Reformatory Girls Ch. 02

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Note: All the girls in Hazely Reform School are aged between eighteen and twenty-one. The Wardens, of course, are considerably older.


It’s 8.55 p.m. In the Dormitory of Hazely Reform School, thirty girls stand beside thirty beds. The beds are in two rows of fifteen, facing each other. The girls are all naked.

Miss McCloud, who is on duty tonight, walks between the two rows of beds scrutinising the girls. Miss McCloud is not like Miss Bulstrode. She does not bawl and intimidate: rather her manner is gentle and persuasive, on the surface even friendly. Unlike Miss Bulstrode she does not carry a riding crop, preferring instead a thin whippy cane. The cane doesn’t look up to much. But ask any girl who has felt it on the backs of her legs whether or not she prefers it to the riding crop and she will be hard put to decide.

The girls are all standing to attention, their eyes forward and their shoulders back. Nothing seems to be amiss: except that one of the girls, Clare Davenport, looks unusually downcast. This strikes Miss McCloud as odd: usually Clare is one of the least surly or miserable-looking girls in the reformatory. She wonders whether or not to say anything: then remembers the ordeal Clare went through that afternoon, which Miss Bulstrode has recounted in the Wardens’ Canteen.

“Very well girls,” Miss McCloud says: “Put on your chastity belts.”

The girls turn round in unison, and each takes from the metal locker beside her bed a hinged, stainless steel contraption, shaped like a letter U attached to a band which fits round the waist. They place the U-shaped steel between their legs, pull it up tight, then close the waist band and snap it shut. Miss McCloud now approaches each girl in turn and pulls at the band to confirm that it is locked in place. Satisfied, she returns to the aisle.

“Now put on your night-dresses.”

The night-dresses are already laid out on the beds. Miss McCloud watches as thirty female bodies, short and tall, fat and thin, full-breasted and flat-chested, broad-hipped and narrow-hipped, dark-toned and light-toned, all of them shaved around their pubic area, extend their arms and wriggle their way inside thirty regulation grey- and white-striped cotton Reformatory night-dresses.

“Now get into your beds.”

The hands of the clock show 9 p.m. as Miss McCloud switches off the lights and locks the Dormitory door behind her.

Outside she pauses for a few minutes to listen: but all is quiet, as it should be.

Inside the Dormitory it is now pitch dark. The girls shift about under their grey blankets, trying to get comfortable, silently cursing, for the hundredth time, the stainless steel contraptions between their legs. All masturbation, all forms of self-pleasuring, are strictly forbidden at Hazely Reform School. During the day chastity devices are not required, for the girls are monitored from the moment they rise to the moment they go to bed, even whilst using the lavatories, for the cubicles have no doors and two Wardens are always on duty whenever the lavatories are open. The girls are not even allowed to wipe themselves when they please, but must wait until their allotted time is up: two minutes during Break, five minutes morning, lunchtime and evening. Then, closely supervised by a Warden, they must wipe themselves in unison.

But at night it is different. No Warden, however vigilant, can track the movements of thirty girls under their bedclothes in a darkened room. And so the devices are employed.

And they are one hundred per cent successful. There is not, and probably never will be, an inmate who has not tried to find a way through or round or under the devices, using fingers, drinking straws, hair-grips or whatever ingenious material she can think of: always without success. Nor is there an inmate who has not tried, with the same hair-grip, or pen-nib, or dental-brace wire, to pick the lock. But no lock yet has yielded to such manipulations.

And whoever designed these devices was not only a clever engineer, but he or she also knew a thing or two about the resourcefulness of frustrated girls. For not only do the devices fit so tightly around the groin, tummy and waist that not even the slenderest finger can slide underneath, but also the critical area, which covers the clitoris and labia, is shaped such that a small space is created, a centimetre gap between steel and skin, such that the girls cannot even press the device against themselves where it matters, and are thus denied any genital contact.

Locked away in their devices the girls can no more get at their own vaginas than they can break into Fort Knox.

Not that this stops them from trying. Following the reflexes of a lifetime their hands, once under the bedcovers, will stray down towards their legs: their clitorises, so long neglected, will call out to them like lambs strayed from their mothers. Their hands will glide between their legs, longing to be reunited again: only to come up against harsh unyielding steel.

The needs of Clare Davenport are no different from those of other girls. Initially, when she had first been admitted to Hazely Reform School, she had not understood. The loss of her liberty had so overwhelmed her that the chastity device had seemed trivial, just one minor restriction in a world where restriction, discipline and punishment ruled.

“You won’t think like that when you’ve been here a month,” another girl, Eve Thomas, had told her.

And Clare had not believed her. Now, two months on, she knew what the girls said was true. Ask an inmate of a few weeks how many years of her life she’ll give for a rub and she’ll answer: one or two. Ask her after six months and the answer will be in double figures.

But tonight Clare is not thinking about masturbation. For once, the restraint between her legs is not uppermost in her mind. Instead she is anxious, wondering what is going to happen to her, what punishment the other girls will inflict. Unable and unwilling to sleep, for she does not want to be taken unawares, she runs through the various possibilities.

There are several standard punishments dished-out to girls who, for whatever reason, have fallen foul of other inmates.

One is a spanking – administered by hand on the bare bottom. That may not seem much, when compared with the punishment that can be inflicted by the riding crop or the cane. But these girls pack a mean slap: repeated over and again, in the same spot, by numerous hands, such punishment can leave you with a bottom that is raw and painful.

Then there is bedwetting. Not self-inflicted, but the practise of one girl wetting another girl’s bed.

For there are strict protocols around bedwetting. For a first offence, the culprit is obliged to wear a placard round her neck, like a cardboard tabard, with the word “BEDWETTER” written large front and back. The humiliation this entails can all but crush a sensitive girl. For a second offence far worse ensues. In addition to the placard the girl is compelled to wear, in place of skirt and knickers, a Terry nappy and plastic pants. For the whole of the next day she is denied access to the toilets: instead she is changed at regular intervals, by Miss Bulstrode or whoever is in charge at the time: changed on top of the desk at the front of the class; changed like a baby or toddler, with the whole class looking on.

Clare trembles as she thinks of this. It is true that she would be a first offender: but supposing the girls were so mad at losing their Break that they decided to wet her bed twice in a row?

Of the two punishments she would much prefer to have her bottom smacked. It will be painful, in the way placard- and nappy-wearing are not. But it will be over when it is over; no Wardens will be involved; and she has had all the humiliation she can bear already today.

There are other punishments, some she has only heard about, some that may only be rumours and myths.

Then there is a third punishment, one she has witnessed only once, the memory of which makes her clench her jaw.

Pissing in a girl’s mouth.

It isn’t easy, pissing in a chastity belt, but it can be done. For at the bottom of the device is a narrow chute, about an inch long. Typically it is ‘s’ shaped, such that nothing, not even, say, a pipe-cleaner or a piece of wire, can be inserted without difficulty. But piss, though it drains slowly, will drain through. And with one girl holding your mouth open and a second pinching your nostrils closed… you have no option but to swallow.

She pulls a face. And yet, whilst she’s not been in Hazely long enough to know all the ins and outs, she has the impression that this is a punishment largely used to settle an individual score, a reparation one girl must make for committing some trespass against another. Whereas she – she has upset the whole of the class. And surely, surely, they could not force her to drink the piss of a dozen, a score, maybe even twenty-nine other girls?

She is jolted out of her introspection by the sound of a whimper. It reaches her from somewhere across the aisle. She does not know which bed, or which girl, it comes from.

Across the aisle from Clare Davenport, Abigail Morgan is feeling low. It is now seven months and fifteen days since Abi last masturbated; and unless a miracle is to happen it will be ten months and fifteen days until her sentence is over and she will be allowed to masturbate again. Not that she usually thinks in this way. For there are three unwritten but cardinal rules the girls in Hazely Reform School follow. The first: you never sneak. No matter what anyone does to you, you never, ever, go to a Warden. If you do, the nigh-time Dormitory punishments will seem like children’s games compared to what will happen to you.

Rule number two: you never cheek, argue with or disobey a Warden. This is not always easy to keep.

And rule number three: you never think about the long stretch of time that lies ahead. Rather, you take each day as it comes. And at the end of each day you tell yourself that is one more day you have got through.

Normally Abi follows rule number three. But today is her nineteenth birthday, and she is feeling sentimental and sorry for herself. Not than many people know it’s her birthday, for birthdays are not celebrated or even acknowledged in Hazely Reform School. But Abi knows: and she cannot help thinking back a year, and remembering how different her eighteenth birthday had been.

She had spent much of it in bed with her boyfriend Tom, fucking and drinking champagne and fucking again. And again. And later, when she was so fucked she would have agreed to anything, allowing herself to be persuaded that robbing a Post Office was a good way of getting money for a deposit on their own flat.

Tom is no longer her boyfriend. Currently he is serving five years in an adult prison, and when she thinks of him at all she does so with hate. He has got her into this mess. And, whilst she doesn’t know much about conditions in a men’s prison, she doesn’t suppose his genitals are kept under lock and key as are hers. She hates him and resents him.

But she misses his cock inside her, filling her up, making her body ripple with pleasure. And the only thing she had had inside her during the last seven months and fifteen days (apart from Matron’s fingers during her medical) is a tampon.

So she feels sorry for herself; and inadvertently emits a small whimper into her pillow.

This is the whimper that Clare has heard. She stiffens for a moment and holds her breath: is this the signal that they are coming for her? But the sound dies away and is not repeated, and she breaths again. The night is like that: a medley of faint sounds, sounds of girls stirring and turning over, of coughs and sighs, the occasional snore, the cry of somebody having a nightmare.

Then she hears another sound, a whisper only but quite distinctive, the sound of her name being called.

“Clare,” she hears a second time: “Are you awake?”

It is Tina Dukes, the girl in the next bed, whispering to her. Tina is Clare’s most devoted friend: if one girl can be guaranteed to support her tonight it is Tina.

“Yes,” Clare whispers back.

“I thought you would be,” Tina whispers. “Oh Clare – it was awful what happened to you today.”

“Yes,” whispers Clare distractedly: the last thing she wants is to relive that again. “Tina – do you know what they’re going to do to me?”

“No,” whispers Tina. Then, her voice rising almost out of a whisper, she says fiercely:

“But I’ll stop them – really I will.”

At this Clare smiles indulgently: the idea of the diminutive Tina being able to overpower or even influence girls like Donna May and Ruth Bowers is preposterous – though that would not have stopped Tina from trying.

“Thanks,” whispers Clare. “But I don’t want a rumpus. Best to just get it over with.”

“But it’s so unfair,” hissed Tina. “It wasn’t your fault we were all kept in.”

“That’s not how the others see it,” says Clare.

“Would you like a cuddle?” asks Tina.

Clare hesitates: she would have loved a cuddle just then. But the others will be coming for her any time now: and if they find Tina in her bed it will only complicate things.

“Best not,” she whispers back.

“Hold my hand then,” whispers Tina. So Clare stretches out her hand between the two beds, gropes in the dark for a moment, then finds the other girl’s hand and takes it in her own, drawing comfort from the contact and the warmth.

“Thank you,” she says.

Clare had first become friends with Tina some three weeks before, just after Tina had arrived. She was a small, undernourished-looking girl, with wispy, ash-blond hair, quite pretty in a smudged sort of way. The oldest of four children, she’d led a difficult life, with a lot of family and financial problems: and when one day, on the bus into town, she had spotted a purse lying exposed on the top of a shopping bag she had taken it impulsively. Believing herself unobserved she had gone down the stairs intending to get off at the next stop. But though the bus stopped the doors did not open: not until several minutes had passed and two police officers were waiting to greet her.

For whilst the owner of the bag had not spotted the theft, the bus driver, through his periscope mirror, had.

So Tina was now spending four months of her life in Hazely Reform School.

And though she was an inoffensive girl with a heart of gold, these qualities had not stopped her from incurring the wrath of Miss Bulstrode, on only her third day inside. Her crime: asking another girl for help when she lost her page. Her punishment: two strokes of the riding crop on her bare bottom in front of the class.

“And consider yourself getting off lightly,” Miss Bulstrode had said. “Next time it will be three.”

That night Clare had heard her sobbing in the next bed. The pain from the riding crop was still biting into her buttocks, and she could not sleep. She felt miserable, lonely and humiliated. She was crying as much for her siblings, left behind, as for herself.

It was not uncommon for girls to sob themselves to sleep on the first few days after their arrival. But this sobbing seemed to go on and on. Clare’s heart went out to the new girl. She was gathering herself to say something, some words of comfort, when she heard a voice from the far side of Tina’s bed.

“Shut that bloody racket or I’ll give you something to cry for!”

That decided Clare: she slid out of her own bed, and onto the edge of the bed next to her.

In doing so she was taking an enormous risk. Occasionally there were spot checks on the Dormitory, when a Warden would materialise out of nowhere, waving a torch, scanning the beds, checking to make sure everybody and everything was in place. To be caught out of bed, or in the bed of another girl, was to be in serious trouble. Not the sort of trouble that was dealt with by a few strokes of the crop or the cane, but the sort which got you a public flogging in the gymnasium. The sort which, when Clare thought about it, made her white with fear.

But she could not harden her heart against such distress. Breaking Reformatory rules for the first time, she placed her hand on the back of the sobbing girl’s head.

“It’s all right,” she said, comfortingly. The girl turned her head at this – even in the dark Clare could see her hair plastered across her face by her tears – took Clare’s hand in her own and lay her wet head against Clare’s forearm. Clare put her other arm around the girl’s shoulders. Then she shivered, for it was cold in the Dormitory.

“Would you like a cuddle?” she whispered in the girl’s ear.

The girl seemed too distressed to speak; but she slid back in the bed, all the time keeping hold of Clare’s hand. And so Clare slipped in beside her and the two of them huddled up together. Then, with her head on Clare’s chest and Clare’s arms around her, the new girl sobbed herself to sleep.

For some time Clare lay with her, holding her, feeling the warmth of her body, feeling her body gradually relax. The girl, though she was small and thin, had large breasts, which pressed through the flimsy night-dresses, against Clare’s own, slightly smaller ones. And as she spread comfort to the girl, Clare found herself comforted, her own concerns and worries also ebbing away. It felt so good, so nurturing, to be able to comfort another girl. Unconsciously she stroked the other girl’s back, and the other girl shifted in her sleep and nuzzled into Clare. For an hour, maybe two, Clare lay there, her breathing synchronising with that of the sleeping girl. And when the girl turned over, and curled into Clare like a spoon – flinching as her smarting bottom grazed Clare’s thighs – she took Clare’s hand and held it over one of her breasts.

