Katie’s Sexual Awakening Pt. 8 (Reggie’s P.O.V.) “Training Sessions” by JSipes7798

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You recently read Ted’s point of view regarding Katie’s sexual awakening. Then you read Katie’s point of view of the same events. Now here is Reggie’s point of view of the events. You will see that Reggie saw some things quite differently than Katie or her husband did. ENJOY!

Ted made his way to Los Angeles and attended the Volvo Convention. I stayed at the motel with Katie and continued with her sexual awakening. I learned later that each night Ted prayed to God he had not lost Katie forever. He was angry with himself for not fighting harder to keep her from going through the humiliation he had caused. He thought that if he had only had the foresight to bring more cash on this trip, they wouldn’t have fallen prey to my sinister plan. He should of given it more thought. Whoever heard of a business not taking credit cards from a traveler? Ted realized too late that he had been conned. He had fallen for a stupid con game and Katie was paying the price. Ted cursed himself each day for having been so stupid? The week went by at a snail’s pace for him as he cried himself to sleep each night.
The first couple of days Katie and I never left the motel room other than to get something to eat at the restaurant. I made it a point not to miss any meals, because it was the only time I could get a break from Katie’ non-stop love making. We spent most of our time engaged in sexual bliss. I hate to admit it, but this woman was more than I could handle. She was literally fucking me to death. On a few occasions we watched porno movies. I referred to them as training films, but in reality they were another way to give me a chance to recover from Katie’s sexual assaults. Don’t laugh; Katie’s sexual appetite was so great, that I began thinking of her as sexually assaulting me.
I taught her things about a woman’s body and a man’s body that she had never known. Pearls of wisdom that had never entered her mind all the years she had been married. The things I taught her were magnificent pleasurable secrets that increased her quality of life sexually. Some things she didn’t even imagine during her curious teenage years when her hormones were raging and all she thought about was the opposite sex. In fact, some of the stuff was probably never known by the majority of married couples or young single adults. I had opened a whole new world of sexual exploration for her. She wondered where I could have possibly learned all these wonderful secrets of gratification. I told her it was due to years of sexual exploration on my own.
Katie woke up with a tingling in her right breast. She opened one eye and observed me nibbling on her nipples. She raised both arms over her head as she yawned and stretched. She shuddered as she felt a gentle wave of pleasure bath her whole body. She encircled my head with her arms and pulled my face closer to her breast.
“What a wonderful way to wake up”, She said as she gaze down into my eyes. She pulled my face closer to hers and gently kissed me on the lips. We continued kissing and fondling as she lightly stroked my cock while running her hands up and down my body.
“Ok Reggie, now that I am awake, let’s have some fun!” She started to climb on top of him. I stopped her.
“Wait a minute Baby, let’s take a quick shower then go down to the restaurant and eat a big breakfast.”
“I have a better idea, Reggie. Let’s stay here and you feed me some more of your gigantic cock.”
“Baby as much as I love making love to you, I have to take a break and nourish my body. We have fucked so much this week, I am literally too weak to perform up to my usual standards. I have to go down to the restaurant and eat a large breakfast.”
She halfheartedly surrendered to my pleading and slowly sauntered to the bathroom. A few minutes later, I joined her in the shower. We showered and soaped each other’s body thoroughly from head to toe. She continued to explore my body, spending time fondling my balls and examining my ten and a half inch cock. She rubbed my cock against her face and tried to put my balls into her mouth, but they were too large to fit. She settled for sucking on each ball separately. She continued to amuse herself until I tired of it and lifted her up to my lips and kissed her gently while stroking her hair. I then lifted her out of the shower and began towel drying her body, paying careful attention to all of her tender spots. We both dressed quickly and ventured down to the restaurant for a hearty breakfast. On the way to breakfast I stopped at the front desk and instructed them to have housekeeping clean the room and change the bed linens.
Ted pulled out his cell phone from his jacket and punched in the numbers to the motel. The front desk answered on the second ring. Ted asked the desk clerk to ring Katie’s room, but was told by the clerk that he had instructions not to disturb Mr. Williams unless it was a dire emergency. Ted asked that they deliver a message to Mr. Williams advising that he was leaving LA and would arrive back at the motel in approximately three hours. The desk clerk assured him that Mr. Williams would receive the message. Ted dropped his car in gear and maneuvered his way into the LA traffic. Again he offered a silent pray to God, asking that Katie would still want to be his wife.
