The Quadruple S Ordeal

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Elizabeth sat in the waiting room, her leg bouncing up and down nervously. She had just filled out her paperwork and handed it over to the receptionist. Now all she could do was wait. She hated going to the doctor. Ever since she was a child, it was one of her most dreaded ordeals. She glanced around quickly at the other patients waiting to be called. How come they didn’t seemed so nervous?

The only reason she was here was because of a job opportunity that was too good to pass up. Elizabeth had been a runner since high school and was one of the best in track and field who had graduated from her large school. That was last year. So far this year, job opportunities were slim. As college took up most of her time, she wanted a simple job that she would enjoy. This is when she spotted her dream job in the classifieds. “WANTED: Athletes to test running and sporting shoes of various styles. Applicants must be in prime health, and ready to push these shoes to their limit. The most comfortable experience while performing your sport is our number one priority. Work weekends only! Contact Quadruple S Company. That’s Super Sporty Stylish Shoes at 555-5555.”

Elizabeth did not bother calling. She went in person to their location, as this seemed like the answer to her money woes. So impressed was Mr. Planum, the president of Quadrulple S, that he hired her on the spot, pending a physical exam to determine that she was a healthy candidate. Elizabeth was discouraged when she heard this last part and headed towards the door with a “Thank you anyway,” on her lips, when Mr. Planum quickly said, “Two Hundred.”

“What?” Elizabeth stopped, doorknob in hand.

“Two Hundred Dollars an hour,” replied the president. “That’s what we pay our testers. Oh, and also, you can work as many hours as you like during the weekend. And judging by your appearance, you’ll be able to test for many hours without tiring.”

Elizabeth took a few seconds to register this in her mind. Two hundred dollars an hour to do something she thoroughly loved? She could run all day, as long as she wanted, every weekend. And she’d be making a fortune! That certainly seemed worth a quick trip to the doctors office.

“So if I pass the physical, I have the job?” she asked, the idea of two hundred dollars an hour still dancing in her mind.

“Indeed,” said Mr. Planum. “If the doctor says you’re a good candidate, the job is yours.”

That was yesterday. Elizabeth spend all that day and night dreading having to go to the doctor in the morning. Now here she sat, reminding herself as her nervous heart pounded, of the ridiculous pay coming her way if she could get through this.

The door to the back rooms opened and a handsome male nurse stood, giving the waiting room and quick glance. “Elizabeth?” he called in a kind, strong tone. A shot of adrenaline surged through her veins as Elizabeth saw that this good looking man, a few years her senior, was going to take her into the exam room. “Isn’t it always female nurses at these places?” she thought as she stood up.

“Hi,” he said, showing her through the door. Elizabeth could do little but give a shy smile. “We’ll be right in here,” the nurse said, leading her down a hallway and into an exam room. Elizabeth glanced around: two wooden, padded chairs, an exam table with the back raised, a scale, a sink and counter with various jars of sticks and Q-Tips, a box of exam gloves, a digital thermometer, blood pressure cuff, stethoscope…everything she hated.

“Okay, you can take a seat right there,” said the nurse, pointing to one of the chairs. “We’ll start with your blood pressure.” She sat down and rolled up her sleeve as the nurse took a cuff and wrapped it around her arm. He pumped it up, and she felt her heart pounding in her arm as he slowly released the pressure.

“Just a little high,” said the nurse, as he tore apart the velcro of the cuff.

“Yeah, I’m a little nervous,” said Elizabeth, in a slightly embarrassed way.

“No need to be nervous,” the nurse replied. Setting down the cuff, he picked up the thermometer. “Under your tongue please?” he said, bringing it towards her mouth. She parted her glossed, pink lips and let him slide it in her mouth. It beeped. “Perfect!” he said, pulling the tip off and tossing it away.

“We’re going to need you to disrobe down to your underwear please,” he said, going over to a drawer under the exam table and pulling out a small, blue cloth gown. She knew in the back of her mind that this was coming. “The doctor will be in shortly to see you.” The nurse smiled pleasantly as he left, shutting the door behind him.

Elizabeth stood looking at the small gown laying on the exam table for a few seconds. She pulled her top off over her head, and kicked her little sneakers off before unbuttoning her jeans. She quickly pulled off her pants and grabbed the gown. Putting it on, she was a little embarrassed that it was so short, stopping a few inches above her knees. She tied the back of the gown, tossed her clothes on a chair, and hopped up onto the table, her socked feet dangling above the floor.

She was brushing her shoulder length brown hair behind her ears when a knock at the door startled her. The door opened, and in stepped a middle aged woman, tall, with dark blond hair pulled back in a pony tail. She wore a white lab coat buttoned over a blue top, nylons over her shapely legs, and black heeled shoes. She shut the door behind her and adjusted her glasses as she glanced over a clipboard.

“Hi, Elizabeth. I’m doctor Dawn,” she said, walking up to the young patient. “I see that Mr. Planum sent you in for an employment exam?”

“Mm hm,” said Elizabeth, looking down at her lap.

“And for what position at the company?” asked the doctor. She took a pen out of her pocket to make notes on her paperwork.

“As a tester for their sports shoes,” answered the patient.

“I see!” said doctor Dawn, ticking a box on her clipboard. “Just to prepare you, Elizabeth, I have seen many of Mr. Planum’s applicants. Most don’t live up to his standards for the job you applied for. He demands only the best candidates, and they must have my stamp of approval before he will hire them.”

“Well I’m very healthy. I’ve been in sports all through school, so there shouldn’t be any problems physically,” said Elizabeth, a little taken aback.

“You seem to be in fine shape, dear,” said the doctor. “And how old are you?”

“I turned eighteen a few months ago,” she answered.

The doctor set down her clipboard on the counter and took the stethoscope. “I’m just going to listen to your heart now,” she said, walking up next to Elizabeth and putting the cold metal on the patient’s back. “Take a few deep breaths please?”

“Very good,” said doctor Dawn. “Though your heart rate is a bit high.”

“I’m just nervous I guess,” said Elizabeth, with a little anxious giggle.

“It’s okay,” said the doctor. “Perfectly normal to be nervous at the doctor’s.” Now, I am going to need you to remove your gown, bra, and socks please. We need to get your height and weight.”

Another surge of adrenaline shot through Elizabeth. “Um, do I really need to take all that off?” she said in a quiet voice. “I mean, how accurate does this need to be?”

“If there’s one thing Mr. Planum appeciates, it’s accuracy,” answered the nurse.

“But, my socks too? Why do they have to come off?” asked the patient, glancing down at her turquoise colored ankle socks.

“You can keep your panties on, Elizabeth. But everything else has to be removed,” said doctor Dawn. “I know you’re a but anxious, but if you cooperate, we’ll be done in no time.”

“Aright,” sighed Elizabeth. She untied the back of her gown as the doctor walked towards the scale. Hopping off the exam table, she took off the gown, setting it on the table, and unhooked her bra. She felt herself flush as the cold air touched her naked breasts. Next she bent down and slipped off each sock, which she set with her bra on the exam table.

It wasn’t the nakedness of her breasts that embarrassed her the most. Nor the fact that the cold air of the exam room was making her little nipples hard. It was having to be barefoot in the presence of this stranger. Elizabeth never walked anywhere barefoot. Her socks came off to take a shower, and to pamper her feet once in awhile. She even slept with her socks on! She had always been this way and was very conscientious of her feet. Open-toed shoes, sandals, flip-flops, you would find none of these in her closet.

Elizabeth walked over to the scale and stepped up hesitantly. Doctor dawn adjusted some weights until they were properly balanced.

“Okay, you weight 112. Now please turn around so I can take your height.”

Elizabeth carefully turned herself on the little platform.

“Your height is five feet, four inches. Very good. You can have a seat back on the table,” said the doctor, as she jotted down the information on her clipboard. Elizabeth hopped back onto the table, her little bare feet dangling above the floor.

The doctor walked over to the table and took Elizabeth’s gown and clothes. “I’m going to set these on this chair,” she said, putting the clothes next to Elizabeth’s other belongings. Just then there was a knock on the door, and the male nurse entered, closing the door behind him.

“Good timing,” smiled doctor Dawn. The nurse, carrying a small briefcase, walked over and sat it on the counter. Elizabeth sat, mortified, that this man was now in the room with her nearly naked. She instinctively crossed her arms over her breasts, and squeezed her knees together as tight as she could.

“Um, I’m really not comfortable with this,” said the embarrassed girl, looking at the doctor with pleading brown eyes. “I mean, I don’t want him in here while I’m like this!”

“Now, Elizabeth,” said doctor Dawn in a comforting voice, “This is our job, and we are professionals. There’s no need to be shy. I need him to assist me for a few quick tests, and then we’ll be done.”

“Can I at least put my bra back on?” she said, looking at her pile of clothes on one of the chairs.

“No, not yet,” replied the doctor. “We’re going to need to take some readings of your heart in a bit. “Now,” said the doctor, walking over to the exam table and laying the backrest all the way down, “if you could please lay back?”

Elizabeth scooted back and laid down, her right arm still covering her breasts. The doctor went to her patient’s dangling legs, and pulled the extension of the exam table out. Hesitantly, Elizabeth put her feet on the extended part of the table, her knees bent so that her bare feet were flat.

She glanced to her left at the counter where the nurse had flicked open the briefcase, and was removing items that she could not discern. Doctor Dawn lightly took Elizabeth’s ankles, lifted her feet, and gently pulled her legs straight. “That is such pretty toenail polish! I love that shade of pink,” she said with a smile, and went over to the counter, taking something the nurse had removed. Elizabeth instinctively bent her knees, and put her feet flat on the table again. Her ears burned red from the compliment on her nail polish. She hated people noticing her feet, and she especially didn’t like anyone seeing her soles.

“Okay, Elizabeth,” said the doctor, coming to the end of the exam table. “We’re just going to take some measurements of your feet.

“Why do you need to do that?” said the patient, sitting up a little and feeling rather panicked.

“Mr. Planum wants detailed specifications of all his testers. Now please,” said doctor Dawn, again gently taking Elizabeth’s ankles, and pulling her legs, “keep your legs straight. Ready nurse?”

“Ready!” said the nurse, walking next to the exam table with the clipboard in hand.

Doctor Dawn brought up a caliper and held it next to Elizabeth’s right foot. She leaned in close to her sole, and adjusted the instrument until it spanned from the bottom of her heel to the tip of her big toe. “Nine inches, nurse,” she read, as the male nurse wrote down the measurement.

Elizabeth just stared at the bright lights on the ceiling, humiliated, as the doctor measured each of her cute little toes on her right foot. As the numbers were called out, they were recorded promptly by the nurse. The width of her foot was also taken at its widest point. Her left foot was then scrutinized in the same fashion. Elizabeth had never dreamed that going to the doctor could be so embarrassing. She now knew the exact measurements of each foot and toe. And so would Mr. Planum.

“Okay, Elizabeth,” said doctor Dawn, handing the caliper to the nurse, ” now for a sensitivity test.

“Really?” said the patient, who had half sat up, thinking the exam was about over. “Doesn’t he have enough to go on now?”

“Almost. We’ll be done soon. Nurse, please put the monitor on her.” The doctor walked over to the counter, but Elizabeth wasn’t able to see what she was doing. The male nurse walked to her left side, holding a small box with two electrodes dangling from wires.

“I just need to stick these on your chest,” he said, setting the box on the table next to her. “So if you wouldn’t mind moving your arm, they need to go near your breasts to measure your heart rate.”

Slowly Elizabeth put her arm at her side, exposing her breasts to this male stranger. He placed the pads near each breast, and flipped on the box. “Just try to relax,” he said, and stepped to the foot of the exam table.

Doctor Dawn joined him, handing him the clipboard and a few other items. “Okay, we’re going to exam your feet now to see how sensitive they are.” She bent towards Elizabeth’s feet and looked closely at them. She took each foot in each of her hands and felt with her thumbs the smooth, pink skin.

“You have very nice feet, Elizabeth!” the doctor said. “I wish mine were this soft. How often do you get a pedicure?”

“I’ve never had one,” answered the humiliated patient, with a shy giggle.

“Well, whatever you’re doing, keep it up. You have the softest feet I think I have ever examined. Not a callous to be seen!”

Elizabeth’s cheeks flushed at this compliment. She never knew she could be so embarrassed! All she wanted was for this exam to end. To get dressed. To put her socks and shoes back on! As these thoughts raced through her mind, the doctor walked over to the monitor laying next to her. She picked up the box saying, “Okay, nurse, start the sensitivity tests.”

Elizabeth felt the male nurse cup her right heel in his hand and raise her foot up. She glanced up to see her bare foot just a couple of inches away from this attractive man’s face. She quickly looked away, too embarrassed for words.

Taking something from his pocket, the nurse said, “Let me know if you can feel this, okay?” He brought the soft tip of a feather gently down the middle of her sole. Her foot twitched slightly.

“Yep, I felt that,” she said in quiet voice.

“And this?” he asked, brushing the feather sideways across the pads of her toes.

“Yes,” she answered, as her toes flinched back slightly.

“What about this?” he said, as he put the soft feather in between her big and second toe, and quickly pulled it through.

Her foot involuntarily jumped back. “Ha ha. Yes!” she replied.

“Now, hold as still as you can please,” said the doctor. Elizabeth felt the soft feather slide between her second and third toes. This time it was slowly pulled out, as her toes twitched. Then the third and fourth toes had the feather slide in. Slowly it crept out, and her leg twitched. In it went between the fourth and fifth toes. Quickly it was pulled between them, and her toes curled slightly.

She then felt the feather’s tip lightly brush down her sole. Then it went up and sideways. She felt it flicker across the ball of her foot, and then go in small circular motions up to the base of her little toes, and down to her shapely arch. Then it danced in tiny circles on the heel of her bare sole. All the while she tried to stay still and to not react. It was like a terrible itch she couldn’t scratch. She hadn’t even noticed that she had been holding her breath, giving it her all not to move.

The sensations stopped. She glanced towards her foot, thinking her test was over. The nurse had only flipped the feather in his hand, and now he brought the quill straight down, from her big toe to her heel.

“Aahhh!” Elizabeth cried, startled, pulling her foot back without control. “Please, that’s terrible!”

“Make a note of that, nurse,” said doctor Dawn, carefully watching the small box monitoring Elizabeth’s heart rate. Setting down her foot, the nurse scratched some notes on the clipboard. “I know it can be uncomfortable, dear, but try not to move,” the doctor was saying, as the nurse picked her foot up again.

He dragged the quill lightly up and down her sole. Elizabeth caught her breath with each pass, trying her best not to flinch. But her reflexes were hard to control. When the sensations stopped, and she heard the click of a bottle cap, she glanced up to see the nurse pouring some kind of liquid in his hand. He spread it on her exposed sole, rubbing it in with strong fingers. She laid her head back. It felt good, almost like a massage.

The quill tip was suddenly there again, traveling hard down her arch, gliding on the oil spread across her sole. She almost pulled her foot out of his hand in astonishment. “Oohhh!,” she whimpered. The nurse took another note. Then she felt the quill go back to her foot. It slid gracefully, slowly, all across the ball of her foot. He brought it down each little toe. It went in tiny circles on every pad of her oiled digits.

“Oohhh. Ohh, my God,” were the words escaping her lips, as her leg twitched and shook, wanting nothing more than to pull her poor foot away.

“Hold still, dear. You must stay as still as you can,” said doctor Dawn standing next to her, watching the monitor, as well as her poor struggling patient doing her best to comply.

The quill reached her soft arch, and the nurse brought it down in a squiggly motion. It went up again, and down again. Elizabeth was breathing hard. Her composure was quickly leaving as these sensations overwhelmed her. The nurse stopped to give her a little break.

“Is that it?” asked Elizabeth. “Are we done?” As her breathing became more easy, she felt embarrassed about how she may have looked trying to withstand this test.

“Almost”, said Doctor Dawn. “You may continue, nurse.”

The quill started at the bottom of Elizabeth’s arch, and slid down to her tender, round heel. The nurse drew it in circles over the circumference of her soft skin.

“Oohhh. Noo. No, it’s too much,” whimpered the poor girl, her little toes scrunching up in a vain effort to protect her foot.

“The nurse drew smaller circles on her heel, gradually making them larger, then smaller again. The whiteness of her depressed skin followed the quill’s tip as it went.

“Ooohhhh. Please, nurse! Please stop it. Ohh!” Elizabeth was now loud, nearly yelling at the nurse. “I don’t like this!”

The nurse stopped, and Elizabeth caught her breath. “Very good, young lady,” said doctor Dawn. “One more little test is all that’s left. So far you have handled yourself very well.”

“Oh good,” said Elizabeth, still panting a bit. That’s when she noticed the wetness between her legs. Her panties were soaked, and her nipples were as hard as rocks. For a split second she thought she might have peed herself. But now she noticed the yearning in her groin, and she knew otherwise. Why was she getting turned on by this? She looked at the male nurse, who was making more notes, with a new desire. She just hoped he wouldn’t notice her wet underwear.

Returning to the end of the exam table, the nurse picked up her foot again. “Now, you must hold as still as you can, Elizabeth,” he said. “Don’t pull your foot away, but you can allow your foot to move with its natural reflexes.

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Confessions of a Foot Fetishist

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It was a hot summer’s day. I left the office for my lunchtime break, sweating like a pig and feeling hornier than a dog in heat. I unfastened the top three buttons of my worktop in an attempt to release some heat from my torso. Jesus, the heat was stifling; I’m not used to the hot weather, being from the north of England, but I was going to make the most of it before the day was out.

I made a quick visit to the kebab shop across the road and ordered a large donor kebab and bottle of coke. Then I was back on the move, waddling to my favourite hot-summer’s-day ogling spot, where, for the next hour, I would have the time of my life leering at ladies’ feet.