And in the morning, long after Clare had safely returned to her own bed, the new girl – Tina – looked into Clare’s eyes with such gratitude that Clare knew she had been right to risk the worst punishment Hazely had to offer.

“Thank you,” Tina mouthed, as the girls took off their night-dresses and Miss McCloud walked up the aisle unlocking chastity belts. “You saved my life.”

All that some five weeks back. Since when, though they had not dared to share a bed again, a bond had grown between the two girls that on Tina’s part could only be described as love. She thought Clare was wonderful: the kindest, most beautiful and intelligent person she had ever met. She would do anything for Clare, seize any opportunity to repay her.

But even Tina knows that, despite her protestations to the contrary, there is nothing she can do against Donna May, Ruth Bowers, and who knew how many more angry girls hell-bent on revenge.

For the time being the two girls hold hands. Time passes, but the girls are not allowed watches and in the darkness it is impossible to keep track of time.

Across the aisle, at some distance from the beds of Clare Davenport and Tina Dukes, a girl is stirring. Her name is Donna May. She is a tall, strong girl with black hair and a chipped front tooth. She has a reputation for hardness because she glassed a girl in a pub – a scheming bitch who had stolen Donna’s boyfriend. She is not really that hard: the glassing was an impulsive, drunken act. But she knows her way around a fight, and she likes to cultivate the image of hardness for the power it gives her over the other girls. Her face is set, now, intent on what she is about to do.

She slides out of bed and kneels down on the cold floor as though she is about to pray. But she is not about to pray. Rather, she reaches between the mattress and bed-springs, and removes something she has kept hidden there.

Then she rises and, feeling her way carefully in the dark, arrives at a bed just two beds down the aisle from her own, where she lays a hand on the shoulder of a recumbent girl.

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The Manipulatrix Ch. 02

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Ohhh, it was so wonderful. Before I knew it, it was 4:30 in the morning! I thought, Oh, shit, I need to let the poor guy go home so he’ll be ready for work. I thought he usually got up at like 6, I wasn’t sure. So… it was bittersweet, but we had to bring his special night to an end. I told him, “Honey, this has been so wonderful, and I’m so glad I could share your birthday with you, but you’re gonna need to get home, so let me throw something on, and let’s go down to your car. I untied him, uncuffed him, removed his blindfold, and took the gag/dildo out of his mouth and unstrapped it from his head. He got dressed, and I quickly pulled on some jeans, and threw on a shirt, slipped some shoes on, and grabbed a jacket, because by then it was a little chilly out. I also grabbed a phillips-head screwdriver, and the last of his birthday presents, because I still had that surprise for him: the little something from the DMV.

We went down to the Mercedes’ parking space, and I said, “Honey, guess what? I bet you thought you’d already gotten all your presents, but I have one more really special one for you. Here, open this.” I gave him the DMV mailer, and he opened it. Inside was a personalized license plate for his pink convertible.

He pulled it out, looked at it, and said, “ALL4JENNA”?

“Yes!! Isn’t it great!”


“Oh! Wait… you’re probably confused. Of course you are. I’m sorry, that’s my fault. I need to explain what it means. Well, I didn’t want you to feel bad, or embarrassed, about that wet dream you had, and how you lost some of your semen and weren’t able to give it to me. But now we can put that behind us, and you won’t have to worry about that anymore, because, thanks to your chastity tube, it can’t come out. You can keep it *all for Jenna*. See? Well, here, take the screwdriver, put it on, put it on! Let’s see how it looks.”

He knelt down on the cement floor in the parking garage, and took the old plate off, and put on the new “ALL4JENNA” plate. I clapped, and jumped up and down a little. “Isn’t that great, honey? Now whenever you see your car, it can remind you of your chastity tube — well, not that you’re likely to forget it’s on there — but you can feel really good that you’re keeping all your cum for Jenna. And by the way, it was only 50 dollars to change it, and it only costs an extra 40 dollars a year. So I thought it was the least I could do for such a special guy. Want me to take that screwdriver? OK, hun, I know you really need to get going. Do you want to kiss me good night? Here, I’ll slip these shoes off, if you want to kneel down here and give my footsies some kisses. Mmmmm. That’s nice. OK, hun. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Then I went back upstairs and let him get started on the walk home.

(Actually I’m not sure if he walked that night, or if he waited for the first bus out. There might have been a 5:15 bus, so he might have just decided to wait outside for that one, I’m not sure. I never asked.)

A few weeks later, his car was due for an oil change and maintenance check, so I scheduled one for him. I waited until he got home from work so he could relax a few minutes before I called him, to have him ride the bus back downtown and get his car to take it in. Of course, I let him do it, because again, I didn’t want to insult him by taking care of his car for him, as if he couldn’t do it himself. I told him I had ordered the deluxe full service, because naturally caring about him means caring about his things, so I wanted to make sure the car got the best treatment. I left the keys with the concierge (oh, yes, we have around-the-clock concierge services at Pantana), so he could pick them up there and wouldn’t have to trouble himself with coming up to my apartment.

He called a while later and said he had a problem. The poor guy was so distressed, I thought he was going to cry. He said none of his credit cards were accepted, he had no cash, and his bank account was empty. There was no way he could pay for the service. That was really all I needed to know, but then he got really upset and started going on and on about all kinds of financial problems he was having. He said he’d shut his internet and cable off a long time ago, he was way behind on his utilities, his power was shut off a couple days before, his gas was about to get shut off, and he was way behind on his rent, because by the time he made his phone payment, paid for his monthly bus pass, made all the miniumum payments on his credit cards, and his car payment, and car insurance, there was nothing left. His next check was a week away, and all of that was going to have to go to my alimony payment. So he was afraid he’d be evicted any day.

I said, “OK, shhhh, shh, honey, it’s OK. It’s OK. Everything’s gonna be all right. You know what, why don’t you go ahead and hop on the bus from there, and go on home. Go home, relax, get some rest, calm down, OK? I think I know what we can do to take care of all this, so don’t you worry, honey, OK? You just go on home and leave everything to me.”

After I hung up, I called my lawyer, Claire, to have some contracts drawn up. I told her exactly what I wanted, and offered her my usual hefty sum for expedited service — namely, I wanted the contracts, and her, to be at my place at 6 PM tomorrow. Wear something really girly and sexy, I said. And your hair in pigtails would be just perfect. Claire is 36, but in pigtails, and the right outfit, she looks younger than me.

I hopped in my sedan and drove it to the mechanic, paid for the Mercedes’ service, and made sure to get a receipt. Then I left the sedan there and took my boyfriend’s Mercedes to his place. He was surprised to see me, he let me in, and I told him I’d need that spare apartment key again. Where were all his bills? I asked. I had him box those up along with every other financial document in the place. While he did that, I took pictures of his furniture and any other items of value in the apartment. Then I took the box, and his spare apartment key, and told him to get a good night’s rest and I’d see him tomorrow.

When I got back to the towers, I tossed my sedan keys to a concierge and asked to have someone pick up that car from the mechanic, at their convenience, and bring it back to the garage. Back in my apartment, I uploaded some pictures, and my phone number. Over the next few days, I should be getting calls for people wanting to buy the stuff in my boyfriend’s apartment.

The next day was Friday, and after my boyfriend served me my breakfast, and made his bologna sandwich, I told him to come back to my apartment after work. He caught the bus back to work, I ate my breakfast (of course), and then I put some boxes in his convertible, and drove it over to Whitestone. I let myself into his apartment and then tossed everything movable and useful, including all his clothes, into boxes. I did leave some things behind, that were pretty much trash anyway. Ladies, you know how it is: Sometimes your man holds on to useless stuff, and he needs your help to get rid of it.

I brought the stuff back to my place, so now all that was left was to sell the items of value, if there were any takers. When my boyfriend got off work, and arrived by bus to my place, I told him to take off all his clothes. I told him my friend Claire was coming in just a few minutes, and in the meantime, I wanted to help him relax, since he’d been under so much stress lately. I told him I had a solution to everything, and he had nothing to worry about, “So,” I said, “why don’t you just kneel here in front of the couch, and let me cuff your wrists behind you… there we go… and I’ll just sit here on the couch and give you a little foot therapy. I know how much tasting my feet relaxes you.”

I put one foot in his mouth and slipped the other one under his balls to rub them. I knew he liked it, because I could see, and then feel, the head of his penis start to poke out from the end of his chastity tube. You know a man can’t get erect if he’s super-stressed, so I knew I was helping him to put his mind at ease.

I’d left the apartment door unlocked, so when Claire arrived, I called for her to come in. I didn’t want to be rude to my boyfriend and have to get up suddenly from his little footsy therapy. So I continued what I was doing, and he nodded at Claire, with his mouth full of foot, as I introduced them and she sat down beside me. She showed me the contracts, and I thanked her. I read each one, silently, and allowed my boyfriend to continue relaxing. After I’d read them all, I asked Claire for a pen, and then explained to my boyfriend that I’d worked everything out so he could live with me, and he wouldn’t have any money problems anymore. I just needed him to sign some papers.

I handed him the pen, and he seemed to be trying to crane his head forward. Then he was mumbling, and I couldn’t understand what he was saying because his mouth was full of my foot. I said, “I’m sorry, honey, I can’t understand what you’re saying. Just go ahead and sign this one here. You can reach, can’t you? There you go. OK, now sign this one here.” He mumbled some more, and didn’t seem to want to sign … or maybe he just couldn’t quite see where the line was? I’m not sure, but I guided his wrist. “It’s right here, honey. Sign right there. There you go, that’s good.”

Once he signed them all, I also signed, and then gave them to Claire so she could get everything in order. I thanked her, she said, “Nice to meet you” to my boyfriend, and I said, “Oh. There’s a check for you on the table there, hun. You can go ahead and grab that as you leave. Thanks!”

Later, when he didn’t have a mouthful of foot, my boyfriend asked what the papers were. I told him Claire was my lawyer, and those were contracts he signed, for example a rental agreement. He was responsible for half of all the living expenses: rent, utilities, cable, internet, food, etc. Also he was responsible for the parking garage fee for his car.

I told him it didn’t really matter, because I’d go ahead and take his bank card and checkbook, and all his credit cards, to take care of all the bills. He wouldn’t have to be stressed by that stuff anymore. But I had the contracts drawn up for his benefit, so he’d know he was still legally responsible for paying his bills, because it would be emasculating for him to have to just rely on his sugar mama (who was only 25 years old!) for everything. After so many years of hard work, here he was in his 40s, and if I just swooped in and bailed him out of everything, it would make him feel like a complete failure, like he couldn’t make it on his own. This way he would know that he was still contributing, and would still feel like a man.

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A Week in the Life of a Cumeater Ch. 06

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Sunday. I’m lying in bed just tossing and stretching as I’m waking up. My wife is just walking out of the shower, she walks over to me and asks, honey will please lick my asshole for me. I ask right now? Yep she says. Okay climb on I say. She mounts my chest and slowly inches her butt up to my awaiting face. She is in position and I raise my head to take a taste. She lowers further onto my mouth as I lick her ass crack up and down, pausing to tickle her hole as I pass over it. I swirl my tongue around and poke it in a little. She squirms down onto my harder as I probe deeper. She says lick my pussy too as she backs off a little and rocks her hips up so I can run my tongue through her pussy. She is wet as I reach her clit and lick around it and flick my tongue over it. She starts to rock her hips up and back so that I can get at her pussy then asshole with the alternating motion. She speeds up her motion and starts to grind a little harder into me. I reach my hand up and start to twiddle her clit with my thumb. I can feel her muscles contract and relax tighten again, she says she is going to cum and moments later my face is flooded with her warm juice.

I keep going with my thumb and concentrate my tongue on her asshole. I shove it in as far as I can as I feel her tense up again and mumble something. I think I heard don’t stop so I drive deeper. She pushes back hard onto my probing tongue as she is cumming again. She relaxes and I go at her pussy to lick some more of her cum. A minute more of this I slow down and she says she has had enough. She rolls off of me and onto the bed. She gives me a deep wet kiss and says thank you. She gets up and walks out of the bedroom. I’m lying there with a hard on so I start stroking it. I’m so worked up by what just happened that I’m already getting ready to cum. I shoot all over my chest and stomach. I finish cumming and wipe the last drops of cum off of my dick and put them in my mouth to suck the cum off. Then I go after the rest of it covering my torso. Finger full after finger full till all of the sperm is off of me and into mouth. Just as I’m finishing my wife walks back in as says good, you took care of that. I say yeah I didn’t want to waste it. She comes over to me helps me out of bed and again gives me a deep kiss probing my mouth for and trace of sperm.

That afternoon she says lets go out to lunch but let’s wear his and her butt plugs. I’m game for this and grab the two njoy plugs we have. One is an inch and half wide the other is two plus inches. Of course she will have the small one and I get the bigger one up my ass. She bends over while I lube up the plug, then her asshole. I put one hand on an ass cheek and spread it so I can gain access. I put the tip up to her asshole and slowly slide it up her butt till her hole closes down onto the stem..

It’s my turn and I bend over she Lubes me and my plug up, then up my ass it goes. My butt hole stretches over its 2 inch girth and clamps down tight onto its stem. It feels great the fullness and the weight of it. Since I have the larger one there is no chance of it working out of my butt without it being pulled out. This gives me a good piece of mind. This whole scene is getting me hot and I ask my with if we can try something else. She says sure, what is it? I tell her I want her to spank me. Well okay, though she says she definitely doesn’t want one but is willing to do it to me.

I lay on the bed and she swats my ass with her hand. I tell her I want it harder. She swats me again and asks if that is okay. I tell her as a matter of fact, no I want it harder. Grab my belt and use that on my ass. She does and swings half heartedly. Is that okay? No it want it hard. Leave some welts on my butt so I can feel it all day. Okay she says, she swings hard with a big long swing. The belt cracks across my ass very loudly. I feel the sting and before she can even ask I tell her, yes just like that only harder. Again the belt whistles into butt cheeks with a loud crack. She says that will leave a mark. She swings again and again, I don’t know how many times maybe twenty. My ass is on fire. I ask her to stop. She says you are going to feel that for awhile. Let me get my phone and take a picture. I wait for her and she takes a few pics. I get up and feel my ass. It is on fire and I can feel welts raised up on it. I tell her lets go because I’m starving. We get dressed and head out.

