Resort Day

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It was a warm Fall morning and we had slept in late during a rare day off together. We had absolutely nothing planned so we lounged in bed talking and enjoying being snuggled up close to each other.

“I miss being naked on the beach like we were during our trip to the resort,” Sandra, my wife, said referring to the incredible week that we spent at the Mexican, adults-only, clothing-optional resort. It was a special place that we’d been to several times. The resort catered to sexually adventurous couples many of whom were swingers. Although we didn’t consider ourselves “in the lifestyle”, we’d had our own adventures, and had really pushed our sexual boundaries on our last trip.

“Me too,” I replied. “It’s going to be a while until we can get back there.” We sighed in unison. “Hey. I’ve got an idea,” I said sitting up in bed. “Why don’t we have a ‘resort day’ today?”

“What do you mean?” Sandra asked.

“Why don’t we spend the rest of the day just like we would at the resort. We can make the porch our beach, enjoy our hot tub like the resort’s roof top Jacuzzi, and have plenty of drinks. We can do it all naked just like we would there,” I went on. “We can even do our own theme night and get dressed up. And who knows where we’ll have sex. Maybe in the hot tub or on our ‘beach’. What do you think?”

Sandra looked a little skeptical, but she was always up for fun stuff and I knew that she would go along.

We hopped out of bed and went to work setting up our Cancun-like resort at home. I arranged beach loungers on the back three-season porch, set the ceiling fans spinning, opened the windows wide enough for a breeze to blow through, but enough that anybody could see in. I got some music playing on the iPod speakers and even set up the laptop to show a rotating slide show of Caribbean beach scenes complete with ocean sounds. Sandra made sure that we had plenty of fixings for our favorite tropical drinks, got out our beach towels, and books. Getting into the spirit, she loaded it all into a beach bag to bring out onto the porch. I lowered the privacy screen around the hot tub so that we could go back and forth between it and the porch without attracting the neighbors’ attention. Before long, everything was all set We stripped off our clothes and headed out to lounge naked on our private, clothing-optional back porch “beach”.

“How about a little of this?” I said handing Sandra a bottle of sunscreen. “Don’t want to get burnt you know.”. She laughed and sprayed a small amount of it onto herself. The aroma added to our tropical illusion.

“All we need is some beach bar service and it would be just like the real thing, don’t you think?” Sandra said.

“Your wish is my command madam,” I replied. “What can I get for you.? Tips are not necessary, but are appreciated,” I added and gave her bare nipple a quick lick.

“Something fruity and sweet I think,” she said and laid back naked in her chair. Her glorious 34 DD breasts flattened against her chest. She looked so beautiful laying out like that. Sandra flexed her knees, spreading her legs slightly wider and said, “I’ve got your tip for you later.”

I headed in to our “bar” to mix up some frozen margaritas for us to enjoy.

We spent the next few hours reading (mostly porn) relaxing, chatting, sipping on drinks and totally enjoying being with each other on our naked, pretend beach. Our hands would frequently stray over to each other for gentle caresses and reassuring strokes.

“Isn’t it about lunch time?” Sandra asked lazily. We had skipped breakfast and were both hungry.

“I wonder what’s on the menu today?” I replied equally lazily as we lay there with our feet intertwined. “I think I saw something about Mexican style pizza for lunch and baked flounder with mango salsa on the dinner menu,” I said making up something similar to what would have been at the real resort.

“That sounds pretty good to me. How do you plan on making that happen?” Sandra looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

“Like at any good resort, all you have to do here is ask.” I picked up the phone and dialed our favorite local pizza shop, which I knew made a great Mexican pizza. They delivered and I figured the extra charge was worth it. “It will be here in about 30 minutes,” I said hanging up the phone. “Delivered right to our beach.”

“The pizza guy better not come out here and see me like this!” Sandra protested.

“Who says it will be a guy? Maybe it will be a hot chick that comes and she won’t be able to keep her eyes off me!” I teased.

“You wouldn’t show anything even if it was a hot chick.” It sounded a lot like a dare, a dare to push a boundary like we had at the resort. Sandra made the challenge clear by saying, “If it’s a guy, I’ll answer the door and show him a little something. If it’s a girl, you answer the door a give her a show.”

“Alright, you’re on,” I answered her.