I arrived at my favourite spot a moment later; an escalator situated right outside Dorothy Perkins clothes store. It’s the perfect location, you see, because there’s guaranteed to be a steady flow of women using said escalator at regular intervals throughout the day, coming out of Dorothy Perkins. Now what I do is, I hang around at the bottom of the escalator, minding my own business and eating my lunch, and wait for a young lady with her feet on show to get on at bottom of the escalator. At which point, I hang back for a couple of seconds, before jumping on two or three steps behind her. This way I get a great eye-level view of those sweet little tootsies as she rides all the way to the top.

The sexual frustration I feel seeing all those bare toes, all soft, smooth and painted pretty colours, is overwhelming. It always seems to bring to mind the old adage, ‘Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink’. Being overweight, balding and in my forties, I tend not to get many girls offering me foot jobs, or a lick and suck of their toes, or even a quick sniff for that matter. So it’s always a nice treat for me when the sun is blazing in the sky, and the women do away with those awful socks and slip their feet into something more revealing.

The day was a beauty, an absolute scorcher, thirty degrees and not a cloud in the sky. I was buzzing with sexual arousal at the mere thought of ogling all those pretty feet. So I got straight down to business, focused on the matter at hand, and before I knew it, I was up and down that escalator like a trout in the rapids, ogling unsuspecting women’s feet and toes as I went.

Some of the ladies wore flip-flops, the soles slapping against the delicate soles of their feet with every step, making my cock twitch in the moist depths of my underpants. Some wore sandals with a strap around the heel and ankle and big toe. But it’s those sandals with the straps that wrap up the leg that really get my pulse racing; I think they look dead cute, like something from ancient Greece.

I had just made it to the top of the escalator for the tenth time that day when I caught sight of something that quickened my pulse. Blood pumped to my groin at an alarming rate, making my cock throb like a sore thumb. It was a young lady, a college type, eighteen or nineteen years of age, sitting on a stool outside the bakers, sipping a drink and eating a sausage roll. Her right leg was crossed over the left knee, looking all dainty and elegant, with a black shoe dangling off her big toe, swinging back and forth almost hypnotically. Then the shoe fell from her toe, revealing the cutest row of piggies I’ve ever seen in my life. I felt all weak and gooey inside and my eyes welled up with tears of joy. It was a joyous moment. I swear, that set of toes were the epitome of perfection, a real masterpiece, seemingly carved out of bronze.

I stood stock still, leering, munching my donor kebab. Drinking in that awe-inspiring sight, I felt a drop of chilli sauce trickle down my chin and onto my shirt as that barefoot held me captivated. The toes descended in size from the big toe all the way down to the little pinky. The nails were polished a deep shade of red, looking sweet and seductive. The skin was tanned, not too much, just nicely bronzed, as smooth as silk, no blemishes or wrinkles.

I found myself being drawn to her like a moth to flame. I had no control over my body. My legs had a mind all of their own, shuffling themselves in her direction, each step taking me closer to the Holy Grail of feet. I had no idea what I’d do once I reached her, but I knew I had to get a closer look at those little piggies, perhaps even get a sneaky picture on my phone. With every step I took towards that foot, my cock throbbed mightier, grew harder, and oozed slippery globules of pre-cum from its tip.

“Micky!” Came a voice in the distance, breaking me from my reverie.

Startled, my head darted round. I spotted a work colleague of mine, a guy named Trevor, ambling up the shopping isle with a look of concern on his face. “Ay, you best get back to the office, quick smart, mate.”

“Give over!” I replied, gazing down at my watch. “I’ve only had half hour of me lunch break.”

“Don’t fuck about, Micky,” he warned. “The gaffer’s stewing. The whole office computer network went down just after you knocked off for your lunch break – a virus jamming the servers apparently. It’s been tracked back to your computer. Our techie says it’s a virus that originated from a foot fetish website called Susie’s Soles, downloaded via your machine.”

“Oh bollocks,” I sighed.

* * *

An hour later I was traipsing home, moping, feeling dejected and embarrassed, suspended from work pending further investigation. In hindsight, I felt a bit daft to be honest. I mean, it was a hot day, so there were plenty of girls walking around wearing revealing footwear, so there was no need for me to be sitting at work trawling the internet for pictures of young ladies’ feet in the first place. But, once again, as it had done many times before, my insatiable foot fetish had landed me in hot bother.

But my spirits were not dampened for long, for when I returned home, the most amazing thing happened to me – a monumental event that will live on in the memory for many years to come.

I stomped down the garden path feeling sorry for myself, bottom lip protruding like a child in pout. I swung open the door forcefully and entered the house. But then something interesting caught my eye that lightened my mood considerably. My daughter’s flip-flops were by the front door, accompanied by a different pair, a white pair, much the same but belonging to another. They belonged to a young girl called Beth, my daughter’s best friend. My daughter Christine brings Beth round to our house occasionally, and, I kid you not, she’s a little cock tease if ever I’ve met one. She knows I have a penchant for ladies’ feet and always pads around the house barefoot, wiggling and splaying her toes in the air, fondling her soles and arches, taunting me with her adorable little tootsies.

Well she’ll be in for a shock if she baits me with her feet today, I thought. My cock’s throbbing like a sore thumb, and I’ve not even set eyes on them yet. I don’t think I could contain myself today, not after what I’ve been through.

Gazing down at the white flip-flops, I felt the sudden urge to give them a good sniff, perhaps even slip one down the front of my underpants and rub it all over my gooey cock. I decided against it though. I just had to plant my eyes on Beth’s feet; the anticipation was killing me.

Stealthily and silently, I tiptoed through the hallway. Peering round the doorframe into the lounge, I clocked Beth’s bare feet perched upon the coffee table. My eyes were wide, leering, my mouth scrunched up in a tiny ‘O’. Beth was sat next to Christine, both scantily clad and bare foot, but it was Beth’s feet that took my fancy. I could of stood there all day, unbeknown to Beth and Christine, ogling Beth’s pretty feet. But my shirt was drenched with perspiration, and it was the stench emanating from my armpits that gave my presence away.

Both Beth and Christine’s heads snapped around simultaneously. Glaring at me, Christine, my daughter, said, “Fucking hell, it’s you. I thought the drains had gone again.”

Beth snorted with laughter and pinched her nose.

I entered the lounge, my beady eye never leaving Beth’s feet, and took a seat in the corner of the room. “Ay, that’s a bit harsh. Some of the ladies prefer the natural fragrance, you know.”

“Not the natural sewer fragrance they don’t,” she replied mocking me.

Beth noticed that I was engrossed by the sight of her feet and proceeded to tease me, rubbing her feet over her shins and studying my expression to gauge my reaction. Slowly, she glided her foot up and down, from her kneecap to the top of her foot. My body was dead still, only my eyes moving in sync with the graceful motion of Beth’s foot. I was fit to burst at the groin when she used her big toe to scratch her calf. A low guttural groan escaped my throat, drawing my daughter’s attention.

“Oh, Dad, stop ogling Beth’s feet,” Christine moaned.

“I’m not ogling her feet, you cheeky bugger. You always say that when Beth comes round. I’m starting to suspect you of having some sort of foot fetish, young lady, keep going on about Beth’s feet.”

Christine snorted with derision and looked at me incredulous.

Beth smiled, then reached down into her handbag and pulled out a tub of lotion. Out of Christine’s sight, Beth peered at me from the corner of her eye and winked seductively. Removing the lid from the tub, she grinned knowingly at me before scooping a blob of lotion onto her finger. She lifted her foot off the coffee table and bent her leg at the knee, perching her left foot upon her right thigh. My eyes bulged and my lips drew down at the corners, a perverted leer plastered on my face, as I was treated to a full and unhindered view of Beth’s smooth sole.

The heel looked rosy-red and warm, glowing with youthful radiance, the ball all tender and soft. My mouth began to water at the thought of running my tongue up and down that delicate sole, then snaking and slithering my tongue between her tiny toes.

Beth has the cutest little feet, size four I think, and I’ve always thought them dead sexy. Her toes are always beautifully pedicured, and she wears a little ankle bracelet and a silver toe ring. I watched, wide-eyed and mouth agape, as she rubbed the lotion onto the sole, then spread her toes wide with her fingers and applied lotion between each and every one. She was giving herself a slow and seductive foot massage, for my viewing pleasure only, and I felt my desire leap to another level. I was so aroused it was becoming painful.

“Oh don’t encourage him, Beth,” my daughter wined. “You’re getting him all flustered and worked up.”

“What?” Beth replied, feigning innocence. “I’m just rubbing mint lotion into my feet. It keeps my feet feeling super-soft and smelling minty-fresh all day long.”

“Jesus,” I squeaked in a strangulated whisper as I felt my emotions go into sexual overdrive. “I don’t think I’m gonna be able to contain myself much longer.” My face was flushed bright red like a pomegranate, my breathing heavy and wheezy. The saucy little minx was teasing me relentlessly. Then I was on the brink of doing something obscene to those tender little feet when she perched her foot back on the coffee table and administered the lotion to the other.

My daughter glared at me, studied my face, and saw that I was in a stupor, enraptured, deep in an induced state of sexual arousal.

“That’s disgusting,” snapped Christine before jumping to her feet and making for the door. “You should be ashamed of yourselves – the pair of you.” My daughter walked out the door, slamming it closed behind her, and I was left all alone with young Beth who was fondling her feet, scantily clad in just a short skirt and tube top.

I was breathing heavily and wheezing loudly when I said, “Say, Beth, what would it take for me to get those trotters of yours in my mouth.”

“Hundred quid,” she replied with a mischievous gleam in her eye.

“Done,” I said, jumping to my feet and sitting myself down on the coffee table in front of her. I grabbed each of her legs by the calves and perched her heels on my shoulders. I could feel the warmth radiating from her feet, her big toes stroking my temples, the arches caressing my face and warming my cheeks.

“Now rub ’em all over my face,” I demanded.

She rubbed the smooth skin of her feet over my face and it felt wonderful. My stubble tickled her soles, making her giggle like a schoolgirl. Jerking her feet away, she raised them to my head and rustled my hair, marvelling at the feel of my sparse sprinkling of hair brushing between her toes. Then the pads of her feet were back on my cheeks. Clenching her toes against my ears, she grabbed the tops of my ears with her toes and tugged on them.

I bestowed little soft kisses all over her playful feet and inhaled their musky and minty scent, and was soon filled with a sense of warmth and pleasure so great my body tingled all over.

She was toying with me, teasing me rotten, working up to the main event, and I loved every minute of it. Soon the anticipation grew too strong to bear, so I sucked her alluring foot in my mouth. All five little piggies crammed to the back of my throat. She wiggled all five, tickling my tonsils with the tips of her toes. My tongue slithered and danced all over the arch, the sole, darting between every toe, tasting every inch of her exquisite foot. God, it tasted good, all musky and minty. Though all I could think about was those spit-soaked feet stroking my cock, rubbing and sliding, gilding up and the down the shaft and over the slippery-wet head.

I shifted the coffee table, lay flat on my back, tugged down my trousers and underwear and spread my legs wide. Feeling my rigid cock out in the open air, pulsing with desire, I pleaded, “Please. Beth. Put those feet to work on my cock and finish me off. I’ll do anything, just don’t leave me hanging.”

Beth gasped and gazed down at my erection. She was a young girl, you see, so she’d never seen a real man’s cock before. She was a little anxious, perhaps overwhelmed and a tad overwrought.

“Eeewwww! she said. “It looks all clammy and hairy.”

“Come on, Beth. You know you want to. You rub him hard enough, a genie will appear from the tip and grant you three wishes. How does that sound?”

The prospect of three wishes was too much for her to ignore. She stretched her legs out, rolled her ankles in a circle to stretch her calves, before dropping her gorgeous feet to my moisture-laden groin.

Tentatively, she pressed the ball of her right foot against my erection, feeling it throb beneath her foot, mashing it firmly against my stomach. The pressure extracted a blob of pre-cum from the tip. Then she placed her left foot beneath my dangling balls and flicked her foot up and down, and then from side to side, caressing my scrotum, jiggling my balls with the tips of her toes.

Her right foot worked its way up slowly to the tip of my cock before caressing the gooey head in a circular motion with the pad of the big toe, smearing pre-cum, smudging the slippery substance all over my bulbous helmet-head. Still exciting my balls with the tips of her toes, her other foot glided up and down my cock. Stimulating the under shaft with feathery-light caresses, the toenails grazed softly over the mushroom-head every time it reached the top.

My orgasm was bubbling to the surface, so I let out a loud moan, grabbed Beth’s feet and took control. I grasp the tops of her feet, clamped her smooth arches to either side of my cock, and thrust them up and down in quick, urgent thrusts. I was delirious with pleasure and shouted, “Here comes the genie. Looks like you’re gonna get your three wishes, twinkle toes.”

This one had been building in my balls all day, since the moment I woke up, so I knew this was going to be seriously fucking messy. My legs trembled and my body spasmed. I clamped Beth’s soles to either side off my cock and manipulated her feet, moving them in a circular motion, the pads of her toes stroking my helmet, the heels rubbing the base of the shaft.

I gave a bellow of pleasure as a jet of gunk erupted from the pulsating head, spurting in Beth’s direction and sprinkling her face. She gasped and squealed with shock as the pungent liquid splashed her face. The second squirt ejaculated, even harder, fiercer, landing square on Beth’s forehead. She emitted a shrill scream and bucked her body, trying to pull away from me. But I held her feet firmly against my squirting cock; she wasn’t getting away until I’d unloaded my balls.

Then it stopped squirting, and what remained discharged slowly, seeping from the urethra and trickling down the shaft like lava from a volcano. Thick cream coated the soles of Beth’s feet as it oozed from the extremity of my cock. An ungodly amount of spunk leaked out – I thought it would never stop, nor did I want it to stop. When it subsided, I used her big toe to dab the last globule of semen resting on the tip. Semen stringed from the tip of the toe to the head my cock as I pulled her foot away – it was a wonderful sight, a parting gesture I’ll never forget.

“Your three wishes are my command, twinkle toes,” I sighed.

Beth didn’t reply; she just made a whimpering sound. I gazed up her and saw a look of stupefaction of her pretty face. She was staring off into space. Thick droplets of semen beaded her forehead, lips, nose, and cheeks, making her look even more adorable.

I knew she’d enjoyed it; I could tell by the glint in her eye. (Or that could’ve been spunk. I couldn’t really tell) Not as much as me, admittedly, but she’d loved every minute of it nonetheless.

And that, my friends, is the story of the most amazing day of my life.

I hope you enjoyed it. 😉

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Eugene the Nerd Pt. 04

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Subject: Eugene the Nerd 4


The Life and Hard Times of Eugene the Nerd, Part 3: The Workout Partner

Eugene always wanted to be a “normal” straight sexually. He knew that he was attracted to girls, no doubt about that, but he was also very interested in checking out other guys. He always wanted to think of his interest in other males as just a part of his alpha male competitive drive. He loved to compete physically with other in shape, athletic males so it should be natural for him to always be aware of and sizing up other males since they were his natural adversaries, opponents that could threaten his male dominance.

He loved looking at other shirtless and naked males, and he liked it even better when they were pumped up, sweating and musky following workouts and competitions. Almost as much fun as the sports, working out, and competition itself was the time spent in the lockerroom and showers afterwards. He was spending hours a week communing with other jocks, sharing intimately not just the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, but also stories of each other’s personal lives and experiences, and each other’s most personal thoughts and feelings. They joked, laughed and at times cried together. They learned to be there for each other like brothers.

They kept very little hidden from each other physically. They were constantly seeing, smelling, and touching each other’s bodies naked bodies. For one naked guy to punch, swat, pinch or grab another naked guy’s body was an everyday occurrence in the locker room and showers. For a naked guy to suddenly tackle or wrestle another naked guy was just a part of their playful lockerroom fun and horseplay. To do so and pop a boner was not even unusual, and just a part of the fun and joking around. The hard part was to be able to tell when another guy had an interest in anything more than that. Somewhere there was most often a line, no matter how blurry it may at times be, that to ever cross that line with the wrong guy would be a very costly and very often unforgivable mistake.

Bradley, like Eugene, was a late blooming jock. Like Eugene, he had come to love athletics and sports in his later teens. Like Eugene, he did not play on any of the official college teams, but he had a passion for working out, building muscle and becoming fit, and he loved playing intramural sports. He and Eugene had played both together and against each other in intramurals. They had gotten to know each other pretty well, and they had an obvious mutual admiration and respect for each other physically.

Things had started with both stealing fleeting glances of each other that would easily have been blown off as nothing. Then there were casual physical touches: hand on the shoulder, hand squeezing a bicep, playful punch to the gut or twist of a nipple. You can usually sense when you have gotten close to that line, but with the two of them each look and touch always led to a longer look, a longer squeeze, a touch to a more private body part.

Both Eugene and Bradley were no longer afraid to blatantly stare and visually inspect the other on the playing field, in the gym, and in the lockerroom and showers, even when they were fully naked. Playful gut punches and titty twists were now reciprocated with playful ass slaps and ball grabs. These were very close to the line, but still considered acceptable in the lockerroom so long as the recipient does not object, and it happens infrequently.

Eugene knew he had made all the subtle moves that gym etiquette allow. Even if Bradley never objected, anymore and they might be branded as sweethearts, another line that he never wanted to cross.

One Friday afternoon, the university’s student athletic center was nearly empty before a long weekend off. All of Eugene’s buddies had gone home for the weekend, so he worked out with weights alone. After a few minutes, Bradley showed up in the weight room and started working out. They both were wearing tank tops they had cut out of old tshirts, so they were cut off short with oversized arm and neck holes that left a lot exposed. They greeted each other, and with no one else in the room, they stared freely at each other’s sweating bodies.