The desk clerk made his way over to the restaurant and hesitantly approached me and apologized for the interruption while handing me the message. I read the note then passed it over to Katie. She read it twice then smiled at me. I couldn’t tell from her expression if it was happy smile or a smile of sadness. It was perhaps both. We finished our breakfast in silence then left to return to the room.
Katie moved around the room gathering her belonging and placing them neatly in her suitcase. I watched in silence, not knowing what to says, if anything. I could tell that she was deep in thought. I decided to let her speak when the time was right. She made one last check in the bathroom, then closed her suitcase and placed it by the door. She turned and looked at me, but said nothing. I took two steps toward her and opened my arms. She dashed over and buried her face in my chest. We stood there holding each other very close, not saying a word. After awhile, she looked up forlornly into my eyes. I took my index finger and tilted her head back and leaned into a passionate kiss. She returned my kiss with greater passion. Our hands began moving hurriedly as we raced to undress each other. With our clothes in a pile on the floor, we hugged our naked bodies together. We continued to kiss as I let her hands explore my body. We had only been together for one week; one wonderful week of exciting carnal pleasure. I felt a feeling of pride sweep over me as I replays the week in my mind. I had taken a timid young woman and turned her into a lust filled woman who now knew how to both enjoy sex and to give unbridled licentious sex to her sex partner. She still had a lot to learn, but she had been a very diligent student and learned her skills well. She had excelled in every aspect. I was glad I had the opportunity to show her the ropes.
We fell forward onto the bed and continued to fondle each other. We started kissing again. I rolled her over on her back, with me on top of her. I studied Katie’s beauty, thinking it was possibly the last time we would be together.
She was anxious to get on with the love making and tried to rock her hips up to meet my aching hard cock. I cautioned her to slow down and enjoy the time we had left. Her C-cup tits were pressing firmly against my chest, and the nipples were rock hard. I could sense she had a lot of nervous energy, so I took more time than usual to enhance her arousal. I kissed her deeply on the lips and slowly started moving down to her neck. I kissed her neck and then took her ear lobe into my mouth. She started to breathe heavily, but she was still apparently on edge. I continued kissing and licking on her neck as I slowly worked my way back down to her chest. Much in the same way I did the very first time and every time we had made love. I loved to tease all around her big tits, lightly brushing her nipples with my tongue as I would pass over them to the other side. As expected, she let out a deep breathy sigh and then a low moan. She was becoming more visibly relaxed as she brought her hands up and lightly placed them on either side of my head. Her encouragement was not as forceful, but still she was lightly pushing my head to engulf her swollen nipples. Katie had taken my advice and learned let her sex partner know what she wanted. It made the sexual pleasures so much more enjoyable.
After a few more minutes of lightly kissing and licking around her tits and nipples I quickly took her left nipple into my mouth and started to suck and nibble. She spread her legs a bit more and tried to lift her hips up to me. Her vagina was soaking wet and she tried to get me positioned so that my cock would finally make its entrance. I could feel her heat and wetness below me and knew I was not going to be able to taunt her much longer. She was eager for me to enter her, maybe for the last time, as she started begging me to fuck her.

“Reggie. I need you in me so bad. Please, I am begging you. I need you right now!”
“Now Katie, what have you learned from me this week? You know I like to take my time and make sure you are truly ready to receive me. We have at least another two hours to pleasure each other before your husband arrives. Let me move at my usual pace and bring you to the usual marvelous, earth shaking orgasm that you deserve.”
“Reggie you have taught me things about my body I never knew and given me feelings I never had before.”
I started kissing down her body again, from under her tits to her belly button. I continued down until I reached the top of her vagina. She bucked her hips, encouraging me to go on and lick her super wet pussy. I licked down, following her vaginal lips. I licked back up and down it a several times to tease her. She shuddered as I kiss down her right thigh. Once I got down to her knee I moved to the other thigh and licked back up. I paused at her vagina and paid special attention to her willing clit before moving to the other side of her vagina. She moaned with frustrated pleasure as I teased her in that manner a few more times.
Finally, on my last pass over her clit, she could stand it no longer and forcefully put her hands on my head and pushed me down as she raised her hips. I grateful went directly for her clit. She started to moan loudly and swivel her hips. I sucked on her swollen love knob, working my tongue around it as I kept a constant suction on it. This drove her crazy. I barely had a chance to lick down to her vaginal entrance before she was in the throes of her first orgasm.