Almost exactly 30 minutes later the pizza delivery car pulled into the driveway. We were both peeking through the blinds at the front window anxious to see who would get out of the car. Luck was in my favor, and a young man, barely 20 years old by appearance, stepped out. “You’re up,” I whispered nudging Sandra.

The door bell rang, but she didn’t answer it immediately even though we were both standing right there. “I’m coming,” Sandra shouted as if from a distance, and then jogged in place behind the closed door giving the impression that she was running to it from somewhere else in the house. She pulled the door open and the pizza guy (more like a boy actually) standing a step down on the front stoop, got a good, full length look at her. Sandra was wearing one of my old button down shirts that barely reached the top of her thighs. The shirt was half unbuttoned and it hung open at the top. Her breasts swelled through the gap of the shirt. I thought the boy was going to drop our pizza.

“I’m so glad you’re here. I’m positively starving … for pizza,” Sandra said licking her lips seductively. “What do I owe you?” she asked leaning forward slightly so that, her breasts swayed against the thin shirt.

“That, that, will be twenty-two dollars ma, ma, ma’am,” the boy stuttered out trying to keep his composure while obviously staring at her luscious breasts. Sandra looked so sexy, the poor kid was about to come apart right there on our front doorstep. The erection growing in his shorts was conspicuous.

Sandra was getting into the exhibitionist tease, so I decided to join in the fun. I stepped into the doorway wearing just a bath towel wrapped very low around my waist. The top of my pubic hair was visible above the edge of the towel. I had messed up my hair so that it looked like I had just gotten out of bed. My appearance was meant for a pizza girl, but with the two of us standing together, the joint image worked for both of us. It looked like Sandra and I had just had wild sex. The kid’s jaw dropped.

“Here’s $30,” I said holding out the cash as I took the pizza box from him and handed it to Sandra. An idea popped into my head. “Would you put it down over there on the step honey?” I said looking right at her and winking. We both knew that when she leaned over to put the box down, the kid would be able to see her naked butt.

I didn’t think that she would do it, but Sandra surprised me when she said, “Sure.”

Exactly as I expected, when she bent over, the shirt rode up her waist and the full curve of her beautiful rear was on display. I almost burst out laughing when she shook it just a little to give the delivery boy an even better eyeful. As I handed him the money I quietly said “Mmmmm,” to him and glanced back over my shoulder at Sandra’s butt. The kid dropped the cash.

Sandra tossed a quick “Thanks,” over her shoulder to the delivery boy as I closed the door. He was bending over to pick up his payment trying to get a better look at my half-naked wife.

We both broke out in laughter as we headed back into the house with our lunch. “Poor kid. He’ll probably jerk off in the car before he gets back to the pizza store,” Sandra said.

“If that had me, with you answering the door looking like that, I definitely would!” I replied.

“I’ll bet you would,” Sandra answered massaging the hard-on that was now tenting the towel around my waist. We ate lunch mostly naked on our ‘beach’ just like we would have at the resort. We munched on our food laughing about our show for the pizza guy, saying how neither of us had thought that either the other would have actually done that.

After we ate, we piled into our hammock naked, laying tangled together in a sensuous heap. The rest of the afternoon we chatted and enjoyed being together on our simulated beach. As would have been typical at the resort, our conversation focused on sex.

“We had a pretty wild time this past year, don’t you think?” Sandra began.

The drowsiness that had settled over me after lunch evaporated. I could tell that she wanted to talk about our experiences and, I had a feeling, something else.

“Yeah. I never thought that we would do the things that we did,” I replied.

“Me either. I know we talked about afterwards it and all, but are you okay with everything that happened?”

I could hear a slightly concerned tone in Sandra’s voice.

“Yes I am,” I said with confidence and really meant it. It had been very wild. We’d pushed way beyond any boundary that we’d ever had before and wound up having sex with another couple. It wasn’t full-on intercourse with them, but what was referred to as “soft swinging”. We’d only done it that one time, and with a couple that we felt very connected to and safe with. It had been an eye-opening and amazing experience and we had talked about it, and reminisced about it, many times afterward.

“So what’s going to happen this year?” Sandra asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Are we going to do that again? Would we do that again, I mean if Tony and Adrianna were there?” she said referring to the couple that we’d soft swapped with.

“I don’t know,” I replied. “I guess it’s like we said, if it feels right in the moment for both of us, maybe.”