Eugene went over to the bench press, and set up the bar and weights. After doing warmup sets, Eugene added weights now close to his max. He took a seat on the bench and, as he laid back, Bradley came over volunteering to spot him. Eugene was happy to have the spot. Now he could try for a new max. He asked Bradley to add the weights, and then Bradley assumed his spotter’s position. Eugene looked up and saw that he had a great view looking up Bradley’s loose shirt to see his hard ripped abs and pecs and dark nipples. He also had a great view of Bradley’s bushy armpits and biceps. The air was thick with both his and Bradley’s armpit musk.

Then, just before he started the bench press, he noticed Bradley had his legs spread wide, and his loose fitting gym shorts were gaped away from his legs giving a wide open view of Bradley’s package. Since they were alone, Eugene had no reservation about being seen looking up Bradley’s shorts. What shocked him though was to see Bradley’s naked junk dangling freely. Eugene laughed out and brazenly blurted out, “going commando, are we?” Bradley, very immodestly in fact flauntingly thrust his hips back and forth causing his sweaty junk to flop back and forth as he proudly retorted without any hesitation, “you bet! Like what you see?” As he did, drops of Bradley’s ball sweat were shaken off and falling in Eugene’s face.

Eugene big dick instantly hardened and pitched a tall tent in his sweaty shorts. There was now no doubt that they were both mutually interested exploring and taking things further. Eugene’s baldy response was “I’ve seen girls with bigger junk than yours!”

That did it, Bradley’s dick which happened to be a grower grew to pitch a large tent of its own. After Eugene grabbed the bar and pumped out two reps at a weight more than he had ever done before throwing the bar like it weighed nothing onto the rack without any need for a spotter, Eugene boldly reached up Bradley’s gaping shorts leg hole and grabbed him by his hairy ball sack. Bradley, obviously in pain fought not to show it and take it like a man. He smiled and looked down at Eugene and said, “is that all you’ve got? Let’s take this to the mats!”

With that, Eugene released Bradley’s nutsack, smiled back equally cockily, and said, “let’s do it!” as he hopped up from the bench. They both headed to an exercise room that had a wall to wall matted floor. Like everywhere else, they were all alone. They both removed their shirts but kept their shorts on, and they went at it wrestling.

They both had huge heavy erections flopping around in their shorts, but Eugene’s was being futilely retrained by his jockstrap with was stretched out so much it might have ripped. Both of them had really no wrestling experience, so they clumsily wrestled away. What they lacked in experience, they made up for in muscle strength, endurance, and sheer determination.

Eugene started wrestling honestly and fairly as best he knew how, but Bradley twice caught him with hard gut punches unexpectedly, hurting him deep in his gut and knocking the wind out of him both times. Then Bradley grabbed Eugene by his ballsack and using it to force Eugene down and onto his back on the floor. Eugene was at Bradley’s mercy. Bradley made it obvious that Eugene had to move the way Bradley wanted him to, or risk a very serious injury to his testicles. Bradley was holding nothing back from his crushing and ripping hold on Eugene’s poor nutsack. Bradley obviously could care less whether or not he seriously injured Eugene’s delicate testicles. That obviously being the case, Eugene took a deep breath and made the decision to man up.

Despite the excruciating pain, he threw Bradley off of him and jumped up literally dragging Bradley along by his stretched out ballsack. Then, spying Bradley’s temporarily relaxed pooched out belly, he made a fist and drove it deep into Bradley’s soft relaxed gut. Eugene threw the punch straight into Bradley’s soft navel and drove it in deep and up so that his navel had to be stretched to where it was under his sternum. Bradley’s unprepared abs were soft and offered no protection, and Eugene felt and heard Bradley’s guts sloshing around inside him. Eugene looked up and saw that Bradley’s eyes were wide open and bugging out. There was no doubt that Eugene had just seriously rung Bradley’s bell.

Bradley immediately let go of Eugene’s nuts and he fell to the mat in the fetal position cradling his injured belly. Leaving Bradley no chance to recover, Eugene looked down and seeing Bradley’s exposed junk dangling out in the open (Bradley was still going commando) he grabbed it and stretched it up above him until it lifted Bradley up from the floor. Like Bradley, Eugene had abandoned any and all concern for actually injuring Bradley’s family jewels. But then something really odd happened.

Eugene still had a painful death grip on Bradley’s stretched out nads that appeared ready to rip from his body. Bradley appeared to be flailing helplessly in extreme pain, yet Eugene realized his hard dick has throbbing and his hips were thrusting in rhythm with the throbbing of his dick. Bradley, his balls still in Eugene’s hand was ready to cum. Eugene watched in amazement at the site as gobs of his white stringy cum shot out onto his battered belly.

Bradley was now was out for the count. He hastily tapped the mat, clearly ready to give up, totally spent. Yes, he had literally shot his wad, in fact the remnant of it was still stringing from his dick.

Eugene was so stoked. He looked down at Bradley and admired the defeated warrior’s sculpted muscles. His shorts were twisted around so that all of Bradley’s very nice sized junk was still exposed. Bradley’s dick still was hard as a rock. This is the first time that Eugene had ever seen another guy’s hard dick close up, or anyone’s dick, other than his own, this close up for that matter. His circumsized dick was chubbed up large and proud with bulging veins, and it had a big swollen purple mushroom head just like his own did. His cock was dripping wet with his sweat, and there was a string of cum dangling from his pee slit. Eugene was always turned on at the sight of his own boned up dick, but for the first time he knew he was turned on up at seeing his buddy’s aroused dick.

Eugene wanted badly to play with Bradley’s beaten body. He didn’t understand it, but he had greatly enjoyed having his own testicles hurt mercilessly by Bradley, and then hurting Bradley, and now watching Bradley suffer, his battered genitals helplessly exposed. He had never before realized how truly vulnerable his own and other guy’s genitals were. A guy’s testicles were such a weakness. In the wrong person’s hands, they could be like kryptonite is to superman. He reached down, grabbed Bradley with his hands in his armpits, and helped him get to his feet. After that, even the smell of Bradley’s sweaty pit musk on his own hands was a turn on.

Bradley reached down and straightened out his gym shorts so that his junk was once again modestly covered up. Bradley’s dick was also still rock hard, and they were both hungry for more physical contact, time and adventures together. They both knew that this was going to be an incredibly fun weekend. But for now, they just headed back to the lockerroom and the showers.

The lockerroom was totally empty when they went back. They were back to playfully rough housing around. Bradley said that he would be free all weekend. Eugene replied that he was too. Bradley said his parents had a cabin in a woods not far from campus, and he suggested that they could go there and have some fun. Neither knew exactly what the fun would be, but they were both very eager to get out in the country where they could be alone and find out. They both decided to skip showers as they both confessed that they were really turned on by each other’s sweat and musk. They headed in out haste for the country and all sorts of possible fun adventures together.

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A Dog’s Life Ch. 07

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“How did it go?” Gretchen asked when I returned to the car. “Did you have a good time with the birthday boy?”

“Birthday girl is more like it. There’s just one thing I’d like to know, when you were in the vault with Danny, you kept talking about his big cock. From what I’ve just seen, it doesn’t look very impressive.”

She laughed, “That was for you, silly. As for his housewives and divorcees who use him to cheat on their husbands, they would rather be caught cheating with a guy with a big cock than a small one.”

“I’ll be damned! So, Danny is also a member of the small dick club!”

Gretchen patted my knee and said, “Honey, I hope you understand, but when it comes to small dicks, your’s is in a class of its own.

“And I mean that literally. I searched the Web and found a few really small dicks, but they were all attached to big, fat, gross men. I’ve never seen one on a man your size and honey, it’s adorable!

“You are adorable, with your skinny legs, your sweet cheeks and tiny penis! Why, the first time I saw Danny pants you in the yard, I wanted to put you in my pocket and take you home with me. I’ve waited for years to teach Danny that no one can bully my little man. That’s my job!”

Blushing, I asked, “What do we do now?”

“We wait until dark. He won’t come any sooner, but you can bet that he wants out of here as soon as he can get to his truck. We’ll see him first from here, so keep a look out. Then, we signal the others.”

I’d spent that summer chained up in the backyard, so I learned to appreciate all of the sounds and smells as day turns into night. I could also discern the precise moment when it is truly night. Five minutes later, I saw him heading towards the office. Gretch flashed her parking likes briefly.

A few seconds later, the headlights from all of the trucks and cars came on, lighting the entire yard. There was an immediate shout of “Surprise!” and then it was stone silent for a long pause before everyone, including all of the people who had grudging agreed to come to Dan’s party, burst out laughing.

It was impossible not to laugh at Dan as he stood in front of his truck dressed in pink satin bra and panties, garter belt and stockings. His garish makeup was smeared and he held his shoes and wig with one hand while he frantically and repeatedly pointed the button to unlock his truck.

“Let me guess,” I said to Gretch, “Those aren’t his keys, are they?”

“Gretch smiled and said, “I don’t think it matters anymore. Take a look.”

Panties or no, the party was beginning as usual, with Grandpa’s Um-puh band playing as Dan was lifted and carried around the yard. Strings of Christmas lights came on, along with colorful paper lanterns. The long benches were set out and the beer was already flowing.

“Let’s go have some fun. I just love birthday parties!”

Gretchen’s family is famous for their block parties, which is what every party eventually becomes. We don’t mind; there’s always more than enough bratwurst and beer, and it’s also a great way to stay on good terms with our neighbors.

The police always show up around ten. Once someone fixes them a plate and they’ve had their fill of bratwurst and beer, they turn on the sirens and drive away. It’s usually around midnight by the time everyone has gone home. That’s the time when an intimate party of friends and family retire to the office.

But meanwhile, the party outdoors was still going strong. Once the guests had a few beers in them, the talk of Danny’s attire was forgotten. The accepted rumor was that he lost a bet.

Danny participated in the activities even though he was the picture of defeat. Always known for his dancing skills, Danny was forced to dance every polka. He was surely feeling the results of the severe assfucking he so recently received. The long day was beginning to take its toll on poor Danny; he could barely blow out the candles on his giant birthday cake.

Gretch and I were sitting in lawn chairs watching as Danny’s former wife was making the rounds with a basket of tickets and a roll of stubs. I asked her what they were raffling.

“Nothing valuable, just the privilege of giving Danny his birthday spanking.” I began reaching for my wallet when Gloria said, “Save your money, the raffle’s rigged.” She giggled and went on her way.

“I’d sure hate to be in Danny’s shoes today!” I said. “And I thought I was the town pervert!”

“What makes your situation different than Danny’s?” I didn’t like the edge to her voice, but I was too relaxed to realize the importance.

“Well, now the whole town knows that Danny is a closet queen. He’ll never live it down and he has no place else to go.”

“You and Danny have something in common. Apparently, each one of us has a little kink to their libidos, and many people, especially men, look for ways to act out their particular fantasy. There aren’t many men who get to actually live their fantasies.”

“Can I ask a question?” I asked.

“I see no reason why not; what is it?”

“Why a dog; what made you decide to treat me as a dog and not something else? I would have obeyed you regardless of your wishes.”

“I wanted to build the doghouse,” she smirked. “Besides, it seemed like a fun way to spend the summer. I also figured that if your love was strong enough that you would spend your life as a dog, I couldn’t lose. As for the idea, I was sitting on the front steps one night and I heard the dogs barking.”

So, my midnight buddies had ratted me out!

“All of the things I’ve had to do, especially treating me like a dog, did you enjoy doing that to me?”

“Not at first,” she said. “I wanted you to experience true female domination; I wanted to take you past your limits. I never expected to enjoy watching you lift your leg to piss on a tree. Now, it’s my turn to ask, did you enjoy being treated like a dog?”

“No, not at all, but mostly because I didn’t know how far and for how long I would have to stay chained up in the backyard. I’m just glad that it’s over.”

“Lucky, I thought I’d made it clear; you are mine to do with as I please. I have no desire to treat you like a dog, but I think that knowing that I can make you do this will keep you in line.

“You’ve had hours to do nothing but think, to ponder, to wonder; how much time did you spend thinking about your Internet porn?”

“I didn’t think about that stuff at all,” I admitted.

“That’s because Internet porn is just for show, play acting for an hour and then zip your pants and go about your normal routine. It pales in comparison to the real thing, doesn’t it?

“Only you know how long you’ve entertained these kinky thoughts of yours, but your biggest fear, and the most intense emotion was for me to discover your secret. Danny’s fear was to be publicly humiliated. As we speak, Danny is living his ultimate fantasy.”

“I could do the same to you in a minute,” she said. “All I need is this.” She dug into her purse and produced a green tennis ball. There was a wicked smile on her face. My heart began racing.

“Are you telling me that if I threw this ball and told you to fetch, you wouldn’t get down on all fours and go chasing after it and then drop it at my feet?”

I caved instantly to her power. “Woof,” I said softly.

She held it in front of me and said, “You don’t have to crawl, but I want to see you fetch this ball. Go get the ball, Lucky! Go get it boy!”

She threw it toward the corner of the lot. I jumped up and started after it, but I couldn’t see where it went. Isn’t that the purpose of the ball’s green color, to be able to see it better? Then, I heard a sound I’d never heard before. Gretchen was laughing!

I’ve seen her smile, watched her grin and even an occasional chuckle, but there she was, laughing like a hyena! I didn’t have to ask what she found so amusing. I saw the tennis ball, still in her hand. Gretchen made me fall for the oldest dog trick in the world!

I stood there, flabbergasted. I should have been angry, but the sound of her laughter and the love displayed on her beautiful face are the reasons why I played along with the joke. She laughed uproariously as she pretended to throw the ball. I had almost resigned myself to being teased when she actually threw the ball!

“Nobody is paying attention, Lucky. Go fetch my ball.” She was still laughing as I walked across the yard in search for her green tennis ball.

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Ashley’s Teeny Green Bikini

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a thing for panties. Not wearing them. Seeing them, smelling them, touching them. And, of course, coming on them. I’m almost always turned on when I see a girl’s panties. With the current trend of low-slung jeans and pants, my eyes are always on the lookout for a girl whose panties or thong is in view. I’ll go out of my way to enjoy that forbidden view for as long as I can. The sight of those colors or fabrics caressing a woman’s ass will almost always get me hard. I can never stop staring, even when I should. Unless the girl wearing them is fat, I can’t stop staring.

When I met my wife, Lynn, in college, I was truly blessed to learn that she liked wearing very sexy panties. Not just thongs and g-strings, but cute panties in satin, silk, nice bright colors and patterns. She quickly came to learn of my fetish. And in the 20 years since we started dating, she’s been a true playmate. She knows I love panties and will tease me by lifting her skirt when nobody’s around and showing me what she’s wearing. She’ll let me fuck her or lick her pussy while she wears her panties. Sometimes, when fucking her, I’ll pull out and cum on her panties. Sometimes she’ll just lay there on her stomach and let me jerk off all over her panties. Then, I’ll rub my spent dick against her ass (she has a great ass) and in the cum. It’s such a treat — she knows I’m obsessed. When I travel on business, she’ll text me a description of what she’s wearing right then. No picture necessary — I know exactly which pair she’s talking about.

My wife and I are in our late 30’s and live in a very nice neighborhood where we happen to be one of the younger homeowners. There is a neighborhood pool that we walk to every weekend in the summer in the hot Texas sun.

Last summer, when the pool opened, is when I first noticed Ashley. I could tell she was in her twenties. She was quite tall – I would say about five foot ten – and lithe. She had very long, dark brown hair that she always wore in a pony tail. She had a pierced tongue, belly button and several piercings in each ear. A large tattoo was on her side, near her arm pit and a “tramp stamp” of medium size right where her lower back met her ass. She smoked frequently. Given her build — I generally like women shorter and thicker — and her low-rent appearance, Ashley is not my type. But every weekend she’d been at the pool, in the same skimpy, neon green string bikini. And it wonderfully showcased what is a perfect body. Two strings and two small triangles joined to cover her small, perfectly shaped B-cup breasts. The bikini bottom, with strings on the sides, is cut low. It is the view of her tiny ass, barely covered by these bottoms, and her long curvy torso that catches and keeps my gaze every time. Especially when she would lie on her stomach on a raft in the pool. I could not take my eyes off of that perfect little ass barely covered in the neon green bikini bottoms. I would get hard every time.

Then, in the middle of the summer, my wife and Ashley struck up a conversation. My wife learned that Ashley’s parents lived in the neighborhood. Ashley was 24 years old and has a young boy that was 6 years old. Ashley had recently gotten divorced from the child’s father and moved back in with her parents until she could recover financially. Towards the end of the summer, Ashley had found a job but was struggling with child care for her son. Her parents both worked and were of little help.

It was the end of July and my wife and I had made our way to the pool. Ashley was there, as always, in the same, skimpy little neon green bikini. The two women chatted and l laid out watching them. My wife talking to Ashley allowed me to stare at Ashley without getting into any trouble. Ashley was lying on a raft again, on her stomach, talking to my wife. There in full view was her long legs leading to that perfect little ass, barely covered. A teeny green string ran across her back to help cover her pert little tits. As was usual, my penis became semi-erect. Before I could talk my cock down, my wife came over to talk to me. I couldn’t’ take my eyes off of Ashley’s ass. She also noticed that I was hard. She smiled at me.

“Do you like looking at Ashley?” my wife asked with a wry smile.

“I do,” I said. “I can’t help it. She’s not my type but there’s something about her that makes me hard.”

“She is sexy.” My wife assured me. “Is it her or her bikini?” my wife asked, knowing full well my love of any article of clothing that covers a woman’s hips, ass and crotch.

