The Best Gift Ever Ch. 09

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The girls left an hour or so later and Bobby occupied himself for the remainder of the weekend. When Sunday afternoon finally arrived he pulled two thick filets from the freezer and then scouted the refrigerator and pantry making certain he could pull together Deb’s favorite steak meal for dinner that evening. Mistress was a connoisseur when it came to a great steak and she had handpicked every one they ever purchased. Mostly she left food shopping to him but not when it came to choosing a piece of red meat.

Bobby decided to take an hour or so to relax He flipped on a ballgame to pass the remaining time. Inside he felt like a little boy on Christmas Eve. It felt as if time couldn’t pass fast enough. Suppressing rumbles of excitement he fantasized about the evening to come. What would she want? How would she fuck him? How long? How hard? How many times would she cum? How about him? Would he cum too and if so might they share his cream? Stroking his cock unconsciously he smiled, then hustled down to the bedroom night stand and popped one of the blue pills into his mouth. Bobby knew Mistress loved coming home and seeing him excited, not that he needed the blue pill to make that any more evident but there was no harm in making his emotions all but obnoxiously obvious. He quietly chuckled.

When 8 PM arrived and she hadn’t shown he started pacing. When 10 PM passed and she hadn’t arrived he started to worry. By 2 AM he felt a sense of panic and when, after an almost sleepless night and the dawning of a new day he feared the worse.

Bobby checked and rechecked again the written itinerary she had left. She had a 5:10 flight out of Phoenix. Even if that flight had been delayed there was no reason for her to not be here. Even if she missed that flight there had to be at least another two or three flights she could have boarded to get home.

“Oh God,” he thought. “Please don’t let anything happen to her. Maybe she stayed the night for some reason,” he rationalized.

He was comforted somewhat by the thought that maybe she spent the remainder of the weekend with professional friends and stayed another day. But when Monday came and went he knew something terribly wrong had happened. This was simply not Deb. Even though she had no way to contact him she would have overnighted a letter via FedEx or USPS to let him know of her change in plans. She had done that once before. Or she would have called Ty or Lisa, telling them to drop by with her updated itinerary. None of this had happened and he felt completely paralyzed with regard to what he could or should do.

The irony of it all was his commitment, his binding commitment as her slave. He remained in spacious luxury but with absolutely no way to leave the premises. There was no car. The steel rings surrounding his cock limited how far he could roam even outside. He had no cell, no laptop, no iPad, no clothes, no nothing. He was stuck – stuck in a pristine and spacious prison. The irony of it all was how he felt living in such luxury and knowing he was impotent to do anything. Technology was everywhere yet he could access none of it effectively. That reality inevitably brought him to tears. All he wanted was to see Mistress. All he wanted was to know she was OK; that she had an unexpected change of plans and would be home that evening.

“God, help me!” he cried aloud some hours later.

But God didn’t help him and Deb didn’t come home. No mail service arrived with a note of her whereabouts. Nothing on CNN or the local stations indicated a downed plane or accident. No TV station mentioned her name on the news. There was no knock on the door, no visit from Ty or Lisa or Jenny or a neighbor. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday passed. It wasn’t until Friday afternoon when the girls arrived and were greeted by a panic stricken host that they all started to search.

Phone calls by the women to regional airports, police, news agencies and family were all made and only then did they finally learn that Debra had been in a motor vehicle accident while on her way to the Phoenix airport and now was a patient at Banner Medical Center, a first rate Trauma Center associated with the University of Arizona.

Tyaja called Debra’s parents with the updated news and offered to fly out immediately. They made plans to see one another at the hospital at some point within the next day. Lisa and Jenny were determined to go but Tyaja thought it best if they rotated their visits knowing each could only be there for so long due to work responsibilities. Bobby begged to go but everyone knew he couldn’t because of the harness binding his cock as well as Deb’s wishes that he remain at the house. He had already tried twice to break through the property line barrier earlier this week but the pain when he reached the vicinity of the property line reached a magnitude of unbelievable strength.

