently being pulled to her feet. Bill then watched as they walked together slowly away from him, back in the direction of the house, Steve with his arm draped over her shoulder. As they reached the foot of the steps, Steve whispered something in Anne’s ear, who cuddled her body into him in response. As if some permission had been given, his hand then dropped from her shoulder to her ass, massaging her through the thin material of her dress it as they ascended.

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Serena Visits The Fetish Shoe Shop

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As the train slowed down and drew into York station Mark smiled at his wife Serena and asked how she felt.

‘Nervous, and as horny as hell,’ she replied.

The train slowed to a halt and Mark and Serena got off and made their way off the platform where they were due to meet Robert, Mrs Wyles’ assistant. They held hands as they approached the ticket barrier and walked through it. Almost instantly a young man approached them. He held out his hand said, ‘Hi I’m Robert, you must be Serena and Mark.’

They smiled at each other and shook hands. Serena was immediately pleased with what she saw. She guessed that Robert was in his early 20s, naturally well built who hadn’t had to spend half the week in the gym to look as good as he did.

Robert led them to his car and they both got in the back. Serena was getting hornier by the minute, after all she had spent a lot of time reading about Robert, Mrs Wyles and The Fetish Shoe Shop. She was at first reluctant to mention it to Mark but she knew how much it turned them both on when she wore her ultra high heels and stockings. But as soon as Mark too read about The Fetish Shoe Shop he was happy for Serena to visit it.

Serena had been in contact with the owner Mrs Wyles and had already given he a good idea of what she hoped to get from the visit although she hadn’t explained everything in great detail to Mark. She assumed, correctly as it happened, that once Mark saw how much she was getting turned on that he’d go along with whatever she wanted.

They had been married for ten years and faithful to each other during that time, although both had fantasised about other people during bouts of masturbation. Serena was dressed conservatively, black skirt, white blouse and 3 inch heels. She had put her long blonde hair up as Mark liked it and it made her look sophisticated and elegant. As they sat in the back of the car Mark had and urge to lean over and kiss her neck.

Although she was dressed like she was on her way to work, Serena was in fact feeling like a tart. She loved wearing her stockings and high heels and it was those things that aroused her when she read about The Fetish Shoe Shop. She had fantasised many time about visiting the shop and eventually the urges were so strong that she gave in and contacted Mrs Wyles. They chatted in detail about what Serena wanted from her visit and it was soon very clear that Mrs Wyles could supply what she needed.

As the car passed many of the familiar sights of York Serena’s mind wandered to Robert sitting in front of her. She had read many reports about The Fetish Shoe Shop and clearly Robert was a very popular assistant to Mrs Wyles with all her lady visitors and looking at him Serena could see why.

After a few minutes the car stopped and they all got out. They walked a few yards past several well known shops until they got to a plain door in between two shops. On the outside was a simple nameplate that read TFSS. Robert rang the bell and the door was opened by Mrs Wyles. She welcomed Serena and Mark and they followed her down a hallway and into a spacious office. She beckoned them to sit down on a sofa and asked how the journey was and made small talk for a couple of minutes.

Serena thought that Mrs Wyles looked very elegant. She was a few years older than herself, beautifully made up with deep crimson red lipstick. She was wearing a white blouse and black skirt with a long slit up the front and fishnet stockings which she knew Mark would like, and of course, really high heel black shoes with an open toe.

Then she said, ‘Shall we all have a glass of wine, I always find it relaxes everyone?’

Serena and Mark nodded in agreement and Robert went to a drinks cabinet and poured 4 four glasses of chilled Chablis and handed them out. Mrs Wyles sat opposite them and as she sat down her skirt fell open and immediately exposed the tops of her fishnet stockings. She made no effort to cover herself up and carried on talking. Both Serena and Mark noticed the extremely high heels that Mrs Wyles was wearing and couldn’t take their eyes off the shoes and her legs.

They finished their drinks and Mrs Wyles said, ‘Shall we go through to the showroom?’

She stood up and they followed her through another door and into a very plush showroom. There were mirrors everywhere and glass shelves with lots of different shoes. Needless to say they were all very high heels.

All four of them walked around looking at the wonderful selection of shoes.

The ones that immediately caught Serena’s eyes were bright red ones with at least a 6 inch heel. As she leaned forward and picked them up she felt a sexual twinge between her legs. The heels were even bigger than her favourite black platform ones that she loved wearing when she and Mark had sex.

Mrs Wyles said, ”They are very popular shoes with my ladies, lots of them love the sexy red colour.’

Mrs Wyles picked it up and suggestively ran her fingers up and down the long heel and said to Mark, ‘Can’t you just picture Serena parading in front of you wearing nothing but these and stockings and then fucking her from behind?’

The thought was definitely having a nice effect on Mark as he felt his cock growing.

Mrs Wyles asked, ‘Do you want to try them on?’

Serena replied, ‘Yes please.’

Mrs Wyles then said, ‘Robert can you get the red quarter cup bra, I think the 34dd is probably the correct size, and open crotch panties, the shoes are going to look so much better with red underwear than the black that Serena has on now.’