As she asked, she lightly and discretely stroked my semi-hard cock on the outside of my bathing suit. My dick stretched out further and I knew that my wife was teasing me and trying to get me to squirm in public.

“I think it’s the bikini. And she has a nice ass.” I answered.

“Yeah she does, “my wife said. “Anyway, I told Ashley that I would watch her son for a few days each week until she can get something more permanent lined up. Do you mind?”

“Not at all,” I answered. “Are you going to charge her?”

“No!” my wife exclaimed. “I’m doing it because she’s a neighbor, a young struggling woman and she needs help and I can help her.”

“Great.” I said.

The next few weeks went by with the only change being that my wife was providing free day care to Ashley. I continued to get hard watching Ashley at the pool. And my wife had fun with it, teasing me, stroking me discretely, all the while trying to keep me hard and make me squirm. My wife is playful and very confident in my love for her. It was towards the end of August when we were at the pool one last time before the pool was closed. We were there for a while but no Ashley. I was disappointed but said nothing to my wife. Towards the end of the afternoon, Ashley finally showed up in her neon green bikini, only this time her long, dark hair was not held back in a pony tail. It flowed down her back and I found her to be much more attractive with her hair this way. When she entered the pool, she approached where my wife and I were sitting and stood before me, talking to my wife. I pretended not to be looking but my gaze was fixed on her perfect body. I noticed her nipples were hard. I started to get hard. My wife handed Ashley something and Ashley left the pool.

“Where’s Ashley going?” I asked my wife.

“Why? Sorry you won’t get to stare at her ass and that skimpy green bikini?” She asked teasingly. She knew the answer so I offered none.

About 10 minutes later, my wife suggested we go back home and so we picked up our things and walked back to our house.

My wife opened the door and we put our things down.

“Close your eyes, ” my wife instructed, “I have a surprise for you.”

I had no idea what was in store but did as I was told. My wife grabbed my hand and led me back to our large master bathroom. I could tell by the path we walked. My wife instructed me not to move or open my eyes and I did as I was told. I heard the sound of bare feet on the tile floor and some light shuffling. The, she told me to raise my arms. When I did, she removed my t-shirt, leaving me only in my bathing suit.

“OK, you can open your eyes now!” my wife said excitedly.

When I opened my eyes, Ashley was standing in front of me — in the master bathroom of my house –in her skimpy green bikini and her long dark brown hair flowing down. She had a smile on her face. To my side stood my wife. Needless to say, I was stunned and hadn’t at this point figured out what was happening.

“Lynn tells me you really like my teeny green bikini,” Ashley said sweetly. “Is that right?”

Still unsure of what was occurring; I shot my wife a puzzled look.

“Go ahead, tell her the truth.” My wife encouraged.

“Yeah, I really like that bikini. It’s very sexy.” I said, careful not to divulge that I thought she, too, was really hot. I had to be careful not to make my wife jealous.

“Lynn also says you think I have a nice ass. Is that true? Do you like my ass?” she asked. Her tone was playful.

“I think you have a great ass! I really enjoy watching you at the pool.” I said.

“Well, Ashley has been kind enough to return a favor to me for watching her son, so she’s going to help me help you.” My wife explained. I knew I was not in trouble, but wasn’t sure where this was going.

“Now, Ashley, turn around.” My wife directed.

Ashley turned her back to me, standing at the bathroom counter. She put both hands on the counter and stuck her bikini-covered ass towards my direction. I stood facing her and could see her front in the mirror. The view was heavenly. Here she was, right in front of me. Closer up and with her hair down, I found her to be a very attractive young woman with a near-perfect body. Just then, my wife approached me, reached into my bathing suit and untied the drawstring. She pushed it to the floor and my dick sprang free.

“Do you want to cum on Ashley’s bikini?” my wife asked playfully, like asking a child if they wanted some candy. She was looking me right in the eyes.

At that point, my cock started to stiffen and began reaching towards Ashley’s ass. My wife reached over to the counter and pumped some hand lotion into her palm. Standing at my side, perpendicular to me and Ashley, my wife took her lotioned hand and softly grabbed my rock-hard dick. She began stroking me and I finally realized what was about to take place. I relaxed mentally knowing what was about to happen and let myself enjoy my wife’s hand. My eyes never left Ashley’s ass and bikini. And my dick was inches away from her ass.

As my wife pumped my cock with her hand, up and down, up and down, soft and slow, Ashley began to softly shift her weight from one to the other and back. It was as if she were a stripper on stage, dancing for me. Every so slowly and seductively, Ashley shook her ass and moved her hips.

“Oh wow! Your dick is so hard!” My wife exclaimed with a big smile. “Look how thick he is. Is he going to cum all over Ashley’s little bikini?”

“Oh yeah, stroke me” I said. I was in heaven.

My wife’s little hand continued to move up and down on my cock, stroking it, rubbing it. With her free hand, she lightly rubbed Ashley’s tight little ass.

“She does have such a nice ass!” my wife agreed. “Do you want to cum on her ass or her bikini?” She asked.

“I can’t decide,” I said honestly.

“Oh, Ashley, you should see how hard Mark’s cock is! He’s really likes your ass and your bikini. Why don’t you show him your hot little pussy?” My wife commanded.

Ashley bent over the counter so that she was nearly at a right angle. She snaked one hand down to her crotch, grabbed the side of the bikini bottom and pulled it aside. From my view, her beautiful, plump labia were now visible. I could tell Ashley was clean shaven and noticed a piercing. My head began to swim with pleasure. Her pussy was truly a site to behold. Ashley held her bikini bottom aside for a few seconds so the view could soak in. My wife’s hand began to pick up a little more speed on my cock. My cock and balls wanted to explode but my mind wanted to continue to take in the sight of Ashley and enjoy the feel of my wife’s perfect touch on my cock. She continued her up and down pumping, from base to the tip.

“Ashley, are you wet?” my wife asked her.

“I think I am,” Ashley responded. From the hand that was holding the bikini aside to expose her cunt, a finger extended and found its way into her bald snatch. “Oh yeah, a little wet.”

“Ooh, rub your bikini bottom into your wet pussy for Mark.” My wife commanded.

Again, Ashley did as she was told. She replaced the bikini bottom so that her cunt was now covered. Then, with her hand she pushed the material between her moist labia so that the crotch of her skimpy green bikini bottom was shoved up inside her pussy. With her free hand, my wife reached over and pulled Ashley’s bikini bottom down so that half of her tight little ass was exposed. Her green bottoms were bunched up at the base of her ass and a good portion of her ass crack now peeked above the green material.

“Do you like the way I’m jerking you off? Are you ready to cum all over Ashley?” My wife asked me.

“Oh yeah, I love the way you’re stroking my dick. Don’t stop. You’re going to make me cum soon” I said.

My wife increased her speed and began pumping my cock faster and faster with her little hand wrapped tightly around my thick, hard cock.

“Ashley, are you ready for Mark to cum all over your ass and bikini? He’s so hard.” My wife said.

“I can’t wait!” Ashley said. “I hope he shoots a huge load of cum all over my teeny green bikini.”

And with that, I felt an explosion move up from my balls and through my cock.

“Oh fuck! I’m going to cum now!” I nearly shouted. “Look at her little ass and her little green bikini!”

“That’s it, cum all over Ashley and her bikini. She wants it!” My wife exclaimed, her hand pumping vigorously.

The first shot of cum hit Ashley’s ass, right above where her bikini had been pulled down to. I convulsed in pleasure as my wife jerked my cock, aiming for the target. More cum finally hit the teeny green bikini bottom. My wife kept pumping my cock, draining me of every ounce of cum.

“Oh my god, there’s so much cum!” my wife said surprisingly. “Wow! Ashley, don’t move.”

“Ooh, I can feel his cum all over my ass and bikini.” Ashley said.

My wife took my cock and used it to spread the large drops of cum that were on Ashley’s ass and bikini, making sure it was all covered with my cum. The sight and sensation of my cock rubbing cum all over Ashley’s tight little ass and skimpy green bikini was mind-boggling. Then, my wife dropped to her knees and licked my cum off of Ashley’s ass and off of her bikini while Ashley held still. I was about to faint from the delirium. Then, my wife turned her head and took my still-hard cock into her mouth. She sucked it up and down, nice and slowly, cleaning it of the cum she had wiped on it. When she had finished licking me clean, she turned to Ashley and slid her bikini bottoms down her long, tan legs.

“OK, Ashley you can go now.” My wife told Ashley.

Ashley left the bathroom. My wife then removed her bikini and told me to go lay down on the bed. I did as I was told. She came into the bedroom, naked and holding Ashley’s bikini bottom.

“I’m so wet now, ” she said. “You’re going to lick my pussy until I cum all over your face.” She said.

And with that, she mounted my face and I began to lick her incredibly wet pussy. I love my wife’s pussy. It always tastes and smells very fresh and I love her full, dark, womanly bush.

I flicked my tongue at her clit while she reached down with her hands and spread her pussy wide open for me.

“Oh, that’s it. Lick me, lick my pussy!” My wife said. “I’m so turned on.”

I continued to rapidly flick my tongue against her hard clit while my wife held her labia aside. My hands reached up and I began to massage my wife’s C-cup tits and pulling lightly on her erect nipples. As I did this, my wife grabbed Ashley’s bikini bottoms and sniffed the crotch which was damp with Ashley’s pussy juices. “Oh wow, ” Lynn exclaimed, “Her pussy smells so good, so fresh. I bet her pussy is really tight.”

At this point, my hard dick now needed relief as well. My wife grabbed the skimpy green bikini bottoms and wrapped them around my dick while reaching behind her. As I continued to suck her clit and massage her wonderful tits, my wife began to jerk my hard cock using Ashley’s bikini bottom. The sensation of that bathing suit material, damp from her cunt and my cum, around my cock was magical. My wife jerked me hard.

“Come on, fill her bikini with your cum.” She said. “Oh, you’re so hard and I’m so wet.” My wife was ecstatic.

“Oh god, I’m cumming! My wife shouted. She grabbed my hair with her free hand and held my face against her pussy. She started grinding her wet cunt into my face and mouth, rocking back and forth. “Don’t stop, don’t stop! Oh God, it’ so good!” All the while she never stopped jerking my thick, hard cock.

I sucked her clit feverishly and started tugging really hard on her erect nipples. My wife was screaming in pleasure. I began to cum, too, but with my wife’s beautiful pussy covering my mouth, I couldn’t inform her. Instead, I just pumped more cum into Ashley’s skimpy green bikini bottom that was wrapped tightly around my swollen dick. My wife’s little hand never stopped pumping my dick.

“Oohh, I can feel more cum in my hand, through the fabric!” my wife informed me. “So much cum. Fill it, fill her bikini with your cum!” My wife commanded.

After about a minute, our orgasms had subsided. Drained of all cum and energy, my wife dismounted and snuggled up next to me, Ashley’s little green bikini bottom still wrapped around my semi-hard cock.

“Thank you.” Was all I could say to my wife.

“You’re welcome. I knew you’d enjoy that.” She responded. “I’m beginning to think I’m enjoying your ass and panty fetish almost as much as you do.”

“Oh, and by the way,” my wife said, “You get to keep her teeny green bikini bottom as a souvenir but we owe her a new bikini for next summer.”

“It’s a great deal!” I said. I rested peacefully next to my sexy, beautiful wife. I was already beginning to plan the next time I’d fill Ashley’s skimpy green bikini with my cum.

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Bi-Fun: DP

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My first three-way was absolutely amazing. I would have never thought it would be with my girlfriend and cousin, but I suppose that makes it even more interesting. Everything seemed to run so smoothly when we did it that we all wanted to do it again. Whenever we’d talk about, it never seemed awkward.

A few weeks had passed with several failed attempts at recreating. Our schedules always seemed to conflict. If I was off that day, Brian would be working in the morning, then Kayce would be working that afternoon. The constant talk just made us crave it more and it became aggravating. Finally, we decided to all just ask for the day off so that we could insure that it would happen.

Since the first time wasn’t planned out (at least for me and Brian), we were throwing around ideas. How do we go about it? The first time kind of just happened. We debated on whether we should include objects like handcuffs or sex toys.

The day finally came up and we decided to just let things flow. Since it seemed to go so well the first time, we once again watched porn to get us into the mood. “Mistress and Slave” was one of my newer online finds.

Both my girlfriend and cousin were watching the movie pretty intently, but I had a hard time concentrating when she was sitting there looking that sexy. She had a blue rubber dress that went down just above her knees. It hugged her breast, pressing them together for cleavage that would make any man salivate. Her hands were in her lap. They were tightly wrapped in black latex opera gloves, which went up nearly to her shoulders. The boots she was wearing were a vinyl pair I had gotten her a few weeks back.

“This chick is just plowing that guy’s ass. Her strap on is huge! You should do that to us sometime,” Brian said as he started to chuckle.

“I’d love to do that but I haven’t bought one yet. Oh well! Maybe next time.”

Kayce leaned forward, grabbing a pack of cigarettes. Smoke carelessly flowed through the air, filling our nostrils as she lit one. Her little rubber covered fingers gripped it tightly as she slowly drew it to her plump lips. To my surprise, my cousin pulled out his dick and started rubbing it, while watching her deeply inhale the tobacco.

“Oh my! That is a good way to start this off! Honey, why don’t you pull that big prick of yours out as well. Both of you can jack off for me.”

I unzipped my pants and pulled it out. She let the cigarette dangle as she ran her fingers slowly down her body, then back up to her breast. We watched closely as she pressed them together before gently squeezing them through the thin material. Both of us were stroking, growing closer to orgasm thanks to this sexy rubber smoker.

“Okay boys, time to stop. I’d hate for you to waste that cum in the palm of your hand. How about some foreplay for me?”

Kayce leaned over to Brian and kissed him, exhaling smoking into his mouth. He leaned his head back and blew it up into the air. Slowly she pulled the rubber down and removed her right breast. It hung over the shiny dress as he moved in, taking her nipple into his mouth.

“Okay baby, down on your knees. Need you to eat my pussy.”

My pants were getting in the way so I completely removed them and got down on my knees between her legs. She lifted her legs up, placing the boots on my shoulders. Her pussy was already soaking wet when I ran my tongue from her clit to the opening. My middle finger rubbed at her clitoris while I pushed my tongue inside of her. I moved back and forth within, burying my face in her snatch. My hair would occasionally be pulled and other times she would press my head forward.

“Yeah. Eat that wet pussy. Fuck my cunt with your tongue baby. Mm. Get it deep. Like that taste? Fuck. Suck on my clit! Suck it. I think I’m going to cum. Fuck!”

Kayce shook violently as I sucked her clit, holding tight on my hair as she had her first orgasm of the night. She squirted lightly into my mouth before gushing like a fountain. It streamed down my face.

“Fuck dude. She just came all over you. Lucky, lucky boy!”

After a minute, once she had calmed down from her intense orgasm, my girlfriend decided that she wanted us to double penetrate her. I’m not sure why I was surprised because anytime we watched a dvd, she always got wetter when a girl was getting penetrated by two dicks at once.

Kayce stared at us with a hunger in her eyes, “I need both of your dicks inside of me now! I want to be filled up!”

I was pushed back onto the floor as the lust in her eyes became apparent. She squatted down over my throbbing cock before sitting down on it, sliding it deep into her hot pussy. Her ass raised slightly in the air.

She rubbed her gloved fingers over my tongue and made me suck them before proceeding to put them in her ass. It wasn’t lubricated enough so she spit into her palm, then smeared it across her hole.

“Brian, put your fucking dick inside of my ass! Shove it in there! I want to feel your dicks rubbing together as you both fuck me.”

Brian came up behind her, without hesitating, rammed himself into her ass hole. Kayce screamed out in extreme pleasure, looking back at him, begging him to fuck her harder. The feeling of being inside of her hot pussy was amazing, but feeling his cock rubbing against mine, knowing he was in her ass, drove me crazy. I had never felt anything like this before. The only thing separating us was the thin bit of skin between her ass and cunt. The harder we drove into her, the louder she would scream.

“Mm, fuck. Yes! Yes! Fuck my dirty slut holes. Shove those big cocks deep! Fill me!”

With each hard thrust Brian gave her, her tits would jump up and smack me in the face. They were so soft yet most from the sweat. Whenever she would lean back slightly, our balls would smack together.

“Yes, fuck yes, tear up my fucking ass. Mm, I’m a fucking whore.”

Brian loved the dirty talk as well. Every time she started to talk, he would speed up, just tearing apart her hole. I’d lick at her tits as they rubbed against my face, occasionally taking one into my mouth and lightly biting it.

“Yeah, suck on my tits baby. Suck them.”

She shoved her fingers into my mouth as her screams got louder. I ran my tongue around them before taking them all the way in. Her hips swayed back and forth as she rode me even harder. Brian pulled out and ran his dick between her chicks before shoving it back in, deep into her anus. His cock would rub against mine as we both quickly thrusted. The friction was pushing me close to the edge. I didn’t need any help but I got it when Kayce started convulsing.

“Ohhh Fuck. Fuck.”

She squirted pussy juice all over my cock and stomach. Her orgasm caused her to tighten up, and all of this was too much for me. My cock pulsated as semen shot deep inside of her cunt. Almost immediately after I came, Brian started moaning loudly. His hard deep thrust into her ass hole let me know that he was also having an orgasm.

As Kayce’s convulsions slowed, she pulled my head forward and kissed me deeply, biting my lower lip hard enough to make it bleed. She lifted herself up, hardly able to walk and kissed Brian as well.

She dropped back down on to the floor, lifting herself up on her knees. We moved closer to her as she gripped our half hard cocks with her gloved hands. Cum poured out of my head and ran down her glove, causing it to gleam. Our cocks were still sensitive as she put both of them into her mouth, swirling them around with her tongue. They rubbed together and Brian got a little harder.