During the ride to the restaurant I can feel my ass, both inside with the plug and outside because of the spanking. Once at the restaurant I get out of the car gingerly, there is no doubt where my mind is at. My wife rubs my ass gently and asks again if I liked it. I said yes I loved it. We go in and sit to a nice meal and a few drinks. My hot ass has me thinking of tonight and what that will bring. We finish and I can’t take it anymore. Let’s go home and fuck. I get her sly smile looking at me and can tell she can’t wait either.

Once back in the car I can’t help it, I begin to undress. I’m totally naked just minutes after we leave the lot. We pull in our drive way I can’t wait to get in the house to the bedroom. I get out of the car before the door is closed. I’m standing there naked in plain view encouraging her to hurry up. She says patience she will be there. If you are going to be a bad boy I’m going have to spank you again. I take a deep breath but don’t say anything. I really don’t know if my ass can take anymore so I just hurry off to the bed.

I lay down and my wife walks in. She’s say you are cumming twice tonight, I think great, my balls ache from all of the sexual tension today. My rock hard cock is looking right up at her as she climbs on the bed and inhales my cock. She sucks for all she is worth working my cock with her hand as she pulls her mouth off of it again. Back down she dives again as I feel my cock in her throat. She grabs my balls and rubs them on her chin as my cum is getting ready to explode. I give her a warning and she pulls out to catch it all in her mouth.

She milks me empty and tells me to put my legs over my head. I do as she says she grabs the butt plug and yanks it out of my ass. She starts to play with my asshole then empties my sperm into my ass. She pushes what doesn’t drain into my hole into it and forces it in. She tells me flip over again, put your pillow under your ass so I have better access. I’m going to fuck you ass with your own cum in there, then you are going to lick my strapon clean. She grabs a medium size strapon and works it up my ass. In and out it goes as my cum is leaking out of my ass and onto my pillow. My dick now shrunken dick is coming to life again, she tells me. Okay it my turn to cum. She takes the strapon off and she helps me lick its length clean, she sticks it in my mouth and says suck it clean. I do then she shoves the whole thing down her throat and gives it a final cleaning.

She climbs on top of me and works my cock up her pussy, she buries it all the way in, wiggles around on it then starts riding me. She pounds her crotch up and down onto me with full long strokes. I’m cumming again as she rides me like a bronco. I shoot my load deep in her moans she is cumming. She says ohh ohh eat me, eat my pussy, I’m going to cum on your face. She climbs up and plants her sopping cum leaking pussy right on my face and grinds into it. Seconds later her and my cum are mixing and draining into my mouth. I swallow and swallow but it keeps flowing and is all over my face. We both collapse into each other’s arms and try to recover.

We just laid there talking and she asks, how did I like cum up your ass. I didn’t know what to say so I said it was great especially when you were fucking me with it. She says you know when you had your ass presented to me I could see your butt cheeks real good. They have a couple of good welts on them and they are also black and blue. You definitely will feel it for a few days. I tell her great it will remind me of what a great sex life we have every time I sit down. We roll over to sleep her on her side me on my side will my pillow full of cum stuck to my face. I fall asleep with the sweet smell of sperm wafting up my nose.

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Proud Holders Ch. 10

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All of the characters in this story are completely fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or otherwise, is entirely coincidental. Also all of the characters are well over the age of 18 – in fact the youngest is nearer 28.


Sunday Morning

“Good morning everyone.”

“Good morning Miss Sarah.”

Miss Sarah eyed her students with a feeling of pride.

“Firstly, I’m happy to say that no one had any nocturnal adventures last night. At least Matron and I uncovered no evidence to suggest it. Secondly, I think beyond doubt that yesterday’s outing was a success and went better than I ever expected. As I’m sure you’re all aware both Charmaine and Omar had accidents, neither of which surprised either Mrs Glenson or myself. However the rest of you stayed dry, despite having your bladders tested to the limit. I fully expected to have ten wet students by the end of the day so I think it’s pretty fair to say that the outcome way exceeded my expectations. Some, well most of you in fact, were pretty frantic by the time we got back especially, Cathy, Holly, Jack and Jonah. However we still managed to have a reasonably good kegels session all the same with some nice, controlled peeing. You seem to have taken on board the skills I’ve been trying to instil all week. We’ll do some more kegels after coffee and then some gentle aerobics with Mrs Glenson. She doesn’t normally come in on a Sunday but she’s agreed to pop in specially this morning to do a little work with you. After excelling yourselves yesterday she felt you needed rewarding with a little extra help today. She has intimated that she expects Charmaine and Omar to get through her lesson with dry pants though. Now has anyone any questions?”

“Yes Omar?”

“Miss, have Charmaine and I failed as a result of what happened yesterday?”

“No Omar. Neither have you have failed. It just means that you’ve both got more work to do. That’s all. Both of you have learned to test your bladders in a controlled way and, importantly, you both now know how to do kegels which are an excellent form of pelvic exercise. That can – and will – make you both stronger in the long run. I have to say to everyone here, remember what you’ve learnt this week and keep up your exercises when you go home. Now if no one’s got any more questions I think it’s about time for coffee.”

(Later the same day after lunch)

“Good afternoon, everyone.”

“Good afternoon, Miss.”

“Well class, we’ve now reached what for me is a bittersweet moment in the week’s proceedings.

“It’s now time for me to present the Proud Holder Awards but I have a few words to say first, although I’ll try not to detain you any longer than necessary. First of all, you’ve been an amazing t bunch of students who’ve surprised and delighted me in equally measure with your determination to succeed and cheeky little personalities. I would like congratulate both Jack and Jonah who’ve shown exceptional courage in facing their own particular issues and given me no trouble at all. Also I would like to pay a special tribute to Anne who nearly left us but in the end showed both courage and good sense by sticking the course out. Cathy, Holly and Linsey Dawn, when you first arrived I thought you’d enrolled because you thought it would be a laugh. Despite the challenges you faced – including some wettings whilst you’ve been with us – you’ve all done astonishingly well and taken the course far more seriously than I ever expected you would.

“Andrew, after a bit of a false start I was impressed by the way in which you knuckled down and got on with it, especially after that non-accidental wet bed. Life in the forces must have taught you something. Omar and Charmaine, you’ve both done very well despite yesterday’s little setbacks. Remember what I taught you and stick with it. Omar, you must remember in particular what Mrs Glenson told you about the detestable vice of masturbation. I know all the gentleman will fap when they get home tonight but it will do you know harm to be reminded about the counter productive effects of that bad habit. David, I’m not forgetting you. Despite a shaky start you’ve been a good student. Now if you’ll all come to the front in turn – one at a time please – to collect your certificates I’d be most grateful. That ladies and gentlemen, concludes the formalities and you’ll then be free to go. I’m sure you’re all eager to get your bags packed and leave, although I’m going to miss you all terribly. Oh, and by the way, if anyone’s thinking of paying a precautionary visit before leaving, forget it – the bathroom’s locked!”


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Transformation Ch. 02

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This the second story in my account of my life over the last ten years. I would urge you to read Transformation: A Couple’s Tale for a full picture of our life together.

A month or so after my forced masturbation incident and in full swing as my wife’s slave (a role I was enjoying very much), I again found myself kneeling and apologizing to Nancy between her orgasms. I don’t remember what I had done wrong at this point but I do remember what followed.

After she was satisfied that night she wished me a good night’s sleep and rolled over Since I was very worked up at that point I asked (probably a little too angrily or whiney) if I could masturbate. She said “No, you don’t deserve relief yet”. After tossing and turning for an hour or so and believing that she was sound asleep I quietly went to the bathroom and took the problem into my own hand. When I came back to bed and settled in smugly thinking that I got away with that one I heard the words “That was a big mistake but I am too angry to deal with it right now”. I thought I was going to sleep well after my orgasm but instead I lay awake worrying about what was to come.

The next morning Nancy said that she was still too irate too deal with me and wouldn’t even listen to my apologies. I was told that she would decide how to handle this while I was at work. Great I now had a whole day of worry ahead of me, I had never seen her so mad at me and I had no idea what to expect.

When I got home from work that evening Nancy’s sister Chris was there drinking wine with Nancy. We had never been public about our relationship before so I knew that I would have to wait for what I was to receive. I had stopped on the way home and picked up the makings of Nancy’s favorite supper hoping to ease her anger and was ready to get to work in the kitchen. I was told that Chris would be staying for dinner and that after refilling their wine glasses I should go back to the store and get more of whatever I was cooking. I was also told not to have a drink since she had a quick project for me in my woodworking shop and I would be running my table saw. When I asked what the project was I was told that it was something she saw on the internet and it shouldn’t take me long to duplicate.

After I cleared the dishes and served desert I was told to go get the page off the printer and go to my workshop, make what I saw (forget putting on a finish since it would be used tonight) and present it to her in no more than one hour. As I left the room I heard both ladies giggle, hmmm. What I found on the printer was a picture from a catalogue. It was a wooden paddle about four inches wide by eighteen inches long with a two rows of one inch holes running down the length of it.

I was puzzled by this since the only time Nancy had spanked me was lightly with her hand after which she was very remorseful. For at least a week she kept apologizing to me and telling me how much she loved me. Her punishments usually were making me go longer periods without orgasms. I didn’t know if she intended to actually use this on me or not.

When I came back from my shop Chris was still there so I hung out in the kitchen hoping that she would leave. Nancy called me in and informed me that Chris had drunk too much wine to drive home and since her husband Bob was overseas on business she would be spending the night with us. I was then told to get undressed and bring her the paddle. This embarrassed me greatly as this part of our life had been kept secret as far as I knew. As embarrassed as I was I was also very excited with visions of a threesome going through my mind. I entered the room with a very hard cock leading the way. Nancy flew into a rage at this. She calmed herself down and took the paddle from me. She had me stand in the center of the room with my arms at my side facing her and her sister as she spoke to me.

“This is about punishment not about sex. Last night I told you not to masturbate but you did anyway. I have explained to you before that your orgasms would be at the time of my choosing and you agreed to abide by that. When you chose to disobey me it showed me major disrespect. Now you walk in here sporting an erection in front of my sister, which is very disrespectful to both of us. You may be excited now but by the end of this all your blood will be rushing to your ass and I doubt you’ll be able to get it up if we both work on you. This is about pain and I want it to be on your mind every time you sit down for the next few days, in fact if it looks to me like you are sitting comfortably we will repeat this. I love you very much and hate to inflict this kind of pain on you so I have explained our relationship to Chris and asked her to administer the spanking. I originally was thinking 20 swats but with your behavior tonight I am going to double that and allow Chris to add as many as she thinks appropriate for you wagging a hard on at her. If you fight me on this it will only get worse for you. Now bend over a stool and hang on and don’t forget to count out the strokes or we might need to start over”

Sixty strokes later I had tears running down my face and an ass that was so red it could light up the room. I was told I could sit and have a drink now if I wished, I declined to sit. I was told that any sex was out tonight but tomorrow night I would be expected to give a proper apology to both women.

The next night after I had cooked, served and cleaned up from dinner I was naked on my knees at the foot of the bed waiting to apologize. I had not tasted a pussy other than Nancy’s since we started dating over twenty years prior. I was anxious for this but worried that Nancy would not handle it well and my life could turn to hell. Nancy came in and said that I was not to look at other naked women nor touch them with my hands so I was blindfolded and my hands were tied behind me. Chris entered the room and laughed at my predicament. She hadn’t had an orgasm since her husband left town over two weeks before and asked if she could go first. Nancy told me that I had better make her proud or I may not be forgiven, – which in her terms meant no orgasm for me. I started with a verbal apology and then leaned forward to begin licking. I was totally surprised when my tongue met Chris’s ass instead of her pussy but did my best to satisfy her. She actually came this way and told my wife that an old boyfriend used to do that and she missed it greatly since Bob refused. It was then Nancy’s turn and she was curious to try this as well. She was unable to cum from this but liked it so much she rubbed her own clit while I kept at it. Orgasms for each of them and I still hadn’t gotten a taste of pussy, damn. The apologies and orgasms continued for hours while I continued to lick front and back. Fortunately Nancy was good with it all and the sisters laughed and joked throughout.

Nancy said that I was forgiven and she wanted to ride her cock. I was told to lie on my back so she could ride me. The pain in my ass was still too much for this and both girls laughed like hell. I was told that when Nancy could ride her cock hard I would get my next orgasm. It was a week before I could accomplish this.

Nancy’s notes: I love my husband dearly and hate this type of punishment so I only resort to it when Bill is extremely out of line. In the ten years I’ve ruled our lives I can count on one hand the times I’ve had to resort to this. I did learn from this experience that Bill hates to be humiliated this way and although I keep our life private at home, only my two sisters and my best friend know about us, we like to travel and I take it public then. I will have Bill write about this in the future. I love the thrill of control while I watch Bill’s discomfort. I also learned that I love having my ass licked and it has become a regular part of our lives! As far as behavior at home all I have to do is put the paddle in a more prominent place or invite either of my sisters over (yes Jenna has come to punish Bill now as well) and he falls right back in line.

P.S If you’re wondering about Bill keeping his mouth shut about this to Bob it’s not a problem. Miss Chris as Bill now calls her has plenty of pictures on an SD card that he would rather stay there. Also the issue went away shortly after when Chris decided that this could work in her household as well. There are now matching paddles hanging in all three of our kitchens.

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Authority Pt. 01-06

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Well its 3 A.M.

I’m fucking gone as it gets,

And the bottle seems to die at its last.

The rest I swig down quickly,

As I grab at my thigh.

I check my speed and I’ve jumped it,

Back up to reach the eighty-five.

I see the lights go instantly as it follows with sound,

And at that point I was caught and knew I had to slow it down.

Too soon I braked it and intensely had I come to a stop,

So help me God, if I’m ticketed by another cocky asshole cop.

I hid the bottle discretely right under my seat,

Hoping kindly that maybe you would be very sweet.

At that point I was shocked as I saw through the glass,

I put my window down to see you and comply what you ask.

“Have you any idea, just how fast you had sped?”

Like an angel I just pouted, and nodded my head.

“You know you’re real lucky, you didn’t get someone killed.”

With your eyes still in your notebook I was waiting for thrill.

And then you saw it was me and you gave me a smile.

“I believe I was going around eighty per mile.”

To add it I flashed you a devilish grin.

“My my, well what race were you trying to win?”

“You know I’m no saint and I’m just on a high,”

“I was cruising through town and was just passing by.”