“I’ll bet you would love another three-on-one blowjob like you got at the hot tub,” Sandra said poking me in the ribs. She was referring to the impromptu three-some I had enjoyed with Jada and Elaine, and which had set the stage for the subsequent encounter with Tony and Adrianna.

“If you’re okay with it, and if it’s Jada again, you bet I would,” I said dishing back the teasing that Sandra was giving me.

Sandra laughed. “So what is it with guys anyway?” she asked cryptically.

“What do you mean?” I thought she was referring to how much men like oral sex, or three-ways.

She surprised me when she asked, “Why is that most guys like seeing girls getting it on together, but wig out at even the mention of any type of guy-on-guy sex?”

I choked. She was right. The idea of any type of sexual encounter with another guy, even being close to someone else’s hard-on, really turned me off. It’s not that I had anything against homosexuals or bisexuals, I just didn’t want any part of.

“I mean, haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like to feel somebody’s cock?” Sandra asked.

I worried where she might be going with that line of questioning.

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I want you to ‘do’ a guy, much less be ‘done’ by one.” Sandra made quote marks in the air with her fingers.

I relaxed when I heard that.

“I really would not like that. But have you ever thought what it would be like to touch another man’s dick?” Sandra added.

“I’ve got nothing against those guys that enjoy someone else’s cock, hey to each his own,” I began. “But it’s really not my thing. I like mine, but have no interest in getting up close and personal with anyone else’s.”

“What if I had a cock?” Sandra asked. “Would you be interested in that?”

I thought about her question. “I don’t know. Maybe … probably.” I paused as I pondered her question. “I love you so much and trust you so much. I would do anything with you.”

We looked at each other and laughed as we said in unison, “As long as it doesn’t land us in jail or in the ER.” It was a phrase that we’d repeated time and again as we experimented with so many things in our lives. We’d explored and adventured together, expanding our boundaries and enriching our lives, in and out of the bedroom.

I hugged her tightly and said, “If you had a cock, of course I would love it.”

I felt Sandra smile. “You better,” she said ominously.

“Isn’t it about time to head to the Jacuzzi?” she asked. It was indeed about 4:30 in the afternoon, the typical time at the resort when most people went to the roof-top Jacuzzi lounge for drinks, socializing, and open sex.

“Let’s get some more drinks and hit the hot tub then,” I said. The sun was just beginning to sink and the breeze had picked up. It was still warm outside, but not hot like it had been during the summer. It was perfect for being outdoors. We’d adjusted temperature of the hot tub so it was just right, not too hot or too cold. I made sure that our dinner fixings were prepped and ready for the oven before I mixed up another pitcher of frozen margaritas. I salted two glasses, sliced some limes, poured chips into a bowel, grabbed the whole collection and headed out to join Sandra in our hot tub.

She had moved the iPod closer to the tub so that we could hear the music and positioned a small table close to the edge of tub to put our drinks and snacks on. It was all within easy reach without getting out of the tub. With the privacy screen down on the side, and a folding screen up at the end of the deck, we were secluded. Perfect for staying naked and floating together in the hot tub just like we would have done at the resort. We drank, chatted, and cuddled together. And just like what happens in Cancun, there was plenty of groping, stroking and sucking on each other’s various body parts while we enjoyed the surging water.

“What about theme night tonight?” I asked.

“What about it?” Sandra answered.

“Well, what do you want to do for theme night? That is if you want to do it.”

“Hell yes I want to! We’re going to do leather and lace. You’re going to wear your chaps (without any underwear this time) and I’ll wear the lace corset that you like so much,” she said.

I smiled. “And those spiky, high heeled boots. I love those. Wear them too,” I added “Oh, and no underwear for you either.”

Sandra nodded.

We climbed out of the hot tub. She headed to our bathroom. I got our dinner in the oven; baked flounder with mango salsa, just like we talked about. I tossed together a quick side salad and put a bottle of white wine that we both liked in the fridge before following her upstairs to shower and get ready for dinner. In a short time we were both refreshed, dressed and ready. Sandra looked sexy and amazing in her theme wear. I wanted to take her right then, but I knew that we had plans for that later. My costume however, didn’t quite pass her inspection.

“Hmmm. Something is missing,” she said as she stood there checking me out.