“So, are you boys going to clean me up?”

We dropped down to our knees as she spread her legs, dipping her fingers into her wet cunt. She scooped cum out and put it into our mouths. We swallowed it down, then took turns eating out her pussy and ass hole. Brian pulled her closer and kissed her, massaging his cum covered tongue with hers. Then they pulled me up and the three of us made out.

“Shit, I’m going to have to get a strap on for you boys. Two cocks is amazing. You may not have a pussy but one of you can fuck a mouth, while I fuck an ass!”

We all had smiles on our faces as we laid back and rested.

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To Dance with the Devil

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As I lay naked under my covers I curl up into as tight of ball as I can get myself into. My mind doesn’t know where to take me. There is a battle raging within me, as I fall into a fitful slumber. As I hope to wake refreshed and begin with a new outlook on life.

Through my closed eyes I can see the bright sunlight shining down upon me. Sometime during the night I must have thrown off my covers because I could also feel the suns warmth on my skin. With my eyes still closed I stretched like a cat. As I wiggled and squirmed on the soft sheets beneath me, slowly I opened my eyes and smiled to greet the day.

Abruptly I realized I wasn’t in Kansas anymore. I was startled because I couldn’t see beyond the bright lights above my head, my fingers slid out to grope for the missing covers. But they came up empty, now I was beginning to frantically search out for something to cover myself.

The lights dimmed slightly and a man came into my view. Since I couldn’t find anything to cover my naked body, I used my hands the best that I could. I looked at the man questioningly. The closer I looked the more he reminded me oddly of “The Man in Black”. But I couldn’t see anything beyond him. It was if my bed had been transported into another dimension.

The man spoke in a very strong but deep voice. “I know of the conflicts that battles within you, and I’m here to help you get through this. I know of your need to feel used and be abused. The things that your body craves, to feel the pain; you’re need to feel punished for what you haven’t done.”

I stared at him, eye meeting eye. My eyes wide, not sure how he knew these things about me that were so deep and personal. These were things that I have never spoken a word about to another living soul. Yet he knew.

The man in black snapped his fingers and I heard the first few bars of a song. One that I instantly recognized as “Cry, Cry, Cry”, and I listened to the song………

It was at that point that my mind began to drift as the song played. My thoughts were directed at my past. While I had never done anything to deserve prison time, or even jail time, yet I felt a strong need for punishment. My body craved an unexplainable need for physical pain. I ached for it, and craved it in the worst possible way. Many nights I cried myself to sleep, trying to think of a way to rid myself of this passion that burned in me like a fire. It was a vicious ring of fire that never seemed to burn its self out.

I forgot my nakedness and I blinked away the large tears that were forming in the corners of my eyes. Part of me was feeling a level of happiness that went beyond words. I had felt like I had been carrying this burden for what seemed like an eternity. And I didn’t think it was possible to feel the weight being lifted from my shoulders.

“How?” was all that I asked? As a single loan tear fell down my cheek. Maybe this man in black had the answers to all the questions I had been seeking.

“If you want to dance with the devil, and rid yourself of these feelings, then all you have to do is ask for my help.” He snapped his fingers once again music started. And the tune of “The Devil Went down To Georgia” began playing.

The lyrics loud and very clear. The song vibrated through me almost begging me to take my own personal bet with the devil, with this man dressed in black.

I lowered my eyes, and nodded my head. “Yes, I’ll dance with your devil.” I told him softly.

It was at that point that fire flew from his fingertips, as he raised his hands. His voice was strong and even, it was demanding and thunderous, “Once we begin you can’t back out. You must complete the task till the end. The choice is now yours. You must decide if you want to back out now or bind yourself now with the devil. It will be in your dreams that I will seek you out. You won’t ever be able to refuse me!!! I will own you, and I will give you the comfort that you need.”

The song ended, and I nodded in surrender, “Yes…… I’ll sell my soul to the devil, to rid myself of these feelings that I have.” At last I admitted my defeat out loud.

I watched himself tilt his head back, and he laughed as an insane man would. As the fire continued to flow from his fingertips, the flames danced around the room that seemed to have no walls. Leaping and dancing with the devil that now looked at me with a wicked smile.

He clapped his hands sharply and the flames fell to the floor instantaneously. And we were no longer lost somewhere between the realm of good and evil. Instead I found myself in prison cell. Looking around the room, I saw beds, beds full of sleeping men. And the song “Folsom Prison Blues” rang in my ears.

“I hear the train a comin’It’s rollin’ ’round the bend,And I ain’t seen the sunshine,Since, I don’t know when,I’m stuck in Folsom Prison,And time keeps draggin’ on,But that train keeps a-rollin’,On down to San Antone.”

Wildly I looked at the man in black, and around the room, “I don’t understand!” I whispered in a strangled voice at him. “I made my bet with you, why am I here?”

“It’s simple; you just promised me your soul. I own you, and you will do as I command. And in return I will honor my promise to you, and you will find the release that you need.”

He walked around the room that contained rows and rows of beds, with his hands clasped behind his back. “I’ve also made bets with the men who live in this room. This is Folsom Prison, full of men hungry for what only a woman can offer them. Tonight you are going to be offering your sweet lush body to satisfy their manly needs.”

I knew what he meant, yet it didn’t fully register just what he meant. It seemed impossible that this would make me feel better about myself? I lay on the cold cement floor, just as I was sprawled out on my bed looking around. I no longer cared about my nakedness. I stood abruptly and rant to where the door should have been, but only strong iron bars met my outstretched hands. I ran my fingers up and down them, looking back at the sleeping men behind me.

“No, this can’t be! Tell me that this is a joke. Tell me that you’re only kidding with me.” I begged in a horse whisper. “Please…..”

He walked over to me and with his pointer finger he drew his finger across my back as if he was writing. I stood ridged and waiting for him to finish. I shivered as I felt his finger draw letters across my back. When he was done he laughed. I stood there clinging to the bars with my head lowered in defeat. “I’ve just written the words ‘abuse me, use me’ on your back. What do you think of that?” He paused, and when he didn’t get a reply, he continued. “Don’t you want to be their whore?”

I didn’t know what to say so I kept my mouth shut.

“Turn around and face me bitch.” His booming voice demanded.

Slowly I turned to face the man in black. “Why?” I barely whispered.

“So I can do this.” And once again he showed me his pointer finger and fire leapt from the tip, only to die down leaving just the tip red. He guided his hand to my chest, and wrote “PRISON SLUT” across my bare tits. And across my flat belly he wrote “FUCK WHORE.” I looked down and the letters bright red against my white flesh.

I let in a deep breath of air. I couldn’t believe my eyes, it seemed impossible, yet I saw it.

Before I could utter another word, he clapped his hands. And the men were roused from their deep sleep. He spoke in a lively excited voice. “Men, just as I promised, I bring you a play toy for the evening.”

As he spoke the cheerful music of a mariachi band struck up the tune of “The Ring of Fire” It was like a circus here, i didn’t understand anything that was happening.

The men woke easily and seemed excited to see their friend, the man in black. And some called out, hooted and hollered.

I blinked my eyes, and asked him how he knew what I could handle and what I couldn’t. Being a part of a gang bang wasn’t on my things to do list.

“This is what you want and need; the whore in you needs desperate attention. Your body will feel the punishment and all these men will provide that.”

I turned and watched these men strip off the prison garb clothing, tossing it onto their beds and the floor. Walking naked to where we stood. I backed against the cold bars of the cell. These men had a look of hunger in their eye, some were already stroking their hard cocks, others just walked with their erections strong, and others were still flaccid.

I tried to back further into the bars, but there was no where for me to go. One of the taller men tossed one of the mattresses on the floor, and the man in black instructed me that I had better get on my hands and knees on that mattress so that the men could begin their pleasure.

“They all have an order for doing things here, and they will continue to follow that arrangement with you. Allow these men to pleasure themselves using your body, and in return you will find the relief that you need as well. You are their whore for the night. They don’t require much, no fancy words, no complicated relationships. All they care about is that your there strumpet for the night.” As if on cue the trumpets of the mariachi band sounded to end the song.

I stood frozen in place, not sure what I should do. This dance with the devil was turning into the biggest nightmare ever. I silently begged myself to wake up. But instead I stood frozen in time, standing naked in a prison cell, with men ogling my body hungrily.

One of the men with big strong arms pulled on my arm hard. I saw his erection was already long and rigid. “Down on the floor Bitch!” he barked.

I let him pull me down onto that mattress, on all fours. He was right behind me, nudging my knees apart. I heard him spit on his hand, and I knew what was going to come. I felt that pointed part of him, at the entrance of my womanhood. And he quickly shoved his long hard cock deep in me.

I whimpered in discomfort. I wasn’t lubricated to accept his cock into the core of my being. But he didn’t seem to care as he grabbed my hips and fucked me hard like hadn’t fuck in a month of Sundays. The simple word “bastard”, slipped out between my gritted teeth. But his only response was to grab my hips harder and pound me even harder.

The unprepared entrance was abrupt and discomforting, but it didn’t take me long to begin to take a little satisfaction in this feeling of being used. Yet I was disgusted with myself for liking this feeling.

Two others came to the sides of me and started pinching and pulling on my nipples. Another set of hands found their way to my pussy; my poor clit was pinched and pulled on as the other guy continued to fuck me. I think another set found my ass and was slowly penetrating my ass just a little bit with a finger, while others played with my pussy lips as the brute fucked me from behind.

I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I looked around at these men and they were all strange and different. Some were clean shaven, while others had a day or two of growth on their faces. I shivered, repulsed at the looks of these men. Most of them had tattoos and piercings somewhere on there bodies. They smelled of pure male.

I closed my eyes and tried to pretend that I wasn’t being fucked by a man who thought he was a wild stallion. I opened my eyes to find yet other man in front of me. His cock was already hard, and he tried to guided it to my mouth.

But I clenched my mouth shut, and refused to open it. He slapped me across my face hard. “Open Bitch and suck my dick. You know you want it. Quit being a fucking prissy and suck me off bitch.” He grabbed a big chunk of my hair and pulled hard as he forced my mouth open with his other hand. “Don’t even think of biting me bitch, unless you want to pay. Now suck my dick like the good girl that you are. ” His voice was rough and demanding. He smelled like sweat and cum. My mouth was being forced open, and he was quick to force his cock deep within.

The man grabbed the sides of my head and he moaned as he fucked my mouth just like the man behind me was fucking my pussy. I gagged, from both the scent of him and the deep penetration. The others had their hands all over me. Rubbing, touching, and fondling me. I felt like a piece of meat. It was degrading, humiliating embarrassing, yet it was thrilling and exciting.

Vaguely it registered that the guy who was fucking me from behind cumming, but just as soon as he left me, another guy replaced him. And I was fucked again by another and another. It didn’t take me long to lose count over how many dicks I sucked, how many fucked me. While more hands fondled and touched me everywhere.

I had cum all over me. My face, hair and back were covered in cum. Even the men standing around watching were wanking off. I could feel them shooting their loads over my back.

The man, who was currently fucking my mouth, was starting to cum. I could feel his cock pulse. But the closer he got the more he pumped into my mouth, holding my head in place so I couldn’t move.

But at the last moment he pulled out and shot his load of cum all over my face. I just closed my eyes, in humiliation. I was silently thankful that he didn’t cum in my mouth. But when he was done he rubbed his softening cock over my face and told me. “Damn bitch, before you leave tonight, I will have also fucked your wet pussy and you will enjoy it. Slut!”

I knew I was better off not saying anything. He got up and left as the song Folsom Prison Blues started again softly. I looked up at the metal bars, the gateway to my freedom and saw the prison guard standing there. He was watching me get fucked, but did nothing. His face wore a sleazy smile, as the bastard stood there with the fly of his uniform open and his long hard cock jutting out. I watched him spit on his hand as he continued to watch and masturbate himself. I was sickened at the view so I looked away.

Only to find another man already in front of me. His cock was still flaccid, and he laughed. “Suck my cock bitch, and show us the how much the slut in you likes it.”

I was horrified, because this mans small flaccid cock repulsed me. But the man grabbed the hair on the top of my head and pulled hard. “Open Bitch!”

I wasn’t going to suck a soft cock so I voiced myself, “NO!”

His other hand reeled back and I didn’t even see it coming, and he backhanded me hard.

I saw stars for a moment and my mouth automatically opened. He shoved his soft dick in my mouth and ordered me to get him hard. He wanted to fuck my pussy next but first I had to make him hard.

I didn’t know what to do. With so many things going on at once I started sucking on him like he was a straw. Licking him and sucking him, I tried to excite him. I was repulsed but I didn’t want to be hit again, and I was silently glad to see that slowly his dick was starting to harden. I realized how dangerous this man was, and I didn’t want to get hit another time by him. I knew I was going to have a huge bruise on my face because of the force he used.

The man behind me finished up just as the cock in my mouth became rock hard. And he moved from in front of me to behind me. Forcing his still hard cock deep into my cum filled hole.

I looked at the guard again. He was still watching me being abused by these men and did nothing. He still stood there stroking his cock, his other hand cupping and squeezing his balls. Taking his own perverted pleasures in what he was watching.

It didn’t take long for another man to kneel in front of me as he shoved his cock into my mouth. One after another I sucked. Some came into my mouth, while others preferred to shoot their load over my face. I was groped and fondled. Some spanked my bare ass until it glowed red. My nipples ached from being twisted and pulled. While I wasn’t fucked in the ass, my rosebud was sore and tender from being penetrated by fingers.

I lost count of the times I had been fucked. I lost track of time. All that mattered was getting these guys off. I moaned and wiggled enjoying the abuse my body was taking. The harder that I was fucked the more I wanted. I was raw and sore from taking so many men over and over. Some of the men fucked me more than once.

But the man in black was right; this is exactly what I needed. He stood by the cell bars and clapped. “Enough men!” he announced. And the men slowly returned to their beds, you could tell they were walking tall and proud. Smiles on their faces from the pleasures they took from my body.

The man in black told me to stand. I felt humiliated for even beginning to think that I had enjoyed the assault on my body. My face and hair was covered with shots of cum. My body was beginning to feel the effects from being touched, fondled and groped. Being pinched and pulled on. Slapped and spanked. I stood and I felt the rush of fluid run down my legs. I shuddered to think of the number of men who used my body shooting their load into my hot cunt.

I felt embarrassed standing in front of this man in my state of condition. The man in black stood back and smiled as he looked me over.

As if on cue the men lined up in against the wall. The man in black smiled and motioned to a desk in the corner and told me to lay down on it with my ass to the edge. I looked at him questionably, but he repeated his orders.

I felt like a prison whore. The exact words that were written on my body. With my head down I walked slowly with the cum running down my legs. I lay down on my back on the the table and scooted my butt to the edge of the table. The man in black smiled as i submitted to his word.

I closed my eyes and defeat, my cum filled cunt was proof of this. My cum soaked body was the proof that i was nothing more than a fuck whore. I took a deep breath, knowing deep down i loved every minute of it, but was afraid to admit it to myself.

I heard the clank of metal against metal and the door to the cell opened. The prison guard walked in still rubbing his cock. I looked at him and knew that he was going to be the grand finale. He walked to where my head lay and instructed me to suck him. I opened my mouth and gladly sucked him off. As I sucked him, his fingers played with my clit. He moaned his pleasures as I sucked him. His size was impressive, and i shivered with the thought that I couldn’t wait to feel his long thick cock inside me. I felt him stiffen, but at the last moment he pulled out of my mouth, but said nothing.

The guard spoke, “Tim, Frank come and hold her legs.” I watched as the two men stepped forward there limp cocks dripping with pre-cum. I looked at the rest of the men standing there, wanking off to what they were watching.

The men that were called forward and asked to help stood on each side of me. They each grabbed a leg and held it wide open. My muscles burned at the tension, the grip of there hands were like vises.

The guard stood in front of my exposed pussy, and it was sure magic that his cock swelled to to more than twice the size when i sucked him off. I looked at the man in black and he stood there smiling, and said the simple words “enjoy, this bit is for you.”

The guard grabbed his dick and pushed it to the opening of my cum filled hole, and pushed in hard. It was an amazing feeling after being fucked by so many men. The guard pumped in and out of my oozing cum hole, and I moaned in pure pleasure. After all that my body had gone through it didn’t take much to set me over the edge of an orgasm. I felt the tension mount, I closed my eyes, and tried to ride the wave of ecstasy that I was allowed. My body was craving this release. I screamed as it overtook me. The men held my legs wider apart, not letting me close them a fraction of an inch.

But the guard wasn’t done yet. He continued to fuck and pound me slick hole. His fingers found my clit and pinched and rubbed it as he fucked me, taking his pleasures with his super sized cock that the man in black provide him with.

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Giving In Ch. 03

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Chapter 3 — Guess What I Saw

Denise Watkins pulled into the parking space and turned off the car. For a moment, she sat there, daydreaming about the recent events in her life. In particular, she thought about Ted. About how this 20-year-old, barely half her 38 years, had taken control of her life. About how he dominated her. About how yesterday he’d spanked and fucked her while a stranger looked on. But most of all, she dreamed of how much she loved it. And she found herself getting wet just thinking about him.

* * *

Denise entered the office suite of Suzie Jackson — Graphic Artist. It was a small suite – a reception area, one office and a conference room. But being that Susie was a self-employed independent, it was all she needed.

“Oh my gosh! That’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard.” Denise heard the voice of a young woman coming from the conference room.

“It’s true,” a male voice responded. “Every word. I swear!”

“Hello,” Denise yelled out.