“Well the rules are still rules and I hope you can pay,”

“For the trouble you’ve caused me to catch you today.”

“Perhaps you can show me instead of regret,”

“Because a small little ticket won’t do any bit.”

Still strong in your power, you claim your control,

But you love when I tell you just how I need scold.

You looked at the dash and the clock was ten past.

“I hope you can show me how long you can last.”

Again with my rapture, I blew you a kiss.

You wrote me a ticket but with no price to list.

Instead was an address, a number, and frame.

“You meet me much later, and we’ll finish this game.”

I smiled as you left me, and with all I could think,

You blew me a kiss and gave me a wink.

Authority Pt. 2

With a smile on my face, I had put it in gear,

Peeled as I hit it, entrancing the fear.

At once I was sixty, and then I hit nine,

You love when I’m recklessly making a crime.

You sped up behind me, but only to pass.

Already you’re spanking me right on my ass.

Fuck, whom I kidding?

This time you win, but just wait till later,

I’ll make your head spin.

The frame was an hour from which time was abrupt.

And already I’ve drank and am pretty much fucked.

But for now I can focus, its not far away.

I had GPS so I put in the name.

Thank God, it was working.

I now had my map, adjusting my mirror,

And clicking my strap.

The drive was an hour but felt like a day.

I’m so fucking tempted to teasingly play.

Then finally ending, had I come to arrive.

I shut off my car and was over the drive.

I saw no intention that someone was home.

But I saw that your Honda had still sat alone.

I looked in the mirror and put down my hair.

I wonder if this is my game to be dared.

My door was then opened, and I tried to be sweet.

I didn’t want to look like somebody’s creep.

Intending real patience, I came to the door,

Knocking real gentle to then listen for.

When at that point, had opened,

Real slow but no trace,

That someone was home now inside of this place.

Authority Pt. 3

I inched very quiet for something to hear.

Inside was so dark, But I loved all this fear.

Then as soon as I came into full, it would swing,

The door was then shut and stood deafening.

I smiled cause I knew then that I wasn’t alone.

So I reached in my pocket and pulled out my phone.

The time was 4:20, You had to be here,

Because you had a head start that brought you so near.

I paused for a moment, stood dead on the floor,

For a light had been flickering inside a door.

I followed this flicker right into a room,

And as I had entered I picked up its fume.

The room smelled like roses, which pedaled the bed,

I smiled and resumed upon what had been said.

But before any longer, what had not been enough,

I felt my eyes cover and my hands had been cuffed.

You pressed up against me as you stood from behind,

I wanted to see you but my sight had been blind.

I struggled to grab you but you held me so tight.

And that’s when you whispered, “You’d better not fight.”

I moaned but caressing you breathed in my hair.

You kissed on my neck and it just wasn’t fair.

I wanted to feel you just as you had did me.

But you wouldn’t allow my hands to be free.

And then with my tension, you turned me around.

With my eyes still yet hidden and hands being bound.

You leaned in intently, as though you would kiss.

But instead you had whispered exactly just this,

“You’ve been very naughty, to tease me this way.”

“And now is the time in which you will pay.”

“I hate to be stern and I hate to be rash,”

“But maybe I’ll punish you by spanking your ass.”

With your voice so damn sexy,

I could not deny,

I could not resist you,

I sure couldn’t lie.

You pulled me real gentle to lead to the bed.

And all that I thought was my ass beaten red.

You took off your belt and held clutched in your hand,

And made sure I listened to every command.

You edged on the corner,

Where then you had sat,

And pulled me up over and onto your lap.

Adrenaline punched me with my heart beating fast.

And you told me this punishment would not be my last.

With that I could feel you massaging my thigh,

Adjusting my nylons and making them high.

Then very roughly, you pulled up my skirt.

“Don’t worry my Darling, I’ll make sure this hurts.”

For then very sharply I felt abrupt pain.

As the belt made connection again with the same.

Over and over I felt as it smacked,

Moaning in pleasure, right on your lap.

You did this for minutes and never did let,

But though you were making me so fucking wet.

I was dripping with pleasure,

Before I thought I would die,

Then you shoved in two fingers,

And I let out a cry.

“Fuck me, I’m sorry!”

“I’m sorry I’m bad!”

“Please do it harder,”

“And please do it fast!”

You moaned and proceeded,

Increasing your hand,

Making me want you, all over again.

I could feel you beneath me,

Harder than rock,

And I begged that I wanted

To suck on your cock.

Authority Pt. 4

You took off the blind fold,

And then I could see,

The look on your face

As you stared down at me.

You looked so intensely,

While sweat was to pour,

And you pushed me down

Roughly onto the floor.

I sat and I watched you, with innocent eyes,

You stood up in uniform, undoing your fly.

I struggled to squeeze my way out of the cuffs,

But you told me I wasn’t yet lucky enough.

Still shaky from pain, I raised up on my knees,

And you took it out stroking but only to please,

“Such a good little girl to receive all that pain,”

“And looking so sexy, while screaming my name.”

“You took all the spankings and behaved while I beat,”

“So now your reward is to suck on your treat.”

You now brought it closer to press on my lips,

And ever so gently I gave it a kiss.

I still watched you endlessly, always so sweet.

And swallowed it all as I took it in deep.

You threw your head back and started to moan.

While I still kept on sucking, I struggled and groaned.

The pressure was tense and I knew you were there,

Ready to orgasm, grabbing my hair.

But instead you released it,

And just for a tease,

You sat on the bed,

And you started to please.

You stroked it with pleasure, increasing your speed,

“Come here and get up off your weak little knees.”

I stood and approached you,

My hands still intact,

My ass was still hurting and heated my back.

“If you will behave now, I’ll take off the cuffs,”

“Because I want you to feel it whenever I’m rough.”

And with that I was turned to the opposite side,

Heard the latch now unhook and again felt alive.

But before I could turn, you had grabbed by my head,

And slammed me down hard right onto the bed.

You pulled off my skirt and you bit on my thigh,

I moaned very loudly, releasing a cry.

“You’re so fucking sexy,”

“And since that you’ve learned,”

“It’s time that you get yours now in return.”

Authority Pt. 5

You ripped off my thong and you licked it so good.

I arched and I took in as much as I could.

At this point I’m sweating, so I took off my top,

And now I am naked, with everything off.

I looked down to watch you, and played with my tits.

You looked up and saw me and grabbed both my hips.

With no point of stopping or further delay,

I rubbed on my clit and I started to play.

You licked even faster to pick up the pace,

And clearly my wetness was all on your face.

Closer and closer, I almost was there.

My eyes were now rolling and grabbing your hair.

I pushed your face further, which was so fucking wet,

But you pulled back and said not to cum just this yet.

Adjusting to nothing you stood up once more,

Removing your shirt to throw on the floor.

Your pants were then next and the rest was gone too.

And before I had known it, you were all nude.

You scooped up my legs and you pulled me real near.

Looked in my eyes just to hold me right here.

“I never would think that I’d finally get,”

“The chance to encounter a small little bit.”

“Now you will know what I wanted to do,”

“All the times that I wished and had thought about you.”

You thrust it in deep and I screamed out your name.

I yelled very loudly and tried to contain.

But you didn’t care you just shoved it in fast,

Slamming right in me, not a minute to pass.

You leaned in and kissed me, taking my breath.

And I reached up and wrapped my arms on your neck.

Pulling your hair and grabbing your head,

You did it so hard that it broke down the bed.

So you lifted me upward, not afraid that I’d fall,

And you slammed me real hard up alongside the wall.

The force left a dent, but like you could care,

Instead you were fucking me in the mid-air.

You held me up easy, like my weight didn’t mind.

And while you were thrusting it, I would just grind.

“Baby I love it, you’re so fucking good!”

I moaned and had taken all that I should.

Then that’s when I watched you and looked in your eyes,

And you said that you had yet another surprise.

You then had released me, setting me down,

But only to grab me and swing me around.

You bent me right over and making me gasp,

Had shoved it completely right up my ass.

Authority Pt. 6

I screamed and I struggled,

But you held me in place,

To only push harder,

While I buried my face.

“You know that you like this,”

“Do not squirm like you had.”

“Cause this is where naughty girls”

“Learn when they’re bad.”

“So tell me you angel,”

“Or do you need you beat?”

You took back the belt,

And again came the heat.

You pounded inside me

And smacked on my ass.

Not stopping a moment

For me to relax.

I pulled up to breathe,

And to focus the pain,

But it also was pleasing me

All in the same.

So pulling my hair

And clutching the sheets,

You smiled with the words

That I started to speak.

“Yes I love when you fuck me,”

“Right up my ass,”

“You make it so good”

“When you pound it in fast.”

“So teach me a lesson,”

“And show me the pain,”

“Cause baby you know

“That you drive me insane.”

You pulled out and grabbed me,

To flip me around, clutching my hands

And holding me down.

Fucking me harder you almost had came,

But not only that, I was screaming your name.

“Look at me sexy,” grabbing my chin,

“Where all this time, have you ever had been?”

“You know that I love when you tease me each day.”

“I just hold my control and wish I could play.”

“But now that I’ve caught you, by sheer bitter luck,”

“It’s so very sexy whenever we fuck.”

“You’ll never have anyone better than me,”

“And I promise you’ll know now whenever you tease.”

With that I was climbing and with all I could think,

I bit on your shoulder, right on your ink.

You let off my hands for your muscular back,

I leaned my head forward and started to scratch.

“Give me it baby, Give me all that I need!”

I grabbed even tighter which caused you to bleed.

Feeling the rapture, the pleasure arise,

I arched back my head and was shutting my eyes.

You leaned in my ear and had whispered my name,

“Fuck me my lover.”

And that’s when we came.

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Fulfilling Fantasies Ch. 04

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As I have told you before, I love fulfilling men’s fantasies. I love to get on the telephone lines and talk to men about their most secrets of fantasies. I really enjoy listening to them. If I can’t come up with a way to fulfill their fantasy as I am talking to them, then I go on to the next person. Some fantasies seem easy to begin with but when you are trying to put them into action, they aren’t as easy as they seem to be.

I think the easiest fantasy that I fulfilled was with Frank. Frank had a very sweet foot fetish. He just loved to touch and feel and lick and kiss feet. He really didn’t even care if they were men or women. He just loved feet.

Frank asked me if he could spend an hour with my feet. He wanted to photograph them in different types of shoes and with or without anything on them. I felt this was really mild so I went along with it.

Frank asked me to start off with hose and heels. He wanted me to wear black hose, thigh highs, with the tallest heels that I had. The tallest I had were about 4”. He also asked me to wear a short skirt and a white blouse. I complied.

When Frank arrived he was carrying a large knap sack. He was tall, about 5’11 and had a nice body. He had kind of long black hair and hazel eyes. I love guys with dark hair and light eyes. Most of the time, it really doesn’t matter what the guy looks like, I just really enjoy what I am doing to pay much attention to that.

As we were talking, I noticed that Frank kept paying more attention to my legs and feet than to what I was saying. So I suggested we get started.

I sat on my table so that I would be higher than him. Frank got out his camera and started to take a few pictures to check the lights. He then asked me to cross my legs at the knee and dangle my shoe on my big toe.

“Oh God, This is great!” He uttered. “I hit the jackpot with your legs and feet. They really are something else”

There is something about spontaneous compliments that make me really get into the spirit of the fun. I really enjoy receiving compliments; they seem to turn me on some.

He took a couple more pictures, and then he knocked the shoe off and took a couple more. He then pulled a chair up by the table and sat down. His eyes were about level with my knees. He took my right foot in his hand and proceeded to stroke it. He started at the top of my toes and stroked very lightly with the back of his hand, all the way up past my ankle. He then took my foot and placed it on his face so that the arch was about even with his mouth. He started kissing the bottom of my foot. I had never had anybody do that before, so I was surprised that I was really enjoying this.

Frank went over and got his bag and removed a smaller bag. In the smaller bag were nail polish and other manicure items. He then came over to me and asked me to remove my thigh highs. I started to and then he said he remembered that it was his hour, so he gently and slowly removed them himself.

Frank went and found a little table that I had in the other room. He got it and sat it down in front of me. It was perfect for me to set my feet flat on it. He took some of the lotion that he had brought with him. It smelled like lilacs. He proceeded to give me an extremely fantastic foot massage. Then he asked me what color of polish I preferred. I saw that he had purple, so I chose that. He then shaped my toenails and polished them. As he completed one thing, he would take a picture. So when he finished with the massage and my feet were glistening with the lotion, he took a picture. When he had one foot polished, he took a picture. And he did the same when the other foot was done. This really put me in heaven. It was so neat. And besides that, my little feet looked so pretty.

While we waited for my toes to dry, Frank started to massage my legs. He was kneading the muscles on my calves. That felt so good. It was really nice. And it was beginning to be erotic. And by the bulge in Franks pants, I would say it was quite a turn on for him also.

Frank sat back down in the chair and was lightly stroking my inner thighs. He was quite impressed with my muscle tone. I have always tried to keep myself in shape. He reached up and pulled my butt closer to the end of the table. In doing that, my skirt rose up and showed that I was naked all the way up. Frank then spread my legs further to get a good look.

I looked up at him and gave him a very a very wide seductive smile. I said to him playfully, “My sweet little pussy isn’t part of this fantasy”

Frank drew his brows together and said, “This is my hour, and you said I could do what I wanted.” “Are you going back on what you said?”

Since I wasn’t sure of what I might say no to. I chuckled and said, “Go ahead and do your worst.”

Frank got his camera and started taking pictures. He asked me to spread my pussy lips so that he could get a lot of pink in his pictures. He then got a little lotion on his fingers and proceeded to massage my clit. My sex button started to react quickly. It started getting so hard. I spread my lips further so that he could see it in all its glory. He took a few pictures of that. Then he took a towel that he had brought with him and wiped the lotion off of me. Frank then leaned over a little and started lightly blowing on my engorged clit. Oh wow, did that make it twitch. I felt like it was definitely a little dick because I could feel it flutter and twitch just like bigger ones. Frank gently took it in his mouth and started swirling his tongue around it. I couldn’t believe it. My clit actually got bigger. I still can’t believe how big it got.

Frank stopped doing what he was doing and said, “If I keep this up, I wont be able to finish my fantasy. Don’t worry; I will make sure I don’t leave you hanging.”

He got his camera and took a couple more pictures of my now very large clit. I wish I had those pictures now. Would love a visual reminder of our time together.