Mrs Wyles started unbuttoning Serena’s blouse and took it off and then did the same with her skirt. Serena stood there in her black underwear, hold up stockings and shoes. She admired her figure in one of the many mirrors and waited for Rob to return. She could feel her nipples hardening and a slight dampness in her knickers. Mrs Wyles then took the clips out of Serena’s hair and she shook it loose.

‘Very sexy,’ said Mrs Wyles.

Robert came back with the underwear. They were bright red and almost the same colour as the shoes. Mrs Wyles unclipped her bra and as she took it off brushed her hands against Serena’s erect nipples. Robert handed her the red bra and Mrs Wyles put it on Serena. The quarter cup didn’t even cover her erect nipples. As Serena glanced into the mirror she realised how sexually aroused she was becoming.

Then it was the turn of her knickers. Mrs Wyles asked Serena, ‘Is it OK if Robert takes your knickers off?’

Serena, getting more excited merely nodded.

Robert knelt in front of Serena, his face only inches away from Serena’s pussy and eased her panties down. Serena lifted a foot and stepped out of them. Then Robert took the open crotch red panties and Serena held onto his strong shoulder to balance as she lifted a foot and put it through the leg of the panties. Robert very slowly pulled them up, he could clearly see the dampness around Serena’s pussy.

They then took Serena across to the sofa and she sat down. Robert sat on a small stool in front of her and took one of the red high heel shoes. Mark was now sitting opposite her and watching intently.

Robert lifted her stockinged foot and placed it in his lap while he got ready with the shoe. Serena realised that he had placed her foot firmly on his erect cock and could easily feel it.

Mrs Wyles stood with the other shoe while Robert eased it onto Serena’s foot. Then she leaned forward and slowly ran the heel down Serena’s panties. So slowly up and then down. Serena loved the feel as the 6 inch heel rubbed against her ever moistening pussy. Mrs Wyles realised that Robert needed to put the other shoe on so said to Mark, ‘Can you pass me another shoe please.’

Mark quickly picked up another red 6 or 7 inch high heel shoe and handed it to Mrs Wyles and stood beside them watching his wife being sexually stimulated. She gave the other shoe to Robert who started to put it on Serena’s foot.

Mrs Wyles eased the open crotch panties apart and rubbed the red heel now directly onto Serena’s pussy. Serena was getting very very aroused. Her nipples which were poking out over the top of her bra were very erect and her pussy was getting very very wet. She parted her legs as wide as she could. She wanted to cum, no she needed to cum.

Mrs Wyles was now rubbing the heel against her clit, she knew it would only be a few minutes before she would cum.

Mrs Wyles said, ‘Mark pass me another shoe please.’

Again Mark did as he was asked. Now Mrs Wyles parted Serena’s pussy lips and eased the heel of the other shoe inside her pussy. She was so wet that it slipped in so easily. Now Mrs Wyles was slowly pushing it all the way in and then slowly withdrawing it. At the same time her other hand was using the other shoe to rub against her clit.

Mrs Wyles then said, ‘Robert move some of the mirrors so Serena can see herself when she cums.’

Robert stood up and placed mirrors either side of her and in front of her. Serena could see everything. She could see herself being fucked by the heel of the shoe and she could see Mrs Wyles rubbing the other heel against her clit.

‘Robert and Mark, kneel either side or Serena and suck her nipples,’ Mrs Wyles said.

Robert and Mark knelt either side of Serena. They each took one of her erect nipples into their mouth and sucked them furiously.

Mrs Wyles fucked one of the shoes in and out of Serena’s soaking wet pussy while the heel of the other shoe rubbed her clit.

Serena could see all this in the mirrors if only she could have kept her eyes open. She felt her orgasm starting. Her breathing got heavier as Mrs Wyles, Robert and Mark bought her closer and closer to her orgasm. She glanced at her image and saw this slut being satisfied, used and abused. Then she shouted out in pleasure as an enormous orgasm crashed through her body. Serena sat there with her legs apart, the big red heel was still embedded deep inside her pussy. Mrs Wyles, Robert and Mark stood up and looked at her as she sat with that wonderful warm glow that happens after a very satisfying orgasm.

They gave her a few minutes to recover and Mrs Wyles removed the heel. Mark said how sexy she looked and Mrs Wyles said, ‘Sexy is not enough in The Fetish Shoe Shop we do tarty and slutty, now lets look at the shoes again. As they moved over to the display Serena could feel her cum seeping out of her pussy, she knew that soon she would feel it on her thighs and then onto her stockings.

Mrs Wyles picked up another red open toed platform shoe with 7 inch heels and ankle straps and said, ‘These are real come fuck me shoes, I think you should try these.’

‘You also should be wearing some seemed stockings and I have a wonderful red pvc platform bra that supports your wonderful dd tits and fully exposes your nipples,’ she continued.

‘Robert can you get those for me please, oh and also the deep crimson red lipstick, lip liner and lipgloss’ she said.

Robert went off to a the store room and soon came back with them.