A young woman emerged from the conference room, a big smile on her face. “Hi,” she said. “I’m Suzie Jackson. You must be Denise.” At 5’9” in height, Suzie Jackson stood slightly taller than Denise. She had long blonde hair, blue eyes, and an athletic build. Her ample chest was prominently displayed beneath a tight fitting top.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Denise said as the two women shook hands.

“Mark’s in the conference room. We were just going through some of the plans when you came in.”

Denise followed Suzie back to the conference room. She couldn’t help but notice the sexy wiggle in the young blonde’s walk as she led the way. ‘What’s going on with me,’ she thought. ‘I’ve never been interested in women before, but damn she looks hot! Goddamn that Ted. He’s got me so screwed up I’m getting turned on by everything!’

As they entered the conference room, Suzie started the introductions. “Denise, this is Mark Manning. He just got in yesterday from St. Louis.”

“Hi, Mark,” Denise said as she extended her hand. She looked the young man over quickly. There was something familiar about his 6-foot tall frame, and his short dark hair.

It wasn’t until he took her hand and shook it, holding it just a little longer then he should have, that she realized where she’d seen him before. And it was obvious from the grin on his face that he recognized her, also.

“It’s a real pleasure to meet you,” Mark said, the grin still prominently displayed on his face.

Denise hesitated for an awkward moment. “It’s nice to meet you, too,” she responded nervously.

“Do you two know each other?” Suzie asked, noticing Denise’s hesitation.

For a long moment, there was total silence as the three exchanged awkward glances. Finally, Mark spoke up. “This is the woman I told you about earlier.”

It took a second or two for Suzie to realize what Mark was saying. That this was the woman in the motel window. The woman who’d surrendered herself to her young stud while Mark watched from his room across the courtyard.

For Denise, the realization that this was the young man from last night shook her to her very core. It was one thing being promiscuous in public; it was quite another being caught at it by a colleague. And to make matters worse, he’d obviously told Suzie. She looked back and forth between the two, not knowing what to say, or how to handle the situation. This was supposed to be her project. She was the one responsible for making it happen. These two kids were only there to support her.

And yet, here she stood. Humiliated. She lowered her head, no longer able to even look them in the eyes.

As Suzie stared at Denise, she could feel an excitement growing in her loins. Suzie was bi-sexual, and a very free spirit. She’d felt an attraction to both Mark and Denise when they’d met, but given their business relationship, had discounted any sexual forays as not only unlikely, but unwise. Now, she saw a golden opportunity being laid right at her feet. If what Mark said was true, not only was Denise a promiscuous little slut, but she was also a submissive. And Suzie just loved submissives. And judging from the way Mark told the story, and the way he reacted upon seeing Denise, she was certain that he would go along with almost anything.

After what seemed to Denise like hours, she felt Suzie’s hand on her shoulder, but still she couldn’t look up. Slowly, Suzie moved in front of the terrified woman, placed her other hand gently under her chin, and raised it until their eyes finally met.

“It’s true, then. Isn’t it?” she asked softly. Denise tried to turn away, but Suzie held her head in place. “Isn’t it?” she repeated in a firmer tone of voice.

Slowly, reluctantly, Denise nodded her head, but said nothing.

SLAP! With a move that was sudden and unexpected, Suzie’s hand left Denise’s shoulder and slapped her across the face. Not hard enough to hurt, but hard enough to sting.

Denise knew instinctively what Suzie was doing — establishing control. And Denise knew that if she didn’t stop it now she’d be unable to stop it at all. But she didn’t know how to stop it. After all, they knew what she’d done, how she’d allowed herself to be humiliated by her young stud. So she stood there quietly. And she waited, her juices beginning to flow in spite of herself.

“Isn’t it?” Suzie asked once again.

“Yes, ma’am,” she answered, her voice shaking slightly.

Suzie gently stroked the cheek she’d slapped a few seconds earlier. “That’s better. I think we’re finally beginning to understand each other, aren’t we?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Slowly, the young blonde moved her hands to Denise’s blouse, unbuttoning the top button. “So, Denise. Tell me. Do you like them young, or is it the humiliation that turns you on? Or do you just like being watched?”

For a moment Denise stood there as if perplexed by the question. “I don’t know, I guess,” she finally answered in a voice that was barely audible.

“Well,” Suzie said with a smile. “I’m 28. Is that too old for you?”

“No, ma’am,” Denise answered weakly.

“How old are you, Mark?” Suzie asked as she unbuttoned the second button.

Up to this point, Mark had sat quietly on the sidelines, content to let things unfold on their own. “29,” he answered calmly, but still not getting involved in the proceedings.

“Well, Denise. Is 29 too old?” Suzie asked, and the third button fell open.

There was a moment’s hesitation. “No, ma’am,” she answered at last.

Suzie moved slowly around Denise, trailing her fingers over the brunette’s shoulders as she went. Once she was behind her, she grabbed her shoulders with both hands, and slowly turned her until she was facing directly at Mark.

“He’s quite good looking, don’t you think?” Suzie asked.

“Yes, ma’am.” Denise no longer tried to fool herself into believing that she would be left with even a shred of dignity. The truth was, she no longer cared. She wanted sex, and she wanted it now. With Mark. And yes, even with Suzie. ‘God damn,’ she thought. ‘I’m even turning into a fucking lesbian.’

So she stood there looking at Mark while Suzie pulled her blouse out of her skirt. Her knees quivered noticeably when Suzie’s arms slid around her, and as she felt Suzie pressing her body against her backside. She nearly fainted as the younger woman’s hands began to roam freely over her still clothed body, gasping out loud as they slid inside the nearly open blouse and grabbing her breasts.

And then the final button on the blouse was undone, revealing the front of the lacy black bra Ted had picked out for her, along with her ample cleavage.

Suzie gave her one more squeeze before releasing her and backing away. And as she backed away, Denise felt her blouse sliding off her shoulders and down her arms, before finally sliding off altogether.

For a moment, nobody spoke, and nobody moved. It was Mark who finally broke the silence. “That’s a very sexy bra, don’t you think, Suzie?”

“Yes, it certainly is,” Suzie responded. “I wonder if she’s wearing panties to match.” Her hands moved slowly to the back of Denise’s skirt. First, she released the button, allowing the waist to loosen slightly. Slowly, she lowered the zipper, noticing the trembling of Denise’s body.

“Are you scared?” she asked as the zipper reached the bottom of its run.

Denise nodded her head in short, rapid movements. “Yes,” she answered truthfully.

Suzie released the fully unzipped skirt, which clung almost magically to Denise’s hips, refusing to slide off on its own accord, and moved back in front of her. Their eyes met momentarily, but Denise could not hold the younger woman’s gaze. “You should be scared,” Suzie said at last, a slight smile on her face as the skirt finally slid over Denise’s hips, falling in a heap around her feet.

Suzie stepped back and looked the woman over closely. “Yep,” she said at last. “The panties match the bra. What do you think, Mark? You like?”

Mark looked first at the skimpy lace bra and the exposed cleavage, then at the panties, also made of black lace and only slightly bigger than a thong, and finally at her black high-heeled shoes.

“Absolutely,” he grinned. “I think she looks hot.”

“I don’t know,” Suzie said. “I think she looks like a slut. How about it, Denise? Are you hot, or are you a slut?”

Denise just stood there, looking at the floor, her mind in turmoil. She was excited. That much was evidenced by the wetness of her panties. She was also nervous, and had no idea how to answer the question. “A slut,” she mumbled finally, her voice almost to soft to be heard.

SLAP! Without warning, Suzie stepped forward and unleashed a vicious slap. “When I ask you a question, I expect you to look at me and answer so I can hear you. Do you understand?” she barked.

The ferocity of the slap stunned Denise. But slowly, she raised her head and looked into Suzie’s eyes. There were tears trickling down her cheeks. “Yes, ma’am. I understand,” she answered clearly.

“Well, are you a Slut, or aren’t you?”

This time there was no hesitation. In fact, there was even a hint of pride in Denise’s answer. “Yes, ma’am,” she spoke out boldly. “I am a slut.”

Suzie looked at Mark and smiled. “I think it’s time we finish the job. Would you do the honors?”

“If you don’t mind,” he answered, “I think I’d like to watch you finish what you started.”

Taking a quick step towards Mark, Suzie reached out and gently squeezed what was obviously a very excited cock. She allowed her hand to linger on his manhood for a moment, and smiled at him knowingly. “Yes, I guess you would at that.”

Suzie released Mark and started towards her prey. “Wait,” Mark said suddenly, reaching for a pair of scissors on the credenza. “I think these might help,” he said, handing them to her. “She might have fun telling her young master what happened to her private garments, if you know what I mean.”

“Yes,” Suzie smiled. “I do know what you mean.” She held the scissors gently in her hand and stared at them, quiet for a moment, lost in thought. “In fact, I think I’d really like to have some fun with our little slut,” she said at last. “There’s a ball of packaging rope in the bottom drawer of the credenza. Could you get it for me, please?”

All of a sudden, Denise felt her body tensing up, her boldness from moments before giving way to fear. Ted. She’d forgotten entirely about Ted. How would she explain this to him? What would he say? What would he do?

And the rope. What did they need the rope for? As these thoughts raced through her mind, she looked at Suzie. And at Mark. And she suddenly realized that, here she stood, clad only in bra, panties and shoes, in front of two people she’d never even met before. And now they wanted to tie her up.

“Please don’t,” she pleaded meekly, looking directly at Suzie.

But Suzie ignored her as she took the rope from Mark, and as she moved slowly behind her slut. Silently, she laid the scissors down on the conference table and unwound the ball of rope. Satisfied that she’d unwound enough rope, she quickly reclaimed the scissors, cut the rope, and returned the scissors to the table.

“Hands behind your back,” she ordered sharply, breaking the silence.

“Please,” Denise pleaded again. “Please don’t hurt me.”

“Behind your back,” Suzie ordered again. And slowly, ever so slowly, Denise began to comply. When the hands were fully behind her at last, Suzie tied the rope first to the slut’s left wrist, and then to the right, making certain that there was very little slack in the line.

Satisfied with her work, she grabbed the scissors and knelt down. Working quickly, she tied Denise’s ankles together, tossing the excess rope on the table. When she’d finished, she stood up and moved closer to her captive, running the scissors lightly against her cheek and neck.

Denise shivered at the touch of the scissors against her bare skin, closing her eyes as she felt Suzie’s arms wrap around her. She felt the scissors slide between her breasts, and cringed as she heard the slow cutting of material, signaling the beginning of the end for her finest brassiere.

And then the bra gave way, and her breasts swung out from each other, still covered by the lacy cups, not yet completely free. She felt goose bumps as the cold blade ran lightly between her tits.

Denise could feel Suzie’s body as it pressed against her, and she could feel her breath on her neck, and in her ear. But just when Denise was starting to relax, to feel comfortable, her tormentor released her and backed away slightly. Again, Denise felt the cold steel against her body, this time on her left shoulder, as the shoulder strap quickly gave way to the closing blades, allowing the cup to fall forward, dangling against her side, leaving the left breast fully revealed.

Seconds later, the right strap was cut, leaving both tits fully exposed, and the useless brassiere dangling helplessly from between her arms and sides. And finally, she felt the back of the bra being unsnapped.

For a moment, nobody moved, Mark drinking in the sight of the naked bosom before him, and Suzie checking out Mark as he checked out the slut.

The moment seemed frozen in time, as if what had started out as nothing more than a harmless prank had suddenly become very serious. And still nobody moved.

Until suddenly, with a swiftness that startled Denise, Suzie slid the scissors down each hip, cutting the flimsy panties, leaving them as nothing more than a pussy-soaked rag dangling from between her thighs.

“Mark,” Suzie said after an awkward moment, “would you mind taking these garments and putting it in her purse for me?”

Denise stared at Mark as he rose from his chair. “It would be my pleasure,” he replied as he slowly moved towards her, looking her over thoroughly from head to toe. Unable to resist, Denise lowered her eyes down his fully clothed body until she reached his crotch. She gasped audibly, wondering how he could even walk in the state he was so obviously in.

She stood quietly, with Suzie in the background, as Mark reached out for the once fancy panties. With an agonizing slowness, he pulled the panties from between her legs. When they were at last free, he raised them to his nose and breathed in the scent of her womanhood. Smiling slightly, he extended the garment to Suzie, allowing her to smell the fruits of her labor.

He looked backed at the slut. “Open up,” he ordered. Denise obeyed without hesitation, and he stuffed the rag in her mouth.

With both hands free, he quickly moved to her tits, ignoring for the moment, the dangling brassiere. Denise felt her eyes closing and heard the sounds of her own muffled moans of pleasure as he massaged her aching mounds, and as he squeezed her firmly.

But all too soon, he stopped. Denise opened her eyes and watched as he gently pulled each half of her bra from between her arms, and as he reached up and pulled the panties from her mouth.

As he walked over to the table to put the rags in her purse, it hit her. She’d walked into this room in charge and full of confidence, ready to work with these young professionals, ready to nurture them, to guide them. And now, not quite 30 minutes later, she stood before them, naked but for a pair of shoes, tied at the ankles and wrist, completely helpless, totally at their mercy. And so turned on, she’d fuck a horse if they told her to.

She felt the breath on her neck first, as Suzie slid up behind her, grabbing her by the hips. And she sighed as the lips began to nibble softly on her neck and ear. Shortly, the hands left the hips, sliding around front, where they reluctantly parted ways, one moving northward to her mountainous bosom, the other southward towards the depths of her womanhood.

She moaned, allowing her body to meld into Suzie’s as, for the first time, she felt a woman’s hands working their magic on her. She felt the gentle massaging of her breasts and the light pinching of her nipples, followed by gentle tugs, and then more tender caresses. And she felt the fingers working gently to uncover her aroused love button, stroking it softly, patiently.

And she felt the eagerly awaited orgasm beginning to build. But suddenly, Suzie stopped and stepped away.

“No,” Denise begged, nearly in tears. “Please don’t stop. I need it so bad!”

But Suzie said nothing as she slowly stepped around in front of her. She took Denise’s head between her hands and pulled her slowly closer. Denise closed her eyes and opened her mouth, reaching out hungrily for Suzie’s lips. And when they came together at last, the two women passionately devoured each other, Suzie’s hands dropping from Denise’s head and wrapping themselves around her, holding the bound and naked woman close.

After what seemed like forever, Denise felt herself being gently pushed away. With a look of pure lust in her eyes, she looked at Suzie questioningly.

But Suzie just smiled. “First, my little slut, it’s my turn. And Mark’s turn. And then, if you’re very good, maybe it will be your turn.” With that, she reached behind the naked captive and pinched her ass, bringing a sharp yelp from her victim.

Without turning around, she began backing up, not stopping until she felt Mark’s arm wrapping themselves around her. “Ummm,” she purred as his strong arms engulfed her. “This is nice.”

At last, after a long and agonizingly wonderful show orchestrated by Suzie, Mark had a woman in his arms. And he wasted no time in setting his hands free to explore, first to her bosom, similar is size to Denise’s, yet unrestrained by a bra. He squeezed her luscious melons through her tight fitting, stretchy top, clutching them against her, squeezing them roughly, even eliciting a slight yelp from Suzie’s lips.

But as he squeezed her, he was looking at Denise, standing naked and alone, her body fidgeting, clearly in a state of high arousal. He smiled at her, and winked.

He then reached for the bottom of Suzie’s top, pushing it up her torso and over her breasts, exposing them for the first time. But he did not take the top off, choosing instead to fondle the breasts with one hand, while the other worked at releasing the snap on her pants.

Soon, his efforts were rewarded by the sound of a metal snap popping open, followed shortly by the sound of a zipper being lowered.

And then, it was Suzie’s turn to squirm as Mark’s hand slid easily inside her pants. With practiced experience, his fingers were quickly on target as Suzie moaned, pressing herself against him as one hand worked its magic on her button, and the other hand massaged her tender globes.

When he felt her excitement building, he moved quickly and suddenly, grabbing the back of her top with both hands and pulling it over her head, leaving it stretched across her chest, still wrapped around each arm.

The next thing she knew, Suzie found herself face down across his lap, her arms trapped beneath her, held in place by her own top.

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Marriage Transformation Ch. 04

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Finally the day arrived. Chris graduated from college. He started his job and settled into learning everything he could from the senior partners and just about everyone else. The stress of the new job made him think more about his work than his wife. Elizabeth had plenty of time in the mornings and managed to get herself off with the dildo quite often. They had engaged in very little oral sex and she was wondering if the left over aversion that Chris might have felt to her squirting during her climax might be the reason. For now her frequent squirting was done after a special time with her dildo.

After a few months on the job, Chris was more settled and more approachable. She chanced coming on to him again and he readily accepted. She gave him her best blow job, but did not make him cum. Instead she got him near his climax and then had him penetrate her vagina. He, as usual, did not last much longer. After he came, she kissed and caressed him. She rubbed his body and his limp cock. “It’s time”, she thought.

“Chris, you know we talked about how much we both enjoy oral sex now that we are getting used to married life? Well, I want us to be very respectful of each other. I so appreciate the release I get from my orgasms and I hope that my discharge does not freak you out. It just feels so good and I am so satisfied when you do that for me. Until I talk to my doctor, do you think you can continue to satisfy me orally?”

“Uh, yes, I am sorry about you not being able to cum during sex.”

“Oh, no, Honey, sex includes the beautiful oral part also. Once I learned how to cum with you licking me, I have been so happy and thankful. So could you, you know, do me, now?”

“Elizabeth, I just came in you. I can’t do that now.”

“Oh, I understand, baby. I should not have gotten you so excited. But you know, I swallow your cum and I have kissed you afterward. As a matter of fact, I now enjoy the taste. So, can you just try?”