During his first run the shock intensity ramped so quickly he had no alternative but to retreat. When he tried again the following day, the current started far above the previous level, just as Debra had informed him it would and left a circular burn that he could still see and feel. There was some memory programmed into the system that increased the charge to a power by a magnitude of 10 with every successive merging of the wire and steel harness. It was on that second attempt when the power of the amperage brought him to a fetal position and then continued to pulsate that he knew he could never leave. His cries for help were unheard and only when he crawled back to safety after sustaining at least 50 jolts of current did the system return to a monitoring mode. Bobby had lain there for a long time, dripping in sweat, and afraid to move for a long time. Eventually he made his way painfully back to the security of her home.

The shock had completely zapped any desire to try again and scared him with such veracity he vowed to never ever approach the limits of where he was permitted to go.

It was then when Lisa pulled up a pdf copy of a document on her cell phone that everyone began to understand the significance of her accident. The document was from Deb and something she had sent Lisa some months ago. Without speaking she handed her phone to Jenny to read. When she was done she passed it on to Ty who read the single page.

“So you’re the one!” Tyaja said finally.

Lisa formed a befuddled expression. “Pardon me?”

“Deb gave me that very document last summer and then a few weeks later I was informed my copy had become invalid. I never learned why and she never told me anything more.”

“It’s not something to get all bent out of shape about,” Lisa insisted.”This is what she wanted and I’m going to honor her wishes and I hope I can count on your support. I’m going to need it.”

Putting aside any turf battles they agreed Deb’s request would remain their top priority. The women left an hour later and a few hours after, Jenny returned to fetch Bobby.

“I’m going with you?” Bobby asked puzzled.

“Yes. Deb designated Lisa to serve as your mistress in the event of something like this happening.” She handed him a copy of the document.

On this 2nd Day of August, 2015, I Debra Ashby of xxxx Skyline Drive hereby grant Lisa Thompson of Westlake Texas sole and exclusive rights to Robert ‘Bobby’ Ashby, my personal and bound slave, in the event of my incarceration, death, or compromised mental health that renders me incapable of reasonably caring for both myself and my said property.

Should any of the above occur prior to Said Slaves passing, funds for his care shall be taken from account# xxx of the First Bank of Texas at a rate not to exceed $2000/month. Transactions will only be granted by the First Bank of Texas to Lisa Thompson and only with proper photo identification. The First Bank of Texas has been instructed to set up a transferable withdraw of funds directly into an account of Lisa Thompson’s choosing upon presentation of this document and proper identification to a manager of a local branch of the First Bank of Texas.

Said Slave is to become the personal property and slave of Lisa Thompson and is bound by his pledge to me to perform any and all duties per her instruction. Lisa Thompson agrees to assume ownership of Said Slave for a period of no less than Two (2) years, after which she may keep, sell, release or transfer ownership to a woman of her choosing.

Said Slave agrees, per my ownership of him, to abide by the stipulations, regulations, restrictions and duties of this document to its fullest.

Hereby signed this 2nd Day of August 2015


Debra M Ashby


Lisa A Thompson


Bobby Ashby

He noted the signatures of the two women and with a solemn expression handed the notarized paper back to Jenny. “So this is it? I’m hers now? Just like that?”

“I don’t make the orders Bobby. I’m just like you. I follow them and these are Deb’s wishes. Let’s go.”

“I can’t,” he said his expression suddenly becoming fearful.

“Of course you can. You have no choice. Get in the car.”

“No, it’s not that. It’s this,” he pointed to the two steel rings.

“Don’t worry. You’re not going to be harmed.” She pointed to the off-white Lexus. “Now hurry and get what essentials you need and let’s go.”

When he showed up with a small suitcase stuffed full of personal items Jenny tossed him a blanket.

“Wrap this around you. I don’t want to get stopped and have some police officer questioning me about why you aren’t dressed.”

They headed east, driving harmlessly out of the drive and onto the road. Bobby had no idea how she had neutralized the security system but she had and after they were on the road he didn’t bother asking. He was thankful it hadn’t triggered another painful shock. Leaving home brought tears to his eyes. He was glad for the company but wanted to stay home. He belonged back there and not here with Jenny or with Lisa.

“I can’t believe this is happening.”

“Neither can any of us Bobby.” Jenny said softly. “I’m sure she is in the best of care. All we can do now is pray and hope for her full recovery.”