Frank sat back into the chair. I realized that he was now naked from his waist down. Oh wow. He was huge. He was quite large and long. I would say about 9”. He was also about 3 1/2 to 4” in diameter. He also was quite smooth. The head of his cock was also large. It had a drop of cum on it. I am surprised that he had lasted this long.

He had pushed my skirt all the way to my waist earlier, so now he had no problem spreading my legs even further. He positioned my legs with the knees out and my feet were touching. He then moved the table and set my feet in his lap. Frank put lotion on my feet then placed his beautiful cock between the soles of my feet.

I had not seen him set up a video camera. He had placed it on a box a little bit away from him. I couldn’t see the viewfinder, but I would imagine that he was able to record this whole thing. He placed his hand under my feet and showed me how he wanted my feet to move up and down on his engorged member. I slowly started to jack him off with my feet. I could feel him get even harder. He was so hard; I could see the veins pulsating in that fantastic dick. He leaned back and allowed me to continue on my own. He arched his back a little and leaned his head back. When he did this a raw emotional moan came out of him. It was so powerfully raw. No holding back.

Frank leaned forward and was able to suck my clit in his mouth while I was pumping his throbbing member with my feet.

I continued to stroke. Slow up and down strokes. I could feel that I was dripping all over the table. Suddenly I felt Frank get so hard I thought he would lift off of his chair. He grabbed my ankles and made my feet go faster. He all but rose up in the air and let out a yell. Almost knocked me off the table. All of a sudden he started to spurt. Great big globs of his manhood came bursting out of him. It got all over him and me and I think I even got some in my hair. It was so fantastic. It was incredible. I felt that I had really made him feel good.

After his breathing returned to normal he shyly looked up and me and whispered, “Wow”.

I started to readjust myself and Frank said, “Please don’t move” So I stayed there a few seconds.

I now felt utterly exposed. There is a difference to being exposed during sex, but afterward it is quite different. I watched as Frank reached into his bag and pulled out a large vibrator.

“Oh Yes, Use it now” I exclaimed, with a large smile. I shivered with anticipation.

He gladly complied by turning it on and putting it on my still engorged clit. I came in a matter of minutes.

This was a really great fantasy. I learned that I also have some fetishes. I also went a little farther and asked someone to suck on my toes. That was really mind blowing.

It is good when you keep an open mind.

Another really good fantasy that I helped with was a really nice guy named Mike. Mike was really afraid of diseases and only wanted to watch and be watched. We talked a few time and I felt that he was safe enough, so I met him at his house. He was a really nice guy. He was quite tall, about 6’4”. He also had long blonde hair, a nice body and the sweetest smile that I have ever seen. He also was very soft spoken and had a southern accent. He also was a rodeo rider. He wore tall cowboy boots, which made him even taller. I looked up at him and gave him a big grin. With that he grabbed me and gave me the biggest hug that I have ever received.

We sat and talked for a few minutes, had a beer and then went into the bedroom. I was pleasantly surprised that when I walked into the bedroom, there were lit candles all over the place. Also there were cut flowers in a vase by the bed. Mike had arranged the pillows so that I could basically recline on the bed. It looked so inviting. I couldn’t wait to get started.

I started unbuttoning my blouse, when Mike came over and took my hands in his. He looked at me and said, “Just because we aren’t having the typical type of sex, doesn’t mean that I can’t be romantic and undress you.”

I allowed him to unbutton my blouse; even though his hands were so big I thought he might rip it. While he was undoing the buttons, I felt his hands caress my skin. That was very nice. In typical male style, He also tried to take off my jeans without removing my shoes. That led to a lot of laughter. With that he pushed me onto the bed, removed my shoes and jeans. I looked up at him and we started laughing all over again.

I love to laugh before, during and after sex. It heightens it a lot. I really enjoy doing these fantasies, especially when it is so much fun.

Mike had me get on my belly and lay flat on the bed. This really surprised me because this wasn’t part of what we talked about. I did as he requested, and I saw him get out the baby oil. He straddled me at the waist, and was basically sitting on my butt. He them proceeded to pour baby oil all over my back. He rubbed the baby oil all over. When he finished with my back, he moved and started putting it all over my legs. He really wasn’t giving me a massage. Just sort of getting me all oiled up. It was enjoyable. He rose up quickly and said, “Oops, I forgot.”

He then went into the bathroom and got a big towel, which he place unfolded next to me. Then he went back to making sure I was all oiled on my back. He poured baby oil on my butt cheeks and started to rub that in. He got the oil again and poured some more on me. This time though, he poured it into my butt crack. I felt little droplets go into my tight little asshole. He put his hand in my crack and slowly started rubbing in the oil. Now that felt really good. I was so slippery that when he moved his hand down his little finger went into my butt hole. I didn’t stop him because it was such a turn on. After a few minutes, I think he realized what was happening, and inserted his thumb and started to thumb fuck my ass. As I was just beginning to cum, I felt him stop and remove his thumb. Wow did that leave me hanging. Mike then asked me to roll over and make sure that I was on the towel. I guess he didn’t want me to get oil on his sheets.

Mike started pouring baby oil all over my chest. I think by then, my breasts, my belly and my pussy were the only parts that didn’t have baby oil on them.

I asked Mike why the baby oil. He stated, “It makes it even more erotic when I see a lady all oiled up when we are together. And to think of what it would feel like when we rub bodies together”

Mike continued to pour the baby oil on my chest. When he started rubbing it in he made special effort to circle the nipples and then pinch them to attention. As he was doing this he leaned down and asked: “You really loved it when I put my thumb in your ass, didn’t you?”

I mumbled yes to his question, but wasn’t quite sure of what he was saying. It was like I was sex drunk and couldn’t think of anything but what he was doing. The only thing that I could concentrate on were his hands rubbing all over me. He spread my legs and poured more baby oil on my clit and pussy. There is nothing prettier than a clean shaved glistening pussy. He kept rubbing and rubbing. The next thing I knew was that he was inserting a couple of fingers in my dripping pussy. I started humping his hand. He allowed me to do that for a few minutes, until I was all worked up, then he twisted his hand around and poured more oil onto it before he inserted that large thumb in to my asshole again.

I thought I had died and gone to heaven. The feelings were rushing all over me. I knew I was getting ready to cum. I started humping him harder and harder, and then all of a sudden he stopped again. He rose up from the bed and went over to a chair on the opposite wall. It took me a few moments to compose myself. I rose myself up and looked at him and wondered what was going on. He must have felt my gaze because he just shrugged his shoulders and started taking off his clothes.

Mike removed all of his clothes. He went out in the other room and brought back the little bag that I had brought. In it was my electric vibrator. I really love my little vibrator. I am glad it is electric because it stays at a constant vibration unless I want it different. I hate the battery ones because they wear out so quickly.

After Mike plugged in my vibrator and gave it to me, he then positioned me against the pillows. He spread my legs with the feet flat on the bed and the knees up in the air spread wide. He took my hand and had me open my pussy lips so he could get a better view. He then took my other had with the vibrator and positioned it so that he could see just about everything. He reached into another bag and pulled out another vibrator. This one was blue and slim. Mike took the end off and inserted the batteries. I really wasn’t sure what he was going to do with that one.

He took the cap off of the baby oil and inserted the vibrator. After making sure that it was nice and slick, he took the blue vibrator and inserted it into my waiting asshole. Oh that felt so good. He then turned the vibrator on and went over to the other side of the room and sat down. He had a big smile on his face, so I felt that he was enjoying this whole thing. He took the baby oil again and poured it over his belly, cock and balls. He then used the same motions on himself that he used on me.

I put down my electric vibrator and got my hand all slick and started masturbating myself with my fingers. I was able to hold myself open and to pinch my clit. I kept pinching my clit till it felt huge.

I looked over at Mike and asked him, “Do you want me to use the other vibrator?”

He shook his head and said, “NO. What you are doing is great.”

So I continued to masturbate myself, with the little blue vibrator in my ass. I reached down and turned the little blue vibrator up higher. Oh that felt so good. I continued to do this for a few till the pulsating started. Then I started moving my hand faster and faster. I couldn’t believe how fast my hand could go. I moved my butt on the bed and I was able to feel more of the vibrations from my butt hole in my pussy. That was an extra turn on. I started to quake and shake. I was shaking so much I couldn’t keep up a steady rhythm. I reached behind me and pushed the vibrator in as far as I could and started to ram it in hard. I felt like the bed was moving. It was starting at my feet and it felt like it was going to engulf me. I felt this hot liquid cum pouring out of me. It gushed and squirted all over the place. At the same instant I felt the gushing, I heard Mike make a very loud moan. I looked over at him and he was gushing a geyser full himself.

To this day if anybody says that safe sex masturbating is boring, I just chuckle and say to myself “They don’t know what they are missing.”

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Copyright Oggbashan December 2002 The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.


Why was I turned on by nurses’ uniforms? I had been all my adult life and now my mild fetish had got me into real trouble.

Mind, the uniform had to be real. The short “sexy” nurse’s outfits sold by sex shops did nothing for me. But a real nurse’s uniform dress never failed. It helped if the nurse was young and attractive but I felt a warm feeling for any woman in nurse’s uniform no matter how old or plain.

I had time to analyse my liking now. Possibly all the time I had left before I died. That might be very soon.

Back to the beginning. I was driving a hired minibus back to Dover. I’d responded to a plea from my friend Alec who’d rung me from Calais. He’d been bringing some schoolkids back from a day out in France when their minibus had been hit by a truck inside the port. The minibus was temporarily disabled and so was Alec. His wife, who was the other adult with the small group, didn’t drive.

I’d gone by train to Dover, collected a hire minibus there, and taken the group home. Now all I had to do was drive to Dover, return the minibus, cross to Calais, collect Alec’s repaired minibus, load it on the ferry and drive it home. Simple. If only it had been.

But nurses’ uniforms got in the way. I’d just left the M2, turned on to the A2 and there they were. Four nurses in blue uniforms hitching a lift. I thought that four of them wouldn’t fit in an ordinary car but I had an empty minibus. On the A2 the only place they could be going was Dover. So was I. Without thinking I pulled over. My groin was ruling my head.

They came to the side of the minibus. I got out and went round to the side loading door.

“Going to Dover?” one said. She was tall, blonde, about 35 and her uniform enhanced her chest measurements.

“Yes. Hop in” I replied, sliding the door open. I didn’t really notice the odd things about the group. Each was carrying a large backpack and they all wore bright red headscarves. It was a windy day so I thought the headscarves might be an optional part of their uniform. The last odd item was a folding wheelchair. No matter – it fitted in easily. I climbed back in the driver’s seat and set off for Dover. We’d be there in half an hour.

“So why are you going to Dover?” I asked.

The blonde who’d spoken before answered:

“It’s part of a charity raising event for our hospital. We’re all student nurses and we’ve been sponsored to get as far as we can in a day. We’ve come from Nottingham. I’m Janet by the way.”

“I’m Paul.”

“Hello Paul.”

I didn’t register that they were all rather mature to be student nurses and that her accent was London, not Nottingham. I was too busy glancing in the rear view mirror to look at four nurses’ uniforms. Despite myself I was getting an erection.

Janet leaned over the seat to talk to me. We discussed the weather, how far it was to Dover – those sort of innocuous things. I even told them about Alec and the minibus being repaired in Calais. The minibus was about halfway to Dover when there was a cry of distress from the back. I looked in the mirror and Janet turned round.

“What’s up?” I asked.

A voice came from the back. “It’s Sonia. She’s dropped a contact lens.”

Janet turned back to me. “Could you pull into the next lay-by please. We don’t want to tread on her lens.”

“OK. There’s one in about half a mile.”

I pulled into the lay-by. It was one I usually avoided because it looped off and was shielded from the A2 by trees. It was a favourite dumping ground for joy-riders. I wasn’t too concerned because it was daylight and I had four nurses with me. I trusted nurses. I stopped the minibus and turned the engine off. I turned round to see four blue skirted bottoms waggling in between the minibus’s seats. My erection became painful.

Janet’s face came up close to me.

“Paul? Could you help please. It might have rolled close to the door. If you could open it carefully …”

“Of course.” I said.

I got out, went round to the side door and opened it slowly. Janet was watching the inside of the door as it opened.

“It’s not there, Paul. Can you see under the seats?”

I looked in, getting a real eyeful of black nylon covered legs. I saw a glint of glass across the other side of the minibus.

“There it is!”

The girls tried to reach it but there wasn’t room for them to bend down from a sitting position.

“We can’t reach it,” said Janet “Can you, Paul?” She climbed out beside me loosening her headscarf.

I reached across lying flat on my face. The nurses lifted their legs out of the way. With the lens in sight I actually ignored the flashes of panties above me. I reached out …

They fell on me! Knees crashed into the small of my back flattening me to the carpet. Janet grabbed my ankles and lashed them together with her scarf. My hands were pulled behind me and tied tightly. Janet pulled me backwards. As my knees hit the tarmac my chest hit the step emptying my lungs. My head was held and a wadded scarf pushed hard into my mouth. Another scarf dragged it deep inside and was knotted tight behind my head. I grunted into the gag but little sound came out.

“OK girls! We’ve got him. Now let’s get things looking as we planned.” Janet ordered. “Sonia – You change the numberplates. I’ll get the disguise out. Lott – Get up front.”

I watched impotently as they moved purposefully. Janet and the fourth nurse so far unnamed hauled me up on to a seat. The fourth nurse held me in a bear hug while Janet tied my ankle bonds to the seat frame. She produced a handful of black stockings and tights. One pair of tights was wound round my waist and knotted. My wrists were untied and pulled in front of me before being retied to the tights knotted round my waist. A stocking looped through my elbows pulled them back and my hands hard into my stomach. Sonia climbed back into the minibus.

“So far so good,” approved Janet “What’s next?”

“The corset.” Sonia produced a long black corset from her backpack.

“Oh yes. Hold still Paul!”

I had no intention of holding still but tied as I was I couldn’t resist as the three women wrapped the corset around me, zipped and hooked it up. It was heavily boned and forced me to sit very straight. It pulled my arms even harder against me and was so tight that I had to pant for breath through my nose. I was panicking that I wouldn’t be able to breathe. Janet noticed my distress.

“Calm down Paul. Breathe slowly and deeply. That’s it! We’re not going to harm you. We just want to borrow this minibus for a while, don’t we girls?”

The girls agreed with her. I relaxed slightly but I was still worried. Why did they want a minibus? Why not hire one instead of kidnapping me and stealing one? They had obviously planned their actions. What would they do with me?