She was kissing him in between and using every bit of body language she could. She moaned, “Oh please, Chris, I am so hungry to cum. I feel so unfulfilled and wanting. Please, Honey, just try it once. Come on help me cum, please.”

She guided him up and moved his face to her steaming, cum filled pussy. He was still reluctant.

“Oh, yes, Honey, lick me, please.”

Even selfish Chris could not resist her heated anxiety. He finally allowed her to pull his head into position and kiss her swollen red lips. He wanted to stop right then and she figured he probably would.

She squealed immediately from his first kiss. “Oh, oh, oh, o, o, yes, baby. Kiss my sex, o, oooh, please don’t stop. You feel so good.”

Reluctantly he inserted his tongue into her love canal and tasted the combined juices from their lovemaking. Surprisingly, he did not gag. The sensation was not pleasant at first and he felt like a homo tasting his own sperm. But she was right, she had kissed him with cum on her lips before and he could not deny that he was aroused with her sheer desire to cum. He tried to put it out of his mind as he licked her slimy pussy again.

“Oh, yes, Chris, you feel so good. Please let me cum. Oh, yes, yes, lick me.”

She took full command of his head and thrust her full pussy into his mouth. She didn’t care if she smothered him. He was going to learn to make her cum one way or the other. If she had to, she would unveil her dildo and do herself in front of him. One thing at a time. She would get to that later.

She made him lick her shuddering clit and she screamed and bucked her hips. The girl cum spewed out all over him.

“Oh, yes, Baby, taste my cum. You are so good.”

He pulled back and she sprayed his face with a forceful thrust. He would have to get used to this. She hoped he would take pride in making her cum so intently. When she stopped squirting, she pulled him up to her face and licked her cum from him.

“Oh, yes, I taste so good, Baby. Almost as good as your cum. Almost. That was wonderful, Chris, you make me so happy. You are such a good lover.”

By now, she knew that couldn’t be further from the truth. She was determined to lead him as far as he would go to satisfy her. If he could survive being squirted on and get used to it, she would accept his lack of size for now. They still had a lot to learn, but they had a long time to learn it. With all that Cindy had helped her so far, she felt empowered to lead Chris to a more selfless form of love making. She was satisfied with this re-start and vowed to keep the pressure on until he learned to do these things by himself. Truthfully, she did not get that much satisfaction of fucking his small cock nor sucking him off for that matter, but they were progressing quite well.

The next step was easy. She began working on Chris about her desire to cum like the women she had read about on the internet. When she went for her regular gynecological physical, she told Chris that she had asked her doctor why she was not able to orgasm vaginally. She didn’t actually mention it to her doctor. But she told Chris that the doctor had said that with some couples it takes time to develop that level of enjoyment. She told him that the doctor mentioned marital aids to her. She claimed that she had investigated this. What she found were vibrators, dildos and such. She said that the doctor told her that couples should select the type of marital aid they wanted to try and then purchase them together. Also, she informed him, the doctor had said that her squirting was indeed a mysterious phenomenon that some women could not achieve no matter how they were stimulated and others could do so almost every orgasm. This too was not something that she even brought up to her doctor.

Chris asked her what they should do.

“Well, Honey, I have found out that there are shops that cater to married couples and advertise quite openly.”

“You mean here?”

“Yes, I looked up several in fact. Can we go look at some of these things? I am so wanting to cum from straight sex. I love how we have mastered oral sex; I just want to see if I squirt from just penetration. Please, can we go now?”

“I would be embarrassed to go out in public looking for such things.”

“Oh, Chris, we are married. Would you rather I went by myself and took a chance of someone getting the wrong idea?”

“Can’t we just keep on the way we are?”

“Honey, I want to cum like normal women cum.”

Chris was really getting uncomfortable, but Elizabeth started kissing him and rubbing his cock through his trousers. His little cock was getting hard and she kept up the pressure.

“I will give you a treat after you use one of the aids on me.”

He could not resist much longer anyway and reluctantly got up. They headed out the door and Elizabeth pretended to be looking for directions on her phone while they drove. When they entered the boutique, there were indeed two couples shopping. Two more ladies were looking at the big dildos. Chris and Elizabeth browsed until she led him to the realistic ones. She didn’t want the same size she already had, so she moved to the larger ones. She found a brown one about nine inches long and much thicker than her starter dildo.

“Let’s get this one, Honey. It should show real quickly if this is going to work.”

For his part, Chris just wanted to get out of there. He agreed and they started to the check out area. She about fainted when she saw Dan, the young man who had sold her the first dildo she had purchased with Cindy. Dan recognized her, of course, but pretended not to notice. She had Chris carry the dildo up to the register. When Dan was about to ring up the dildo, he mentioned to them that they had a sale on lingerie.

“Chris, can we look while we are here? Please?”

Dan said he would hold their selection while they continued shopping. Elizabeth was especially intrigued by the sexy crotchless panties and convinced Chris that they would be fun for the bedroom. He was getting more comfortable and told her to go ahead. She picked out one very sheer white one and a ruffled bright red one.

Dan checked them out and was very cordial to both of them. He asked Chris if he was a sports fan and rattled out some interesting games coming up. When he gave Chris his change, he winked at him and told him to enjoy the purchases. As usual, he invited them both back to the boutique.

Back at home, Elizabeth could not get into the red crotchless panties quick enough. Soon after, she had Chris’ clothes off and began sucking his cock. She did not want him to cum, so she moaned and slurped until she needed to stop. She begged him to open the brown dildo and fuck her with it. She could hardly wait for him to cut the wrapper. She grabbed it and rushed to the bathroom to wash it off. Her pussy was wet and her beautiful breasts bounced as she rushed back to the bedroom. She handed off the thick cock to Chris, “Please, Honey, do me with this thing and make me cum.”

Chris started pushing the cock into her pussy. She had to stop him and show him how to move it around her pussy lips coating it with her lubrication. She held it herself and let Chris think he was pushing it into her. She moaned with anticipation as she helped him slowly push it in and pull it back. This was just like his real cock humping back and forth. Her hands were guiding, but also caressing his hands. She humped up and down as Chris got the message and joined the rhythm of the thrusts. Deeper and deeper she pushed the thick brown cock. This was even better than her secret dildo. It filled her up more and then eventually pushed deeper into her womb where no man had been. Certainly Chris had never been that far up into her.

She ground her hips and encouraged Chris with her body language. “Oh, yes, Baby. That feels so good. Oh, my, oh, oh o,o,o,o, yes. Do me, Honey. Do me good.”

She kept this up and Chris was responding quite nicely. His little cock was about to burst as his pretty wife was getting more and more vocal. She took the cock completely and guided Chris’ finger to her clit. He knew what she wanted and brushed the engorged button with his finger tips. She bucked and moaned louder. Finally,”Oh, god, oh, oh, oh, don’t stop. I am cumming.”

Her cum spewed out in a high pressure torrent. She locked up like a spring and held the tension as she shot her girl cum all over. The cock was buried all the way into her. She thrashed all over the bed as Chris tried to keep the pressure on her clit while she pushed the dildo yet further into herself. It was fantastic. She shuddered to several mini-climaxes after her big one.

“Oh, Chris, that was so good. I am so happy that I can cum this way. You were wonderful, the way you moved your hands. Come here, Sweetie.”

She sucked his cock deep and bobbed her head until her dumped his cum into her mouth. She swallowed and then move up to kiss him. She did indeed kiss him. She stuck her tongue into his mouth and shared the taste of his cum.

The next morning after Chris had gone to work, she pulled out her new dildo and lubed it up. She pleasured herself for about an hour, cumming several times. She squirted twice until she ran out of girl cum. She wanted to see how many orgasms she could have and how often she squirted.

With Chris working full time, the urgency of her job was somewhat diminished. Cindy had been talking to her about her receptionist job being beneath her.

Cindy told her, “With your looks and experience with the public, you should look further down the road to more meaningful employment. Or, you just might want to be a stay at home wife and have babies. Either way Bill and Maureen know that what they pay a receptionist will not keep anyone around indefinitely. They have gone through many girls and you are the sharpest one of the bunch.”

This got Elizabeth thinking about moving on and moving up. She continued talking to Cindy about her future and finally asked Maureen what she thought about this. Maureen was surprisingly supportive and told her that they would hate to lose her, but that she was indeed cut out for more meaningful things. With that out of the way, Elizabeth began looking into getting into college part time. She hoped to attain an associate degree and enter the job market while she worked on a full degree. She thought that she might even attend full time after Chris got some experience and began making more money.

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Shafting some Bunglas with a FTC 871 by JohnnoAllthwaite

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FTC 871 is the part number for a Land Rover left hand rear half shaft.
That is the only fact based statement in this work of fiction and all the characters are completely fictitious although with such lifelike characters you probably know someone just like them.

The pavement glistened moistly after the rain storm as we huddled together in the 99p shop doorway as we kept an eye on Parson’s Street one Friday in late August 2001.

“That’s the cunt,” ‘Nobby’ Bagthorpe said quietly as he pointed to this ageing Asian bloke with his head down as he legged it up the street as he headed home from Friday prayers at the Parson’s Street Mosque.

“Yeah that’s him,” Al confirmed.

“What him, he looks past it?” I queried.

“Get a grip Allthwaite,” Nobby moans, “It’s the cunt’s kid, fucking Imran as been doing our Sheila not that cunt.”

“Right,” I says, “So what we following that cunt for?”

“Like the fucking Mafia Johnno,” Al says, “That lot.”

“Fucking top man Kuptar,” Nobby adds.

“Right,” I agrees, totally confused, “Now what?”

“Talk to the cunt,” Nobby says.

“Right,” I agreed, “So we fucking threaten him and get the whole fucking tribe round our gaff or worse claiming racial harassment?”

“You got a better idea?” Nobby asks, well as it happens my idea was fuck off down the Flying Horse for a few bevvies, maybe a curry and crawl away and throw up in canal, “Thought not,”
he added.

The bloke kept walking and we followed, we would have caught him up and had a chat except Nobby started wheezing because of the fags and that and Al said he had stitch and I didn’t fancy it on my own as our dad said they carried daggers down their socks.

So we followed ‘Kuptar,’ to his gaff the corner shop on the corner of Mafeking Street and Ladysmith Street and we went in, Mrs Kuptar was serving behind the high counter and she hid her copy of ‘Playgirl,’ and switched her telly to the Asian network instead of one of them porn channels she usually watched as we walked in.

“Hiya sexy!” Nobby said. She stared at him through the rectangular hole in the black tent she wore and she cursed him in Urdu with a Lancashire accent.

“You want something or you come to take the piss?” she asked nastily.

“Where’s the boss?” Al asked, “We know he’s here?”

“Michael,” she shouts, fucking Asian called fucking Michael, you couldn’t make it up.

“Yes,” he bellows.

“Some rough yobbos are here to see you Michael,” she says in English to wind us up.

“Who are they?” he asks.

“Johnno Althwaite and Nobby Bagthorpe, you know Sandra’s brother,” I says.

“I owe the girl nothing!” he said, “Nothing!”

“Not you fucking Imran, he got her up the duff,” Nobby insists, “Ring on finger time savvy?”

Kuptar appears, “Then you must take it up with Imran.”

“Look you’re fucking head of the family, you have a word right?” Al interjects.

“He is his own man and will marry whom he chooses,” Kuptar says and his missus has the decency to blush as we all knew the family planned who married who, a cousin from Bungla probably.

“Tell him to give us a bell,” Nobby said firmly, “We’re off down the Dog and Duck for a bevvy,” he lied and we strode out into the typical mist and light rain that is Weatherfield when it isn’t raining hard.

“That fucking told them,” Nobby said, “Lets get bladdered.”

We went down Flying Horse in case Imran came looking and got started on the Stella. (Artois).

“Hey Johnno, why don’t you marry our Sheila?” Nobby asks after about ten pints.

“No you’re all right mate, I don’t fancy your mum as mother in law,” I says.

“Might be you as got her in family way Johnno,” Al reminded me.

“For fucks sake I fucking paid her and I was rubbered up every time!” I reminded them.
“No offence but she is a pro remember.”

“Nice little earner,” Nobby said drunkenly, “It ain’t fair that tarts gets paid for fucking and blokes has to pay for it.”

“If you say so,” I says , “What do you think Jeremy?”

Nobby looks up all guilty like, he hadn’t seen Jerry France stood behind us.

“Very funny Johnno,” Jerry leers, “That was years ago.”

“What was?” Al asked.

“He got done for soliciting!” I said “Weatherfield’s only rent boy!”

“Oh, very funny,” Jerry says, “Anyway that’s all in the past.”

“Glad to hear it,” Al says.

“Simon and I are getting married in October,” Jerry says proudly and Nobby drops what was left of his pint in his lap.

“Fucking hell!” he protests and frantically tries to wipe his crotch with some blokes anorak that he left hung on a chair while he went to the bog, “They’ll think I pissed me self!”

I tried to ignore him, pillock.

“How’s the Band going,” Jerry asks, going on about Weatherfield Silver, the Brass Band I used to play in.

“Fucking packed it in,” I lied, I got sacked when I fucked up the Intermezzo from the “Ironmasters” in regional final, hit top A flat instead of top B flat you never heard such a fucking row, “You still play?” I asks.

“A bit, I’m back on Flugel now,” he says.

“You always did have good tone, remember when we played ‘Pie Jesu’ for the old folks party?”
I asked.

“The old biddy said it brought tears to her eyes!” he agreed,

“And I said it wasn’t that bad!” we laughed, old Jerry wasn’t a bad bloke for a shirt-lifter, at least he stuck to blokes his own age or older and wasn’t a pedo like most of the queers round our way.

“What about fucking Sheila,” Nobby says.

“No thanks!” Jerry laughs and he slips away.

“Better see fucking Imran,” I said.

“Better get a Curry then,” Nobby says, “Before we waste away.”

Waste away, Nobby’s gut had to be 46 inches at least and he must have been eighteen stone because Al’s Land Rover got quite a list on when Nobby climbed aboard.

We had a curry, “Why is it always Indians what sells curry?” Nobby asked idly as he stuffed his face.

There really wasn’t no answer, and then we met Sheila as we walked home, she was standing at bus stop by WH Smiths.

“What you doing our Sheila?” Nobby asks as if it wasn’t painfully obvious what a seven months pregnant tart in a red miniskirt half way up her ass and a top that was so tight it bulged where her her tits swelled an extra couple of inches on account of her being up the duff, and who was hanging about at a bus stop at near midnight when last bus was ten thirty.

“Go home Nobby,” Sheila says.

“We been trying to fix you up with fucking Imran!” Al says.

“Fuck off!” Sheila says, “He fucking did me bareback the filthy bastard!” she ranted “Its his fault I got caught!”

“That’s what I mean, he got a Merc,” Al adds.

“His dad’s got a corner shop,” I adds.

“Fucking grow up,” she said, “Anyway you met my mate?”

I stared, “Doreen?” there was Ted Atkins missus Doreen in high heels, fishnets and a bum freezer miniskirt hiding in Woolworths shop doorway.

“Johnno,” she says.

“What you doing here?” I asks.

“Lost me job,” she says, “I needs the money,” she said, I looked, she was a bit rough, roots needed doing which showed she was mousy haired really not blonde, too much lipstick, and dressed too tarty with the fishnets, but something stirred down below.

“How much?” I asked.

“No Johnno, I know you it would be like cheating on Ted.” she says.

“How much?” I says again.

“Fifty?” she says.

“Fucking twenty more like,” I says and I rummaged in my pocket, “I got seventeen pounds and eighty three pence,” I says.

“No way!” Doreen protests and then I produced a twenty.

“Oh go on Dor,” Sheila says, “He’s only got a little cock and he comes ever so quick.”

“Oh all right then,” says Doreen and she pulls her G string to one side and expects me to fuck her standing up in Timothy Whites’ chemist’s shop doorway.

“We can’t fuck here!” I says.

“Only take a minute, if we all stand round no one will see.” Sheila says, “Get on with it.”

I fished me tool out and rubbered up with a Durex, Doreen hauls up the hem of her skirt about an inch and I bends me knees and pushes upwards and eases inside her, she was all tight and warm and fucking lovely, “Oh that’s so fucking good!” I says and I humped her about twice and then, “Oh fuck!” I says and me balls are crinkling and there’s that feeling like there’s a red hot steel rod down the eye of your cock and it needs cooling and quite suddenly, “Oh fucking hell no!” I shot me load.

“Pound a second, that’s better than Merchant bankers!” Sheila chuckled.

“Very funny,” I said as me tool shrank.

“I wish my Ted was more like you,” Doreen said, “He keeps me pinned to the counterpaine for half an hour some times trying to get off.”

“Stick the whole fucking knife in why don’t you,” I suggested sarcastically as I chucked the spunked up rubber in the corner and cleaned me tool on me hanky, and they all laughed every fucking one of them.

I zippered up, “Fuck the lot of you!” I said and I staggered off up the hill, which was daft because our house is the other way.


We had to wait till we sobered up on Sunday before we could get round the shop again to have another word in fucking Kuptar’s shell like.

“Look here’s the deal,” Nobby told Kuptar, “First off fucking Imran pays fucking maintenance for our Sheila’s kid.”

“If the DNA says he is Imran’s we shall talk!” Kuptar replies.

“Indeed,” Mrs Kuptar agrees, “Perhaps we shall adopt the child.”

“Fucking marry our Sheila more like!” Nobby says.

“Be reasonable,” says Kuptar playing for time.

“And second I want’s a crack at your fucking Amina,” Nobby says.

“No!” Kuptar protests, “I cannot let a rough fellow like you associate with my daughter, she is pure!”

“I want’s to fuck her not fucking associate!” Nobby says.