“How can there be ‘something’ missing. All I’ve got on are these chaps and a tight black tee shirt,” I thought.

“I know!” she said and began rummaging through my dresser drawer. “Wear this too,” Sandra said holding up a metal studded leather cockstrap. “It really goes with the outfit.”

I wrapped the leather around my cock and balls setting it on the second snap.

“Oooh. I like that. It pushes you out so that I can really see and touch you,” she emphasized the point by stroking me until my hard-on stood out stiffly front of me. “Now you look just right.”

We ate out on the porch again, this time in subtle candle light. It was a light dinner, perfect for satisfying our hunger, but not getting us too full for our anticipated evening activities. We finished eating, cleared the dinner plates, and sat across from each other sipping on our chilled wine. Like we often do, we had our feet in each other’s laps sharing mutual foot massages.

“Mmmm that feels good,” I said. “I love you touching me.”

“Good. Because I love touching you and plan on doing it for a long time.” Sandra continued rubbing the bottom of my foot.

“I certainly hope so. You can touch me any where you like, and as often as you like,” I added, softly moaning my approval of her actions.

“Anywhere?” she asked suggestively.

“Absolutely anywhere,” I confirmed.

“We’ll see about that,” she said slyly. “Any after dinner shows at this resort?” Sandra asked.

“We can do our own kind of show I’m sure,” I answered back. “Let’s hit the disco.” I waved toward the living room. We reset the iPod to some dance music then headed indoors. By chance the music shuffled to soft love songs, so we clung to each other and moved about in a weak simulation of real dancing. It did afford us the ability to hold each other close, and in our barely clad state, be able to continue to stroke and caress each other.

“Your ass just hangs out there in these chaps and it’s like your cock is in a frame the way the leather surrounds you. And the cockstrap really pushes you out there. I love it,” Sandra murmured alternately rubbing my butt with both hands then running them over my groin. It felt wonderful.

I returned her attention by running my hands up and down her thighs, over her rear, and up the front of her corset to her breasts. “You look really hot yourself you know,” I said. “I like seeing you in sexy outfits.”

“I’m glad you like,” she smiled up at me. “You know what I’d really like to see?” she asked. I could tell she had been wanting to say this all day.

“Anything you want,” I replied even before she said what it was.

Sandra smiled wolfishly. “I’d like to see you in those chaps, bent over a chair right before I fuck your brains out with my strap-on cock.”

I gasped. We had done some anal play in the past and both enjoyed it. But we’d never done anything like she was talking about. My mind flashed back to what we’d discussed earlier; how I’d feel about touching a cock, or what I would do if she had one. Now Sandra wanted to make it actually happen. My heart began racing with anxiety. Then I thought how much I liked seeing Sandra enjoy her girl-on-girl encounter with Adrianna at the resort. It was an experience that we’d both savored. I knew that she wanted me to have a similarly amazing sexual adventure. To learn what it felt like to be ‘done’ by a cock – her cock. In my head I pictured her in her spiked, high heeled boots and her tight red corset. A strap-on jutting out from her groin while she held my hips and fucked me to our mutual orgasm. The image was powerful and erotic. My hard-on grew.

“I want you to see that. I want to do that with you,” I answered back and punctuated my consent with a deep kiss.

Sandra smiled. “Come with me. I want you to help me get everything ready,” she said taking my hand and leading me up to our bedroom where we keep all of our toys. As we made our way up the stairs, she punctuated each step with a sexy sway of her hips; her naked butt was inches in front of my face. I took every opportunity I could to run my tongue up the crack between her cheeks She paused part way up and leaned over thrusting her luscious rear out to me.

“Mmmm. That feels nice. Do it again,” she commanded. I thrust my tongue against her skin and ran my hand up the inside of her thigh until I could feel the heat of her pussy radiating against my fingers. After a minute of my attention, she stood up and continued on.

At the top of the stairs Sandra paused again, dropped to her knees, then engulfed my cock with her mouth. The feeling of her hot, wet lips on me made me go weak and I had to brace myself against the wall to keep from falling. I moaned loudly and thrust my hips toward her, forcing my cock deeper into her. Sandra responded with a moan, swirling her tongue desperately over the head of my dick while she ran her hand up and down the length of my shaft, which was wet with her saliva. I gasped when she pulled her mouth off of me with a dramatic pop.

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