Mrs Wyles turned Serena to face a full length mirror and took her bra off, exposing her red erect nipples. Mrs Wyles took the red pvc platform bra and put it on Serena. It supported her lovely 34dd breasts and left her nipples fully exposed. Then she knelt in front of her and took her shoes off and then slid her stockings down. Mrs Wyles’ face was only inches away from Serena’s pussy and she said, ‘Oh Serena your pussy looks so lickable, I can see your juices glistening on your lips, I so want to lick and kiss your clit and make you spray those wonderful cunt juices over my face.’

Serena didn’t like the ‘c’ word but understood why Mrs Wyles used it. She took the seemed stockings and slid them up her legs. Mrs Wyles made sure that she got as close as possible to Serena’s pussy, they were both getting turned on. Then she told Serena to sit down and Robert to put her shoes on for her. Robert got the stool and sat in between Serena’s wide open legs. He slid one foot into the shoe and fastened the ankle strap and then did the same with he other.

Serena stood up and admired herself in the mirror, she thought she looked very slutty and it was making her even more aroused. Mrs Wyles said, ‘Now for the lipstick.’

She took the deep crimson red lipliner and outlined her lips, then she took the lipstick and coated her lips with it. Finally she coated her lips with the lipgloss. Serena loved the slutty look but Mrs Wyles had not quite finished her job. Once again she picked up the lipliner pencil and drew a large circle around Serena’s aureola, then took the lipstick and coated the whole area including her very erect nipples with the lipstick and then finally the lipgloss. Serena loved the feel as the lipgloss dried on her erect nipples.

Mrs Wyles stood up and moved away and said, ‘Wow, Serena you look the most fuckable slut. Now parade up and down in front of and show us what a cumslut you are.’

Serena felt wonderful, her nipples were the hardest and largest she had ever know them and she could feel her pussy getting wetter by the second. Mrs Wyles sat on the sofa in between Robert and Mark. She was rubbing their cocks through their trousers as slutty Serena tottered up and own in front of them.

‘Now stand in front of us and open your pussy lips for us,’ she ordered her.

Serena did as she was told and even slipped a finger inside her. She would quite happily played with herself in front of all of them if she had been told to.

Mrs Wyles said, ‘Look how aroused you’ve made these two as she slipped their erect cocks out of their trousers. Serena knew how big Mark was but was mesmerised at the size of Robert. Although she was more than happy with Mark’s 7 inch cock she couldn’t take her eyes of Robert’s which she guessed was at least an inch longer even if it was not as thick as Mark’s.

Serena caught another glimpse of herself in a mirror again and just adored how slutty she looked with her erect lipstick coated nipples protruding out in front of her. She went over to Robert and bent down and undid his trousers and slid them and his underpants down. Mrs Wyles at the same time was undressing Mark. Serena took Robert’s hand and led him into the middle of the room and leant forward over the back of an armchair and facing Mark and Mrs Wyles. Robert was left in no doubt what Serena wanted and moved behind her. Serena parted her legs and let a huge sigh as she felt Robert’s huge cock at the opening of her soaking wet pussy. She reached behind her and guided his cock into her pussy.

Robert slid all the way inside her. Serena loved the feel as her pussy was engulfed by the huge young cock. Although Robert could easily cum very soon he knew that he had to make sure that Serena was fully satisfied and started a very slow in and out fucking movement, almost withdrawing all the way before plunging his cock all the way in. Robert then reached round the front of Serena and started squeezing and pinching her huge nipples which amazingly seemed to grow even larger between his fingers.

Serena was in heaven as she continued to be fucked by this young cock. She was looking directly at Mark and Mrs Serena who had now both undresssed although Mrs Wyles was still wearing her suspenders, stockings and high heels. Mrs Wyles was on her knees and sucking Mark’s cock deep into her lipstick coated mouth. Serena knew how much Mark would be enjoying being sucked. She wondered whether Mrs Wyles was going to let him cum in her mouth as that was something that Serena didn’t enjoy doing.

The look on Mark’s face soon showed Serena how much he was enjoying being sucked off. Then Mrs Wyles stopped sucking him and took off one of her shoes and reached for a nylon stocking. She tied the stocking under his balls and over his cock and then wound it round his cock and balls and tied it tightly making his balls seem really big. She sat next to Mark and slid his cock through the toe hole of the shoe and started rubbing the shoe up and down his cock. Mark loved the feel of the red pvc against the head of his cock. Although Serena and Mark loved high heel shoes in their sex life Mark had never had this done to him but he loved the feel of it and he knew that if Mrs Wyles carried on much longer he would soon be shooting his hot cum into her shoe.

In the meantime Serena was in heaven as Robert had now reached down and started tweaking her clit. She felt her orgasm nearing and was moaning with pleasure. She said to her husband, ‘Oh Mark, this is wonderful, look how Robert’s cock is fucking me, Mark look at me as I cum, watch me cum, oh fuck, this is wonderful, oh Robert, fuck my pussy, fuck me, fuck my cunt, oh god, I’m cummming, oh fuckkkkkk.’

Serena couldn’t believe how she just kept cumming and cumming but now she wanted to feel Robert’s cum inside her. Mrs Wyles had assured her that Robert was perfectly clean and hygienic and healthy and as she was on the pill was more than happy for him to cum inside her but she could also see that Mark was ready to cum too.