Sonia brought another item from her pack. It looked like a long straight black dress.

“Stand up, Paul!” Janet ordered. I didn’t. I sat still.

Janet produced a workman’s knife from the pocket of her dress. She slid the blade out and held it in front of my eyes.

“If you don’t do as you are told you will get cut. We don’t mind bandaging you up. We’re all trained nurses.”

I stood up with difficulty. Sonia pulled the dress down over me. It fell beyond my feet. She zipped it up at the back and hooked up the collar. I was covered right up to my chin. She tied another pair of tights round my waist and fed the legs through the seat cushions. Finally she threw another voluminous black garment over my head. Janet helped her arrange it carefully. It was a burqah. I had a small viewing panel in front of my eyes. In the driver’s mirror I could see that I was totally concealed.

“Sit down, Paul.” said Janet. I sat and the tights’ legs were tied through the seat’s cushion to the frame. I could lean forward, or from side to side but that was it. Even that was denied me. Janet fastened the safety belt across me and pulled it tight. She sat beside me with her knife pressed against my side. She had retracted the blade but that was small comfort.

“Now, Paul. You keep absolutely still and pretend to be a veiled woman while we go where we want to go. OK?”

I nodded and realised that even that movement was difficult because of the high collar of the dress.

“Right, Lott. We’re fixed back here.”

Lott started the engine and drove off. We rejoined the A2 and continued towards Dover. Soon we turned off. I was trying to follow where we were going until Janet lifted the burqah and blindfolded me with another scarf. I still tried to work out where they were going by following the turns but they drove for at least half an hour. If they had driven directly to where they were going and it was near Dover it shouldn’t have taken that long so they’d been driving around to confuse me.

The minibus stopped. I heard a gate being opened and shut behind us. We were on an unmade road for at least a mile. We stopped again and the engine was switched off.

“Get the chair.” I heard Janet say. I was released from the ties holding me to the seat. My feet were lifted on to the seat. I was slid out of the minibus. Strong hands carried me and put me down in the wheelchair. My legs and waist were tied to it. It was pushed across gravel then pulled backwards up two steps. I heard it trundling across bare floorboards. It sounded like an empty house. We turned into a room and stopped.

“Put him on the bed” said Janet. “Fix him to it like the other.”

I didn’t like the sound of that. Who was the other?

I was untied from the chair, pushed into a standing position and the burqah was lifted off. The dress was unhooked, unzipped and pulled up over my head. I was shuffled across the room and sat on the edge of a bed. I was pushed back on to it, my legs roughly pulled up and I felt fingers and hands on my trousers. I was quickly stripped of trousers and underpants which were pulled down to my tied ankles. I felt nylon slide around my knees and wrench tight. My ankles were untied. I tried to kick but too many hands held my legs as my socks, shoes, trousers and pants were pulled off. A soft cuff clamped round each ankle and I heard two metallic clicks. A rattle followed by another click. I tried to move my feet. I could separate them a little.

The corset was removed. That was bliss. That corset had been the worst part of being restrained. It had cut into my arms and hands and it had been completely unforgiving. Every time I drew breath it had forced my lungs shut again. I could now breathe freer even though I was still tightly gagged.

My elbows were untied, and my hands. I tried to struggle as soft cuffs encircled my wrists but it seemed as if there were four hands to each of mine. My arms were pulled above my head. Two more clicks as they were secured. Finally the tights around my knees and waist were undone.

My shirt was unbuttoned. It and my vest were pulled up and one arm at a time was released from the cuff to let my clothes be pulled off. I was now completely naked except for my gag and blindfold. Despite myself the frequent handling by female hands and the contact with nurses’ uniform had made me fully erect.

“Look at that!” said someone. “I’d like to use that. Shame we’re going to be too busy.”

A hand stroked across my erection softly.

“It won’t go to waste. The watcher can have it. Come on. Let’s get moving.”

I heard footsteps leaving the room yet I sensed that someone was still there. I tested my bonds but they were firm. A hand stroked my chest. I flinched.

“Don’t worry, Paul. I’m here to look after you.”

It was a voice I hadn’t heard before. A lilting Welsh accent that seemed concerned about me. Despite myself I started to cry into my blindfold. The sobs shook my body but no sound came through the efficient gag.

“Don’t cry, Paul.” Her hands stroked my shoulders. They were gentle and calming. “We’ve got what we want. It’s only a question of time before we’re done and you can go.”

I believed her. Why? I don’t know. Maybe it was the Welsh accent that reminded me of a girl in my distant past that had been really kind.

“Now, Paul, there’s one thing I can do for you straight away.”

I felt her climb on to the bed beside me. Her dress brushed against my skin. A leg slid over my body and she straddled me.

“Are you ready, Paul?”

Her hand grasped my erection and squeezed it gently before stroking it. I gasped into my gag. She slid me into her pussy and her hands pressed my shoulders. She rode me firmly but gently. As I got closer and closer I could barely breathe. I was suffocating with the gag filling my mouth. I panted through my nose but I wasn’t getting enough air. I could feel my face reddening from lack of air. I had to breathe but her gently insistent pussy was driving me faster and faster. She stopped. Just like that. She stopped.

“You can’t breathe, can you Paul? If I carry on I’d kill you, wouldn’t I?”

I nodded weakly.

“We can’t have that. I don’t want to kill you. I want to enjoy you.”

She leant forward pressing her uniform covered breasts against my naked chest. Her hands sought the knot holding my gag in place. Her fingers fumbled behind my head to undo the knot. The scarf came off. She eased the wet wadded scarf out of my mouth. I gasped for air and panted.

“Now, Paul. I’ve been good to you. Don’t yell for help. There isn’t any. We’re a long way from anywhere so no one can hear you except the others. That would get me into trouble with them and you would be gagged again. You don’t want to get me into trouble, do you?”

I shook my head.

“Good! And you won’t make a noise, will you?”

I shook my head again.

“So – we can continue where we left off.”

Her pussy contracted around me. Her hands wandered over my chest as she rode me harder and harder. In spite of my promise I started to groan as I came nearer to coming. Her hand covered my mouth at the final moment as I shot everything I had inside her warm pulsating grip.

“I’ll forgive you this time, Paul but be quieter next time, please.”

“I’ll try,” I whispered “but you are so good.”

“I’m glad you liked my efforts, Paul. Now we have dealt with the immediate need is there anything else you’d like?”

“I’d like to go to the toilet, please?”

“Front or back?” came the matter-of-fact response.


“That’s easy. You stay there and keep quiet. I’ll be back in a moment.”

She lifted herself off me and I heard her heels click across the floor, a door open and close followed by the same sounds in reverse as she returned.

“OK Paul. I have a male bottle here. Just let it go.”

I let go. She left again. On her return she sat beside me on the bed.

“Since you have behaved and not made a noise, I had a word with the others. They have decided that I can take your blindfold off. You’ve seen us anyway and you will have no idea where you are – so …” She untied the blindfold and pulled it off.

My eyes blinked at the sudden light. They focused on her.

“Well, Paul? What do you think of me?”

I looked at her. She had black hair cut just above her shoulders and curling inwards. Her face was heart-shaped, not pretty but attractive. She had acceptable breasts and a slim waist over very nice legs. Her fingers were long and slim and free of rings. I’d put her slightly over 30 but not far. She was not the sort of woman that you’d push out of bed!

“I like what I see. You are a very attractive and talented woman.”

“Thank you for “attractive” but you’ve only experienced one talent. You might change your mind.”

“I don’t think so. What’s your name? I have names for the others but not for you.”

“You can call me Bronwen. It’s not my name.”

“OK Bronwen. What happens now?”

“That depends. Janet will decide.”

As if on cue, Janet came in.

“What are you calling yourself?” This was to Bronwen.


“It’ll do. Now, Paul. We have borrowed your mobile phone and your credit card. Apparently you have been told that Alec’s minibus won’t be ready for a few more days. You’ve extended the hire of the minibus, left messages from the minibus hire company to tell Alec and your employers saying that you’re in France for a few days. Everyone is happy with that explanation. So – no one will be looking for you or for the minibus. You’ll have to be our guest for a few days.”

“A few days! You can’t keep me tied up for a few days!”

“We can. We’ll leave – er – Bronwen to look after you. When we have finished what we need to do we’ll set you free. I don’t think anyone will believe that you were abducted by some nurses and kept tied up. It’s too far fetched. You won’t have any marks or bruises or any evidence to prove your story. Even if you try to describe us, we’re just four women. You can’t describe how we’re dressed because we’re all wearing nurses’ uniform. How would anyone find five women somewhere in England?”

I saw her point. Although all four were reasonably attractive women none had any distinguishing features. No scars, tattoos, birthmarks – whatever might be under their black tights and blue dresses I hadn’t seen anything.

“If you co-operate with Bronwen and don’t give her or us any trouble you’ll be free with the loss of a few days out of your life and the cost of a few days minibus hire. If not – well Bronwen cried about what we did to the other one.”

“What other one?” I asked.

“The one that made it necessary for us to have a minibus. If he’d been as sensible as you we wouldn’t have hurt him. But he wasn’t sensible and we had to get nasty. Bronwen didn’t like that, did you Bronwen?”

“No. I didn’t. You were too rough.” said Bronwen

“We weren’t. We could have been harder on him. Now, Paul will you agree to stay here with Bronwen and do what she tells you?”

“Or what?” I asked.

“If you don’t agree, you’ll have to come with us, gagged, blindfolded, trussed in that corset and hidden in the burqah. You’d find it very painful because we couldn’t release you for three or four days. We might have to prevent you hearing anything as well. Earphones glued in your ears playing continuous music would do. We haven’t got a great choice. There’s only the tapes left in the minibus. I think there’s Hammond Organ hits and Hawaiian Guitar.”

“I agree to stay with Bronwen. I couldn’t stand three days of that sort of music.”

“A wise choice.” said Janet. “OK. We’ll be leaving in a few minutes. Don’t try to persuade Bronwen to set you free. She can’t. I’ve got the keys. You’ll have to please Bronwen to get fed and looked after. If you don’t she could starve you until we get back. You know what to do, Bronwen. You can amuse yourself and him how you like but don’t let him get free and don’t give him any marks that show. Apart from that – have fun!”

Janet left. Bronwen kissed me on the cheek.

“Stay there, Paul. I’ll get us something to eat.” Bronwen left the room.

I looked carefully around me. I was in a large room. From its dimensions and details it looked Victorian but if there had been an old fireplace it had been ripped out leaving the builder’s opening. The walls were painted cream discoloured with age. There was a large sash window obscured by white distemper. A bare light bulb hung from a fabric-covered flex but from the paraffin lamp on a rickety chest of drawers it looked as if the power was off. The bed I was attached to was a very solid double with iron railings at head and foot. My ankle cuffs – lined with a soft material – were joined by a short chain to a swivel link. That link was attached to another short chain which was padlocked to the central rail at the foot of the bed. That rail was at least 75mm thick and solid. I pulled my feet hard and there was no give in that rail at all. My arms were spread out and the soft lined handcuffs were clamped round the extreme rails of the bedhead. Again they were 75mm thick. They didn’t move either. I had to face it. I was chained to this bed until Janet got back. The only good point was that it was a comfortable bed. The mattress was firm and it had a fitted white satin sheet which felt sensuous against my bare skin. The pillows were also covered in white satin. The only other item of furniture was a solid old armchair with short wooden legs. A duvet in a blue satin cover was draped over it. The floor was bare tongued and grooved boards.

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After my first time with my sister-in-law Gail, I thought it was a dream. All my fantasies had come true, and she was a fantastic fuck, with no inhibitions when it came to kinky sex. For the next few weeks, I would close my eyes and re-ran the whole episode countless number of times, sporting huge erections every time. I had to sneak out to the bathroom a few times while everybody was at home, to jack off, a temporary relief from the vivid images of Gail’s cum-soaked hairy pussy and tits glistening with crystalline urine. I just wanted to have more.

Living so close to our place, we got together once with our significant others, but tried to look as though nothing had happened. I did manage to catch her in the kitchen for a few seconds that night. She smiled at me and said, ‘Try to keep tomorrow free. I’m gonna give you a call as soon as I can.’ Then she cupped my crotch briefly and left.

I got up in the morning with an aching hard-on. Jenna was dressed and ready to leave by the time I fully woke up. She told me to take care of the phone and electricity bills and rushed to her car. When I was through with the chores, I heard the phone ringing. It was Gail.

‘Hi, George.’

‘Hi, Gail. What’s up?’

‘Don’t tell me you don’t remember me telling you I’d call last night.’

‘Sure, I remember. Have anything in mind?’

‘You bet I do. How about at my place in a couple of hours?’

‘I’ll be there.’

She hung up. I was grinning stupidly looking at the phone. I got myself some coffee and wondered what was in store for me this time. Somehow, I was sure that it was going to be a wild time in the least. I killed some time and phoned a few potential clients, making appointments for the coming few days. I tried to take my thoughts away from Gail, but every secretary’s voice on the phone gave me a hard-on. I was afraid I was becoming a dirty old man thinking only of sex.

A few hours later, I hopped into my car and drove over to Gail’s place. It was a hot and humid day, and had it not been for the air conditioner, I would probably have been soaked in that tin can, although I was wearing shorts and a sleeveless shirt. I rang the doorbell, but there was no answer. I walked around the house to their front yard, and saw Gail working in the garden. She had short, faded cut-offs and a not-very-revealing blue bikini top. She was on her knees, spading a flower ditch. Her feet were bare and I noticed that they were muddy up to her ankles, probably due to an earlier watering. She was sweaty all over, and the sweat was beginning to darken the top of her shorts.

As I turned around to look around if anybody else was there, I saw Carol working on another ditch. Carol was Gail’s neighbor, best friend for years, and divorced for a couple of years. As with Gail, she was not a stunning beauty, although taller than Gail with longer legs. Though she was by no means fat, her hips were wide, had some fat on her belly and her tits were at least as large as Gail’s. She was 40, a year older than Gail, although her looks never showed a day over 35. Carol was a brunette, with dark brown eyes and black hair coming down to her shoulders. She was dressed in white shorts and a yellow bikini top, contrasting nicely with her dark, tanned skin. We had sort of flirted with Carol in the past, but it hadn’t gone anywhere beyond flattery and comments with mild sexual connotations.

I was a bit disappointed, thinking that Carol had just popped in, as she usually did. I was looking forward to a longer and dirtier session with Gail, and I didn’t think a lot of people would find what we did anything other than disgusting. Trying to hide my disappointment, I shouted out.