“Oh Reggie. Make….Me….Oh….Reggie….I’m….CUMMMMMMING!!!!!”
I continued working her clit until after her orgasm subsided. I slowly moved up her body, kissing and licking as I made my way back up to face her. With each lick and kiss her body shuddered. She kept making throaty rasping sounds that only a woman experiencing an ecstatic orgasm can create. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me into her for a passionate kiss. She probed her tongue around my mouth as we shared a fervent moment. After I was sure she had recovered from her orgasm, I said, “Katie I want you to suck my cock some more. Get it back hard again. I need to bring you to at least one more orgasm before I have mine.”
She sat staring at me, her hand still stroking my cock, slowly bringing it back to life. She looked at me with love and passion in her eyes as she leaned forward to kiss me. We shared another passionate kiss before she slowly let her face fall to my aching manhood. She started to suck me slowly. She was sucking me differently than before. She was much more adept at pleasing my cock than she was the first time she took him in her mouth. I had taught her how to suck and deep throat my cock. She was working to show me just how much she had learned from me.

“Baby, you are doing such a great job. Ah yes, you have been a very good student and learned more in just a short week than most women learn in a life time.”

She beamed with pride as she kept her lips sealed tightly around my shaft. After she sucked me back to my full state of arousal I pulled her back up to face me. Again, I started to kiss her with the most passion that I could muster. She let her hand fall to my cock and started tugged it toward her pussy. After a few tugs on my cock, I finally conceded it was time to enter her wet hot vagina. I pushed her down on the bed and moved a bit closer to her, applying more pressure with my cock head with each pass over her love slit. After the third time down, she arched her back, raised her hips and caused me to partially enter her pussy. Her face scrunched as she winced in pain.
“Reggie you make me so angry when you tease and taunt my pussy like that, but I dearly love it when you finally enter me.”
I smiled and placed my right thumb on her swollen clit and started to rub with firm, but gentle pressure as I eased more of my 10 inches into her. Although she was thoroughly lubricated, she was just as tight, if not tighter than she was a week ago. I looked down to admire my 4 inches of girth stretching her vaginal lips. She let out a low moan as I continued working myself into her tight entrance. I went teasingly slow just like the first time, a week ago. Once I got about half way in, I started to slowly pull out and gently work back in. She had her hands on my lower back, just above my ass and was pushing me, encouraging me to go deeper into her. After I worked the first 7 inches in and out of her, never letting my cock head exit, I plunged slowly all the way in. Her tight cunt sucked my cock in like a vacuum until I was balls deep into her, our pelvic bones mashed together. I stopped grinding to allow her to adjust to having me in her.
“Reggie. Oh my God, you feel amazing inside of me!” She cried out as I could feel her velvety walls clinching and releasing around my shaft. She started to grind her hips into mine. I leaned forward to fondle her perky tits and play with her nipples. I brought my mouth to her left nipple and started to suck it as I was grinding into her slowly. She pulled my face up to hers and began kissing me with animal-like aggression.
“Fuck me like you fucking mean it, Reggie! Fuck me like you never want it to end!” She said, looking deep into my eyes breaking our kiss.
I leaned back up, grabbed her tits roughly and started to ram my cock into her cunt with as much force as I could. As I was driving my cock as deep as I could, I was using my tight grip on her tits to pull her body into my every thrust. She instinctively reached for her clit with her right hand and started to fiercely rub it. Every few strokes she loved to move her hand down to my balls and feel me pounding in and out of her.
I gazed at her face as she could feel her eyes rolling back in her head. She got dizzy and pressed her head firmly into my chest, and arched her back. She was letting out moans and screams that can only be released by someone experiencing total bliss. I knew that she was about to cum. I started to pinch her nipples and squeeze her perfect breasts even tighter. My rhythm picked up and I started slamming her with every ounce of energy I had. Her pussy was becoming more and more wet, and the sound of my cock working in the moisture was filling the room. My balls were slapping against her ass. Her right hand was now a blur as she was rubbing her little bud as fast as she could. Suddenly, without warning, her eyes snapped open, almost crazed like, and she gripped my right arm with her left hand tightly.
“Holy! Fucking! Shit! OH! MY! FUCKING! GEEZ! GOD! AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!” She screamed through clinched teeth in between breaths. As her bucking started to slow and her second orgasm of the morning began to gently calm, I pulled my cock out and lay down beside her.