She said to Mrs Wyles, ‘I know Mark would love to cum inside your mouth, if you don’t mind.’

She replied, ‘Oh, of course, I adore the taste of cum.’

She again knelt in between Mark’s legs and clamped her lipstick coated mouth tightly around Mark’s cock and started sucking furiously and squeezing his heavy balls. Serena leaned forward and kissed her husband passionately on the lips. Their lips parted and their tongues darted into each others mouth.

Robert was still fucking Serena and knew he was about to cum but still wanted to delay it. Serena was getting aroused again and could feel another orgasm building. Their kisses were getting more and more passionate as Mrs Wyles sucking was getting Mark nearer and nearer to cumming and Serena felt she was almost there too. Then Mark called out as he exploded his spunk deep into Mrs Wyles mouth. She kept her lips clamped tightly round his cock making sure that none of the wonderful hot cum escaped.

Then Robert could hold back no longer and shot stream after stream of hot cum deep inside Serena’s pussy which just suddenly triggered her next orgasm. Serena then suddenly collapsed down on the sofa beside her husband. Mrs Wyles stood up for a moment. her mouth still clamped tight and she leant over Serena and opened her mouth and let Mark’s cum trickle out of her crimson red lips and onto Serena’s lipstick coated nipples. She loved it as her husband’s hot sticky thick cum coat her nipples. As Mrs Wyles emptied her mouth and then licked her lips dry she then started rubbing Mark’s cum into his wife’s nipples.

Mrs Wyles then led Serena to a mirror and said, ‘What a wonderful slut, look at your lipstick and cum coated nipples.’

Serena couldn’t believe how slutty and tarty she looked, she had had three wonderful orgasms and couldn’t believe how slutty and horny she still felt.

Mrs Wyles then said, ‘You’ve all cum, I think its my turn now, are you hard enough Mark or would you like to lick my cunt.’

Mark didn’t have a chance to reply as she pulled his head down to her pussy, she had decided that she just wanted him to lick her. Mark always licking and sucking Serena and making her cum and knew that Serena loved the taste of Mark’s mouth after he had made her cum and covered his mouth with her cum.

Robert sat one side of Mrs Wyles and started sucking one of her nipples. Although Serena had never done anything with another woman but certainly had the odd bisexual thought, she didn’t hesitate to join Robert and start sucking Mrs Wyles other nipple. She loved the feel as it hardened in her mouth and as Mark licked and sucked her clit she felt Mrs Wyles, orgasm approaching and suddenly they all felt her body shake and tremble as Mrs Wyles eventually had the orgasm she so badly needed.

They all sat and relaxed for while. Robert got them all another glass of wine. Serena could now feel Robert’s cum begin trickling out of her pussy. She went and stood in front of a mirror and loved the slutty sight of her as she saw the tarty lipstick and cum on her nipples and as she parted her legs could feel Robert’s cum trickling out of the rpussy, down her thighs and onto her stockings.

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Ben’s Submission Ch. 2

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As Larry circled me with the camera, I could feel the cum drying on my face. I felt so excited and dirty – all of my desires, which I had been so afraid of for so long, were now being realized.

Larry stopped taping me, stepped back, and looked at me.

“Man are you a sight.” He said. I blushed.

“Now come over here right now!” He ordered. He was now sitting on the couch. I immediately walked over to him, standing in front of him. My limp cock twitching a bit, cum drying on my chest and face.

Larry grabbed my hand and pulled me over his lap. I could feel that he was getting aroused by our little game – his erection was resting against my stomach.

He caressed my ass cheeks a bit, then slapped me on my left cheek.

“My mother would insist that you be punished for stealing her lingerie.”

He continued to spank me – first one cheek, then the other. His strokes were getting harder. At first it felt great and exciting. Then the pain grew to take over, slowly shifting to a dull warm glow. I was so aroused. Tears were beginning to form in my eyes, but I would not have him stop!

He slowed down, and his slaps became more like strokes. He began to caress my ass cheeks, feeling their warmth. I could feel his cock against me now, quite hard. His fingers began to play with my crack – running up and down lightly at first, then focusing on my hole.

“You like this, don’t you Ben?”

“Oh god yes,” I gasped.

His fingers focused around my hole now. He took his hand and brought it to my face, sticking his index and middle fingers into my mouth. I sucked at them hungrily.

‘That’s right Ben, get my fingers nice and wet.”

He took them out of my mouth, and began to probe my hole with his fingers. Slowly he entered me. It felt great – the sting on my cheeks combined with the penetration nearly set me off.

“Mmmmmm, you do like this don’t you Ben?”

“Oh yes Larry, please continue.”

“Continue what?” He asked as his fingers stopped.

“Ohhhhh, continue fingering my ass, fucking my ass, doing whatever you want with my ass…..”

Larry laughed. “You are a little slut aren’t you?”

“Yes,” I said, resigning myself to him.

His fingers went back to probing me. Now two, moving in and out. I was so aroused.

All of a sudden he pushed me off of his lap, and stood above me.

I looked up at him. He smiled, and began to unzip his pants. Halfway down he stopped. “You do it,” he commanded.

I moved close to him, down on my knees.