Tears fell again down his cheeks. “I know. I’m scared Jenny. I’m really scared.”

She touched his thigh softly. “We’re all scared but we also don’t know anything about her condition. She may just be in for observation or have a few broken bones. It may not be that serious.”

They drove in silence for another ten minutes. Jenny glanced over to see Bobby shaking his head absently. “What’s wrong? What are you thinking about?”

He sighed and more tears trickled down his cheeks. “I can’t believe my luck. I really can’t.”

She squeezed his hand. “You’re going to be OK.”

“A year ago her sister suddenly blew me off after I spent a frigging year with her! Then I got transferred,” he made quotation marks with his fingers, “to Deb and now I’m off to Lisa! I’m cursed.” He said with his voice rising in frustration and anger.

“You aren’t cursed and Lisa is a good Mistress. She is a good person and she’ll take good care of you.”

“Yea, like she wants someone else in her house. She’s already got you.” He cracked a sad smile and looked at her. “She doesn’t even like guys for god’s sake! What’s she going to do with me around?”

Jenny forced a smile. “I know she has me but she wouldn’t have agreed to sign that document if she didn’t want to take you. I don’t understand why she signed it but the fact remains, she did.”

“I know. It’s not her. It’s not you either, believe me. I just miss Deb. I love her so much.”

“I know you do. It’s going to be OK.” She chose her words carefully; omitting that Deb would be alright. Like Bobby, she too feared the worse and prayed for the best.

When they reached Lisa’s place she showed him around the house and where he’d be sleeping. After the quick tour she had Jenny make him a light lunch and gave him space to do as he wished. He realized Lisa understood the stress he was under and agreed to respect that even if he had become her slave. What she hadn’t done was give him anything to wear and he wondered why. Was he to really be her sexual slave now? He thought it impossible and it felt awkward for him to walk around in someone else’s home without anything on. Jenny too was naked and he couldn’t help but feel aroused when seeing her. She had stripped upon entering, hanging up her few articles of clothing in a closet by the door. He wondered if Mistress had gotten that idea from what she knew about the girls’ relationship. Jenny’s flowing blonde hair, tight curvy body and soft skin made his cock stand straight even though sex was the last thing on his mind. She was beautiful and depressed or not, his body responded to what his eyes perceived.

He saw Jenny and Lisa smirk more than once and together they all laughed when he had yet another arousal for the umpteenth time; it was a group laugh that broke the unspoken tension, although only momentarily.

“I can’t help it,” he said finally. “I’m a guy. She’s beautiful. It’s what happens.”

“And we’re glad it does,” Lisa said smiling brightly, her jet-black hair framing her soft features and strikingly blue eyes.

It wasn’t until late that evening when Tyaja called. Lisa and Ty talked for some time with Lisa listening mostly and only asking questions every now and then. The tone of the conversation remained subdued and Bobby and Jenny listened on from the other room but were unable to gather much information.

“It’s going to be alright,” Jenny said giving him a squeeze.

Bobby looked into her caring eyes and hugged her gently, their two naked bodies pressing against one another. “I hope so. I hope you are right.” His voice was soft. His words worried. He kissed her absently on the forehead. “Thanks for the hug. I needed one.”

“Any time.”

When Lisa and Ty were through Lisa gathered the two slaves in the living room. “Sit,” she said pointing to the floor in front of the over-stuffed chair.

Bobby followed Jenny’s lead, kneeling before yet another gorgeous woman. He placed both hands flat on their thighs matching Jenny’s posture to a T. “Gosh, she was so beautiful, not that she was his only focus. He stared into her sapphire eyes feeling immensely sad.

Lisa smiled. “The news is sad but you two look good together. Move closer to one another.” They scooted until their thighs and shoulders met.

Lisa went on, “Deb is alive but unconscious. She didn’t break a single bone but has a traumatic brain injury.”

All three of them welled with emotion and Jenny reached for the tissues, handing a few to Lisa and Bobby before taking some herself.

“On her way to the airport, the taxi she was riding in was broadsided by an SUV that had run a traffic light. The taxi driver and the girl driving the SUV only sustained minor injuries. Deb must have been sitting on the right side of the car, right were the SUV impacted her car.”