‘Hey Gail, Carol.’

Gail stood up and walked to me with a quick stride. She kissed me on the cheek and said, ‘Sorry, George, when Carol phoned and wanted to come over, I couldn’t say “no”’

‘No problem, ‘ I said. ‘Maybe we should look as though I’m here for something else and try to get together soon.’

‘No way,’ Gail replied. ‘I’ve been thinking about the last time since you left and fingered myself to countless orgasms, fantasizing about everything with you. Plus, she might be a bonus for us.’

I was about to say something, but Carol moved near us and said, ‘Hi George, how ya doing?’ and kissed me on the cheek. As she kissed me, her tits touched my chest lightly and her hands moved just a wee bit over my butt. I said:

‘Very well, Carol. You look great.’

‘Get out of here, you flatterer. I know I’ve got a fat ass, no matter what you say.’

‘If you say so… But on the whole, that excess could give most men material for, uhm, you know,…’

Carol laughed loudly and said, ‘You’ll never quit being a funny guy. I’ll finish spading that ditch if you don’t mind.’ And she walked back slowly o the other side of the garden, deliberately swaying her hips. As she walked, Gail said loudly with a voice that Carol would hear, ‘Let’s have a look at that drain now and get that over with.’

When Carol was out of the earshot, she rose on her toes and whispered, ‘I’m so hot, baby. And I want a quick and dirty fuck before I can do anything else.’ We walked over to the side of their house, a secluded place between the house wall and the high garden wall, where no one can have a peek into. She knelt in front of me and unzipped my shorts. She took my semi-hard cock into her mouth and stroked it with one hand as she reached with her other hand into her own shorts. After she got me hard enough, she stood up, kissed me deeply and brought her fingers out of her pussy to my lips. Her fingers smelled of her juices and sweat. I turned her around and made her lean against the wall. I unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts, finding to my delight that she wasn’t wearing anything inside. I pulled her shorts down to her knees, held my cock and entered her pussy roughly from behind.

She was wet enough to handle my cock without any resistance, but she moaned loudly nevertheless. I reached out and held one of her tits, it felt great even through the material of the bikini top. I fucked her with fast strokes, seeing her ass wiggle every time I inserted my cock the whole way. I was afraid that Carol might catch us and telling myself to cum fast. Gail was enjoying this escapade fuck immensely and her juices were flowing onto my cock. In a few minutes, I felt I was cumming and moved even faster. Gail looked back and told me to cum inside her and pull my cock out as soon as I came. I blew my load into her and after a few strokes, I pulled my cock out, and pulled my shorts over the wet member. She did the same thing, but I could see a quickly darkening patch between her legs; that is, if you knew where to look.

As we walked back to the front yard, Carol stood up from her ditch and walked back to us, smiling. She asked, ‘Is it alright now?’

‘Yeah,’ Gail said. ‘Not a very stubborn clog.’

Carol looked at Gail from top to toe and said, ‘It might need better insulation, it seems to be leaking now.’ She giggled to complete my and Gail’s mutual embarrassment. I mumbled incoherently and created a not-so-credible excuse to go in and grab a can of beer. As I was walking, I could hear Gail and Carol whispering and giggling though I couldn’t make what they were saying.

I went into the kitchen and got myself a can of beer. It was still early for a drink, but I was still a bit frustrated about Carol being there and not being able to get down and dirty with Gail. I turned on the TV, zapped through a few cooking and cellulite programs, and daytime sitcoms, not finding anything worth watching. Then I had a brilliant idea of going up to the “theater room” and surfing the ‘net for naughty stuff. Hell, Gail wouldn’t mind, and I didn’t care about Carol at all. Armed with my beer and libido, I went upstairs, turned on the computer and started looking around.

As you might imagine, the “history” files weren’t erased, and not one decent entry were there. Most of the sites that Gail surfed were fetish sites, quite a few of them sporting watersports activities. After a few minutes, my cock was hard again, and I had to do something about it. The scene on the screen were two women and a guy, one of the women pissing on the others as the guy fucked the other women from behind. Just as I started stroking my cock, I heard Gail shouting.

‘Where the hell are you George? Come and get something to eat.’

I quickly shut down the computer and went downstairs. Carol and Gail were in the kitchen, just finishing some pizza. As I sat down to have a bite, Carol said she’d go, grab some beers and be back in ten minutes. As she was leaving, Gail smiled naughtily at me and asked, ‘Do you want another quickie?’

I said, ‘No way, I want something longer, baby. Do you think Carol will be gone soon?’

Gail frowned. ‘I don’t think so. She was so frustrated with her life this morning that I felt I had to do something to keep her mind away from doing something stupid.’ Then her eyes brightened. ‘But if you don’t mind, we can take her into our, uhm, activities. If you’d like to… I’ve always wanted to know what it’d be like with a woman.’

I was stunned. Somehow I managed to say, ‘You crazy? Sure, I’d love it..’

Gail didn’t say anything. She just put a dirty foot on my crotch. Her sweaty body, sticky pussy and muddy feet were driving me crazy. The hardness had come back. As I looked down, I saw Gail unbuttoning her shorts, getting her magnificent bush into view again. Gail looked at me and said, ‘I wanna get as dirty as I can. It makes me so hot.’

I smiled at her and said, ‘Why don’t we go into the bathroom? Carol can join us there if she wants to.’

‘Where would I join you guys?’

We both turned, startled, and saw a sweaty Carol at the door. She had a sixpack in her hand, and was panting. She said, ‘I just ran home, grabbed a sixpack and ran back here to make sure I wasn’t missing any fun. Did I miss anything?’

Gail said, ‘No, no, we were just making some plans. Did you think about what I said?’

‘Yeah, and I said “what the hell”, I’ll try anything,’ Carol answered. Obviously, I was set up from the start, but I didn’t mind. Gail felt she had to explain a few things.

‘You know, George, I was telling you about Carol’s frustration. Actually, it was because she hadn’t had any sex for a couple of months, and she’s still an attractive woman. I told her about the time you were here and she wanted to join in.’

‘To tell the truth, I was fingering myself as Gail was telling your story,’ Carol said. ‘I thought I might help you further with some more hair.’ She was untying her bikini top as she was speaking. Gail was already out of her shorts, and attacking my shorts, trying to get my cock out. We were all naked in a matter of seconds, and I looked at both women, comparing their bodies. Gail had tits something like 38D, but Carols’ were even larger, probably 40DD. Carol had a bit more meat on her body, around her hips. Having a darker complexion than Gail, she was even hairier, a thick bush surrounded her pubic area, ending in an arrowhead pointing to her navel. No wonder why I saw her only in one-piece swimsuits…

Both women moved towards me and Gail said, ‘Carol, we were talking about going to the bathroom with George, wanna join us?’

Carol grabbed my cock and simply said, ‘Let’s go.’

Gail led us down the stairs to the exercise room in the basement. The bathroom at that floor was just, plain huge. It had a massage shower as well as a bathtub, equipped with waterjets, big enough for two, maybe three people. Gail turned around to face us and said, ‘I’ll be right back,’ and rushed upstairs.

Carol sat down on one of the exercise benches, spread her legs and looked at me invitingly as she parted her thick pubic hair to reach her pussy with her fingers. I sat down on the floor with my face in front of that thick bush. Her aroma was intoxicating, pussy juices mixed with sweat. I parted her lips and lightly touched her pussy with my tongue. Her pussy hair was on my cheeks, tickling me. Carol rubbed her tits and pinched her nipples as started licking her pussy. Her pussy was getting real wet, and I loved tongueing a wet pussy. I pulled her a bit so that her asshole was off the bench. She put her feet on my shoulders, giving me full access to her pussy and ass. I licked around the hairy asshole, and probed inside with my index finger. I turned my head around to look at her feet and saw that she had not cleaned sþnce she worked in the garden. I kissed her sole, and licked my way up to her ankle. Carol was moaning, and I turned my attention back to her pussy. With my index finger still in her ass, I inserted my middle finger into her cunt, and kissed her clit lightly. It was a large clit, and I’d had no trouble finding it. The effect was electric on Carol, she screamed once and pushed my head into her pussy. Her juices were flowing down my fingers. As she approached an orgasm, I felt something wet on my cock.

Gail had come down, and was on the floor sucking my cock. I straightened up on my knees to make it easier for Gail, as I continued my triple stimulation on Carol. Carol was squeezing her tits hardly and moaning loudly. Gail cupped my balls and took half of my cock into her mouth. Her one hand was between her legs and she was fingering herself roughly.

Carol put her feet on the floor and stood up saying, ‘Fuck me baby, I need it bad and I need it now.’ She kneeled on all fours, and exposed her pussy from behind. I moved away from Gail and placed my cock against Carol’s pussy. It was so wet that I entered without any trouble. Gail moved on the floor, and lay on her back under Carol. She was kissing Carol’s pussy as I was fucking her. Carol put her head down and started licking Gail’s pussy. She was screaming now, ‘Fuck me, yeah, deeper, harder…’

Carol was cumming loudly, and I took my cock out of her pussy. I was also close to cumming, but I wanted to last long. Gail filled Carol’s pussy with her fingers as I savored the scene. Here I was, with two women who weren’t that attractive to some people, but loved sex. I looked at my cock, still hard and glistning with Carol’s juices. I wanted to get a little kinky and moved over to Gail. Carol had cum, and she was on Gail’s pussy, licking her clit and had three fingers in. Gail’s pussy had remainders of our earlier fucking on her pussy hair, and was getting wetter every moment.

Carol swivelled around, so her pussy moved away from Gail’s face. I knelt down and kissed Gail, tasting Carol’s pussy on her lips. Gail straightened and said, ‘Let’s go to the bathroom, I need some warm liquid on me.’

As soon as we entered the bathroom, Gail made me lie down on my back. She sat on my cock and guided it into her pussy. Carol sat down on my face and positioned her asshole on my mouth. I just loved this. She was kissing Gail’s tits as Gail was bouncing on my cock. Carol then stood up and started pissing on Gail. Gail opened her mouth and tried to get as much of Carol’s pee in her mouth as possible. Piss was all over Gail, and I had received a fair share of the golden liquid. It was too much for me, and I started moaning loudly with the first rush of orgasm arising. Gail took my cock out of her cunt and started tit-fucking me with her large, piss-wet tits. My first spurt hit her on the chin, the rest falling on her tits and my belly. Carol knelt down and licked the cum off my belliy with Gail, while exchanging kisses with her. As usual, Gail didn’t clean the cum, but spread it on her chest and face. Both women then lay on me, kissing me with their cum and piss tasting lips.

I just didn’t want this to end, neither did my cock. Almost instantaneously, it was getting hard again, and the fact that Carol was kissing the semi-hard member while forcing my asshole with a finger helped a lot.

Gail had moved into tub, and motioned us to join her. As we went in, I was almost fully hard, but I had to pee real bad, with all the beer I had earlier. Gail sensed my twitching and said, ‘Your turn, baby, piss on us.’

Carol was also in the tub, sitting on Gail’s lap. Gail’s fingers were playing with Carol’s pussy, and vice versa. I stood up, and tried to point my cock at their faces. With a full erection, it was hard enough to piss, but almost impossible to point. As piss went through my cock, it went right into the women’s hair. I bent over and tried to wet their bodies, but most of my piss ended up on their faces. Gail was obviously having a good time, as she was panting and moaning. Carol was a bit startled in the beginning, but she seemed to enjoy it as well. By the time I emptied my bladder completely, they were all wet and made me sit down. Gail sucked my cock back into erection and produced a bottle of olive oil.

‘I got that while you two lovebirds were eating each other.’

She poured the oil on my chest, and her own shoulders. Carol grabbed the bottle and poured some on my head, saying ‘That’s for pissing in my hair.’

Gail spread the oil on my body and pressed her body on mine. She poured some more oil on my cock, and stroked it. She also poured a liberal amount into her pubic hair, but turned around to rub it into her asshole. Then she held my cock and pushed it hard into her ass.

My cock was all the way in at once. I pulled her to myself, and grabbed her tits from behind. As she started wiggling her ass, I was squeezing her tits and nipples hardly. The oil made it harder to have a hold, but it was sooo arousing at the same time. I looked over to Carol and saw her licking Gail’s pussy, trying to get as much of the slender oil bottle into Gail. The dual stimulation’s effect on Gail was showing, she was shouting, ‘Fuck my ass you sonofabitch, yeah cum in my ass…’ and she was forcing Carol’s face into her pussy. As her orgasm neared, she said to Carol, ‘I’ll piss on your face you bitch, open your mouth and drink… yeah… ooohhhhhh…’ As she cam, she started squirting pee on Carol’s face, who was fingering herself fast and had opened her mouth to accept the golden shower. I was very close as well, and moaned loudly as I started cumming into Gail’s ass.

We were all sticky and stinking by that time. Carol cleaned my cock with her mouth, as Gail sat on my chest, forcing my cum out of her ass onto my body. She managed to get it out, together with some small shit pieces. Then to my surprise and delight, she turned around and licked it off my chest. Carol moved over to kiss Gail, sharing my cum with her.

We were all exhausted, but still had some more time before I had to go. We cleaned ourselves thoroughly, although the cleaning ended up with me soaping their tits and shampooing both pussies. I managed to get another hard-on, and both women sucked me to another orgasm under hot water. As I left, Carol asked me, ‘How far can you go?’

I don’t know… How far can I go?

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Sammi’s Vacation

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It had been years since she was last here. The scenic view that greeted her as she turned the curve was as though it came from a postcard. The trees along the side of the road standing guard providing shade and a serene melody as their limbs swayed in the breeze. Pulling up to the cabin Sammi was hit with memories of all the fun she had here growing up. The hours of exploring the woods with her dad, the long swims she would take no matter the temperature, and the camping trips where she would make s’mores and tell ghost stories with her friends. Yes, maybe it was these memories combined with the peace and quiet that brought her back here.

Out of college for the week she had decided to spend the time at her families summer retreat rather than visit her parents or hang out with friends. Yes, she needed this time alone. Time to unwind and clear her head from all the stress and fatigue caused by her daily routine. She opened the car door and immediately felt a calming effect from the scent of pine trees and nature itself. She inhaled deeply, losing herself in the song of the wooded area. The birds chirping overhead provided the perfect harmony to the chorus of insects and the slight runoff of water from the nearby lake. With a satisfied exhale she gathered her belongings and headed inside, certain this trip would provide the elation she so desperately needed.