“Katie, you ok baby?”
“Yes, Reggie! That was amazing. That is the hardest cum I have ever had my entire life!”
She rolled over on top of me. She positioned her still sensitive pussy over my rock hard cock, and instead of letting it enter her vagina, she forced it up and pressed it against my stomach. She started to rub her wet pussy up and down the length of my shaft. She did this for several minutes while we kissed passionately. Slowly she started kissing down my body and just before reaching my sticky wet cock, she looked up at me.
“I need to give my pussy a little break. It is so raw and sore from fucking all week; I don’t think I can take you again for a few minutes.”
I nodded my approval. I was glad for the break myself. This is the first time all week that she showed any signs of wearing down.
“Besides, I just love tasting myself off your cock.” She whispered.
She then lowered her mouth over my cock and started to slowly lick and suck. She was savoring her juices off of me. She sucked with purpose and licked my soaked balls. My head was spinning. I was nowhere near Cumming, but was enjoying the feeling of her mouth on my cock. For approximately 10 minutes she teased me in this way.
After she was satisfied, and sure that her pussy could take another pounding, she sat up and grabbed a pillow. She had me stand up on the floor at the side of the bed. She pulled her knees up to her chest then leaned over and put her face in the wet spot that we had just created and inhaled a deep breath. She put the pillow under her breast and shoulders, then raised her butt up in the air, making sure that her pussy was fully exposed to me.
The smell of sex excited her. Then, she looked back at me with a seductive, devious look. “I want you to pound my pussy really hard, make me soaking wet again, cum in me over and over. I want the smell of our sex over my whole body. I want to smell it all the way back home to Kansas.”
At first I thought it was a bad idea. After only a moment of thought, my dirty mind reverted back to reality, and I thought it was a marvelous idea. Thinking of the affect it would have on her husband was an intense turn on.
I looked down at her; she had her hand under herself, massaging her clit. I positioned myself behind her and started to rub my cock from her tight little asshole to her love tunnel and back up. She was rocking her hips, grinding her face into the wet spot, smearing the wetness on her face. Her face was firmly down on the wet spot and she was inhaling deeply with every breath. Truth be told, I could have probably done nothing and she would have still had another orgasm. With her own stimulation and the smell of our sex, would have probably been enough to push her to her next climax. But let’s get real. What man in his right mind would let a displayed, 37 year old, tight pussy go to waste? Not this Man!!
With her next hip rock upwards, I slid my entire length into her. And just as it had been with every other female I have known, the doggy style position made her pussy incredibly tight; tighter than just moments before. She let out a loud moan as I put my hands on her hips and started to pull her into my fuck strokes. I started slow, and without any real rhythm. I would alternate the depth of my cock with each stroke, but I never took my cock all the way out. The suction and tightness of her pussy was driving me closer to the brink of another mind numbing orgasm. I knew that I needed to go slow and deliberate with my fucking or else I would be Cumming like an inexperienced teenager, way too soon.
“Oh Reggie…You feel so fucking good.” She moaned with anticipation.
I started to pick up my pace and get into a set rhythm, one that I could grind with, and one that was sure to bring us both to the point of extreme pleasure at the same time. I brought my right thumb up to my mouth, as I had before, and got it well lubricated with my spit. Once I was satisfied that it was lubricated enough to insert into her ass, I grabbed her left hip with my left hand and placed my thumb at the entrance to her ass. I pulled her closer to me and started to push me thumb into her ass. She did not pause in her fucking. She moaned and pushed her ass back, encouraging me to keep going. And that I did. With one motion, I pushed my thumb into her willing ass and she let out a loud moan of pleasure. This set something off inside of her and she started to jump wildly against me. I could feel her vagina tighten around my cock as it started to spasm and contract, sending wave after wave of chills across her body.
I was now finger banging her ass and pounding her pussy for all I was worth, all the while pulling her forcefully by her left hip to meet the thrushes of my cock. It only took about two minutes of this before we were both in the throes of our mutual orgasm. I felt her ass tighten around my thumb and her pussy clamp tightly around my cock.
“Fuck yes!!!” I grunted back as I started to spill an abundant amount of cum into her. I shot 5 thick strings of my juices into her. I thrust deeper into her as I felt her cunt milk every last drop out. I collapsed on top of her and kissed the back of her neck.
“I love you Reggie.” I told him
“I love you too, Baby.”