“Is she going to be OK?” Jenny asked.

“Tyaja is with Deb’s parents and they met with the neurologist. From what Ty told me, it’s an injury in which they can do nothing right now. She’s in an induced coma to make certain her brain is in an ideal state of rest but,” she paused, swallowing hard, “Ty said the doctors can only hope she’s strong enough to heal herself.”

Bobby sobbed quietly, wiping and re-wiping tears that flowed liberally.

Jenny interlaced her fingers in his hand. “She’s a strong woman Bobby. She’s not one that gives up.”

“And she’s young and healthy,” add Lisa. “She has everything going for her. All we can do is wait and pray.”

“This is so hard. Why her? Why did this have to happen to her of all people?”

The women didn’t answer and it wasn’t like he was asking them to.

“Why was she the only one hurt,” he said. “You said the girl only had minor injuries?”

“Yes, just a few cuts from when her airbag deployed. Ty said she had only gotten her license a month ago.”

Bobby sighed deeply, “Oh damn it! Sixteen and driving in a city for god’s sake. What parent would let their kid do that?”

Lisa continued to fill-in the two slaves with what other news Ty shared. Mostly she talked about the hospital, its location, the quality of care and specifics about some of the doctors and nurses overseeing Deb’s needs. After several bouts of tears and lots of crying Lisa changed the subject and addressed her new addition.

“Bobby, did Jenny give you the signed copy of the document your Mistress drew up?”

“Yes Ma’am, I did.”

And did you see that it was me who agreed to assume care of you should something of this nature arise?”

“I did.”

“You’ve fully and carefully read it in its entirety?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

Lisa produced the original, the one signed in black ink by both Mistress and Lisa. She handed it to Bobby along with a black ink pen.

“Sign it,” she said deadpan.

Bobby looked at her with a confused expression.

“By signing you are stating your agreement and the understanding of your Mistress’s wishes as well as agreeing to obey me as your new owner – at least for the time being.”

“OK.” He muttered. “What you’re telling me is I don’t really have a choice now do I?”

“Not really, but apparently Deb wanted you to sign. If she didn’t she wouldn’t have added your name to the document. And besides, I would think you’d be quite grateful to have me take you given the circumstances.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it that way. I really am glad to be here. More than you know.” He looked at her meekly. “I mean that. Thank you.”

Lisa smiled sweetly, her eyes moving from Bobby to Jenny and back. “I knew when Deb came to me with the draft that if the time ever came where I had to assume responsibility it would be under sad circumstances such as this. I thought about her offer for at least a week before agreeing to her terms so I knew what I was potentially getting myself into. And as I thought then, this is indeed this is a sad time. I want you to know that Jenny and I are hurting just as much as you. We’ve know her for years. She is a dear friend and one we both love.”

Bobby nodded sadly, “I know you do and I’m sorry for making this seem all about me. I appreciate you tolerating my moodiness. Forgive me for not considering your grief. I’m sure you have a hole in our heart as well.” He looked first at Jenny and then at Lisa. “Why did you say yes? I mean, it’s not like I’m your type.”

Lisa smiled. “I know Deb had asked Ty initially but then changed her mind feeing I was a better fit, given your personality. I don’t know why she made that choice and I never asked. I knew she had very few options beside me and although she never pressured me she did say she had a desire to keep you amongst her friends if at all possible. It wasn’t like she knew of another mistress besides me so given her options, she had but two choices.”

“During one of our discussions about you she said she was exploring the possibility of transferring you to a mistress back in Tennessee if I couldn’t help. I know she was in contact with her sister but I don’t believe she had any intention of having her become your guardian even if you went back east. I do know her sister mentioned she had little doubt she could place you in a home with a mistress.”

“I’m glad you said yes,” he said ever so gratefully after hearing of the possible Tennessee move. The mistresses living in that part of the country who were under Mariko’s influence were of a different breed. Pain, rather than love was too often their mantra. For as much as he loved Mistress Sharon, she was now a distant memory and he had no desire to ever return to that past life.

Lisa continued, “What I had to wrestle with Bobby, was the dynamics of adding a second slave. I already have Jenny.” She leaned forward to caress her cheek. “Like you, she runs my home and helps me with my business.”

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