“Associate is Bungla for fuck mate,” Al says helpfully.

“You stupid fellow,” Kuptar retorts, “I do not even want you in the same room as my daughter!” he rants.

“Phone sex?” I suggests, old Kuptar nearly busts a blood vessel but the there is a screech of tyres and Imran and a couple of cousins turns up.

“Ah my boys!” Kuptar exclaims as they burst in like the heroes in a bad Bollywood cop movie, “Please escort these gentlemen from my shop.”

I never knew what hit me, there was this cousin I never saw before and then I just went out like a light, but Nobby was made of better stuff, seems like Imran belted Nobby in the gut and Nobby puked all over his arm and then smacked Imran on the nose busting it and sending him sprawling, then like a true English gentleman Nobby legged it as fast as any eighteen stone fat bastard can leg it and headed for home, leaving Al to whack Imran’s cousin in the face with a ice cold two litre bottle of Coke he planned to buy and to dodge the other cousin and leg it after Nobby leaving me on the deck out cold.

I come round in the back room of the shop, “It seems you are not a fighting man Mr Allthwaite?” Kuptar says.

“For fucks sake,” I says checking me jaw and teeth, “That was out of order.”

“You’re alive aren’t you?” Imran snaps.

“Just a fucking bout,” I says, “No thanks to you!”

“You should have let Freddie finish him off!” Imran ranted.

“What’s fucking stopping you,” I asked.

“Mr Allthwaite we are peaceful men,” Kuptar said, “We are not roused easily but you have been warned.”

“I’ll bring a fucking gun next time,” I told him.

“Try it,” that Imran cunt says and next thing there’s a fucking AK47 barrel pointing at me head, fucking Kalashnikov no less.

“Right,” I says, “Good point.”

“Freddy!” Kuptar whined, and had a real go at him in Urdu or some such, “You idiot!”

“Look, no skin off my nose,” I says, “Loads of folk got guns, me dad’s got a Lee Enfield in the shed.”

“What is this?” this girl asks and I saw Amina’s face through the face hole in the tent she wore.

“Fucking hell,” I exclaimed, “You gone all religious?”

“No,” she replied sadly, “Go home John,” she said and added, “Don’t come back!”

“Christ you changed,” I said remembering how she used to leap about playing Netball at school in a short skirt flashing her knickers when she was in year ten before her tits developed.

“Go!” she said.

I didn’t need a second telling, I stood up wobbled a bit and headed out the back door down the yard and out into the back alley where I had a quick look back before I legged it for home.


“Fucking cunt’s got guns!” I told Al and Nobby later.

“So’ve we,” Al says.

“Fucking Lee Enfield from Bore War,” I says.

“Fucking good gun that,” Nobby says.

“We can’t fucking carry that down the street can we?” I explained, “Not without getting fucking arrested.”

“Good point,” Nobby says, “Better cut the fucking barrel off.”

“Don’t be a fucking dick head,” Al says, “You wants a fucking mallet.”

“Iron bar,” I says.

“Fucking half shaft!” Al says and laughs.

“Right,” I agrees, “Fucking Land Rover half shaft, you got a busted one haven’t you Al?”

“I got a spare good one Johnno,” Al says, “Fucking hell we could twat some bastard and stick the shaft back in and the cunts wouldn’t never be able to find the weapon.”

“Fucking truck wouldn’t work though would it,” Nobby says.

“Four wheel drive just use the diff lock,” I says.

“Fucking hell, fucking half shaft against a fucking gun,” Al says.

“Fucking guns more like,” I says.

“Well I’m up for it!” Nobby says, like a true dick head.

“What?” I says.

“Twatting that cousin what decked you,” Nobby says.

“Yeah,” I said uncertainly, “That bastard needs a muzzle.”

“Three months in fucking traction more like,” Al said, “Any one fancy another?”

“Yeah,” I said.

“Good lad, mine’s a Stella, oh and a pack of nuts,” Nobby added so I had me wallet out again getting a round in.

“Thing is,” Nobby said, “By the time we’ve had enough Stella to be up for it we are too pissed to do anything.”

“Fucking right,” I agreed, “Saturday morning.”

That’s why we went round fucking Kuptar’s gaff again on Saturday morning, just to sort fucking Imran out, see Al busted the half shaft on his Land Rover and bought a pair off of Ebay so he had a spare so there we fucking were half past fucking six in the morning sat in Al’s Land Rover
waiting for the shop to open with a spare half shaft wrapped in a towel.

It was about quarter to seven when the door opened and Amina looked out and stuck the sign outside, the sun was shining and she looked really stupid in head to toe robes like a pantomime Virgin Mary out of the nativity.

“Come on!” I shouts and I grabs the half shaft and legs it for the shop, fucking Amina sees us coming and screams.

“No, please No!” she squeals but I was past her and through the shop, “No!” she squeals, “Papa!”

I burst in the kitchen, fuck! they was all there, the whole fucking tribe with this white bearded bastard sat there and the whole fucking table was loaded with stuff in brown paper wrappers, and bits of mobile phones , fucking dildoes and a butt plug and all sorts of crap.

“Fuck!” I wailed, “What the fuck!”

“Where’s fucking Imran?” Nobby asked.

“Which cunt twatted you?” Al asked.

“It’s a fucking bomb factory you dopey cunts,” I says and I saw the bearded fucker move like he had ideas about drawing a gun or summat, anyway the towel was off and I smacked that fucker right in the chops with the splined end of the half shaft, he screamed like a stuck pig and fell off of his chair.

They was all a bit slow to react but they was fucking coming to life already, fucking Kuptar looked like he shit his self and there was half a dozen other fuckers sat around panicking.

“No!” Kuptar shouted, “Imran no!”

Imran had the Kalashnikov in his hand, only bit of luck was he didn’t know the safety was off and he stuck it back on by mistake, I swung the half shaft at him, clang I reckon it put a dent in that Kalashnikov barrel anway he dropped it like it was red hot and then all the other fuckers was legging it, they pinned poor old Nobby against the wall and shoved Al back into the shop and fucking legged it, some out the back some through the shop, then there was just Imran, Kuptar and me, oh and the bearded fucker blabbing in Urdu about his busted face.

“Fucks sake Johnno,” Nobby says, “Fucking hell!”

I just stared and then Amina came in, “Now look what you’ve done!” she screamed.

“It is ok,” Kuptar said.

“What the fuck is this!” I yelled.

“Bombs,” Amina said, “My stupid brother has religion.”

“Kill the infidels!” says the bearded fucker so I twatted him with the half shaft again and thirty pounds of high tensile steel was no match for his bony skull and he went down and stayed down.

“W’what are you going to do?” asked Kuptar.

“Well,” says Nobby, “How about our Sheila?”

“What?” says Kuptar.

“That cunt got our fucking Sheila up the duff,” Nobby exclaimed.

“Are you mad?” Amina screeches, “The Imman is dying, the table is covered with bombs and you want my brother to marry a prostitute!”

“Yep,” Nobby says, “Got it in one!”

“Agghhh,” squeals Amina, “I am calling the Police!”

“Hey don’t be too hasty,” Al says, blocking her way, “Some of this is dodgy.”

“You idiot!” Amina squeals, “These are bombs, not fake designer handbags!”

“Fucking hell,” I says looking at the stuff on the table, fucking vibrating fucking dildo cut open with some yellow paste stuff and some electrics stuffed in it, “Hey do these go where I think they go?” I asked.

“Fuck you Allthwaite,” Imran snarled.

“What up their asses?” Nobby asks.

“Looks like it,” Al adds, “Or their cunts.”

Amina slaps him round the face, “I am pure!” she wailed.

“You poor bitch,” I said, “You want to get out more.”

“That’s what I been saying,” Nobby says, “You and me how about it?”

“I should rather fuck Allthwaite at least it would be quick!” Amina snapped.

“Who told you?” I asked and she blushed and Imran worked out how the safety worked aimed the Kalashnikov at Nobby and let fly, he missed by a fucking mile and sent a line of bullet holes across the wall and ceiling and busted one of the light fittings.

“Fuck!” he said as he ran out of bullets.

“I fucking warned you,” I said and I smashed the half shaft down on his right wrist, he screamed, “Fucking pack it in,” I said.

“The police!” Kuptar protested and then Mrs Kuptar turned up in her nightie to see what was up, a short nightie about nine inches above her knee, loads of cleavage totally different to the tent she wore in the shop.

“Mama!” Amina protested, “You are not dressed.”

“Dressed, who cares,” the mother protested, “I heard shooting!”

“Car backfired!” Al lied unconvincingly.

“And those are woodworm holes?” the mother asked pointing at the ceiling.

“Death watch beetle,” I said, “Look we don’t give a fuck about guns and that we just wants that fucker to do right by Nobby’s Sheila.

“What?” the mother asks.

“That cunt got our Sheila up the duff!” Nobby explains, “We just want’s what she’s due.”

“What?” Kuptar asks, “You don’t care?”

“No,” I agreed, “If that cunt does right by Sheila that’s it.”

“Marry the prostitute Imran,” Amina says, “Say you’ll marry the prostitute.”

“I have promised cousin Mustafa!” Kuptar announces.

“Oh yes, your promises,” Amina agreed, “He promised me to his brothers eldest!”

“Fuck!” I said, “That’s fucking rough, what in fucking Bungla?”

“No Bradford!” she said, “He’s so old!” she said, “Like thirty!”

“He is a Surgeon!” Kuptar insisted.

“Without a UK passport,” Amina countered, “And a homosexual!”

“Look,” I says and pointed at the bearded fucker, “Maybe we should get that bastard a doctor?”

“Bit late Johnno,” Nobby said, “Smells like he shit his self, fuckers does that when they dies.”

I looked, he didn’t look too lively but he hadn’t stopped bleeding, so maybe he was ok.

“Lock the shop door Amina,” Kuptar insisted, then he asked, “What shall we do?”

“Any ideas Nobby, Al?” I asked.

“Sort out that crap on the table,” Al suggested.

“Fair enough,” I agreed, “You like the IRA or something?” I asked.

“Yes, a little,” Kuptar agreed.

“So what’s the crack?” Nobby asks.

“They are going to blow up an aeroplane on 9th November,” Amina announced.

“Amina enough!” Kuptar snapped.

“Oh not my father or brother,” Amina sneered, “Oh no they are in it for the money.”

“Amina enough!” Kuptar protested.

“They don’t care that people will die,” she said.

“Infidels!” Imran added.

“You want another tap, cunt?” I asked, he shook his head, “Then fucking button it then,” I told him.

I eye balled the stuff on the table, “So what is it?” I asked, “RDX?”

“Semtex,” Imran said, “And there are mobile telephone timers.”

I eyeballed the stuff in the table, “Where?” I asked.

“There,” Imran pointed to a circuit board.

“That’s just a 555 timer and and on off switch,” I told him, after all I did know a bit about electronics.

“No, it is a reciever!” Imran protested.

“No,” I said, “Just a timer,” I said and he bloody fainted.

“You fucking idiots!” Nobby said, “You could have blown the whole gaff up!”

“Fucking gaff, they would have blown themselves up,” I countered, “I guess they was going to hide this lot up their jacksies.”

“And leave it on the plane,” Kuptar agreed.

“Blow themselves up,” Al agreed.

“No they fly to Paris,” Amina explained, “Charles de Gaul and switch the receivers on and flush the explosives down the lavatory before they come in to land at Heathrow, then they detonate them remotely over London when the plane continues to New York!”

“Not with that set up you dopey cunt,” I says,”That’s just a timer and you’d blow up with it!”

“Fuck!” says Nobby, “Better than being married to our Sheila,” he adds, “Being dead like.”

“Ok, Imran will pay maintenance,” Kuptar agreed.

“What about Amina?” Nobby says, “How about pictures later?”

“Well?” I asks Kuptar.

“Yes you may go Amina.” Kuptar agrees.

“Not with that fat bastard,” Amina says.

“Who then?” I asks, “Al?”

“Don’t you fancy me then Johnno?” she asks.

“Here just a minute!” I says.

“But don’t you see if I am not a virgin I can no longer marry my cousin!” Amina pointed out, “And with such a little cock and so little staying power.”

“You fucking bitch,” I says, “Sod the pictures lets go upstairs right now!”

“Amina No!” Kuptar says but she smiles through the window in her black tent and takes my hand.

I hands the half shaft to Nobby, “You know what to do!” I says and I follows Amina upstairs.

Seems she only had a bra on under that great tent and pretty quick she was on the bed with her legs apart and I was struggling out of me trousers with me cock straining like a foxhound with the scent.

She looked bloody good, all tight where she should have been, no flab nor nothing and pretty soon I was on her, kissing and pretty soon her legs was spread wide and I eased my tool up against her hymen and pushed and busted her wide open, she screamed and I felt this sudden surge of power and I shafted her real hard about twice and me balls exploded and of course I cummed before I knew.

“Agghhh, oh?” she said.

“Sorry,” I says.

“Is that all?” she says as I pulled out leaving her all sticky up inside.

“Afraid so,” I says.

“No!” she says, “It can’t be!”

“Life is hard and then you die,” I said comfortingly, and went to find my Y fronts where I kicked them under the bed.

“No!” she said and she laid into me all punching and that and then I was holding her wrists and she was right in front of me and her eyes was like shining and me tool started getting hard again.

“Ok, you win round two,” I says all seductive like and pushes her on the bed.

He slipped in all easy like this time, she groaned more than screamed, then her legs was wrapped round me and her hands was on me ass dragging me into her, it wasn’t like usual when the bint wanted me off so she could get the next John in, there was no panic.

“Amina, are you all right!” her mother called.

“Better than all right, worth fifty quid easy,” I says and fuck me if fucking Imran didn’t bust in the room, he had his shoulder to the door not realising we forgot to lock it and he come in like a rocket and twatted the wardrobe with his head and went down like a sack of King Edwards.

“You idiot!” Amina said, “Why do you call me a whore?”

I told her, “It’s like a compliment!”

“You call me a whore as a compliment!” she says.

“What you want, you want me to say ‘I love you,’ or something?” I asks.

“You could,” she said.

“You fuck like that and I reckon I could.” I says.

“Say it,” she says.

“Fuck it I’m cumming again,” I says, “Bollocks!” and my balls were churning and the spunk was rushing down my cock and she was gasping and everything went green and purple for a while.

“Fuck,” I said and I kissed her head.

“That was much better,” she muttered, “Will you let me up?”

“You want to go to the pictures sometime?” I asked automatically.

“No, my father does not allow,” she said automatically and then, “Yes,” she gasps delightedly, “Yes I am a bad girl now!”

“Aw my head,” Imran groans.

“Fuck off out of it eh wanker?” I says, “Your sister and me is right in the middle of a fuck fest!”

I expected the ‘Die infidel,’ crap but instead he stares at me, “What about the guns?” he says.

“What a fucking bout them?” I asks.

“Idiots!” he squeals and he legs it back downstairs, then he comes back up, “He says I must kill you!” he says, “The Imman!”

“So?” I enquires, “So what?”

“So I must kill you!” he says.

“Don’t be an idiot all your life Imran,” Amina says, “Where is he?”

“He has gone, they have gone, everyone has gone, just Papa and me and you left.” he said.

“Ok,” I says and starts pulling my kit on,

Amina was struggling back into her tent, “Hey,” I says, “No way am I having my bird wearing that crap!”

She smiled, maybe she liked the idea of being my bird, “I have some old stuff,” she said and she hunted down some jeans and a sweater and she looked quite tasty.


Tony Mulholland was stood outside Kuptar’s shop and Sgt Fforbes was inside with a couple of blokes from the CID.

“Where the fuck have you been/” Tony asked, “Fforbes is doing his nut.”

“Fair do’s,” I said, “We’re doing you a favour remember.”

“They’re inside.” he said.

I went in, Amina was bent over the shop counter while one of the CID lads fucked her from behind while she sucked the other bastards dick, it wasn’t quite your electric blue as the poor bastard had to stand on a pile of News of the Worlds to make himself high enough.

“Where the fuck have you been Allthwaite!” Sgt Fforbes demanded.

“Oi, I’m doing you the fucking favour!” I reminded him, “What you want anyway?”

“Fifteen hundred,” Fforbes said.

“What?” I asked.

“Twelve fifty then,” he said.

“What the fuck for/” I asked.

“Three Kalshnikovs, a box of Semtex, four Tesco value brand mobile phones, detonators.” Fforbes listed.

“And what the fuck would I want with them?” I asked.

“Well,” Sgt Fforbes said, “You’re always saying you reckon when you get peophiles you should stick a stick of semtex up their ass and light the fuse.”

“That’s drink talking,” I says.

“And terrorists,” he says.

“Fair do’s,” I agree.

“Now’s your chance.” He says.

“Fuck that.” I says, “Your mate’s screwing me bird bareback.”

“You don’t own me!” Amina says as the bloke’s cock drops out her mouth.

“Dead right,” I says.

“He has ten times the staying power,” she says.

“You’ll wish he didn’t when you’re red raw from fucking later on,” I replied.

“Fucking hell Allthwaite,” Fforbes says, “Can you shift this lot or not?”

“Perhaps,” I says, “Semtex, dets, any timers?” I asked.

“Loads of crap,” Fforbes says, “We’ll be doing fucking paperwork from now till Christmas if we has to take this fucking lot down the station.”

“Right,” I agrees, “Twenty quid, final answer.”

“Don’t be a twat,” Fforbes snarles, “That’s not even a round of drinks.”

“Twenty quid and we dump the whole lot,” I offered.

“Here,” says Al suddenly, “We could stick them AK47s on Ebay.”

“Say they’re replicas!” I laughed.

“Yeah, give the fuckers a shock when they finds they aint!”

To be continued?


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