I could see his cock bulging inside his pants. I unzipped his pants, feeling his hard cock straining to get out.

I pulled his pants down, exposing his briefs. His cock was so hard it was sticking out the top.

My hand lightly strokes his length, up to his exposed head. My face is close to his cock – I can smell him, and feel his heat.

I reach up and pull his briefs down. His cock springs out, towering above my face.

I pull his briefs off, then run my hands up his legs to his ass. I feel the weight of each cheek in my hands.

My mouth moves towards his cock. Larry has placed his hands on my head, and slowly started to push me towards him. “That’s right,” he whispers,” suck my cock Ben. Show me how much you like to suck cock.”

His voice is different now – I can tell that he is lost in the moment as well – realizing his own fantasy, as I am mine.

My mouth is near his cock now. My hot breath on his shaft and head, as I take in his scent.

I lightly run my tongue up the underside – then hover at the head. My mouth moves over his head – my hot breath now on the tip. My mouth is wide open, as I slowly take him into my mouth. I feel his warm cock move over my lips, onto my tongue, down over my tongue, and slowly towards my throat.

I am looking up at him as he pushes his cock into my mouth. His eyes are closed and he is moaning. His hands are in my hair, gripping my hair and pushing me into him.

His cock is all the way in my mouth now – his balls resting against my chin.

I almost gag, but then recover. He looks down at me and smiles. I try to smile, and begin to move back and forth on his cock. He begins to move as well. Slowly at first, he begins to fuck my mouth. I am in heaven. His cock feels great. It is warm and smooth, as I had imagined. The feel of it moving over my tongue and in to my throat is even better than I had imagined.

My hands continue to caress his ass, as his cock fucks my mouth. My fingers trace up and down his crack, and Larry moans again. My finger finds his hole, and gently probes it. I can feel him tense up. He must be close to cumming. I can taste a bit of precum in my mouth now. My finger moves slowly into his ass – he moans even louder. He grips my head, looks down at me, and starts to push even harder. I grip his ass, one finger still part way into his hole. He throws his head back, both hands on the side of my head, and I feel him begin to cum. Down my throat, in my mouth, and then trickling out of my lips. I try to keep it all in my mouth, but there is too much.

Larry stops moving. My mouth is filled with his cum, and his cock. I continue to lightly suck him, as I feel the cum swirling around his cock in my mouth. He pulls out, and I start to swallow.

Larry lifts me up and smiles at me. “That was a nice start, Ben”

I can still taste his cum in my mouth. He looks at me. “You did not swallow it all Ben, there is still some on your face.”

He then takes his tongue and begins to lick my face, taking up his cum. He then kisses me, pushing his cum into my mouth. I suck in his cum, and play with his tongue. He grasps me to his body, pushing our cocks together.

He breaks away. “Mmmmmmmmmmm, nice kissing Ben. We are going to have a lot of fun.”

I smile back at him. “I hope so Larry.”

“My sister is coming home tomorrow. She loves to see men in sexy underwear.” He smiles and looks at me. “But first, I think we need to get you some of your own clothes. Mom’s are nice, but they don’t fit you well. We have to go shopping.”

(to be continued)

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That Ass, Though

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“Okay, twenty bucks says I can beat your ass by at least twenty points,” the rowdy ginger took a pull of her beer and gave her friend a challenging look.

The red head’s friend grinned widely, “Twenty bucks? Make it a hundred, hot shot, and maybe I’ll think about playing with you, Kel.”

The country themed bar they were in was crowded, even for a Saturday night, and the loud, twangy music booming from a nearby jukebox made it impossible to have a conversation without shouting.

The woman who had administered the challenge, Kelly by name, frowned. Her build was average, but her most notable feature, besides her hair and freckles, was her generous ass. She’d been made fun of for it in high school, but as an adult, she sometimes felt like the most desirable woman in a room because of it. “A hundred bucks?! I don’t have that kind of cash on me!” She shook her head and laughed, “Shit, who do you think I am, Mia?”

Her friend, Mia, was a thickly built girl with smooth, light brown skin. She wasn’t overweight, exactly, but she was busty and possessed voluptuous thighs. Her parents were Korean and Filipino, and her exotic look had always garnered her plenty of attention, “Aw, chickening out because of a tiny little wager?” Mia laughed. “Okay, how about we bet something a little different, something that’s not money?”

Kelly cocked an eyebrow, “Like what?”

Mia giggled, “Well, you know that I’m bi, and you look fucking amazing in those jeans. I’d love to see your ass out of those, Kel,” she giggled once more as she sipped her own drink.

Kelly blushed, “No way! You’re drunk, Mia,” she laughed as she tried to offset her sudden embarrassment.

“No more so than you!” Mia cackled. “C’mon, if I’m so drunk, you can beat me easily. If you win, I have to give you a hundred bucks. If I win… you have to show me your ass.”

Kelly attempted to play off her apprehension, “Hell, I doubt you even have this hundred bucks you’re talking about.”

Mia grinned as she reached into her clutch and produced a slightly rumpled bill, “Mr. Franklin, how are you?” She looked down at the bill as she smiled stupidly and expectantly at her friend.