I rolled off of her onto my back. We returned to laying normal on the bed, but not before she made sure our love cocktail was well smeared over her entire body.
After laying there for about 10 minutes I suggested that we take a shower before receiving her husband, Ted. She disagreed and told me she wasn’t going to take a shower. She wanted the smell of our love making on her all the way back to Kansas. I thought her decision unwise, but decided not to argue with her. I got up and headed for the bathroom.
After we were both dressed, we took her luggage and proceeded down stairs to wait for the arrival of Ted.

When Ted arrived at the motel, he saw Katie and me standing under the portico talking casually. Her luggage was neatly stacked at the curb. He took a deep breath in anticipation of what might transpire in the next few minutes. Katie turned and looked at Ted as his car came to a stop beside me and her. She flashed him a genuinely happy smile and I could see that his heart nearly jumped out of his chest. I am sure Ted took this as a good sign his marriage was still intact. At least that’s what he was trying to convey
Ted got out of his car and cautiously approached me and Katie, not knowing what to expect. He stopped a few feet from us and looked first to Katie, then to me, then back to Katie. After what must have seem like an eternity, Katie rushed forward and threw her arms around him, and then kissed him on the cheek and whispered, “I love you so much, Ted.”
“I love you too, Honey. Are you ready to go home?”
She shook her head yes and Ted opened the passenger door and helped her into the car. I loaded her baggage into the trunk of the car. I extended my hand to Ted. I could judge by the expression on Ted’s face, several things were going through Ted’s mind all at once. First he probably thought; why in the hell would I want to shake the hand of a man who had just spent the last week fucking my wife? Second; was this man trying to further denigrate me? And third; should I slug the son of a bitch and risk getting my ass kicked really good, or should I just shake his hand and be on my way. Thankfully he chose to shake my hand. Ted started around the rear of his car, and then apparently had a second thought. He turned to me and said, “I don’t know why I just shook your hand. You have disrespected me in the worst way a man can disrespect another.”
I joined Ted at the rear of the car. Katie looked like she could barely make out what we were saying.
I said, “I had no intentions of disrespecting you Ted, and if I did I am sorry. Instead of hating me though, you should be thanking me.”
“Oh yeah, thank you so much for fucking my wife all week. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness”, Ted sarcastically replied.
I put his hand on Ted’s shoulder and said, “Wait a minute before you rush off in a huff. I want you to take the time to look at it more pragmatically. You left me with a shy, timid, sexually inexperience woman, and I am returning to you a more mature, sexually experience woman who would be the pride of any man on earth. You will soon find that Katie is now capable of taking you to sexual heights never before experience by you, and probably not by 85% of most married men. Your sex life will be more exciting than it has ever been. All you have to do is practice some of the techniques that you observed that first day when you witnessed me taking her through her first really intense orgasmic experience. I know you paid attention Ted, because I saw you studying everything I did with your wife. Am I not correct?”
Ted nodded his acknowledgement to what I was saying and then said, “How can I ever give her the pleasures you did? My cock is nearly half to size of yours.”
“The size of the cock is only a small part of delivering pleasure. The real secret is in how you prepare her to receive your cock. You have to learn to take it very slow. There is no race to the finish line. You have to tease and taunt her body throughout the entire love making session. Learn to take your time and make her really want you inside of her. Take her to the brink several times before you let her reach that magical moment. And if you didn’t learn anything else; you must, I repeat, must make sure that she has at least one breath taking orgasm before you ever consider having one of your own. Do you understand what I am saying?”
Ted nodded his head and said, “I hear what you are saying and I am willing to do anything to make Katie happy. I just hope I haven’t messed things up with her.”
I slapped Ted on the back and said, “Am I safe in assuming that neither you, nor Katie ever asked the other about what was sexually satisfying to them? “
Ted had a blank expression.
“I didn’t think so. If there is one thing I learned this week, it’s that Katie really loves you and wants more than anything to please you. Now take her home, let her teach you some of the things she enjoys during sex; things that she learned from me and things that she had up until now, only fantasized about. And for God’s sake start asking each other what feels good and what doesn’t. Get to know each other’s body.”
I again extended my hand, and this time Ted shook my hand heartily and while nodding his head affirmatively said, “Thank you Reggie. I will give it my best efforts.”
Ted jumped into the driver’s seat and drove quickly out of the motel parking lot. I watched them leave with mixed emotions. It had been one hell of a week, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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