Stepping inside she was once again comforted by the quiet that surrounded her. She gently set down her bags and shut the door afraid of disturbing this zen like moment. She took in the rooms contents and noticed that everything was as she remembered. Her Dad’s Winchester rifle hung over the fireplace, her Mom’s bookshelf directly opposite from it. Her eyes skipped around the room taking in other familiar objects. The couch where her grandmother’s quilt lay strewn across the back. The same quilt she would curl up in and fall asleep while listening to her mother’s stories. The beam where she would mark her growth every summer. The memories and feelings overtook her in such a euphoric way that she suddenly felt a surge of energy throughout her body.

She picked up her bag off the floor and began digging through its contents. Finally she found what she was looking for. A yellow tank top, black running shorts, and a pair of white sneakers. She dropped her bag and tossed her clothes on the nearby sofa. Gripping the hem of her t-shirt in both hands she brought the garment over her head and let it fall to the floor. She caught her reflection in the nearby mirror. Though not the fittest of bodies she kept in shape enough to turn more than a few heads. Her hair a deep brunette cascaded downwards to drape her shoulders and frame her face. Her hands traveled across her stomach where she admired its smooth texture on upwards to her b-cup breasts. She gave them a slight squeeze pushing them together in a seductive manner noticing the warmth from their recent confinement . God, how long had it been since she last had sex. Not that she couldn’t get some, rather, she didn’t want some drunk douchebag who was gonna last five minutes and then pass out. Which seemed to be her only options the past few weeks. No matter, she would have plenty of time this week to satisfy her sexual desires, and in the length and thoroughness that most men simply can’t achieve.

Letting go of her breasts she kicked off her shoes and began to unfasten then free herself from her tight jeans. Stepping out of the clothing she again noticed her figure and pridefully admitted to herself that this is where she stood out from the rest. Running her hands across her thick thighs she wondered how many men and women imagined being trapped between them. She flexed the sinewy muscle dragging her finger slowly along the crease. Yes, her legs demanded to be noticed. Even covered their form was clear and she loved the way fabric would cling to them whenever she wore dresses. But if her legs demanded attention then her ass commanded worship. She gave a little shake and watched it move back and forth. This was by far her best physical attribute. Round, firm, and full her ass brought her as well as those few fortunate men extreme pleasure. She loved fingering herself back there, and occasionally enjoyed having it pounded. Though the rythym was usually off it always felt so good to have that feeling of fullness. She took one last at herself before she started to dress.

Stepping outside she took a deep breath of the clean, fresh air, tied her hair in a loose ponytail, then set off on her run. She followed the trail she took growing up. The one that led by the lake and up the hill overlooking the area back to the road. Sammi let her thoughts roam while she ran. Everything just seemed to slip right through from college assignments to personal issues, they all seemed to fall behind her. She reached the lake area and glanced out to take in the view. The sun was directly overhead being reflected in ripples along the waters surface. A surface that was as blue as the sky above and fenced in by the mountains and trees dancing along its border. Pushing forward she watched two squirrels chase each other up and back down a tree. She spied rabbits hopping along collecting berries and caught a bird feeding its young. The earth was leading upwards now and she dug deep to keep moving towards her destination. Her legs were beginning to burn and she felt a slight pain in her chest but she kept going eager to witness the view. Panting and with a sheen of sweat covering her body she finally reached the hills peak. She hunched over to steady her breath and when she stood up she was greeted with the most amazimg view. From her position she could see out over the lake and watch as clouds rolled by and birds cut through the sky. Turning right she could see the trail she would take back down, and turning just a bit more if she looked closely between the trees she could just make out the family cabin. She stood there for a moment taking in the scenery until she reluctantly started heading down back to her home.

When she reached the road her legs ached, her lungs were sore, and she was more than a little sweaty. She wiped her forehead with the back of her hand feeling the sweat run down her back, stomach, and legs. She walked to cool down deciding that once she returned she would run a hot bath and just soak. The gentle breeze blowing cooled her immensely thanks to the moisture covering her body and by the time she reached the cabin all the pain she felt just a few moments ago had subsided.

She walked through the door and began undressing immediately, leaving a trail of clothes across the room. She glanced at the grandfather clock in the hallway and noticed it was a quarter past three. The sun was slowly sinking casting shadows from the trees and an orange hue around the interior. Perfect atmosphere for a nice relaxing bath she thought. She entered the small room and started preparing for her afternoon of bliss. Adjusting the water to a temperature hot enough to melt away her aches and pains; she threw in a few sakura scented bath bombs to stimulate her senses and added enough soap to wash away the dirt and grime that had accumulated itself on her skin. Finally, she grabbed a few candles from the nearby drawer and lit them to add to the mood.

With everything in place she placed a foot inside the tub and gently disappeared below the surface. The burning water had an immediate effect on her sore muscles and the feeling as it enveloped her sent her into a total state of relaxation. She breathed in the scent of cherry blossoms and took in the sounds of nature floating through the window. She lay with her head leaning on the tubs edge, eyes closed her breaths long, calm, and even. To anyone who entered it would appear as if she was asleep, but Sammi was fully awake her senses enhanced by the euphoria she felt. She lifted her legs to place her feet at the other end of the tub loving the feeling of the cool air hitting her hot skin. She rubbed her feet together making sure to get every inch to wash away the days activities. She drew her foot upwards along her leg massaging and caressing with her soft sole along the way. She began to tickle herself with her toes gently brushing them along the underside back and forth.

A smile played across her lips as she continued her teasing and she proceeded to wash the rest of her body. Rubbing the soapy water across her arms washing away the sticky residue, down her shoulders and over, between, and under her breasts. She spent more time than was necessary cleaning them, but she just couldn’t tear herself away from the feelings. The way her hands flowed around them delighting in the feeling after such a long period of abstinence. The way when she ran her hands over her nipples they would stand up just a little straighter every so often giving them the softest of pinches to increase her stimulation.

The pleasure coursing through her grew as she moved her hands lower. Lower to feel her abdominal muscles and give them a squeeze to satisfy the burning electricity coursing through her. She ran her hands along her thighs rubbing the sides, top, and inner parts very carefully. She was enjoying this. This that she had needed for so long. Sammi finally decided to pay attention to the part of her body that was craving it the most. The area between her legs was burning with anticipation and the neglect only increased the fire that raged within. She slid her hands closer and closer along her thighs nearing their destination. Spreading her legs wider to increase her access the bath’s heated water flowed and swayed across her entrance adding to the already unbearable desire. Finally reaching her goal she started rubbing the crease her legs made bringing her hands together to squeeze her shaved lips and force the shocks of pleasure through her body. Breathing in the smell of the candles and trees she was lost in her own private heaven. She rubbed along the outside for awhile tracing the outline with her finger until she could stand it no longer.

She placed the tip of her finger at the top of her opening and slid it between the folds and back up. The jolts that shot through her body as she caressed her folds were nothing compared to how she felt when she brought her hand back up. With each return to her starting position her finger dragged along her clit eliciting moans and spasms throught her body. She began applying more pressure on her return trip at one point receiving such a shock that the sudden movement of her body caused water to splash over the edge and onto the floor.

It was time she decided. Time to bring herself to release and experience true Nirvana. She plunged her middle and ring finger deep inside while drawing the other two together to scratch the growing itch that had formed in her ass. She spread her fingers with each thrust and gave a slight twist; with each pump flexing her asshole to expose more of the flesh to her waiting fingers. Yes, she thought as her breathing hitched and her back arched exposing her breasts and erect nipples to the cool air. Her head was hanging back, her brows knitted together in a look of pure concentration as she ravaged herself in sweet indulgence. She lowered herself back down causing more water to splash against the wooden floor. Wanton moans escaped her lips as she fingered herself to climax her eyes screwed shut so tight she was seeing stars. More and more moans, whimpers, and soft screams as she brought herself closer and closer to orgasm.

Her thrusts were becoming more shallow and her pace had increased to the point that it disturbed the waters surface. She brought her thumb to rest on her hidden pearl that had exposed itself to all the pleasure. With each thrust she would circle, rub, and occasionally drag the edge of her nail along her throbbing clit. The waves of joy spreading throughout her body only increased when she curled her fingers upwards to run along her g-spot. Closer and closer she went to the edge her head becoming hazy and light as though she was going to pass out. Her hips thrusted and her body shook while her head hanged forward and she bit her lip to stifle her moans. Just a bit more, she thought, her arm was burning a little but it was worth it; she just needed a few more seconds.

“Don’t stop.” she whispered in a breathy voice. She was going over the edge everything around her seemed to fade; she was the center of everything just one…more…push…


The sound of the chiming clock in the hallway caused her to cease her actions immediately. Her eyes shot open, she jerked forward, and a slight gasp escaped her lips as her heart threatened to burst from her chest. Being ripped from her private world so suddenly was a bit of a shock. It took her a few seconds to realize what had happened. As her heart rate steadied she groaned in frustration at how close she had been. Knowing that the mood had been broken and recognizing the intensity of the burning in her arm; she dragged herself from the cooling water and grabbed a towel.

Once dried she slipped into a pair of grey yoga pants fished from her bag and threw on a white t-shirt. She loved the way yoga pants accentuated her legs and butt. In her opinion they were the best invention ever, next to the vibrator of course. Now dressed she made her way into the kitchen in search of something to eat. Apparently her parents had stocked some food before her arrival because she found fresh ingredients to make a salad and even some thin sliced cuts of meat. She even found a bottle of wine in the cupboard. Once everything was prepared she sat down to enjoy her meal. It’s no earth shaking orgasm, she thought, but it’s still nice.

After her meal she lay the dishes in the sink and set about trying to occupy her evening. She read one of her mom’s books but quickly grew bored. She was still restless from her orgasm slipping through her fingers. She placed the book back on the shelf and walked around the cabin. Staring out the window she watched the sun as it set over the lake. She became entranced in the way its warm rays danced across the rippling water. The way its reflection swayed almost as if to say come here. Feeling a sudden urge to follow she turned around to head to the storage closet. Opening the door she found exactly what she was looking for directly in the left corner.

An old tent her father would use whenever they went camping. She lugged it out along with a sleeping bag, went to grab a few pillows and headed out the door. She knew the perfect spot. One of her favorites close to the lake and only about ten minutes away. The sun was sinking rather quickly so she knew she would have to hurry to get the tent set up before dark. Upon reaching her destination she wasted no time in setting up her shelter. Once complete she tossed in her sleeping bag and pillows and set off to gather some wood for a fire. It was surprising how much she remembered from her father’s teachings. Like how to use birch and pine wood to start the fire and then add hickory or oak to keep it burning. Or the technique for starting a fire from scratch when she realized she had forgotten to bring a lighter.

It seems dad wasn’t just talking to waste oxygen after all, she thought as the flames crackled to life. She sat down on a nearby log and just stared off into the growing darkness. She sat for hours listening to the night creatures roam around while she let thoughts pass through her mind freely. She listened to the owls hoot as she stoked the flames and focused on the shadows they cast among the trees. She felt a breeze blow across the lake sending a chill down her spine. She wanted to stay out longer but the chill was getting worse and she was rather drowsy. So she crawled inside the tent, unrolled her sleeping bag, and made herself nice and warm. It wasn’t long before she fell asleep, drifting off to a lullaby of rustling leaves and howling wind.

She wasn’t sure which woke her up. The rain beating down on the canvas or her full bladder begging to be emptied. Either way she was awake and she had a problem. She lay in her bag still a little groggy debating whether to just lay here and hope it passes or go out into the freezing rain. The sudden change in temperature didn’t help either. Even though she was bunched up in her sleeping bag she was still shaking. And that only made her have to pee worse. She lay there for a few moments still contemplating her dilemma until the grogginess overtook her and she drifted back to sleep.

She awoke abruptly to a warm wet feeling growing between her legs. She sat up and opened her sleeping bag to find that she was pissing herself. She immediatley forced her bladder to stop which only caused the pain in her bladder to worsen. Groaning in embarassment she laid her hand in her head and sighed. She felt the warm liquid around her coating her legs, ass, and soaking her pants. She sat there for a moment chastising herself for such a childish thing to do when she noticed the smell. It wasn’t a terrible smell but it was quite strong and one if she would admit that she found slightly arousing. She looked between her legs at the shaved outline of her pussy through her yoga pants. At the dark spot that emanated from its location spreading down her legs.

She rubbed her hands over the wet fabric and brought them to her nose. Hesitantly she sniffed the pungent liquid coating her fingers. It was indescribable really, nothing to compare to what it smelled liked. All she knew was that it turned her on. She grabbed her thighs and rubbed out more of her pee bringing them to her face and taking in deep breaths. The smell was intoxicating, so much so that she found herself running her fingers across her lips in an attempt to savor the flavor in a new way. In the back of her mind she questioned her current actions but wrote it off as a side effect of her aborted orgasm earlier. The taste that coated her tongue was sort of bitter but it was just as strong as the smell. She started to notice the heat growing fast in her pussy. She began to rub her crotch through her soaked pants raising her hips to further the pleasure. Squelching sounds could be heard as her ass moved around in her wet bag. The feelings were incredible but she knew it would not be enough.

She needed more. More stimulation, more desire, more of her hot piss in her mouth. She quickly yanked off her pants and held them to her face. The smell was ten times stronger than what it was on her fingers and that made it so much more addicting. She inhaled the crotch area smelling her urine mixed with her pussy’s cum. It was a smell that caused a whimper to escape as she continued rubbing her heated core. It still wasn’t enough. She brought the pants down to her lips and greedily began to suck the pee that still remained. The now cool liquid flowing down her throat was like acid that lit her body up making her aware of newfound urges. She rubbed furiously as she sucked trying to reach the orgasm that was denied her earlier. Still not enough.

She finally realized she needed that delicious fluid straight from the source. She crawled out from her sleeping bag holding the piss drenched clothing in her mouth. Hungrily groaning for the quenching thirst she was about to receive. The cold air on her wet ass and pussy only furthered her arousal. Tossing aside the used yoga attire she slipped out of her remaining clothing, and as the night chill covered her body and hardened her nipples it only served to heightened her lust. Pulling a pillow under her lower back she curled her legs toward her head eager for her bladder to release its built up tension. She stared closely at her shaved pussy watching the cum mixed with piss leak from her swollen lips. Her breathing was heavy and her heart felt as though it would explode from the excitement. She licked her lips feeling the pressure build. Almost there ,she thought. She could feel her pee flowing through her body all she had to do was let go. So she did.

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