“Aw shit,” Kelly muttered flatly as she pressed her lips together.

“S’matter, Kel, lost your nerve?” Mia licked her lips, “You like to talk a big game, and this was your idea, so we gonna do it or not?”

The freckled woman sighed. If she won, it would be an easy hundred, but if she lost, the worst she would have to endure was her friend ogling her butt. She wondered why she was so hesitant; logically speaking, she had a lot to gain for a small, harmless risk, “All right, fine!” She faked a smile that exuded overconfidence, “The usual: five darts each.”

Mia stepped down from her high barstool and swayed her shoulders, “That booty is mine,” she sang a made up song as she began to tap her feet.

“Yeah, we’ll see.”

Within minutes, the dart game was almost over. Kelly was down to two darts, and she was beating her opponent by twenty seven points. It was Mia’s turn to throw, and the thick girl sauntered up to the throwing line casually and lined up her shot. With a quick flick of her elbow, she threw the dart and stuck it, “Eighteen,” she grinned, “I’m catching up to you.”

Kelly shook her head and laughed, “Like hell you are.” She stepped up and took her friend’s place. She’d had a few beers, but her aim was still on point. With a practiced movement, she flung the dart and stuck it just above the bullseye, “Ah, damn… well, twenty five isn’t bad,” She frowned slightly before she smiled brightly in an attempt to shake off the feeling that she was going to lose. “You’re up, buttercup, last try.”

Mia looked at the dartboard with determination and took a deep breath before throwing her dart hard. To Kelly’s surprise, the pointed tip sank deeply into the bullseye, and Mia whooped, “Hell yeah!”

Kelly grit her teeth, “Geh, dammit.”

Mia turned to her and did another dance, “Ooh, you gonna try and beat that?” You’ve gotta get at least thirty points to win!”

The redhead sighed, “Thirty two; you suck at math, Mia.”

“Is that irritation I hear?” Mia laughed, “Don’t be a sore loser, Kel, no one likes a sore loser.”

Kelly shook her head and couldn’t help but laugh, “Yeah, yeah, I haven’t lost yet.” She faced the dartboard and clutched her last dart like her life depended on it. Nervously, she raised her arm and lined up a throw, then with the same twitch, she let the dart fly.

It’s no good, She realized even before it hit the board. Her wrist had twisted slightly, and her dart sank into the bottom of the board, out of the scoring zone.

“Yes!” Mia clapped once. “I win, I win!” She giggled boisterously before doing a twirl, “Guess what that means?”

Kelly’s blood went cold, “Yeah… I know what it means.”

“Aw, don’t look so scared, Kel,” Mia laughed. “C’mon, I’ll buy you another drink to loosen you up a bit.”

Kelly nodded in defeat, already feeling embarrassed about something that hadn’t happened yet.

Several drinks later, Kelly was feeling slightly less embarrassed. At Mia’s behest, she begrudgingly followed the giddy woman to her car and climbed into her SUV. The backseat was spacious enough for three people, so the two of them fit inside comfortably with room to spare.

Kelly settled back onto the seat and sighed heavily, “Okay Mia…how do you want to do this?”

Mia was almost jittery, and she smiled nervously, “Just turn around and pull your pants down… please,” she added with a look of pensive lust.

Kelly felt a sudden wave of bashfulness that nearly overcame her usual confidence, but she shoved it away and turned long ways on the seat, “Okay…for how long?”

Mia laughed, “I don’t know, for as long as you’ll let me,” she was already staring at her friend’s round bottom through her blue jeans, and the small light that was on in the front seat lent just enough illumination for her to see what she needed.

Kelly slowly reached to her waist and sighed as she undid her top button. Closing her eyes, she felt herself blushing hotly as she undid her zipper and took hold of her waistband.

Mia began to shake noticeably as her friend began wiggle her bottom and slide out of her jeans. In a second, she could see the peak of Kelly’s dimpled crease as her smooth ass cheeks were revealed. Several second later, her entire ass was bare, and Mia felt her crotch pulse fiercely as she drank in the sight with her eyes, “Holy shit,” she murmured as she licked her lips. Kelly’s ass was not only huge, it was perfectly shapely and flawlessly smooth. A small, cute birthmark could be seen on the bottom of her left cheek, and Mia almost reached out to touch it before she heard Kelly murmur.

“How long do I have to do this?” She asked again, the extreme embarrassment obvious in her voice.

Mia bit her lip, “Kel…you are fucking amazing,” she took a deep breath, “Oh my God…can I touch it?”

Kelly’s eyes widened as she started down at the dark seat in front of her, “Mia, no!”

Mia’s lips pouted, “I’m sorry… I just, God I want to touch you so bad.”

Kelly frowned. There was something desperate in Mia’s voice that she’d never heard from her before. It was a tremulous, needy tone that was both hopeful and lonely, and somehow she felt sorry for her friend, “All right…go ahead, but just a little.”

Mia inhaled sharply as she lowered her hand, “Okay… just a little.” She gingerly set her palm down on her friend’s smooth skin and she held in a gasp. Worshipfully, she slid her hand up and down several times as her eyes became heavy with desire, “Fuck… I’m so hard right now.”

