The Client Ch. 01

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The man sits fidgeting. It is 7:55 PM. His rendezvous with a magnificent woman/hooker/lady of the evening/Whore/Goddess, the Lady Shai. He had been talking to this wonderful woman, this goddess of sex for weeks and finally their schedules had allowed (after all she was sought after by so many) that she could meet for an hour maybe more this day in this hotel room at the hour of 8 pm.

At 8:00 pm he rises, his cock stiff in anticipation he walks the room, looks out the peephole, checks his blackberry for a text, where should she be, his mind wanders to the pictures she had sent, the long firm legs, full round ass, arched back, the long, long hair man he wanted to pull that hair and wrap it around his cock as he came, what would this evening hold?

When would it begin?

Would it begin, god I hope it begins soon.

8:03PM (an eternity) there is a knock at the door, he rises and softly goes to the peep hole and looks out, his cock jerks, a low sound escapes his lips ohhhhhwwwwww, fuck me! he thinks that Shai is so hot, he treads softly back to his chair, he has had this planned for weeks and she promised him it would go precisely as he had described to her in longing email after longing email.

He says, his voice quivering, “Enter, Enter please come in”. The room is perfect, a single light in the corner on the low setting, the radio casually emits good, 70s soul and love songs, the TV is off, the room has a single candle burning by the bed it smells of chocolate and raspberries.

The woman, the Sex QUEEN, the goddess, the provider of pleasure, Ms Shai, enters the room, slowly, confidently she struts through the open door. She stands tall the light behind her illuminating her wonderful legs and the gap between her taught thighs. She is wearing high heels, accenting her long, lithe legs, black high heels. Her thin skirt has a long slit and her left leg and thigh can be seen as she stands there.

A simple white blouse, unbuttoned to her cleavage allows the man to view her magnificent throat and collar bones. Her throat demands to be sucked and licked and maybe a pool of cum should be deposited there later. Her full breasts can be seen in silhouette and her nipples poke aggressively through the material, oh to be that blouse clinging desperately to those hard stiff nipples.

Her smell slowly begins to permeate the room, a heady mixture of fruity soap and shampoo and the deep calling telling scent of warm, wet, cunt. He prays that she remembered to wear the leather thong her gave her from their restaurant meeting.

Her hair is loose falling about her face, long and lustrous, clearly sensual and demanding and still a little damp. She smiles, her mouth opens a little, her tongue is wet, her lips red and beckoning, the glint in her eyes is over powering he feel his cock begin to drip pre-cum.

The Goddess looks MAGNIFICINET, she awaits his worship but NO, he is in charge, he has paid for this meeting, this paramount twining of their lusts. It shall be his performance to command and she knows the script well. After all she is a highly trained professional, Ms. Shai.

Satisfied her presence has elicited the desired response she slowly enters the room. She turns to close the door and allows the man to gaze upon her full tight ass. She closes the door pushing against it like a cat stretching our her long body, arching her back her hair falling back with her legs spread he can barely resist the urge to take her there and NOW. What a magnificent tease, what a spectacular image she has presented to him and it now only 8:04 PM.

She confidently walks towards him then sits in the chair across from him. As she crosses her legs the skirts falls from her tanned, toned thighs, the bottom of her ass appears. A spasm again. She places her purse on the table. She sees the money and takes it.

She places it into her purses then begin to remove the tools of the trade that shall be employed this evening. A large, expensive vibrator is removed; a large strap on dildo is removed. Leather restraints are removed and laid gently on the table, their strength and power obvious. Strawberry Gel is removed and 6 large condoms are placed onto the table.

His eyes take in the accoutrement of tools. His cock pulses at the opportunities that lay ahead. He closes his eyes and spasms in his chair ever so slightly.

With her table set for the night’s events she rises from the chair and walks towards the man towards the chair he has chosen for the events to begin in. Taking back the initiative he orders her to stop.

He asks to see the “goods” after all he is the client and the client is in charge and he has indeed paid good money for this product. The Goddess responds “tell me what you need”.

“I want to see your cunt, your tight, perfect, wet cunt, you magnificent woman, I want to see it, smell it, touch it and taste it!” You smile and lift your skirt and spread your legs apart, I am seated in a chair with arms, you approach and lift your right leg up and place it on my armchair allowing my eyes access to your most intimate places. My eyes ravish your legs and slowly work their way up from your black 4 inch high heel to your ankle; your calf is perfect so smooth, so well shaven, so completely suckable. I look up, up, up!

My eyes are drawn to your movements as you reach down and slowly caress your shaven, full, moist pussy squeezing and rubbing the vulva and your swelling lips. Your arch your back and your head goes back, a moan escapes your lips, and I am focused on your wonderful pussy. I can smell your sex and I can see your pussy begin to swell and turn red. Pheromones fill the room, the anticipation is stifling.

Your fingers continue to rub the mound of your pussy cunt, squeezing kneading pressing, I look up, your eyes are closed I can see your hard nipples straining against the fabric of your blouse. You continue to touch yourself and your pussy lips part as they swell and get slick with your rising excitement.

You smell like and look like a buffet to a man lost as sea for a month, I move my nose closer, I breathe deeply of your essence. I look up; I demand that I taste you to ensure that you are clean and sweet. You smile knowingly and thrust your hips forward almost to my mouth, and thrust a finger into your now very, very, wet cunt. It stays thrust in deep and your clitoris appears out of the folds of your wet cunt swelling and stretching to the light.

You pull up on your clitoris and then press it down, you moan, enjoying the sensations caused by your own fingers, you have a hungry anticipatory look on your face and your mouth is open. You are lost in the sensations this dark room holds. You are alive with the power you possess over your client. Your breathe quickens and your tummy muscles pulse as you reach in deeper and deeper up to your G spot. You pull your tummy in deep and push your pussy out, I can hear the noises your wet finger makes in your wet hole what a hot sound.

I lick the back of your hand and you take this cue to remove your finger from your glistening slit. You offer it to me, I breathe deeply, engrossed in your essence, I taste your finger, wonderful, sweet, salty, and pure. I begin to lick your wet finger, ensuring I get every molecule of tasty cunt juice into my mouth and then I suck your finger deep into my mouth much as I know my hard thick cock will be buried deep into your mouth soon.

As I suck your finger…

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