Kelly, who was still staring at the bottom of the backseat, immediately furrowed her brow, “What? What do you mean you’re hard?”

Mia drew her hands back suddenly and gulped, “Oh, shit, did I say that out loud?” She asked rhetorically as she blinked.

Kelly yanked her pants back up and twisted back into a sitting position. She faced her friend with confused concern and asked, almost accusingly, “Mia, what the hell are you talking about?”

The exotic young woman considered her friend for a long moment before sighing, “We’re pretty good friends, right Kel?” She asked seriously.

“Well, yeah, sure,” Kelly was taken off guard by her friend’s sudden and unbecoming somberness, “Why do you ask?”

“I wanna tell you something, but the last person I told sort of stopped being my friend.”

“Seriously? How bad can it be?” Kelly shook her head, “Look, you know I don’t agree with you on everything, but I’m not going to stop hanging out with you just because you’ve got some sort of secret.”

Mia nodded, “Thank you, that means a lot to me,” she paused, “Can we skip all the bullshit and go straight to the part where you freak out?”

Kelly’s confusion turned to an irritated amusement, “All right, sure, go for it.” She was certain that whatever it was, it probably wasn’t as big of a deal as Mia was making it out to be.

Mia took a slow, deep breath before she unbuckled her belt, “Okay…here goes.”

Kelly almost drew back in surprise when her friend undid her belt and the buttons on her jeans, “Mia, what are you doing?” She asked carefully, trying to mask the rising suspicion that was building inside of her.

“It’s easier just to show you,” Mia said with a look of determination as she she stood slightly.

Kelly watched watched with curiosity as Mia reached into her jeans and dug around. Then, a moment later, she grunted and pulled something up and out of them.

At first, Kelly thought she was seeing some sort of illusion. A penis looked like it had sprouted from Mia’s legs, but it was so massive that it looked like a toy, “Mia…what the hell is that?” She asked as she actually drew back a bit.

“That,” Mia sighed, “Is my cock.”

Kelly’s expression went from dismayed to amused to incredulous, “I swear, if you’re playing some sort of trick on me…”

“It’s not a trick, I swear! Go ahead and touch it if you don’t believe me.”

Kelly’s eyes widened once more as a strange combination of anxiety and excitement ran through her. She’d been broken up with her long time boyfriend for a long time, and it had been months since she’d had sex. Even though it was attached to Mia, it was still a dick, and her body reacted to the sight of it like it would have if she were sitting next to a man. She reached out poked the soft skin, and the erect phallus bounced in response, “Holy shit…” Kelly breathed, “Are you…a trans?”

Mia tried not to groan at her friend’s touch, “Would it be a problem if I was? Would you stop talking to me.”

“No, of course not,” Kelly responded, still fascinated with the thing between Mia’s legs.

“Good. Anyway, I’m not a transexual, I was born this way. I have a pussy too.”

“What?!” Kelly said louder than she meant to.

“Yeah, I’m male and female I guess, but most of the time my male part makes more trouble for me.”

Kelly bit her lower lip, “Shit,” she said as she tried to fight her growing arousal, “Does it, I mean, can you cum out of it?”

Mia grinned widely and laughed as a deep blush rose to her cheeks, “Oh God yes,” she laughed, “Can I ever!”

The redhead frowned as she tried to fight her mixed feelings. One won over the others, and she reached out once more and wrapped her fingers around Mia’s thick cock, “It feels real… like, actually real…” Kelly murmured as she pulled upwards slightly.

Mia let out a small sigh, “It is real, Kel,” she laughed lowly, “For better or for worse.” She closed her eyes for a second and sighed through her teeth, “Oh… you should stop,” she said as she placed her hand on Kelly’s wrist.

Kelly was too intrigued and turned on to stop, and though she’d never been attracted to women, her body was giving her every chemical indicator that what she was doing was a good thing, “Does it hurt?” She asked as she gripped harder and began to stroke at an even pace.

“Oh shit,” Mia couldn’t hold on a groan as she tossed her head back, “No, goddammit, it feels so good.” The stacked young woman sighed languidly and gasped as her friend began to stroke even faster.

Kelly was entranced as she worked her hand over Mia’s shaft. It was almost comically large, but it was so thick and heavy that it matched the woman’s large breasts and thick thighs, “It’s really amazing,” Kelly said more to herself than to Mia as she watched a bead of precum form on the tip of Mia’s cockslit.

Mia moaned, “Aw, geez, Kelly…” she panted as she wriggled out of her jeans slightly. She leaned back and pulled her panties down a little further, and her testicles spilled over the lacy edges of the material.

“Fuck,” Kelly said hotly as she looked down at Mia’s balls. They were completely smooth and proportionate to her massive cock, which made them easily twice the size of any normal man’s testicles.

Free and unfettered, Mia’s dick hardened even further as she cried out, “Ah, ah! Shit!” She placed her hand on Kelly’s wrist once one and patted it, “Stop, stop, stop…” she spoke the words consecutively before she took a deep breath, “I’m gonna fucking blow.”

Kelly smiled widely, “Go ahead.”

Mia shook her head, “Kel…no…please,” she caught her breath, “Can I please see your ass again? Please?”

Kelly giggled as she decided to embrace the absurd turn of events, “Why is everyone so obsessed with my ass?” She asked as she turned and crawled back into her previous position.

Mia readjusted herself on the long seat and sat up on her knees directly behind Kelly, “Because your ass is fucking amazing,” she exhaled sharply as she felt a fresh jolt of arousal, “Lemme see, please?”

Kelly laughed and wiggled her butt out of her jeans like she’d done before, “As long as you don’t try to stick it in; you’ll fucking tear me apart with that thing.”

Mia shook her head as her girlboner rose to full hardness, “I promise I won’t… I just…” she took hold of her girthy cock and slapped Kelly’s birthmark with it. The redhead’s supple skin rippled at the force, and Mia was so turned on that she did it a second time.

Kelly sighed as her friend continued to slap her ass with her throbbing dick. She laughed as she cooed, “Go ahead, you might as well finish it off, you’ve gotten me this far.”

Mia growled hungrily as she slapped both her hands onto Kelly’s round ass cheeks and grabbed them roughly, “God, that ass!” She exclaimed as she spread open her friends cheeks widely and slapped her cock right in-between the soft curve of Kelly’s dimples.

Kelly blinked in shock as she felt Mia’s cock slap her asshole squarely, “Geez! Mia, be care…” her words were cut off as she felt Mia begin to sway forward.

“Yes…fuck yes!” Mia grunted as she spanked Kelly hard. Her friend’s ass felt just as amazing as it looked, and as she began to fuck Kelly’s ass crack she pressed both of the woman’s ass cheeks together and sandwiched her dick tightly. “Kelly, I’m sorry!” She cried out as she began to move faster, “It’s too good, I can’t stop!”

Kelly gasped in surprise and pleasure at the sudden roughness, “It’s okay…go ahead…I like it,” she said out loud as she admitted it both to Mia and herself.

Mia’s tits began to jiggle in her top and she rocked harder. She pulled her jeans down past her knees and grunted with relief as she spread her knees a bit. Her heavy nutsack swung rhythmically beneath her, slapping Kelly’s wet pussy every time she moved forward. Mia’s panties were bunched up halfway down her own butt, and her ass was hanging out behind her even as she continued to capitalize on her bet.”

Kelly groaned as her body shifted every time Mia slammed into her. Even though she wasn’t being penetrated, it felt incredible to on all fours ok front of someone, and she urged her friend on between gasps, “Come on, baby, cum for me, cover my fat ass!”

Mia squeaked, “Shit…no! I can’t…” she said quickly. Contrary to her reply, she continued to slide her dick between her friend’s ass cheeks as her precum drooled down Kelly’s crack.

“If you make a mess you can buy me a new pair of jeans,” Kelly giggled, “Come on, do it!”

“K,Kel,” Mia stuttered as she stared at her fat girl sausage hotdogged between Kelly’s buns, “I don’t think you understand how much…”

“Mia,” Kelly said firmly, “Be a good girl and paint my fucking ass.”

Mia nearly passed out as herv balls strained at her friend’s words, “Fine!” She responded with another groan as she pulled back and grabbed her cock. She pulled her foreskin back as far as she could and rubbed her swollen, sensitive cock head over Kelly’s deliciously soft skin, “Gonna cum…” she said tremulously as her chest heaved, “So much fuckin’ cum all over your fat ass…oh… shit!” She shouted as she reached the point of no return. Her balls tightened and her cock hardened to an almost painful degree before she felt the inevitable wave of pleasure. She struggled to control her monster as she gripped herself tightly, but it did nothing to stop the torrent of cum that dumped from her cockslit. Hot, thick seed rolled out of her in solid streams, covering Kelly’s roundness. Within seconds, the redhead’s creamy white skin was covered in creamy white fluid, and as it continued to dump out it ran down the woman’s shapely ass and into a pool that was forming in the crotch of Kelly’s jeans.

Mia did everything she could to keep her balance and moaned as her monster drained itself. After a solid twelve seconds or so, the runoff of her cum began to dissipate, and Kelly’s ass looked like a cake that had been iced too heavily.

Meanwhile, Kelly was shuddering at the wash of hot fluid that was running down her skin. She could also feel it dripping down and oozing into the legs of her pants, and she laughed loudly as Mia panted behind her, “What the fuck! How is that even possible? Is there as much there as it feels like there is?”

Mia looked down and began to laugh herself as the relief of her long overdue climax relaxed her, “Yes… probably more.”

Kelly winced as she moved a little, “Ew,” she continued to laugh, “Do you have like a towel or something, freakin’ hell.”

Mia turned and leaned over the backseat, “Oversized t-shirt?”

“Yeah…a little help?”

Mia went about the task of wiping her friend, and as she did so, she could already feel herself getting hard again, “Hey, Kel?”

“Yeah, what up, Mia? Before you ask, no, I will never make a bet with you ever again,” Kelly smiled as she turned over slightly to try and peel her jeans off.

“Do you maybe…wanna come back to my place to clean up?”

Kelly turned and gave Mia a wry, nervous smile, “Yeah…sure.”

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